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AOA Seolhyun Still Faces Criticism Over Her Acting In 'The Great Battle'

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Original Article: AOA Seolhyun, 'As Expected From God Seolhyun'

1. +412, -85 Okay we get it just stop acting
2. +323, -53 She doesn't even know who An Jung Geun is how is she playing in a historical movie
3. +222, -88 Her body really is different. Her arms and legs are long~ so pretty. ^^
4. +28, -6 Stop acting and just dance. I wasted my time watching your acting. Aigoo such a pity
5. +13, -5 They really have nothing after Choa left
6. +4, -0 Is there no other member other than Seolhyun in AOA?
7. +41, -7 I watched The Great Battle and during Goguryeo times who called their brother 'oppa'? Didn't they say 'orabeoni' instead? It felt like she was filming her own sitcom. Nam Joohyuk who's usually bad at acting improved a lot this time, only Seolhyun had a weird pronunciation.

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