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[NB] "Looks like this in real life" Seolhyun's perfect proportions

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Article: "Looks like this in real life" Seolhyun's perfect proportions

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+930, -218] I saw her in real life, she does not look like that

2. [+451, -142] All I can see is how dark she is

3. [+169, -29] She took the picture from the bottom up

4. [+138, -25] Her face is so tiny ㅡㅡ she looks like that one dinosaur with the small head but big body. But yeah, she looks skinny.

5. [+106, -35] It's people like Song Hye Gyo, Kim Hee Sun, Han Ga In, Lee Young Ae, and Kim Sung Ryung who are true celebrities who make you think how beautiful they are. Seolhyun doesn't really have any talents, just looks like some dark skinned lady you see around town... FinKL's Hyori is dark skinned but she's really modern and pretty with tons of hit songs and MC activities... Not really sure what charm Seolhyun is trying to media play with ㅠ

6. [+47, -13] I'll admit she has a small face with great proportions but she looks so countrified;; How can you look so tacky with proportions like that? ㅠ

7. [+40, -8] I honestly don't understand how she made it this far and why she made it this far at all. It's not like she had a huge hit CF like Jun Ji Hyun in her rookie days, or a hit movie like Suzy, or a top group like SNSD, Wonder Girls, or Twice. Who's supporting her?

8. [+34, -10] Jeez, she's really dark skinned. She's pretty white in her CFs though.



1. [+337, -71] I saw her family picture and it looks like they're all really tall people... and Seolhyun has the best proportions out of all of them since she's obviously a celebrity. Pretty Seolhyunnie.

2. [+272, -179] Too dark...

3. [+259, -88] Her face doesn't match her body ㅡㅡ looks weird.. like she stretched out the picture..

4. [+32, -13] Another day, another Seolhyun getting hate for no reason

5. [+29, -7] She's pretty but... she's so dark skinned and countrified... but oppa's your fan, you know that, right?

6. [+29, -2] She looks like a black pearl

7. [+27, -11] Pretty even if she's dark and tall

8. [+27, -16] I don't think this is a good picture, she's usually not this dark

9. [+26, -10] Jeez, so what if she's dark;;; no one cares when men are dark but they're so picky about it with women ㅋㅋㅋㅋ she's super pretty even if she's dark

10. [+24, -11] Now there's a cutie


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