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Found 40 results

  1. On November 8th, DAY6 released the track "Chocolate" as OST Part. 1 of the web drama 'When They Tell You Not To, You Want To Do It Even More, 19'. The song was composed by Jae and Wonpil along with MAJORHOCDE and Moon Sang Seon, and the lyrics were also written by Jae and Wonpil, but with the help of J.Y. Park. Although DAY6 had long been creating their own songs, this song was the first production with J.Y. Park as part of JYP Entertainment. The boys expressed how it was an honor to finally achieve one of their dreams goals. Meanwhile, J.Y. Park also shared on his Instagram, highlighting how the idea of 'chocolate' itself still originated from the boys themselves. cr
  2. On November 7th, DAY6 announced the special Christmas Concert "The Present" from December 22-24. The venue has been confirmed to be on the Blue Square iMarket Hall.
  3. Congratulations to DAY6 - Shoot Me for winning Best Band Performance at the 2018 MGA's
  4. DAY6 is Appointed as Goodwill Ambassador of Korea Youth Work Agency (KYWA) DAY6 will serve as Goodwill Ambassador for the next year to promote youth activities. The ambassador is an unpaid honorary position.
  5. GOT7, TWICE, DAY6 and Stray Kids all Expected to Make Comeback in 4th Quarter
  6. Oh Hyuk, Urban Zakapa, Yoon Dohyun, DAY6, 10cm, Danny Jung, Yiruma, Chang Kiha, Yoon Jongshin to participate in a 30th Anniversary Tribute album for Kim Jongjin from band 봄여름가을겨울 (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) Released on Nov 19th
  7. Stray Kids - 695, 890 15& - 77, 238 Twice - 2, 826, 742 Got 7 - 2, 839, 710 2PM - 818, 123 MISS A - 726, 344 WONDER GIRLS - 571, 058 DAY6 - 407, 946
  8. JYP Entertainment has announced that DAY6’s Jae will not be able to participate in the group’s upcoming event due to health concerns. The agency shared the announcement on September 7 and stated, “Due to health concerns, DAY6’s Jae will not be able to attend DAY6’s first fan meeting ‘You Made My Day’ on September 8. “Jae is currently receiving treatment, recovering and resting from acute pancreatitis, and taking into consideration his current condition and his doctor’s opinion, the final decision has been made that it will be difficult for him to perform at this time. We apologize for bringing such unfortunate news to the many My Days who have been waiting for this event. “Jae is very upset that he will not be able to participate in such a momentous event as the group’s first fan meeting, and he is fiercely determined to recover as soon as he can to take part in future activities. We would be grateful for your understanding of this unfortunate situation. “If there are any people who wish to receive a refund due to Jae’s absence, please contact the Interpark customer service center at least five hours before the event (between 9 a.m. KST and 2 p.m. KST on September 8) in order to start the process. “We once again apologize for bringing such news, and we at JYP Entertainment will do our best to ensure that Jae is able to have a full recovery as soon as possible.” We hope Jae has a full recovery soon! cr soompi
  9. https://aop-emtg-jp.s3.amazonaws.com/prod/public/day6/contents/information/66e1f194acea5fe39e8474256bce1c9f.jpg
  10. To commemorate DAY6's third anniversary of debut they will hold their first large scale fan-meeting @ Hwajeong Gymnasium has been sold out! All 5000 seats!! DAY6 fanmeeting sold out
  11. Many could perhaps understand the reasons for certain groups making it big. But, what about the rest? That was the question netizens kept throwing around, and keep throwing around on the Internet. Although it may be impossible to list all of the underrated groups in K-Pop, netizens found themselves baffled by these groups' relatively low amount of popularity. Based on the top comments, the following groups were agreed as being "peculiarly underrated" (in no accurate order): [Boy Groups] 1. NCT "Song, stage, dance, MV, concept, fashion, everything is trendy, they are all good-looking, and a heaven with so many bops" 2. DAY6 "DAY6 TT I'm not their stan but I downloaded all their songs TTTT I love 'Shoot Me' 'Somehow' and 'Warning' from their latest album TTTT" 3. SF9 "SF9 TTTTT They came back with 'Now or Never' recently and the song is so good and all the members are soooo good looking TTTTT" 4. ASTRO "People only know Cha Eun Woo and not the rest..." "ASTRO's video content are so funny...Every member has charm and skills, and as a fan, I would really like them to move up for once TT Their songs are so good too TTTT" [Girl Groups] 1. Dream Catcher "I immediately thought of Dream Catcher." "Their abilities are amazing and the visuals insanely good. Why are they not at the top?" 2. Lovelyz "Lovelyz' tracks are hella nice yes...their personalities are so real and they are so pretty with nice bodies and they have skills. They have debuted quite a while back now but they are not that popular...." 3. Gugudan "Just gonna blame it on Jellyfish Entertainment." 4. April "Their song 'April Story' is the best song. Not a single one of them is unattractive, too." In addition, other groups mentioned were Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, Weki Meki, Sunny Hill, as well as ONF, Cross Gene, HOTSHOT, Golden Child, and A.C.E. With which groups do you wonder why they haven't made it big yet? cr allkpop
  12. #DAY6 Sunrise sales as of June 2018: 26,698 copies (June 2017 release)Moonrise sales as of June 2018: 27,736 copies (Dec 2017 release)Shoot Me sales as of July 19, 2018: 35,241 copies (June 26, 2018 release)
  13. The top-selling Kpop songs in America for the week of July 7 2018 according to Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart: 1. Blackpink - Ddu-Du Ddu-Du (=) 2. BTS - Fake Love (=) 3. Momoland - Baam (New) 4. BTS - Mic Drop (=) 5. DAY6 - Shoot Me (New)