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Found 68 results

  1. DDU-DU DDU-DU broke the record for the fastest song to hit 500,000,000 gaon digital index in just 9 weeksPrevious record: Love Scenario 10 weeks
  2. #1 BlackPink - DDU-DU DDU-DU Released on June 15, YG's girl group made a powerful comeback with "DDU-DU DDU-DU" now trending with over 278,000,000 views on YouTube and counting. Not only is the song a completely different vibe from their previous releases but it really gives the girls the opportunity to show off their vocals, rapping, and dance skills. Fun Fact: Buzzfeed's Try Guys also used this song in their video "75 Things That Will Restore Your Faith in the Internet." #2 BTS - Fake Love Any fan of KPOP, new or old, know of the powerful impact BTS has made on the KPOP industry these past few years. Their last title song "Fake Love" released on May 18 has over 272,000,000 views on YouTube. With no surprise, this MV shows off the boy's artistic sides, dance skills, and symbolic storytelling. ARMYs worldwide have a whole new concept to understand and a brand new dance to perfect. #3 Momoland - Bboom Bboom Released on January 3, Momoland has really captured attention from fans everywhere with a whopping 226,000,000 views on YouTube. Since 2016, the girl group has been capturing attention everywhere with their catchy beats and unique music video concepts. #4 TWICE - What is Love Another worldwide fan favorite, TWICE definitely is a group that worked hard and made their way up in the KPOP industry. With their release of "What is Love?" on April 9, TWICE explores the intriguing concept of love through various symbolic means while telling a fun story through each girls' idea of love. The MV has received over 175,000,000 views so far in 2018. #5 iKON - Love Scenario iKON has faced their fair share of struggles from one survival show to the next and then to their debut But as they continue to make their mark, iKON grew a lot in their music composition, storytelling, and skills. With this release on January 25, iKON received over 149,000,000 views on YouTube with a precious song about memories of a past love that showed the boys' soft vulnerable side. #6 Red Velvet - Bad Boy SM's girl group that embody sexiness, mystery, fun, and love came back with "Bad Boy" on January 29 that received praise and love everywhere. With over 132,000,000 views on YouTube, Red Velvet gets to share off a more hard look different from their previous image. This song really allows the girls to flaunt their femininity and seductiveness. #7 TWICE - Dance the Night Away TWICE has always been a group that played with fun concepts like zombies and island castaways. The fun part of TWICE is they really take the time to bring fun and exciting elements to their music and videos. Released on July 9, "Dance the Night Away" really takes island castaway life as a fun relaxing vacation. With 83,000,000 views on YouTube they embody the summer fun life. #8 Momoland - Baam Released on June 26, Momoland has received over 73,000,000 views with their fun music video. Momoland is a group that uses their music videos as a tool to interact with their fans in an interactive and fun way. #9 Pentagon - Shine Released on April 2, Pentagon received 58,000,000 views for "Shine." With a fun and unique music style, "Shine" lets the boys truly enjoy their moment on stage with a silly yet professional performance. Pentagon also uses popular dance moves to connect with fans worldwide. #10 MAMAMOO - Starry Night Released on March 7, the sexy and fun queens MAMAMOO share with fans a song that invokes a feeling of adventure and mystery. With a new look, "Starry Night" received over 25,000,000 views. The MV talks about a starry night and the attraction they feel to places tied to the memory of a loved one. cr allkpop
  3. KON for W Korea September 2018 Edition "NEW KIDS BECAME COOL GUYS"
  4. CBX GOT7 iKON Winner Monsta X BTOB VIXX Seventeen Wanna One BTS original post: here1. GOT7's one is the prettiest, so pretty2. GOT7 came out the best3. Winner chose the good concept4. I like VIXX's sexy concept5. I like NCT, VIXX and CBX the best6. OMG, now I can understand why SM and JYP pay attention to their visuals...7. The more I look at NCT's Boss concept, the cooler I find them8. NCT and VIXX are the best9. Bangtan has Fake Love too10. VIXX and Bangtan are my style cr pannchoa
  5. iKON said that they sold out their Taiwan concert... But there are still seats left Korea post response: [+48][-3] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 15:10 [+39, -17] Seriously who cares if they sell out or not, iKON's fans are so noisy about them being the nation's best ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 14:58 [+38, -18] But they really fall short compared to what the fans claim them to beㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 15:26 [+34, -15] There are seriously so many empty seats ㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 17:33 [+18, -3] Since when did iKON fans become noisy? We are the best to know that our fandom is really small? People are dissing us because of "Killing Me"s scores, if we always had scores like "Love Scenario" our group would be Big Bang level already ㅋㅋㅋ We never claimed that iKON was up thereㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 17:39 [+12, -4] We know that we'd get sworn at, so iKONICs never claimed that they were the best? Do you guys have proofs? We're just being quiet, why are you guys triggering us? ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 15:53 [+12, -9] Singers must be so upset when they see so many empty seats during their concerts ㅠㅠ they'll be on deficit too... You can't be greedy off the start ㅜㅜ They should look at the first week sales before planning concerts cr pannchoa
  6. written by exxhara Original Article: iKON, an idol group that lives up to their name Source: Herald Pop Hundreds of songs are released everyday. If you can even get your name on the double charts, you have made it. It is difficult to capture the hearts of the public so much. You need a lot of luck. But good results always come with effort. This is a radar that illuminates the efforts and sweats of the singers who put their name on the real-time chart. The protagonist group on our radar this week – iKON iKON’s birth and present iKON, is a 7-member group consisting of members B.I (leader, rapper), Kim Jinhwan (vocal), Bobby (rapper), Song Yunhyeong (Vocal), Koo Junhoe (vocal), Kim Donghyuk (vocal), and Jung Chanwoo (vocal). Before making their official debut in 2015, they appeared on survival program twice, strengthening their recognition They competed with WINNER in 2013 for the 2nd boy group to debut from YG on YG’S WIN (Who is Next) but their debut was delayed due to WINNER’s victory. The following year, along with members from WIN, newcomers Jung Chanwoo, Yang Hongseok (Pentagon), and Jung Jinhyeong joined the new survival program MIX & MATCH (M&M). The new survival show M&M created the current member group iKON. The team name ‘iKON’ is a combination of “icon” and “Korea” meaning that the group would be the “representative of K-Pop.” The group consists of two rappers and five vocal members. Before their debut, B.I and Bobby, the rappers of the group, made appearances on Mnet’s survival program for rappers, ‘Show me the Money’ (SMTM) during the show’s 3rd season. Eventually, Bobby took home the trophy and was named the champion of SMTM3 due to his excellent rap skills and stage presence. Unique to iKON, since debut they have been actively making music under the leadership of B.I as producer. ‘Love Scenario’ which led to a syndrome among elementary students is another song produced by B.I. Even though they were not very active in Korea, iKON made notable achievements as rookie with the debut song as it topped music charts and music charts since it’s release. They got a lot of complaints from Korean fans as they focused most of their activities in Japan, however, even with limited domestic promotion, they gained a lot of love and popularity and became the first rookie to host a dome tour in the shortest period of time since debut, even surpassing international artists. iKON’s popularity gained immense traction when they released their second regular album ‘New Kids: Return”. The tile song ‘Love Scenario’ received a lot of love from the public achieving an all-kill on the charts for a long time. In particular, the song became an anthem for elementary school kids and as such iKON was dubbed ‘Elementary Kids President.” Following the upward trend, their title song from their recently released mini album ‘New Kids: Continue’ is also maintaining a lot of popularity on the charts. Their representative song ‘Love Scenario’‘Love Scenario’ their title song from their 2nd regular album ‘Return’ made an unusual achievement for a male idol, maintaining No. 1 on the music charts for 43 days. It is also the song that gave iKON the title ‘Elementary Kids President.’ ‘Love Scenario’, composed by B.I, is a song with beautiful piano riffs and a catchy percussion as its main rhythm. It has monotonous melodies and lyrics but yet it is addictive enough not to be forgotten once it’s heard.Recommended song ‘Only You’‘Only You’ is a song from iKON’s new mini album ‘New Kids: Continue’. It is a fresh and catchy song with a reggae-style synth sound. The song is filled with sweet chord progression and a light reggae rhythm. It is an impressive song with its lyrics showcasing a confession of love for the beloved and the melody of the song conveys a happy aura. 1. 2. [+840, -16] iKON had lots of twists and turns before they debuted and it was not an easy way to debut. I hope their journey will be filled with good things in the future. 3. [+445, -1] As iKON, 7 teenagers who gathered together and made their debut with sweat and tears, it will be filled with smiles in the future. I’m happy to see that good things are happening for them. We will always be here. 4. [+397, -3] Press, even you? A nice change 5. [+288, -2] Thank you for a good article! iKON’m always cheering for you and all great songs from the album. 6. [+257, -1] Thank you for a good article! I would like to thank all those that have worked hard and made the iKON work well. 7. [+81, -1] It was a group that had a lot of passion…It is a group that has a lot of regrets..It is my favorite group since debut. Even if a newcomer group or big hit makes a comeback, our priority is to make awareness with this comeback. It’s been a week since their comeback and I still can’t believe it. I hope we can see them a lot and I hope they build their awareness but regardless, I really like the song ‘Killing Me’ Daebak! 8. [+76, -1] If you listen to iKON song, it is really good. ㅠㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ. If you listen to it more everything is perfect ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ iKON jjang! 9. [+61, -0] iKON who make music for themselves without being swept away.. I’ll keep cheering for you!! 10. [+45, -0] iKON is a really talented group. Please listen to them a lot. Thank you very much for a such a good article. 11. [+25, -0] Let’s be happy Hanbin-ah. Thank you for a good article!
  7. SEOUL AUG. 18 (SAT) 5PM @ OLYMPIC GYMNASTICS ARENA Promoter : Auction Korea TAIPEI SEP. 22 (SAT) 6PM @ NTSU ARENA (LINKOU ARENA) Promoter : Live Nation TW KUALA LUMPUR OCT. 13 (SAT) 6PM @ MALAWATI INDOOR STADIUM, SHA ALAM Promoter : MacpiePro BANGKOK OCT. 19 (FRI) 8PM & 20 (SAT) 6PM @ THUNDER DOME, MUANG THONG THANI Promoter : 411 Entertainment SINGAPORE NOV. 4 (SUN) 6PM @ THE MAX PAVILION,SINGAPORE EXPO Promoter : Unusual Entertainment MANILA NOV. 11 (SUN) 7PM @ MALL OF ASIA ARENA Promoter : PULP Live World JAKARTA NOV. 18 (SUN) 6:30 PM @ TENNIS INDOOR SENAYAN Promoter : Mecima Pro HONG KONG NOV. 25 (SUN) 7PM @ ASIA WORLD-EXPO ARENA Promoter : Applewood , Moonraker On August 18 at 5 PM, iKON will hold the first concert from the ‘iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR’ in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena, to share unforgettable memories with the fans. The concept of this concert is a ‘road without an end’. It symbolizes iKON’s path as artists in the future. Prior to having their first concert, iKON stated, “We’re having an overseas tour in a long time, starting from Seoul” and added, “It makes us nervous to meet new people in new places, but it’s also exciting. We hope to see many people through this tour”. BOBBY revealed his thoughts by stating, “I’m happy to be able to perform in front of a lot of people. We’ll grow more as a team and continue to display the ‘FRESH’ side of us”. iKON will visit 8 cities including Seoul, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, and Hong Kong. More cities will be added on to their schedule and are raising curiosities by fans. As iKON announced an overseas tour in approximately 9 months, fans from many countries are expected to greet iKON with passion. Furthermore, the upcoming tour is already in the center of attention as iKON plans to perform songs from their new mini album ‘NEW KIDS:CONTINUE’, released on the 2nd. source
  8. Digital - 4500 Album - 0 Globan Fan Votes - 1000 Social Media Points - 1000 Mnet Broadcast Points - 0
  9. iKON saw all the kids covering Love Scenario a while back and decided to hold a small event like a picnic for the winners of a cover contest.
  10. Also gained 730k likes
  11. On August 2, iKON attended an interview at the Conrad Seoul for their comeback. The members opened their individual Instagram accounts in January. B.I said, “These days, it’s an era of advertising through social media,” and explained that YG founder Yang Hyun Suk had given them permission. “We intended to show fans our everyday lives and communicate with them through social media, and also use it to inform people about iKON.” Yunhyeong added, “At first, we got permission from him before we posted. As time passed, we got used to it and didn’t make any mistakes, so he said to use it freely. I’m free to upload what I want to upload.” iKON’s leader B.I currently doesn’t follow any of his members on Instagram. Jinhwan made the others laugh by joking, “I guess there’s a tradition amongst YG’s group leaders that their follower counts must be zero.” B.I replied, “It’s not like that. If I follow one person, then I have to [follow] many people, and I thought that might happen, so I just didn’t do it at all.” The group’s leader then made everyone burst into laughter by apologizing to his members. cr soompi
  12. iKON’s Junhoe recently revealed that he went on a diet to prepare for the group’s comeback. At an interview held on August 2 for the release of iKON’s new mini album “New Kids: Continue,” Junhoe started off by introducing himself and stating, “I exercised hard and lost some weight for my new look.” When asked about the reason for starting a diet, Junhoe revealed, “To be honest, I didn’t lose that much weight. I gained some weight during ‘Love Scenario’ [activities], so when I looked back [at that time] after losing some weight, I was a little embarrassed.” He continued truthfully, “I didn’t realize. We have schedules planned for all the broadcasts and the tour, but I want to take that in looking good. No matter how I’m captured [by cameras], I’d like if there weren’t any bad photos.” He added, “I decreased my alcohol intake and exercised by a crazy amount. After exercising, I ate almonds and drank a cup of whiskey at night. When drinking whiskey, there’s a slimming effect. It’s true!” cr soompi
  13. iKON - KILLING ME DEBUT CHART RANKINGS180802 7PM KST#2 Bugs#7 Melon#7 Genie#7 Olleh#11 Mnet#12 Naver #18 Soribada
  14. B.I:Rather than feeling burden to fill the spot left by Big Bang sunbaenim who are doing the military service right now, we are more burdened to not ruin the path that our seniors already laid out and for that we are working hard and will work harder to not be an ashamed for them
  15. TEASER iKON 'Killing Me' MV Teaser 2

    Part one from yesterday
  16. iKON’s B.I is mature beyond his years. In an interview about iKON’s upcoming mini album “New Kids: Continue,” leader B.I shared how he produces and how he deals with roadblocks while making music. He explained he goes to the Han River whenever he has too many conflicting thoughts and can’t focus. At first, B.I will just walk while not thinking about anything, before he slowly starts to organize his thoughts one by one, beginning with the basics. “When things go well, I can create a track all at once, quite easily, without worrying about it too much.” B.I commented. “You have to go with your gut feeling without trying to change too many things.” The idol explained that he had almost strayed while composing iKON’s upcoming title track “Killing Me,” but went back to what he wanted initially wanted to do with it again after going around in circles. B.I added, “It’s a little different from what iKON has done before. Of course, ‘Love Scenario’ was different too. They’re like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If ‘Love Scenario’ is Dr. Jekyll, then ‘Killing Me’ would be Mr. Hyde. I think it’s an album that will show yet another side of us.” B.I concluded by sharing his thoughts on the mini album’s title, “New Kids: Continue,” saying that it represents how iKON will continue on their own path as they are, always have been, without worrying about other people. iKON will drop “New Kids: Continue” on August 2. cr soompi
  17. iKON will start the preliminary sales for their new album ‘NEW KIDS : CONTINUE’ officially getting prepared for comeback. The preliminary sales for ‘NEW KIDS : CONTINUE’ which contains iKON’s newly upgraded music, will start today (30th) at 11 AM until August 5. The album ‘NEW KIDS : CONTINUE’ will be released in 2 versions, red and blue, and will also contain various gifts including a photobook, accordion postcard, and random selfie photo cards. Posters will be given out as well, in initially produced limited edition packages. iKON’s upcoming mini album ‘NEW KIDS : CONTINUE’ is the final of the trilogy which began with ‘NEW KIDS : BEGIN’ last year on May, and ‘RETURN’ released this year on January. The album contains a total of 5 tracks including the title song ‘KILLING ME’, sub-title song ‘FREEDOM’, ‘ONLY YOU’, ‘COCKTAIL’, and ‘JUST FOR YOU’. The song ‘KILING ME’ is a fierce but sad track which illustrates a story about a man who confesses that he did not know a simple farewell would hurt him that much. The vintage piano tone and sophisticated pluck synths go well together in the track. iKON’s new album will be released on August 2 at 6 PM, while the physical copies will be available on August 6 through YG Select and nationwide retailers online and offline. 2018. 7. 30.