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Found 827 results

  1. They dance in sync, even with the hard choreography, which is very satisfying to look at.. And they also have this bright, cheerful energy and charms.. They're amazingㅠㅠㅠ pann [+144][-51] 1. [+51][-11] I've always noticed their synchronization ever since Like Ohh Ahh.. 2. [+47][-10] Having a great skills in singing and dancing are what makes someone a great performer.. But besides, TWICE has this ability to make people happy and enjoy their stage just by looking at their performance and I think that's also what makes them a great performer.. 3. [+42][-11] I love TWICE so much.. 4. [+19][-4] So freaking cool.. 5. [+17][-6] If you don't like them, just scroll pass the post;; Why do you bother to click downvote.. Aren't you tired of living your life like that? 6. [+11][-4] First of all, they already mastered the basics of dancing and they all seem to be a great dancer.. There's this unique thing about Twice's choreography.. All of TWICE's members are charming in their own way then they dance.. 7. [+11][-4] I feel great whenever I see their performance.. 8. [+10][-3] Hearing their footsteps in sync is really satisfying.. 9. [+10][-3] It's nice to see their performance.. They have the stage presence and they also dance in sync.. 10. [+10][-3] How should I put it into words.. They have the ability to make people focus on them once they step on the stage.. cr
  2. The video starts recording the LED screen from 00.35 The members who cover the song were Momo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung theqoo -Whoa.. Momo looks so cool.. -Chaeyoung suits the image of this song really well.. -Hul.. Chaeyoung nails this stage.. The best cover I have ever seen so far! -Momo suits this song really well.. -Whoa.. Look at Momo, she's seriously no joke.. -Whoa.. Momo is such a great dancer.. -Whoa.. This is a great cover.. Momo's abs looks really cool.. -Momo suits this song really well.. And she looks really sexy with those abs.. -Momo-ya, you did well.. And Chaeyoung, you suit this song really well.. Dahyun and Mina also did well too! -Now I know why Momo is the main dancer in Twice.. She's a really great dancer.. -I don't really know Twice, but is Chaeyoung one of the dancers in Twice..? She saves the whole point of the song really well. She's a great dancer.. -I can't stop re-watching this video.. They all look so cool on this stage.. -F*ck.. I like this so f*cking much.. F*ck.. cr
  3. Article: Twice Jungyeon 'prettier at night' Source: MK Sports via Nate 1. [+599, -73] I didn't recognize her, she looks very different. She looks pretty with make up but looks drastically different compared to when she does have make up on. 2. [+567, -191] She looks like a Vietnamese bride who just signed her international marriage papers and arrived at the airport ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's pretty in that context but pretty average as a girl group member 3. [+460, -75] But is she prettier though? 4. [+60, -2] She has BB cream on here, her forehead is a different color... 5. [+38, -2] She looks like Yook Sungjae crossdressing.. 6. [+36, -3] Aigooya... this is why you shouldn't trust make up......... 7. [+32, -3] Honestly don't think she's pretty..... 8. [+31, -3] Please make sure you put make up on next time 9. [+28, -4] Her unni took all the pretty genes 10. [+21, -1] ㅋㅋㅋ She is wearing make up, just not stage make up cr netizenbuzz
  4. Article: Twice Chaeyoung's provocative blonde transformation "sorry for always surprising you" Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+328, -56] I was more surprised with your live rapping skills. Do you really call that rapping? 2. [+279, -57] You should be more apologetic for lip syncing 3. [+199, -58] It doesn't really look good on her 4. [+26, -9] Chaeyoung is not the only one who lipsyncs ㅋㅋ all of Twice does. Their group itself only got popular because of their songs. They're like WG's Sunye and Yeeun... able to sing decently but have unstable lives. JYP's half air half sound style always causes the kids to lip sync in the end. 5. [+17, -5] She looks better with black hair 6. [+15, -6] I like her 'Sixteen' hair the best. She doesn't look good with longer hair. She matches black, short hair the best. 7. [+15, -9] Let's fix up your teeth first 8. [+10, -4] Twice is just a visual group, no? Why bother judging them on rap skills. It's like looking at an expensive piece of pottery and judging how much items it can hold. 9. [+10, -7] Am I the only one who thinks she looks pretty..? 10. [+9, -2] She was chic yet pretty during 'Sixteen' but really took a turn for the worst after debuting... all I see is New Champ in her
  5. Seems like she just can't leave her hair alone.. theqoo -I'm so jealous of her beautiful facial features.. -What do you mean.. Chaeyoung had kept her hair dark for a really long time until now.. -I like Chaeyoung with dark hair better but.. She still looks gorgeous! -What's your problem if she dyes her hair.. -So what.. She can do whatever she wants to do~ -Hul.. She looks so pretty.. -Whoa.. Look at her facial features.. She looks like a barbie doll..ㅋㅋㅋ -So what.. Maybe Chaeyoung or her hairstylist really likes to try out new things.. -I really like to see Chaeyoung with different hair color.. Her orange hair was really cute..ㅠㅠ -Chaeyoung can dye her hair into whatever color she wants and still looks pretty.. -I mean, it's her hair.. Can't she even dye her own hair?? It's my first time seeing an idol gets hate for dying her hair blonde..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Whoa.. She looks beautiful with blonde hair.. -I'm not a big fan of her new hair style, but she seems to have a really thick hair and I'm really jealous of that.. -Chaeng, don't listen to the haters. You can do whatever you want!
  6. Article: Sana 'short is too skirt' Source: MK Sports via Nate 1. [+370, -42] Sana has so much aegyo and she's so good at Korean that I often forget she's Japanese. She writes really pretty Hangeul too. Sana fighting. 2. [+341, -79] She's cleansing my eyes after I saw Whasa 3. [+279, -39] Sana-ya.. I love you 4. [+17, -1] Everyone was freezing on the red carpet, couldn't they have checked the weather and held it inside? I bet you some of these singers are going to catch colds and won't be able to perform later... 5. [+14, -0] Why dress her like this when it's so cold ㅜㅜ 6. [+12, -3] The one top, our Sana is so pretty!! 7. [+9, -1] Could've dressed her warmer when it's so cold 8. [+4, -0] So pretty but her dress is so short for how cold it is today. I always wonder how cold they are on the red carpet and then see them smiling so professionally the entire time. 9. [+4, -0] I always thought of her as the cute and aegyo character of the group but she's actually the sexy type now that I see her more 10. [+4, -1] Tzuyu and Sana are the prettiest in Twice
  7. Article: [Exclusive] TWICE to have a dongsaeng group... JYP gears up for debut project Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate 1. [+256, -16] JYP has a crazy success rate with girl groups, even if their boy groups flop... Wonder Girls, miss A, TWICE, they've all been successes 2. [+130, -8] Sigh Somi-ya ㅠㅠ what exactly happened 3. [+80, -1] Obviously this new girl group will be different from TWICE, it'd be war if they were similar ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it'll probably be like how SM debuted f(x) after SNSD, different concepts ㅋㅋ I'm sure their junior group will be stronger in concept, closer to miss A than TWICE 4. [+22, -11] So Somi would've debuted this time if she didn't leave ㅡㅡ 5. [+21, -7] I'm curious what's going on with the controversy surrounding Jungyeon's father, why is no one saying anything 6. [+16, -2] Somi-ya, if only you waited.. 7. [+7, -0] JYP knows what they're doing with their girl groups. All their girl groups debuted to rookie awards -> annual chart #1 -> daesang. 8. [+6, -0] I can't imagine how fussy Jun Somi was being for her to leave right ahead of a girl group debut... If this group is debuting in January, obviously they've been in the works for about 6 months already 9. [+5, -0] I'm thinking this group will be a girl crush concept 10. [+5, -1] Probably going to be miss A style... - Source: Naver 1. [+624, -89] I hope they do well and dominate the girl group industry with Twice 2. [+427, -23] So the reason Somi left wasn't necessarily because JYP was delaying their next girl group... 3. [+232, -36] Wishing them good luck along with Twice 4. [+150, -21] I hope they win the rookie award this year! 5. [+116, -16] Wishing them a daebak cr
  8. No I mean, I don't know Mina is this pretty;; Is the make up style different from before? I've seen her make up style in the past and it was totally have different vibe.. I know all of TWICE member is pretty, but Mina is just so beautiful.. Crazy Lens perfect!! Earrings and accessories perfect!! Make up perfect!! I love everything on her It's all in this picture now And the point! Her ponytail is what's matter..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ If she have bangs, its definitely prettier to tie her hair.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ But of course I like your hair like this too Her aura is like a goddess Now I can see why Mina's beautiful ㅠ I can see why people said Mina looks like a rich daughterㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just sitting with a white shirt like this.. Mina is so beautiful ♥ [Pann/Nate] Original link: K-netizens agrees that TWICE's Mina gets prettier by the day! Netizen response: (+72 | -1) Mina's bare face and when smile like this is so crazy.. (+15 | -1) Right, Mina is so beautiful ㅠㅠ I'm a fan of Male Idol, but since TWICE debut I started to like Mina. She looks so elegant, there's something like that in her. (+10 | 0) Princess Mina. (+8 | -1) Mina is like the prettiest member of TWICE (+7 | 0) Myoui Mina cr
  9. She puts her hand there in case the girls bump their heads theqoo -She's so cool..ㅜㅜ -Oh.. She takes a good care of the girls.. -On top of that, she's also beautiful.. -Whoa.. She's so f*cking cool..ㅋㅋㅋ Girlcrush.. -It really shows that she works out a lot.. I can see it from her body.. So cool.. -The way she smiles in the second gif is seriously so cool.. -Huk.. So cool. She's like the female version of the bodyguard in The Last Empress.. -So cool..ㅜㅜ I wish I was Twice.. -I heard she even has a fan account in Twitter??ㅋㅋㅋ Well, she's sweet.. I bet she has one.. -I know that she's just doing her job as TWICE's bodyguard but that's so sweet..ㅠㅠㅠ -Whoa.. This is my first time seeing her but I'm already in love.. -The real girl crush.. -Hul.. I want to marry her.. -She's not only cool, but also very beautiful.. She looks like an actress from an action movie..ㅠㅠ cr
  10. The way they dance in synchronize give me chills..ㅋㅋㅋ Especially Nayeon, she saves the whole point of the choreography..ㅋㅋㅋ TWICE is the best.. pann [+172][-47] 1. [+46][-1] The way Nayeon dances is seriously so pretty.. 2. [+28][-0] No wonder why Nayeon is always in the center.. 3. [+25][-0] I'm not a fan of TWICE, but this gif always makes me feel nice just by looking at it.. 4. [+22][-3] I hope the people who keep talking about how easy Twice's choreography is takes a look at this GIF.. Their choreography require a lot of movements, they almost have no time to rest in between their choreography.. I wonder where is the 'easy' part they're always talking about.. 5. [+19][-1] This choreography require a lot of energy and yet they're still in sync.. cr
  11. Tzuyu arrived in Taiwan and went home with her mom. The reporter asked if she is back for New Year and she nodded, but not until the Chinese New Year in Feb. One of the reporter even helped with her luggage. A girl told her she's pretty yesterday and she thanked her.
  12. theqoo -I'm not a fan of these groups but I sincerely congratulate them.. They're the representative male and female idol group of the generation and that's so cool.. -The top male and female idol group of the current generation.. -They are the only groups who won two years in a row?? Wow.. BangTwice are so cool! -One is my favorite group and the other one is my mom's favorite group.. -Twice is so amazing.. I'm so proud of my girls..bb -As expected from BangTwice! -They're not BTS and TWICE for no reason.. -Congratulations to BTS and TWICE!! -I love both groups so much!! Congrats!! -I love BangTwice so much.. I hope they'll become more successful in 2019! Good luck!! -This proves that no matter how much people are trying to hate on TWICE and bringing them down, the girls remain unbothered and stay on top.. -Let's work hard this year and make it three years in a row!! -I knew they were going to win the Bonsang!! My prediction was accurate.. cr pannatic
  13. I personally think she doesn't suit that hair color + straight hairstyle (click link for more pics) theqoo -I mean, Sana is so pretty.. What are they doing to her hair..ㅠㅠ -She still looks beautiful, anyway.. -She looks like the typical second main characters that you would usually see in dramas.. The one that's so mean to the main character.. -Not the best hairstyle, but our Sana still looks gorgeous.. -I agree, it looks so weird on her..ㅠㅠ What are they doing to such beautiful lady..ㅠㅠ -I think I could've done so much better with Sana's hair..ㅡㅡ Anyway, Sana still looks pretty! -..?? You're telling me that she went to salon just to get this look??? -That looks like my hair when I mess up with my hair straightener..ㅋㅋ But she still looks beautiful with such hairstyle, whoa.. -That hair reminds me of her during Twice's early debut days..ㅋㅋㅋ I have to agree that it's not her best hairstyle, though.. -F*ck.. Sana could do her own hair and it would look so much better than the hair stylist's.. -I also think that the hair color doesn't suit her skin tone.. She looks the best with ash hair color..ㅠㅠ -Who dares to make our Sana's hair looks like that.. cr pannatic
  14. theqoo -Is she a doll..? -Whoa.. She's so freaking pretty.. -I think I have actually seen a doll that looks just like her..ㅋㅋㅋ -She really does look like a doll.. -I personally think Tzuyu is the prettiest member in Twice..ㅋㅋ She's so freaking gorgeous.. -Tzuyu never fail to amaze me with her beauty.. -I personally think she has the best visual and and physical figure among the other female idols.. -She's so beautiful.. She's literally a Goddess.. -This is insane.. She's so freaking beautiful, it drives me crazy.. -Whoa.. She's so freaking pretty.. And her outfit looks pretty as well.. -Just imagine how great she must feel whenever she takes a look at the mirror.. -I guess this is why people can't stop talking about Tzuyu.. -To be honest, all of Twice's members are gorgeous.. -She has the visual and also the body.. She's literally flawless.. cr pannatic
  15. BTS albums: Love Yourself 'Her' Love Yourself 'Tear' Love Yourself 'Answer' TWICE albums: TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 twicetagram YES or YES
  16. The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month's brand reputation rankings for girl groups The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various girl groups, using big data collected from December 4 to January 5. Here are the top 30 for this month below : BLACKPINK TWICE Red Velvet IZ*ONE MAMAMOO MOMOLAND Apink Lovelyz Girls' Generation WJSN (Cosmic Girls) STELLAR Oh My Girl AOA GWSN GFRIEND LABOUM Berry Good EXID T-ara (G)I-DLE APRIL LOONA fromis_9 DreamNote DreamCatcher Girl's Day Weki Meki After School FIESTAR Blah Blah
  17. - It only includes music-related videos (MV, dance, lyrics, etc.) - There were more countries with higher views but it was condensed by continent Most viewed artists Top 20 viewed countries for BTS, Blackpink, Twice, and EXO Number of views by countries Countries that viewed these artists the most TWICE: Korea (300M), Japan (600M), Taiwan (140M) BLACKPINK: Indonesia (490M), Thailand (300M) Momoland: Phillippines (480M) BTS: Every country except the six countries mentioned (USA: 550M) - Pann: 2018 YouTube view rankings by country (BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, EXO, etc. - total of 14 K-Pop groups) 1. [+164, -9] BTS is #1 in most countries including the US. Twice is #1 in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. BLACKPINK is #1 in Southeast Asia like Thailand. The biggest music markets in the world are the US and Japan. BLACKPINK is the only one that media-plays while lying about the countries they're popular in. In fact, all of their views come from Southeast Asia but they only media-play about the US and Japan. 2. [+138, -5] BLACKPINK media-played about surpassing BTS on Youtube and called themselves K-pop siblings but ㅋㅋ (Articles on BTS and BLACKPINK as K-pop siblings and Blackpink surpassing BTS) 3. [+107, -5] I think it's meaningless to consider the artists after #1 in the US and Europe rankings because BTS is always #1 and the artists after BTS have similar views. I'm not praising BTS or anything. 4. [+46, -5] BTS and TWICE, who are doing the best, are staying quiet but only BLACKPINK goes and media-plays about surpassing BTS and TWICE ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+46, -4] How defensive do BLACKPINK fans feel against TWICE that they're leaving hateful comments on Twice here ㅋㅋ After BTS, the rankings are meaningless. BLACKPINK kept media-playing about the US but they're not that higher than Twice. 6. [+41, -3] I knew BTS was doing really well but I just found out that Twice is doing well, too. JYP is staying quiet but YG does so much media-play with BLACKPINK. 7. [+39, -7] TWICE is popular by every country! They're doing well on YouTube. 8. [+32, -4] Charts don't lie. At Gayo Daejejun, EXO acted like they were the king of hallyu and K-pop but what's with their views ㅋㅋㅋㅋ cr KPKF