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Found 5 results

  1. Article: "High school sophomore this year' Jeon Somi's latest picture shows weight lossSource: Sports Chosun via Nate1. [+637, -32] Thought she'd do the best out of 'Produce 101' along with Sejung but who thought it'd be Chungha2. [+463, -17] So is she ever going to get to debut? Park Jin Young said he's planning an all Japanese girl group so when does Jun Somi debut then? I'm sure JYP has plans for her but it does feel like they're dragging it out. She was #1 on 'Produce 101' so I feel like she could do well even if she left JYP.3. [+262, -90] Ruined her image with drinking4. [+26, -3] I don't really find her all that charming because she's already been seen everywhere and there's nothing more to her image.. ㅠㅠ5. [+22, -0] F*ck, imagine working your a$$ off to get #1 on 'Produce 101' only to find yourself unemployed still years later ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ6. [+19, -1] She was left up in the air after IOI ended... and then used up all her image on variety shows afterwards... so there's nothing more to look forward to with her. Even if she debuts later, she's already a 'used' rookie, so to speak...7. [+19, -1] Looking at her makes me realize winning #1 on 'Produce 101' is pretty pointless8. [+19, -3] I think it'd be better for her to find an agency that will push her rather than JYP9. [+18, -0] She's being forgotten...10. [+14, -3] She's an '01er but looks like a '91er cr netizenbuzz
  2. After modeling for Reebok Classic Korea, then Reebok worldwide, she is now the official muse of Reebok Korea!
  3. On April 17, it was revealed that Jeon Somi from “Produce 101” and Kang Daniel from “Produce 101 Season 2” visited the first recording of “Produce 48” on April 11. The “centers” of I.O.I and Wanna One showed up to cheer on the 96 contestants who are taking on a new challenge. They helped loosen up the nerves of the contestants with their sweet encouragement. In addition, dance trainer Kahi from both seasons of “Produce 101” also appeared to show support even in her final stage of pregnancy. “Produce 48” is a collaboration between the “Produce 101” series and Japan’s AKB48 system. Female trainees from both Korea and Japan will be competing to become part of the final group. The show is set to premiere in June.
  4. Article: There won't be a second Jun Somi, 'Produce 48' SM, YG, JYP won't be participatingSource: Sports Chosun via Nate1. [+573, -11] This show always goes the same way...Before it starts: people whine about why it's still going oinRight before it starts: people ignore it but are already hooked on the theme songA few weeks later: people demand that you vote for their bias and second biasAfter: people claim it was the best season yet and the members are awesome2. [+518, -12] This show's like 'WGM'... people swear it up and down but still watch it...3. [+416, -9] There's no reason for SM, JYP, or YG to send their trainees on this show. It's more for the smaller agencies that don't have the system for debut for desperate trainees. SM JYP YG don't need the extra attention or promotion from this show.4. [+16, -3] I have a feeling it won't be as good as the previous seasons5. [+9, -1] It's time for a new group from SM, JYP has 'Sixteen 2' to go, and I don't think Mnet is on good terms with YG6. [+8, -0] The majority of Japanese girl groups don't have the skills to even make it past Korean auditions... If you actually saw Japanese idol groups, you'd realize why Korean groups are so popular there. Even Korean trainees struggle to survive the intense competition here, do you really think the Japanese kids can do it?7. [+6, -0] I think this is the season that it'll fail though... it's not even just Korean idols, half of the cast is from Japan...8. [+6, -0] Doesn't this season have Japanese kids....9. [+4, -0] All three agencies already have preparations for their own girl groups underway, there's no reason for them to waste the spotlight on trainees they'll be debuting in 5 years10. [+3, -0] I've noticed that debuting off of this show is just a waste of your image and your career never really takes off any which way. It's better to just keep your trainees quiet and debut them the right way. Look at all the IOI kids... other than Kim Sejung or Chungha, the rest have lost the spotlight...-