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Found 26 results

  1. first week (June 11–17): 18,570June 18: 1,893total: 20,463
  2. 1. BLACKPINK - 2.174M 2. Momoland - 1.986M 3. Twice - 1.861M 4. Red Velvet - 1.752M 5. Exid - 1.017M
  3. Momoland took their first step in Japan!The girls officially debuted in Japan on June 13 with "Bboom Bboom", and over 7,000 fans came to see their debut performance at the Kawasaiki Lazona Plaza. All the fans yelled their names and sang along to their debut song to show them their heated support, and over 30 media outlets were there to record Momoland's Japanese debut.Their label said, "Everyone is happy because the response was better than we could have ever imagined. We'll continue to work hard so Momoland's music can be loved more in Japan as well." cr allkpop
  4. MOMOLAND will have their first reality show 'MOMOLAND's Saipan Land', broadcast on June 18th MOMOLAND will have their first reality show since debut. According to MLD Entertainment, MOMOLAND's reality show 'MOMOLAND's Saipan Land' will premiere on June 18th, they filmed the show in Saipan during music video shooting for 'Bboom Bboom' Japanese version last May. In their first reality program, MOMOLAND showed a cheerful and bright side of them. In addition, all of the free time given to members during the 48-hour period will be disclosed. Meanwhile, MOMOLAND's reality show 'MOMOLAND's Saipan Land' will premiere on June 18th at 6PM KST through MBC Music and June 20th at 11.30PM KST through MBC Every1.
  5. Momoland will hold a comeback showcase-concert '2018 MOMOLAND COMEBACK Show-Con' for their comeback June 26 Tickets 5000 won, Momoland will match price w/ 5000 won and will donate 10000 won per ticket to help children who were injured in car accidents
  6. Article: Momoland reps, "Person who started rumors of JooE bullying in school admits to making it up, case sent to prosecutors" Source: Star News via Nate 1. [+223, -5] First time in a while that I'm seeing something happening with all these legal cases around hate comments and rumors about female celebrities. Most of the agencies say they're taking legal action but nothing comes of it. 2. [+191, -25] All four of the hate commenters who were caught are women 3. [+127, -6] Honestly JYP and SM could catch all of their hate commenters if they wanted to ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're either choosing to observe or don't think it's that big of a deal ㅋㅋ 4. [+22, -4] Don't go easy on them 5. [+21, -1] I remember they faked a post acting like one of her victims and JooE's friends stepped up with proof that it was actually JooE who was the victim 6. [+10, -1] Once again, a woman's greatest enemy is another woman 7. [+5, -0] Great job 8. [+4, -0] Why do women torture other women who are better than them..? 9. [+4, -0] Don't let them off easy... get these issues at the roots... 10. [+2, -0] Sigh, she must've felt so frustrated with all the lies..
  7. On May 24th, it was revealed by DubleKick company that MOMOLAND will be making their comeback on June 26th with a dance-genre title track produced by Shinsadong Tiger. MOMOLAND and Shinsadong recently hit great success with MOMOLAND’s last comeback title from their 3rd mini-album produced by Shinsadong Tiger “Bboom Bboom” that was released on January 3rd. It is expected that MOMOLAND and Shinsadong Tiger will once again release a great collaboration. MOMOLAND will be making their Japanese debut on June 13th. Original article: (here) [+36 / -3] I am really excited because it would be a fun dance song. Just walk the flower path MOMOLAND~~ [+17 / -6] I think it will work out well once again. [+14 / -5] MOMOLAND hit it big this time! [+8 / -3] MOMOLAND~♥ Come out quickly you guys! [+6 / -1] Shinsadong Tiger one more time, let’s goooo [+5 / -1] Yo Bboom Bboom [+4 / -2] Feels good [+3 / -0] Let’s start this summer with MOMOLAND source: MOMOLAND to Make Their Comeback on June 26th with Dance Genre Song
  8. Momoland confirms they will make their comeback on June 26 with a dance track produced by Shinsadong Tiger
  9. May Girl Group Member Brand Rankings 1 Red Velvet Joy 2 Apink Namjoo 3 GFRIEND SinB 4 GF Eunha 5 GF Umji 6 GF Yerin 7 GF Sowon 8 TWICE Sana 9 RV Yeri 10 RV Irene 11 RV Seulgi 12 Lovelyz Jiae 13 TWICE Nayeon 14 TWICE Momo 15 TWICE Dahyun 16 GF Yuju 17 TWICE Mina 18 Gugudan Sejeong 19 Lovelyz Yein 20 Momoland JooE 21 Momoland Yeonwoo 22 TWICE Tzuyu 23 TWICE Jihyo 24 TWICE Jeongyeon 25 RV Wendy 26 TWICE Chaeyoung 27 Lovelyz Mijoo 28 Lovelyz Soojung 29 Lovelyz Jisoo 30 Lovelyz Jin
  10. Article: Momoland JooE 'one cotton t-shirt is enough in chilly weather~'Source: MK Sports via Naver1. [+381, -32] Momoland's breadwinner2. [+313, -22] She went through all that work to get her group famous and now the ones getting all the spotlight are Nancy and Yeonwoo ㅋㅋㅋ3. [+163, -59]Girlfriend: Isn't Momoland's JooE so cute?Boyfriend: Yeah~ I think you look like herGirlfriend: I want to break upBoyfriend: ...4. [+16, -2] She's ugly but I do feel bad for her and find her endearing... because she worked so hard to get the group famous and yet the other members are reaping all the glory. Honestly, this group was on the verge of being forgotten like Rainbow and the like but JooE worked so hard to pull them back up... Whenever I see her working hard, I can't say anything mean after knowing that...5. [+16, -3] She became famous for being the only ugly member in a group full of pretty girls6. [+14, -11] I always thought she had long limbs and pretty proportions7. [+9, -1] She reminds me of Pippi Longstocking8. [+8, -4] What do Umji and JooE have in common9. [+7, -1] The focus was always on JooE so I never realized how pretty the rest of Momoland is. Especially Yeonwoo and Nancy... I just assumed the rest of the group looked like JooE.10. [+6, -6] As I get older, I find bright and positive kids like JooE the prettiest! ㅎㅎ All of Momoland is so pretty!-
  11. Full top 10: 1. TWICE - What is Love? 2. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day 3. iKON - Love Scenario 4. MAMAMOO - Starry Night 5. TWICE - Heart Shaker 6. Momoland - Bboom Bboom 7. TWICE - Likey 8. Red Velvet - Bad Boy 9. WINNER - Everyday 10. Wanna One - Boomerang