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Found 11 results

  1. Rumored Produce48 Cover Mission Songs1 SNSD Gee2 KARA Pretty Girl3 T-ara Roly Poly4 4minute What A Girl Wants5 Bring It On OST Mickey6 200 Pounds Beauty OST Maria7 Lovelyz Candy Jelly Love8 Oh My Girl Cupid9 TWICE TT10 Apink Hush11 9muses News12 Girls Day Expectation
  2. 1. Taeyeon 51.3% 2. IU 37.3% 3. BoA 2.8% 4. Suzy 2.6% 5. Irene 2.0% Taeyeon really is the perfect idol
  3. SIXTEEN 2 will likely happen after MNET finishes with Produce48 According to financial reports conducted by Lee Kihoon for Hana Financial Investment, JYP plans to have a SIXTEEN 2 with broadcast plans for September/October New girl group debut in 2019 SIXTEEN 2 to air after PD48 which will air last ep Aug 24/31 Since Sixteen 2.0 is pretty much confirmed (?) here is the potential contestant for SIXTEEN Season 2. Total : 16 trainees + Somi. SOMI is probably a fixed member And JYP has 17 revealed trainees: But two of them are 06 and 07 line. If they get cut from participate in SIXTEEN 2.0 then there will be 16 contestants. Not sure on what concept SIXTEEN 2 will have, but if Mnet can produce many seasons of PD101, It's prob gonna have the same concept like SIXTEEN that gave birth to TWICE. and this group is called "GOT7 sibling sister" so probably gonna have 7 members or less. (Stray Kids is TWICE sibling brother OT9) So what do you think? Are you excited ready to meet JYPNGG?
  4. Article: Mnet remains silent on 'Produce 48' right-wing + rising sun controversySource: Ilgan Sports via Nate1. [+557, -12] Of course they shut their mouths on anything that negatively affects them. Take the show off air!2. [+454, -11] They're crazy3. [+374, -12] Trash broadcast company4. [+26, -1] I just don't get why we're doing a Korean show with Japanese kids. Their singing and dancing are hopeless.5. [+19, -1] Can we please boycott this show ㅡㅡ6. [+19, -2] Everything will naturally resolve itself on its own if people don't watch. The more you give them attention, the more you're helping them. They have to hit rock bottom in viewer ratings for them to realize what they're doing wrong.7. [+15, -1] I hope anyone who watches this season will realize that they're absolute idiots... kids, please don't watch!8. [+14, -0] Everyone, please have the basic decency to pass on shows like this. It's not good for your eyes.9. [+12, -0] Mnet has no problem selling their own country if it's for the viewer ratings10. [+9, -0] Their biggest investor must be Japanesehttps://netizenbuzz....viewer.html?m=1
  5. Kim Doa, '03liner Jang Wonyoung, '04liner Ahn Yoojin, '03liner theqoo -Agree.. I also like these three.. -Crazy.. Look at their ages.. -Agree.. The three of them look out-standing among the other trainees.. -Hul.. The name of that girl with ribbon is Kim Doa? Okay, this Unnie is so f*cking ready to vote for you.. -Doa is so freaking pretty.. -Isn't Ah Yoojin that girl from that CF..? Acuve Lenses advertisement.. -Doa, let's debut! -These three girls look the most out-standing among the other girls.. I think this season of Produce is full of innocent and youthful looking girls.. -Yoojin is so freaking pretty.. -Ahn Yoojin is that girl from Acuve Lenses CF.. -My type is the second girl, but the third girl is the one who's most likely to be the center.. -So pretty.. I have a feeling Ahn Yoojin is going to be the center, just look at her visual.. -They're so young.. https://pannative.bl...produce-48.html
  6. Article: [Exclusive] IOI and Wanna One to guest on 'Produce 48' "reuniting as a group"Source: OSEN via Naver1. [+2,428, -211] Please let go of Wanna One2. [+2,074, -139] They're basically holding the two groups hostage to get people to watch3. [+1,729, -91] I knew they'd pull this but come on...4. [+647, -13] I have to admit that this doesn't sound like positive news. Mnet totally threw IOI on the backburner, this is probably the first time they're going to be getting together again as a whole group. Only when it benefits them does Mnet call in the groups. I don't even get why Wanna One has to guest when they're a male group?5. [+454, -21] If you're going to use Wanna One, at least give them some perks ㅋㅋ6. [+446, -16] Just keep it to yourselves, why call in IOI? IOI disbanded so long ago, and why Wanna One? They're already so busy. This is totally a hostage act.7. [+418, -8] So stupid how they disband these groups and then force them to stand as wallpaper for their new group8. [+416, -9] Amazing how much power CJ is abusing right now9. [+372, -39] I understand why IOI would guest since they're technically girl group seniors but why Wanna One...?10. [+301, -10] Please just keep to yourselves, stop grabbing your old groups by their hair, let them go already11. [+261, -6] We all know why they're being forced to guest ㅋㅋㅋ-
  7. On April 17, it was revealed that Jeon Somi from “Produce 101” and Kang Daniel from “Produce 101 Season 2” visited the first recording of “Produce 48” on April 11. The “centers” of I.O.I and Wanna One showed up to cheer on the 96 contestants who are taking on a new challenge. They helped loosen up the nerves of the contestants with their sweet encouragement. In addition, dance trainer Kahi from both seasons of “Produce 101” also appeared to show support even in her final stage of pregnancy. “Produce 48” is a collaboration between the “Produce 101” series and Japan’s AKB48 system. Female trainees from both Korea and Japan will be competing to become part of the final group. The show is set to premiere in June.
  8. Article: [Official] AOA Chanmi personally denies rumors of 'Produce 48' "Focusing on AOA promos"Source: OSEN via Nate1. [+411, -9] What if Heo Chanmi auditions again?...2. [+362, -6] For a second I thought Heo Chanmi was trying to come back ㅋㅋㅋ3. [+253, -8] No point in her auditioning, she made the right choice4. [+23, -0] Heo Chanmi's talented but she wasted her image by going on too many audition shows... and she's too old to be an idol now too, what a shame5. [+16, -0] But is anyone in AOA popular after Choa left other than Seolhyun? I think she'd have more to gain from going on 'Produce 48' than anything to lose6. [+14, -9] AOA has so many years under their belt so for their members to still be nugus must mean they really don't have the charms or their agency is just really that bad... What's the point in staying with AOA when you're considered a nugu if you're not Seolhyun or Choa7. [+10, -1] Honestly no one knows who she is unless you're an AOA fan... no point in her wasting time getting owned by even Japanese idols ㅎㅎㅎ8. [+10, -1] I bet you Heo Chanmi will even audition on those shows for old people once she gets old enough ㅋㅋㅋㅋ9. [+8, -0] I bet you she's just testing the waters and she'll do it anyway10. [+8, -3] It's embarrassing to still be considered a nugu with this many years under your belt. Other nugu girl group members have done whatever it took to get their name out there (like Girl's Day's Yura) but the AOA members are so... bland... that they don't even put effort into the opportunities that they're given. No wonder they're known as the Seolhyun and Jimin group.-
  9. Article: There won't be a second Jun Somi, 'Produce 48' SM, YG, JYP won't be participatingSource: Sports Chosun via Nate1. [+573, -11] This show always goes the same way...Before it starts: people whine about why it's still going oinRight before it starts: people ignore it but are already hooked on the theme songA few weeks later: people demand that you vote for their bias and second biasAfter: people claim it was the best season yet and the members are awesome2. [+518, -12] This show's like 'WGM'... people swear it up and down but still watch it...3. [+416, -9] There's no reason for SM, JYP, or YG to send their trainees on this show. It's more for the smaller agencies that don't have the system for debut for desperate trainees. SM JYP YG don't need the extra attention or promotion from this show.4. [+16, -3] I have a feeling it won't be as good as the previous seasons5. [+9, -1] It's time for a new group from SM, JYP has 'Sixteen 2' to go, and I don't think Mnet is on good terms with YG6. [+8, -0] The majority of Japanese girl groups don't have the skills to even make it past Korean auditions... If you actually saw Japanese idol groups, you'd realize why Korean groups are so popular there. Even Korean trainees struggle to survive the intense competition here, do you really think the Japanese kids can do it?7. [+6, -0] I think this is the season that it'll fail though... it's not even just Korean idols, half of the cast is from Japan...8. [+6, -0] Doesn't this season have Japanese kids....9. [+4, -0] All three agencies already have preparations for their own girl groups underway, there's no reason for them to waste the spotlight on trainees they'll be debuting in 5 years10. [+3, -0] I've noticed that debuting off of this show is just a waste of your image and your career never really takes off any which way. It's better to just keep your trainees quiet and debut them the right way. Look at all the IOI kids... other than Kim Sejung or Chungha, the rest have lost the spotlight...-