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Found 7 results

  1. Article: [Exclusive] Will BTS earn army exemptions? Blue House considers opportunity for pop artistsSource: Starin via Nate1. [+1,238, -85] It's going to be a mess once BTS is granted an exemption~ 2. [+1,075, -41] Big Hit is not a part of any of these discussions... BTS or Big Hit have never talked about the army and yet it's everyone else who's making a big deal out of it 3. [+982, -46] Nobody from Big Hit has mentioned anything about it and yet it's the politicians who are trying to use BTS to make headlines 4. [+68, -3] The media keeps mentioning BTS like it's their issue but I wish they'd stop. BTS and their fans have never requested that they be given an exemption and yet for days now, they are being used in article titles and causing misunderstandings. This is an issue about the fairness of army exemptions across all industries, not just BTS alone. 5. [+58, -3] BTS's agency is not even a part of this meeting. SM, YG, JYP, FNC, and JellyFish were in the meeting so why is the media always using BTS in the headlines? 6. [+52, -3] Politicians, please stop using BTS. Both BTS and their fans do not want this. 7. [+49, -2] I have no ill feelings towards BTS, I'm actually proud of them, but their fans have said over and over that they never brought this army issue up. So why is the Blue House in a meeting over something a minority of fans asked for? Do they not realize the storm that will brew if they actually grant BTS an exemption? It's not a good thing for BTS in the end. 8. [+47, -1] Big Hit and BTS have both stayed quiet on this so why is everyone dragging their name all the time? I bet you once BTS is granted one, all the other agencies are going to start demanding that their artists be granted one too. 9. [+41, -1] So SM, YG, and JYP are in this meeting but BTS is being used for the headlines??? Keep your meetings to yourselves and leave BTS out of this. Why not use EXO, SHINee, Got7, iKON, or Winner in the article title instead? 10. [+40, -1] The meeting included SM, YG, JYP, FNC, and JellyFish so.......???????????? cr netizenbuzz
  2. Well they announced 3 members last year. and 2 trainees participated on Produce48
  3. Article: FNC hits 38.1 billion won in sales the first half of the year... Jung Hae In -> AOA Seolhyun effect [Official]Source: Mydaily via Nate1. [+556, -15] The profit was made by selling themselves off when they were operating at a loss, this isn't a big deal ㅋㅋ who cares if sales are high when their expenses are causing a loss? Their records showed a loss last time, they're just bad at business2. [+451, -10] I read the article, their profits aren't showing anything of substanve ㅋ3. [+396, -30] The two man and woman of media play4. [+45, -3] Jung Hae In seems to be a flash in the pan star... I'm already seeing less of him everywhere5. [+32, -3] All that brainwashing media play about Jung Hae In to make him seem like the trend... he was in FNC too?? As expected ㅋㅋㅋ6. [+25, -5] AOA just feels like they're lacking something since Choa left7. [+23, -1] This company doesn't know anything other than using media play to make their stars popular. They also use that same media play to kill their own stars, like Choa. I bet Choa's dating rumors were leaked by FNC too.8. [+21, -2] They're trying to use media play to get their stocks up ㅋㅋ same with SM and YG ㅋㅋㅋ they're at a super loss but continue to media play when the real players with the profits are JYP and Big Hit9. [+18, -1] Agencies putting out news about their sales is the same as begging for investments ㅋㅋㅋㅋ10. [+14, -1] If you actually read the article, it says that they're operating at a loss but sold off stock from a subsidiary company to pull up their sales numbers... ㅋ cr netizenbuzz
  4. Despite the unfair profit distribution, there are hundreds of trainees that audition for this company every year.The proportion of income distribution between artists and their agency is always a hot topic on the social forums. The list below indicates the profit allocation ratio of 5 big Kpop entertainment companies in the present. You will immediately realize which company is accused of misappropriation and blood-sucking its artists.YG (BigBang, Winner, Black Pink, iKon,…)Contract years: 7 yearsPhysical sales: Agency(50%), Artist (50%)Physical sales renewed: : Agency(30%), Artist (70%)Events: Agency(40%), Artist (60%)Overseas promotions: Agency(50%), Artist (50%)* Dividing income even in circumstance of not reaching the break-over point.YG entertainment is considered the most gracious agency of Kpop. Besides the continuously delayed comeback, YG always gives the best working condition for their artists, which is evident as profit almost distributes in the proportion 50:50. Artists get the higher percentage than their agency in the revenue from event activities and physical sales. Moreover, YG artists have an enjoyable and high individual freedom lifeBig Hit (BTS)Contract years: 7 yearsPhysical sales: Agency(50%), Artist (50%)Physical sales renewed: : Agency(30%), Artist (70%)Events: Agency(50%), Artist (50%)Overseas promotions: Agency(30%), Artist (70%)* Dividing income even in circumstance of not reaching the break-over point.Apart from YG, Big Hit can also be considered as an impartial company referring to the money issue. The enormous revenue Big Hit earns from BTS is obviously demonstrated by the boy group. All of the members receive the equivalent income to their effort. BTS have a lot of overseas promotional activities; therefore, the proportion 30:70 is certainly profitable for each member.JYP (Got7, TWICE, Suzy,…)Contract years: 7 yearsPhysical sales: Agency(50%), Artist (50%)Physical sales renewed: Agency(30%), Artist (70%)Events: Agency(60%), Artist (40%)Overseas promotions: Agency(50%), Artist (50%)* Dividing income even in circumstance of not reaching the break-over point.Though not being a major player compared to SM or YG, JYP always distributes their income equally. JYP artists receive a half of total profit for almost every activity.FNC (CNBlue, AOA, FT Island,…)Contract years: 7 yearsPhysical sales: Agency(60%), Artist (40%)Physical sales renewed: : Agency(60%), Artist (50%)Events: Agency(60%), Artist (40%)Overseas promotions: Agency(50%), Artist (50%)* No income division in circumstance of not reaching the break-over point.Apart from overseas promotions, almost other activities of FNC are divided in the proportion 60:40. Nevertheless, if artists do not reach the break-over point, income will not divide as agreement. This is one of the contract terms that makes FNC artists distressed. AOA confessed that they hadn’t been receiving any settlement for 3 years after their debut as their income didn’t reach the FNC’s break-over point.SM (EXO, Red Velvet, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, NCT,….)Contract years: 7 yearsPhysical sales: Agency(95%), Artist (5%)Physical sales renewed: Agency(90%), Artist (10%)Events: Agency(60%), Artist (40%)Overseas promotions: Agency(30%), Artist (70%)* Dividing income even in circumstance of not reaching the break-over point.Presently, SM still remains in their position as the most unfair profit allocation in the entertainment industry, while physical sales are divided in the proportion 95:5. Other activities are also distributed in the ratio 70:30. It is clear that their idols don’t receive their deserving salary to their labor effort. As the evidence, in the history of SM, many idols stood up for their justice such as DBSK, Kris, Luhan, and Tao.Despite being the biggest entertainment company in the Kpop industry, SM entertainment company is always condemned for their rigid profit distribution that has made their idols decide to file a lawsuit against their own agency. However, nobody can deny the fact that SM idols are nearly always famous. This is the reason why this company has hundreds of trainee participate auditions, regardless of its notoriety.
  5. FNC Entertainment apologized for their portrayal of label artist SF9.A part of SF9's comeback teasers include a webtoon in collaboration with Hyun Ma Dam. However, the webtoon portrays SF9 as an unsuccessful idol, including describing SF9 has an idol who no one has heard of, saying that SF9 gaining #1 was impossible, and implying they had not done well so far.The webtoon made fans angry, who pointed out that even if the descriptions were true, SF9's own label shouldn't be the ones emphasizing it to SF9 and their fans. Fans furiously pointed out that the label was unnecessarily stressing that SF9 had to get #1 on a music show.At the heated, angry response, FNC Entertainment issued an official apology on SF9's fancafe, writing, "This is FNC Entertainment. We want to apologize for concerning FANTASY, who sincerely love and support SF9, about the contents of the SF9 webtoon that was revealed at midnight. This webtoon was aimed to show that SF9 was working hard at every album despite various situations. We hope that you continue to support SF9 members, who are working hard without rest since their debut. We apologize once again for causing a disturbance with the first half of the webtoon, and we will continue to work hard for SF9 and FANTASY. Thank you."Did you read the webtoon? What did you think about it? cr allkpop
  6. SM, JYP, YG, FNC, Big Hit, Star Empire, and Mystic will partner up to establish the Korean version of VEVONew organization "Music & Creative Partners Asia Corporation" (MCPA)They will serve as the reps for MV distribution on YouTube, other platforms in the future
  7. FNC Entertainment 1st Quarter 2018 Earnings Report Revenue: 19.3 billion won (+29.5% YoY) Operating Loss: 600 million won (Recovered 56.6%) Net Loss: 1.2 billion won (Recovered 37.7%)