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Found 2 results

  1. Even though many of young k-pop fans these days might think her just a humorous entertainer, she is a very famous veteran k-pop singer who won a gold award at a college song festival held in 1978. (In the old days, the song festival was the gateway to becoming a k-pop singer, and many of successful veteran k-pop singers debuted by participating in the festival) And she also has mega hit song "Encounter". (The song gained sensational popularity in Korea in the 80s)the great musician was recently interviewed by a Korean media outlet and asked if there is an idol singer who catches her eye. What do you think her answer was?"It's G-Dragon. I'm usually attracted to someone who is very attractive and arouse my curiosity. Kim Gunmo was such a person, and yeah, GD is just like him. What is even more surprising is that GD is good at everything. He's so thorough that I couldn't find his weakness yet. I've filmed a TV show with him, and he was really attractive. You know, I meet numerous entertainers, but GD is different from the other entertainers. He's mysterious. And I like BIGBANG's music too." http://www.kpopbehind.com/2018/05/veteran-k-pop-singer-no-sayeon-says-gd.html?m=1
  2. Untitled, 2017 daily sales reach 15 million won (15,000 USD) that is 105K per week & 420K per month.“Popularity is rising. We plan to complete Untitled landscaping by June. We intend to complete GDs idea which is to give the feeling of being in the woods”“The cafe emits a strong GD style from the exterior. The building is based on his Peaceminusone logo. The interior is decorated with artwork by GD. GD also chose the menu specially ACT III known as 'GD beer.’ During the beer development process, GD tasted and evaluated the taste”https://twitter.com/...780849687678976http://m.seoulfn.com...ml?idxno=304450