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The things that K-Pop fans pour their hearts into creating. This subforum is focused on you guys, the fans, and what you create and share with the rest of us. Whether it's a song cover, dance cover, remix, reaction video, compilation video, fan art, or just funny meme or joke, it's all welcome here.

Funny - This includes memes, shitposts, reaction gifs, jokes, whatever is funny.
Compilation - Videos of your favorite idols or themes all mashed together.
FMV - Create your own MV for your favorite song and share it.
Remix - Become the producer and drop your fresh remix or share your favorites.
Mashup - When two songs love each other very much...
Song Cover - Let us hear you sing or share your favorite fan covers.
Dance Cover - Think you can dance?
Podcast - Have a favorite K-Pop podcast? Share it with us.
Reaction - All your favorite reaction channels are here.
Review - Share breakdowns of songs or albums and why they don't suck.
Article - Funny, sarcastic, edgy, not-quite-news articles from the community.
Fan Art - Share awesome artwork of K-Pop stuff or people.
Collection - Unboxings, shelves of CDs, walls of posters, show us what you got.
Misc - Fan-made stuff that we forgot to include a flair for.

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