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Found 12 results

  1. June : Yubin, DAY6 (Mini Album)July : Park Jimin, Stray Kids (Mini Album)Aug : Twice (Mini Album)Oct : GOT7 (Reg Album), DAY6 (Mini Album)Nov : Stray Kids (Mini Album)Dec : GOT7 (Repackage), Twice (Special Album)
  2. Article: Park Ji Young awarded '1000 High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2018' for JYP "thank you"Source: Star News via Nate1. [+816, -38] I seriously think Park Jin Young is going to start his own sect later and become its leader ㅋㅋ2. [+678, -50] He should be thankful to Twice.. Twice is the one who saved him..3. [+561, -41] Salvation sect!4. [+43, -3] It gives me goosebumps to think he's a part of a cult. I'm sure neither he or his wife who's a branch manager of the cult realize the dangers of a cult but if he truly is not a part of this cult, I dare him to call Yoo Byung Eon an evil monster5. [+40, -7] SM - money, YG - drugs, JYP - religion6. [+36, -3] Twice really is amazing... I invested in JYP stocks because of Twice and earned quite a bit ㅎㅎ7. [+35, -1] He better not be forcing his religion on his artists right now8. [+35, -5] Twice has been grabbing JYP by the collars and pulling them up with all their might9. [+34, -3] He has been saved10. [+33, -2] I'm sure his truth will be revealed in due time11. [+27, -1] He's definitely not normal12. [+25, -1] What's the point of any of this if he's already been "saved" and "destined for heaven" ㅋㅋ wouldn't you just want to die as fast as possible then13. [+23, -1] Cult Park Jin Young
  3. 2PM Wooyoung + Stray Kids + JYP + 15& Jimin + Super Junior Heechul with Kyuhyun at TWICELAND Yesterday Red Velvet came to TWICELAND, today at last day, SUJU Heechul and Khuhyun came too! SM artists went to JYP's group concert, When will YG let his artist? lol I love 2nd gen interaction #SUPERPM
  4. JYP Entertainment is the only Korean Entertainment agency listed in Financial Times 'FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific' #177 overall #12 Korean company This looked at the top 1000 companies that were rapidly growing in Asia-Pacific b/w 2013-16
  5. These 4 trainees + Somi have been seen twice together (in the streets a few weeks ago and now today during Twice's concert). It seems they are part of the final lineup (or the final lineup itself). Jun Somi (2001) Shin Rhujin (2001) Hwang Yeji (2000) Jisu (2000) Lee Chaeryeong (2001) So I guess JYPNGG will have a shorter lineup and a 'darker' image than Twice looking at the current shortlist for this girl group? Kinda more Miss A-ish?
  6. '[2018] Boy group Stray Kids debut & [2019] The 2nd 'TWICE' debut through Sixteen 2' JYP's IR that was updated today Lee Gihoon analyst from Hana Financial Investment revealed that JYP is going to hold another survival show, Sixteen 2, this year and debut the final group by next year and it is confirmed by the updated IR today. Produce 48 is predicted to end around August 24 or August 31, so there's a possibility that Sixteen 2 will start airing on September or October. (Just like the previous season, it's predicted to air on every Tuesday) instiz -Somi is going through another survival show??ㅠㅠㅠ -JYP, please stop with all of these survival shows.. -I bet Somi is 100% going to debut with the next girlgroup.. But it's not going to be easy for her to go through another survival show..ㅠㅠ -Isn't it better to pick Somi and Ryujin as the confirmed member and use the show to pick the rest of the members..? -Please stop putting Somi through hardships..ㅠㅠ -Stop putting Somi and Ryujin in survival showsㅠㅠ -Hul.. Are Ryujin and Somi going to be in this show too?ㅠㅠPlease no..ㅠㅠ -Somi has starred in a lot of variety shows and her personal Instagram account has followers as much as celebrities do.. And yet they're going to make her into a trainee and put her in another survival show? -Hul.. Is it confirmed that the show is going to air this year? -Maybe they're going to do it like Mix and Match..? Like, picking the rest of the members to debut with Somi?ㅠㅠ -Again..? I'm sure this will be their last survival show..
  7. JYP Ent 1st Quarter 2018 Earnings ReportRevenue: 23 billion wonOperating Profit: 1.4b2nd quarter will see rises b/c TWICE salesJYP Chinese boy group targeting Sept debutJYP new girl group w/ Somi targeting 2nd half 2018 debutMost JYP artist contracts last til 2021-22
  8. 01'er Shin Ryujin #1 female trainee on MIX9 Dancer/rapper 02'er Shin Eunsoo Currently an actress Mediocre dancing/singing, visual member 01'er Lee Chaeryung Dancer, stable live 02'er Lily (Korean/Australian) Top 4 on K-pop Star Possibly main vocal, lacks dancing skills 00'er Hwang Yeji Dancer, 170cm tall 00'er Choi Jisoo Vocalist 03'er Shin Yuna Maknae visual member 01'er Jeon Somi (Korean/Canadian/Dutch) Multi-talented, 3 years since debut, possibly the center Two female teams were revealed on last year's Survival. It was 7 members total but 4 trainees have left so far. The Survival will take place around October. Their debut is confirmed to be next year. IR revealed by JYP in March Somi - center, lead vocal, lead dancer, lead rapper Ryujin - main rapper, lead dancer, sub vocal Yeji - main dance, sub vocal, leader Lily - main vocal Chaeryung - main dancer, sub vocal Yuna - visual, sub vocal Eunsoo - visual, sub vocal Jisoo - main vocal/lead vocal - Pann: Predicted members of JYP and Somi that are debuting next year 1. [+149, -32] I like how there's no Japanese member. They must be really talented. Their visuals are good, too. 2. [+123, -12] I love seeing so many Korean members ㅠㅠ 3. [+115, -11] Yay, let's keep these members without adding a Japanese member. I'll stan Somi and Ryujin. 4. [+45, -5] Let's continue this without a Japanese member. 5. [+43, -13] I heard from an entertainment journalist that when foreign idols from big companies get popular and rich, they become really arrogant regardless of the gender ㅋㅋㅋㅋ When they're more popular than the Korean members, the Korean members can't stand against them ㅋㅋ Made me lose all my interest in them. 6. [+40, -0] Somi looks so majestic at the end ㅋㅋ 7. [+38, -10] The foreign kids in Twice have hopeless talents... It's better to have less foreign members. 8. [+35, -15] I like how they're only Korean nationals like Red Velvet. 9. [+34, -3] Instead of cute/overcrowded concepts like Twice, I want them to be 5~6 members and do a classy concept like Blackpink and Red Velvet's Pikaboo. Or is it impossible because it's JYP? 10. [+34, -11] I also want Somi to be the center.
  9. Article: There won't be a second Jun Somi, 'Produce 48' SM, YG, JYP won't be participatingSource: Sports Chosun via Nate1. [+573, -11] This show always goes the same way...Before it starts: people whine about why it's still going oinRight before it starts: people ignore it but are already hooked on the theme songA few weeks later: people demand that you vote for their bias and second biasAfter: people claim it was the best season yet and the members are awesome2. [+518, -12] This show's like 'WGM'... people swear it up and down but still watch it...3. [+416, -9] There's no reason for SM, JYP, or YG to send their trainees on this show. It's more for the smaller agencies that don't have the system for debut for desperate trainees. SM JYP YG don't need the extra attention or promotion from this show.4. [+16, -3] I have a feeling it won't be as good as the previous seasons5. [+9, -1] It's time for a new group from SM, JYP has 'Sixteen 2' to go, and I don't think Mnet is on good terms with YG6. [+8, -0] The majority of Japanese girl groups don't have the skills to even make it past Korean auditions... If you actually saw Japanese idol groups, you'd realize why Korean groups are so popular there. Even Korean trainees struggle to survive the intense competition here, do you really think the Japanese kids can do it?7. [+6, -0] I think this is the season that it'll fail though... it's not even just Korean idols, half of the cast is from Japan...8. [+6, -0] Doesn't this season have Japanese kids....9. [+4, -0] All three agencies already have preparations for their own girl groups underway, there's no reason for them to waste the spotlight on trainees they'll be debuting in 5 years10. [+3, -0] I've noticed that debuting off of this show is just a waste of your image and your career never really takes off any which way. It's better to just keep your trainees quiet and debut them the right way. Look at all the IOI kids... other than Kim Sejung or Chungha, the rest have lost the spotlight...-
  10. A former Japanese JYP trainee who trained with TWICE and SIXTEEN members revealed some insider information about the members. The trainee was known to have trained at SM Entertainment for 10 months and JYP Enertainment for about 2 years, but she didn’t participate in SIXTEEN. 1. Mina and Sana were the “visuals” of the Japanese team. 2. Mina was very popular among male trainees. “She only smiled when the male trainees told her she was pretty.” — JYP Trainee 3. Momo was one of the oldest girls in the Japanese team but she was the most child-like. 4. The JYP trainee thought Nayeon was the prettiest trainee. 5. Cecilia and Lena, who were also members of the group 6MIX, left JYP because of something bad. They were apparently asked by JYP to leave. 6. There was no severe bullying among the trainees but there were outcasts and gossip. 7. Mina knew she was pretty but didn’t show off. She’d sometimes show off her selfies that she liked. 8. Sika, who was the former leader of the Japanese team, was the first to leave the team. 9. Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Jihyo, who used to be a part of group 6MIX, were close. 10. Mina, Sana and Momo, who were members of the Japanese team, were close. 11. And Dahyun and Chaeyoung, who were in the same team, were close. 12. Tzuyu was closest with Cher and Yerin, but Cher was asked to leave. Former JYP trainee Cher 13. Somi, the most outgoing SIXTEEN member, was close with all the trainees. 14. Nayeon could not do the splits in any direction even when she was a trainee. 15. Tzuyu and Natty were not a part of SIXTEEN from the start. Tzuyu replaced Lena and Natty replaced the JYP trainee. 16. Tzuyu was not actually known for her looks among the trainees. But the Japanese team members have talked about how pretty she was before. 17. Momo has an extremely loud scream. 18. The rumors that the TWICE members were already selected and SIXTEEN was just for show is completely false. 19. TWICE and Day6 are close. Nayeon and Sungjin are good friends. 20. Momo has farted in front of the JYP trainee before. 21. Mina and Momo are introverted so they rarely went up to people to start up a conversation like Sana does. They also don’t speak when they are angry unlike Sana, who still expresses herself when she is angry. 22. The greatest dancer among JYP trainees was Momo. 23. All TWICE members excluding Mina, Sana, Momo, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung took English lessons. 24. Mina was already good at dancing and singing when she joined as a trainee.
  11. Pann: 2017 ranking of physical sales by companies 1. [+141, -5] BTS is daebak 2. [+113, -5] Wow, how many did Big Hit sell with BTS? Amazing 3. [+130, -4] BTS sold 2.6M alone ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cool 4. [+39, -17] BTS is by themselves and SM has more than 10 teams including subunits and solos... Amazing. 5. [+31, -0] SM has a lot of popular idols like EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, and NCT so it's not surprising that they're #1. Big Hit and YMC are doing well just with BTS and Wanna One ㅋㅋ That's amazing. I'm surprised that Pledis is catching up. Pledis revived with NU'EST and Seventeen is still a trend. Pristin did well for a rookie girl group. YG is unexpected. Their digital sales are huge but their public recognition is bigger than the fandom. Doesn't mean that they have a small fandom but just big public recognition compared to it. 6. [+29, -0] Is Pledis real ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i'm already annoyed because Pledis will become arrogant with this. Pledis, it's not that you guys are doing well, it's the artists that did well. You guys are only greedy over money and don't deserve to be on the list. 7. [+24, -0] Around Us ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 8. [+23, -0] Big Hit achieved it by BTS alone ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Daebak 9. [+21, -0] It's like the idiom "one successful daughter over ten sons". Big Hit sold that much with BTS alone. Really amazing. 10. [+20, -0] Wow, Big Hit is amazing... Around Us is also made by a re-debuted group. It's cool that they're on the ranking.