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Found 9 results

  1. 180523 IU still treasures the flower that Twice’s Nayeon gave her on Valentine’s Day (7th Gaon Chart Music Awards) So cute!! + the members reaction IU's #1 fangirl must be feeling really accomplished
  2. 1. Taeyeon 51.3% 2. IU 37.3% 3. BoA 2.8% 4. Suzy 2.6% 5. Irene 2.0% Taeyeon really is the perfect idol
  3. First of all, I'll just say it off the bat, I'm a fan of IU and I noticed people blindly hating on her lately I stumbled upon people saying how "IU is constantly pushing the misogynistic culture" as a comment and I felt so frustrated that I'm here to write a post "Seonyoung-ah I love you, Can this country become less harmful for Seonyoung?" "Seonyoung-ah, although you don't have makeup, I love you" "Seonyoung-ah, although you don't diet, I love you" That's an ad she shot, She even wore a feminist t-shit and recommended feminist movies IU's Black Out lyrics include "Mrs, miss" only. She understands that there are sexist remarks with marriage that's why she included "Mr" And I don't understand why no one mentions My Ahjussi's writer, and other male characters like Lee Sunkyun, Jang Kiyoung? You know that what you're doing right now is exactly what misogyny is? By the way, Suzy and Luna are following IU, so why don't you diss them too? post response: [+502][-140] original post: here ㅇ By the way, there's no romance at all in My Ahjussi and the dialogues are beautifully written in every episode, it's a masterpiece.. ㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ For real, what those people are doing right now is misogyny itself ㅋㅋㅋ So whatever doesn't fit their agenda, they'll call it misogyny? ㅇㅇ The same people dissing her were the ones also bashing her when she promoted feminism, people seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They just hate everything 모유비누 People who swear at My Ahjussi has never even watched it, the drama is a warm story that talks about taking care about the misfits of the society. It shows the haters' class turning it into a kid and an oldie's love story ㅇㅇ But I feel like IU is one of the most independent-minded female celebrity out there
  4. She looks so clean and pretty. I like her vibe. post response: [+240][-93] original post: here 1. She has been treating her fans so well consistently and is so freaking good at singing too. Her way of talking is sincere and calm and she’s hard working too. That’s why I like IU ㅠㅠ but Pann should stop with this posts written by the staffs. 2. Looks like a post written by the staffs. Even if it wasn’t there are so many cringey posts about IU nowadays. Anyways, for everyone who has never seen IU in real life, don’t you dare writing hate comments 3. I like how she always makes eye contact with her fans. She looks friendly 4. This is a picture of IU that was uploaded on a male-dominant site and it’s the closest to her real life visuals.. Just looking at it, you can see how feminine and fairy-like she looks 5. I like this picture. 6. ㅠㅠ Me too I want to look like this candid pictures without any degradation…
  5. Article: Hyorin, "I want to collab with IU, she has what I don't"Source: Sports Seoul via Nate1. [+786, -43] But you have what IU doesn't2. [+582, -37] Hyorin's so talented but going solo doesn't seem to be working out for her3. [+494, -67] Hyorin has a loud, husky voice while IU's volume sounds weaker in comparison so a duet between the two would just bury IU4. [+37, -24] Hyorin-ah, I like IU's songs but I like your voice. It's so charming and personally better than IU's, I have no idea why you'd leave a voice that others would dream about to do sexy concepts like this. Please come out with good songs.5. [+30, -6] I think she'd match a duet with a voice like Baek Ji Young's than IU's..6. [+27, -13] She looks modern and pretty here7. [+23, -2] She needed to have just continued SISTAR8. [+18, -0] I like her voice... it's so charming with ballad songs9. [+18, -5] I can kind of hear it working... but also sounding imbalanced together. Can't wait ㅎ10. [+17, -2] Wow ㅋㅋ she looks good here ㅋ the pictorial came out great11. [+16, -0] Unni, this pictorial matches you way better than your solo concept ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ12. [+12, -3] They have vastly different vocal styles, so I don't know...-
  6. IU, Daniel, and Park Seo Joon standees together
  7. Article: 'My Ajusshi' IU "I deliberate over doing the drama because of my lolita controversy with my album"Source: Mydaily via Nate1. [+1,582, -264] So she knew about how people felt about her lolita controversy... and went and gave them even more controversy with this drama..2. [+1,310, -209] So she was aware of that controversy... If she knew, I think it would've been better for her image to just turn this drama down. People are still bringing up lolita talk when it comes to her image...3. [+1,111, -250] She shouldn't just call it a controversy and move on from it, she needs to apologize for it completely. People are listening to her again because her songs are good but a wrong is a wrong.4. [+97, -8] Why do you think a drama titled 'My Ajusshi' cast you out of all people? And didn't you read the script before accepting the casting? Didn't you see that there's a scene in the script where he kisses you after saying "you like me, don't you"?5. [+77, -7] She claims she would've turned the drama down if she wasn't clean when it came to the controversy but... ㅎㅎ; let's be honest, she has portrayed her image in that light. She should've just stayed quiet about it but of course she brings it back to the spotlight when we're just about to forget it. She's doing it on purpose.6. [+62, -5] At least she makes money off of selling lolita ideas while the rest of us women in our twenties have to deal with disgusting old ajusshis trying to hit on us and treating us like sex toys7. [+57, -5] She does seem to enjoy that type of image though8. [+53, -5] So she still accepted the drama knowing what controversies it would cause?9. [+46, -7] So what she's trying to say is that she knew it'd be controversial and that it would make people uncomfortable but she was greedy and confident enough for the role that she took it.10. [+39, -3] So she knew it'd be controversial and still took it... she doesn't care at all what the public thinks then, right?- Article: 'My Ajusshi' Lee Jieun, "Violence is immoral... I don't understand the controversy about the drama glamorizing it"Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate1. [+2,750, -996] She'll deny it till she's blue in the face that she's not a lolita concept but everything she always does is an image of a teen/early 20s girl hanging out with older men. No woman in her twenties in their right mind would want to date some ajusshi out on the streets, only her. Please stop misleading Korean ajusshis to think they have a chance with someone as young as you. You have your pick of the crop among handsome celebrities and singers but it's the rest of us women in our twenties who have to deal with delusional ajusshis who think they have a chance with us.2. [+2,304, -613] IU shines better as a singer. As an actress, well... it's a negative. Her looks, her talent, she's just never lead worthy. She never would've made it as an acting career if she never made it as a singer first.3. [+715, -162] So annoying how she acts like she knows everything about the world... like she's the muse of our generation... like she's an adult but still a child...4. [+310, -45] IU aside, the drama itself is just disgusting to me. Trashy drama for smelly old ajusshis who delude themselves into thinking they can get with a young college student.5. [+207, -33] I found it so cringe when she wrote on her Instagram 'My Jian-ie";;;; acting like she's some super famous actress who is totally absorbed in her own work ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ6. [+187, -22] She always tries to act like she's so deep and in deliberation over all of her actions but her acting itself is trash ㅋㅋㅋ please just stick to singing7. [+186, -21] So she thinks violence isn't acceptable and yet she's promoting a drama that shows methods of violence as a pathway to romance ㅋㅋㅋ they're calling this a "healing drama" but everything that is bringing IU and Lee Sun Kyun together is a typical plot device used by other romance dramas...8. [+167, -16] She acts super respectful and humble but she's not at all. She's the type who thinks everything she does is right and she always has to be #1. She's a greedy person. Do you guys understand how extremely arrogant it is of her to just come out and tell the public "I don't understand why you think that way"... first her loli controversy and now this? She's certainly talented musically but I never considered her a pure or kind person at all.9. [+134, -16] IU is extremely full of herself ㅋㅋ seems like she's still going through that middle school tryhard phase ㅋㅋ maybe because she debuted young but it never feels like she's maturing10. [+125, -8] She's the type to mean two things with one word. She knows that the lolita concept is keeping her afloat so she keeps sticking to it.- Article: 'My Ajusshi' Lee Jieun, "I felt overwhelmed by my character at the start of filming" Source: Mydaily via Nate1. [+366, -42] The only reason a drama holds a press conference in the middle of airing is because either the drama is doing well or it's doing poorly2. [+358, -65] They're media playing the crap out of this but it hasn't broken out of 3-4% viewer ratings so now they're calling in all the journalists for this press conference to promote it moer3. [+325, -94] I think she chose this drama because she wanted to be the female version of Jang Geurae from 'Misaeng' but this drama hasn't even come close to touching even the feet of 'Misaeng' in portraying the difficulties and trials of women in their twenties. The drama is too busy justifying a weird ajusshi in his forties like Lee Sun Kyun. I truly want to believe that IU didn't have access to the full script when she chose to accept this drama.4. [+43, -13] Can I ask why they're randomly holding a press conference in the middle of the drama??5. [+22, -4] She sure sticks to one concept6. [+20, -7] It's not that her face isn't lead worthy that's the problem... it's that she has that face and her acting is bad that's doubly worse...7. [+18, -4] Why hold a press conference i the middle of the drama airing?8. [+18, -6] Her acting skills are still that of memorizing lines and reading them off so why is she acting like she's so absorbed in her characters ㅋㅋㅋ- Article: Yoo Byung Jae controversy, should the 4% viewers of 'My Ajusshi' apologize too?Source: OSEN via NaverYoo Byung Jae originally wrote that he was enjoying the drama but people kicked up such a fuss over it that he apologized for essentially liking the drama.1. [+5,923, -1,004] 4% is pretty high for a cable drama ㅋㅋ Yoo Byung Jae-nim, don't worry about it!!! What you said was right, don't let people who are taking it the wrong way get to you2. [+5,259, -832] What's so wrong with calling a fun drama fun? He's just sharing his opinion, why should he get hate for that?3. [+4,116, -771] He understands a good drama when he sees it, why should he be forced to apologize for it?4. [+3,963, -733] Yoo Byung Jae did nothing wrong. Why did he apologize? Stand as a man of black comedy and stick to your words!5. [+3,404, -798] There was so much controversy about this drama that I checked it out for myself and gained a fun new drama to watch6. [+622, -161] We've reached a world where you can get hate for just calling a drama fun7. [+608, -160] I checked out the drama for all the hate it was getting and found it fun. I wonder why it's so controversial? I caught up to all the episodes today ㅎ.ㅎ8. [+503, -167] It's pretty typical of Korean netizens to call anything that doesn't match their opinion "controversial"...-