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Found 180 results

  1. Highest first week sales on Hanteo in 2018 by girl groups (so far):#1 TWICE — What is Love? 109,474 #2 BLACKPINK — SQUARE UP 41,961 (2 days of sales)#3 Red Velvet — The Perfect Red Velvet 31,768 #4 GFriend — Time for the moon night 31,540#5 MAMAMOO — Yellow Flower 28,240
  2. I know everyone has different tastes, but those are the members who have been called "F*cking pretty" the most Irene Tzuyu Jisoo original post.: here 1. A----GREE 2. It should be Joy instead of Irene > In the past, Joy didn't receive the reaction Irene did in terms of visuals 3. Not sure for Irene, but if you look at overall, Jisoo and Tzuyu have both a goof body and good proportions.. 4. Irene Irene Irene Irene 5. Kyah all 3 of them are so pretty, Irene is crazy pretty in the first picture 6. I didn't know Jisoo could be this pretty, but once you start finding her pretty, she'll remain pretty;;I sent a picture to my unnie on Katalk just now and even she went "F*cking pretty"ㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her genes.. 7. I thought it was Jennie for Black Pink 8. Tzuyu's body is good tooㅠㅠ seriously f*cking pretty 9. You can't contest that all 3 are pretty 10. What's weird is that I've never found Irene pretty, and I don't understand why people find her pretty. But I get it, we all have different tastes
  3. 1. BLACKPINK - 2.174M 2. Momoland - 1.986M 3. Twice - 1.861M 4. Red Velvet - 1.752M 5. Exid - 1.017M
  4. Article: Twice Nayeon 'surprised at seeing reporters with her bare face' Source: 10asia via Nate 1. [+406, -48] They just got in in the early morning after completing an international schedule.. I'm sure they wanted to go home comfortably, why were reporters waiting at that time... 2. [+346, -65] She's not bare faced~ just isn't wearing a full face of make up~~~ 3. [+190, -23] Pretty 4. [+10, -1] And still gorgeous 5. [+10, -3] Cute bare face 6. [+8, -1] At her age, a bare face is prettiest.. 7. [+5, -0] Their schedule is totally murderous but they're still so bright and kind to their fans. So proud of them. 8. [+4, -0] Isn't the biggest difference for girls when they take off their circle lenses ㅋㅋ
  5. A Japanese media outlet has suggested there is a 3rd Hallyu wave currently taking place in Japan. The media outlet suggested that the 1st wave took place back in 2003 with the Korean drama series 'Winter Sonata'. The 2nd wave then took off from 2010 to 2012 through several K-pop idol groups such as TVXQ and KARA. Now, the 3rd wave is currently taking place according to the source, led by TWICE, BTS, and G-Friend who recently made their Japanese debut The Tokyo based newspaper explained the recent accomplishments by TWICE in Japan, such as becoming the first Korean artist to appear on Kōhaku Uta Gassen (famous Japanese year-end show). Meanwhile, BTS gained worldwide attention in the past few years and G-Friend was able to garner over 1,500 fans during a debut celebration event, despite the rain. An editor-in-chief of 'Kpopia' relayed to the newspaper, "K-pop has been recognized as one of the genres in Western music through its high level of dance, singing abilities, and global music trend." Lastly, the report insisted that compared to past Hallyu fans who were largely women in their 30s-40s, new Hallyu fans are much younger and not as sensitive to the bilateralism between South Korea and Japan. Based on a research, 80% of 'Cielo's (a K-pop dance academy in Japan) students are in their 20s-30s while the participation rates from those in their teens are continuously growing. One female university student commented, "Not just K-pop but there are many people who mimic or copy [Korean] makeup styles. As long as it looks cute, nationality doesn't matter."
  6. Mino and Yoon at their fanmeet Twice at their singapore concert
  7. Twice somehow always have that refreshing and cheerful concept. They are like the cheerleaders you see in high-teen movies!! I think that this concept suits Twice the most…b As for Red Velvet, their concepts always feel like fairy tales. Their MVs have meanings behind it and they are always telling a story so they are always interesting towatch. Also, they suit any concept Black Pink are straight up girl crushes… Even though As If It Was Your Last and Stay aren’t really considered girl crush concepts, they still pulled them off jjang well. But BP are ultimately girl crushes (my style) I really like all three groups and since they all have their distinct colors, I’m always looking forward to their songsㅜㅜ They are also so popular overseas which is impressive ㄷㄷㄷ post response: [+284][-10] original post: here ㅇㅇ If you look at the YouTube comments, a lot of people are saying how ‘gangster’ Black Pink areㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ SM are seriously all about story-telling or about creating their own word. They are solid ㅇㅇ Our Twice are becoming more and more daebak ㅇㅇ BP are freaking prettyㅠㅠㅠ I love themㅠㅠㅠㅠ they will come back today with Ddu-du Ddu-du and Forever Young at 6PM today. Please listen to them a lotㅎㅎㅎ!! ㅇㅇ BP are just crazy this time.. ㅇㅇ Red Velvet is seriously such a versatile group. They always come out with a concept that I’ve never seen before. Since it’s always new, they really attract my attention
  8. The Japanese trio of TWICE in Mina, Sana, and Momo took to V Live recently for a broadcast of their own, and they had problems connecting with V Live and kept having to redo their broadcast. The best part about this was clearly their faces in the thumbnail going from excited to oh-my-god-fuck-this-shit. Of course, there was Sana, who is out of fucks to give already. Aegyo for fans? Mock that shit. Manager wants to promo TWICE’s songs during broadcast? Hates on it. Contemplate whether humanity was a mistake? Done.Truly a role model that children can admire.http://www.asianjunk...est-role-model/
  9. Yesterday on Vapp, the Japanese members did a broadcast by themselves But after 2~3 minutes, they started to only speak in Japanese The majority of the viewers were Korea fans, so the fans were a bit shocked And there's even a Japanese member who said "You guys don't understand what we're saying right?ㅋㅋ And finally today, the subtitles were out So we finally understood what they were saying yesterdayㅋ They were having fun with the Japanese fans but aren't Twice a Korean group? - This was really popular in our school - It's definitely not our generation - There was a cat there - "correct~" post response: [+454][-125] original post: here ㅇㅇ If they were my bias, I would feel a bit sad, but of course, people are different ㅇㅇ It's not even a public broadcast, this is just a Vapp, they can do whatever they want and it's their freedom to do whatever they want for this kind of broadcast. Whether they speak Japanese or Korean, what does it have to do with you? If you're so uncomfortable not understanding what they say, shouldn't you just study Japanese then? Must you keep watching their Vapp just to hate? If you actually watched the video, they spoke Korean way longer than they did in Japanese, they even uploaded Korean subtitles so that we can understand, if you're still not satisfied then screw off instead of making posts like this ㅇㅇ What do you want? So if they go on Japanese show, you want them to tell their fans "Only Japanese fans can watch us"?? You know Twice has fans from Korean, Japan, Thailand, China, etc. we're all Once at the end of the day, do you expect them to learn all those languages? ㅇㅇ No but just stop adding Japanese members in KPOP f*ck and those things won't happen. ㅇㅇ Bullsh*t there are Chinese male members who speak Chinese among themselves and no one ever says anything, but you only attack them because it's Twice
  10. Oricon Yearly Sales Chart (current 2018 & December 2017) for Singles #8 Candy Pop - 340,224 #9 Wake Me Up - 340,207 They are the only Korean artist making it on the Top 15
  11. BTS and TWICE are gaining the most fans in 2018 (BTS #1 for male groups, TWICE #1 for female groups) The way you can tell how a group is gaining new fans is by how well their previous albums are still selling and these two group are at the top. BTS NON 2018 Releases LY:HER 195,516 copies Young Forever 58,480 copies WINGS 54,923 copies YNWA 54,724 copies HYYH pt.2 33,540 copies HYYH pt.1 31,850 copies Skool Luv Affair 31,305 copies Dark&Wild 25,064 copies O! RUL8 ,2? 21,017 copies 2 Cool 4 Skool 19,596 copies TOTAL 526,015 TWICE NON 2018 Releases HS 34,218 copies KK 28,300 copies LOA 24,838 copies CU 22,598 copies Signal 18,389 copies TT 14,957 copies Likey 10,850 copies TOTAL 154,150 Because of their growth of new fans growing at an alarming rate, they were able to break records with their recent albums As noted with TWICE's 'What Is Love?' (339k) *soon will be the best selling GG album on Gaon* BTS 'LY:TEAR' (1.66M) Meaning their next album will continue to see an exponential amount of growth this year which in turn gains them more fans. The cycle of life. Congrats to both groups and I hope to see them continuing gaining new fans into 2019 as well!!
  12. Article: Twice Sana 'loving bagel girl'Source: Financial News via Nate1. [+275, -37] Super pretty, crazy pretty2. [+239, -37] Love Kim Sana... what a ball of charms.. ㅋ3. [+191, -28] The best out of Twice4. [+24, -13] With features like that, she'd have an endless stream of men waiting5. [+21, -5] I want to be that bag strap..6. [+19, -2] Cute yet sexy7. [+19, -4] So pretty Sana Sana ❤❤❤8. [+13, -8] What a goddess9. [+11, -4] Wow.... she's perfect....10. [+10, -18] Sana ㅋㅋ is totally the type that men would like but also the type that women don't like... and male fans are absolutely useless in idol fandoms which is why Sana isn't more famous than she should be...
  13. Often used as indicator for fandom influx which is the sale of previous albums release... Number of albums sold in 2018 2015 release 1st mini LOA 24,838 copies 2016 release 2nd mini CU 22,598 copies 2016 release 3rd mini TT 14,957 copies 2017 release special album KK 28,300 copies 2017 release 4th mini Signal 18,389 copies 2017 release 1st full album Likey 10,850 copies 2017 release 1st full album repackage HS 34,218 copies Let's say we doesn't count WIL since it's new release.. In 2018, previous albums in which there's no more promotion sold about 160k ㄷㄷㄷ They are 4years old girl group ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The inflow aren't stopping Comments : - Shocked that it's already 4 years - Inflow even by myself.... - There're 9 visual as center....There's no way you can't be their otaku... - Wow - As expected of Twice,,,Proud to be otaku since CU (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ - Love you Twice!!!!! - god Twice... - But it seems the repackages are doing better ,, - Each of them are beautiful in their own way and have different charms If you see their stage the distinctiveness is very nice - Amazing~~~~! - The song is very good! Dance and song are all good that if in our school there's a show, I think at least 3 Twice's songs are played - I like the songs and also like the members I like just everything.. - Each members have different charms ㅠㅠㅠ Like them very much for real I just came from watching Sana's video, the best.. - It seems the number of HS is high because it's released at December 2017! Our Teudoongideul let's do better in the future ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ - Our Twice is the best Source
  14. June 11, 2018 Pann: Album sales of artists for this year so far 1. [+92, -9] Twice is the only female artist, their fandom power is definitely on par with boy groups. BTS is a wall. 2. [+68, -6] BTS is so amazing... They rise higher every year. 3. [+51, -2] Meanwhile, Hwang Chiyeol-nim is amazing, too ㅋㅋ Is it because he has a big fandom? 4. [+24, -4] BTS' 5th mini was released on Sept 18 last year ㅋㅋ Oh my god... 5. [+24, -2] Twice is insane... They're not even a boy group but they're higher than most boy groups ㅋㅋ 6. [+23, -1] NCT is quite strong... Is it because the subunits are all combined? 7. [+23, -0] I'm so proud of Twice ㅠㅠ Boy groups destroy everything in this but they're the only girl group here ㅠㅠ 8. [+22, -3] Oh, NCT is quite strong
  15. SNSD: 5.78M KARA: 4.70M TWICE: 3.58M S.E.S: 3.57M How numbers are counted *Group sales ONLY. No solo's/Sub-Units. * No stacking Oricon/Foreign sales on top of Gaon numbers.
  16. - They gave no hints for the comeback date so far - The music video is all outdoor (it's in Okinawa, Japan) - Jeongyeon made "swimming" moves as a spoiler - They all wear tank tops / revealing outfits in the music video - It's not a sexy concept TWICE will comeback this July with a summer concept for the first time!
  17. On June 11, Twice's Sana thanked fans on Twice's official Instagram. She tells Once that they always give her strength and posts, "I am thankful to Once for treasuring me." In the video, Sana says thank you in Japanese.