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Found 91 results

  1. OH MY GIRL tops Billboard Japan's Weekly Top Albums Sales chart with Japan debut album + no.2 on Oricon's Weekly Albums chart.
  2. Netizens can't decide whether if Hyojung, Jiho, YooA, Arin, or Binnie is the visual of the group. Hyojung Jiho YooA Arin Binnie theqoo -Arin or Binnie, I guess.. -I think Binnie is the visual of the group.. But I personally like visuals like Hyojung or Arin more.. -Yoo A.. I mean, Jiho.. No, I mean Ji... Yoo.. Jiho... Ugh, I can't..bb -I knew Jiho because of that Hush collab stage.. I personally think she doesn't suit the concept of her own group and it's a shame..ㅠㅠ -All of them are pretty...ㅠㅠ They're so freaking gorgeous..bb -I'm guessing Jiho is the visual of the group.. But I like Binnie, she looks so innocent and pure.. -Am I the only one who thinks it's Arin..?ㅠㅠ -I personally think Hyojung is the prettiest in the group.. She looks so refreshing and sweetㅋㅋ I have to admit that Jiho is beautiful as well.. -Whoa.. There are a lot of different opinions regarding OMG's visual.. I've always thought Yoo A is the visual of the group, though.. -Yoo A.. She looks like a doll.. -I've always thought it's JinE, but I have no idea now that she left the group.. Maybe, Jiho..? -I love Hyojung but frankly speaking, Jiho is the visual... cr
  3. All seven members of Oh My Girl will be appearing on an upcoming episode of tvN’s “Heol Quiz”! The variety show has announced that Oh My Girl will be making a guest appearance on its December 16 broadcast, where they will reportedly show off their unique “special talents” as part of the show’s unconventional quiz. The producers of “Heol Quiz” commented, “MC Lee Yong Jin and the Oh My Girl members will be holding a game battle that will transcend viewers’ imaginations. Please look forward to seeing what happens when ‘Heol Quiz’ joins forces with the bubbly Oh My Girl, who has great instincts when it comes to variety shows.” On the upcoming episode of the show, “Heol Quiz” will be giving out a number of prizes, including iPads, department store gift certificates, and even cash, to thousands of lucky winners. Oh My Girl’s episode of “Heol Quiz” will air on December 16 at 12 p.m. KST. cr
  4. Thank you for supporting us throughout the B.A.P FOREVER North America Tour 2018. Although we are still in the middle of the tour, we are pleased to announce on Facebook that Oh My Girl will be having their first U.S. Tour/fan meeting in 2019. ******** Oh My Girl concert tickets for the Indio/Fantasy Springs Casino Resort (Jan. 26) will go on sale THIS FRIDAY (Nov. 23) at 12:00 PM PST!!! Get your tickets at Kpopticket.us!! Tickets will also be available at the Indio local ticket center called K-POP Pinkhouse. It is located at 82365 Highway 111 #3, Indio, CA 92201. You can call them at (760)984-0124. ******** Ticket prices (Indio/Fantasy Springs) : Tier 1 - $120 (includes tickets for legal guardians) Tier 2 - $100 (includes tickets for legal guardians) Tier 3 - $80 Tier 4 - $60 Tier 5 - $40 THE CITIES!!! For Oh My Girl’s first U.S. Tour/Fan Meeting, they will be visiting 1) Atlanta 2) Chicago 3) Houston 4) Indio/Fantasy Springs Resort (1/26) 5) San Jose There will be special packages sold for Oh My Girl’s first US tour later. We will announce the details of the packages in the future. Thank you, JSJ Entertainment
  5. Oh My Girl 1st Tour in Brazil 29/01 - Rio de Janeiro 30/01 - Porto Alegre 31/01 - Curitiba 02/02 - São Paulo (show) 03/02 - São Paulo (fansign) Vendas no dia 24/11, ao meio-dia! Fansign: R$140 Pista (meia): R$135 Camarote (meia): R$180 High-touch: R$80 CD: R$130
  6. Miracles discovered this fact and that she was a trainee at the time, around 18-19 years old. Seunghee is credited in the album credits.