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Found 11 results

  1. Yang Hyun Suk announces BIGBANG will reunite as 4 (G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung) in late 2019, as Seungri will be in the military, so BIGBANG will not have that long of a gap where they are away
  2. Article: [Exclusive] Big Bang Daesung hospitalized during army service... reason not given Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate 1. [+1,706, -144] It's hard to call this a coincidence when GD was hospitalized too 2. [+1,375, -107] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. [+1,011, -147] Whatever the reason, I hope he gets better soon and completes his service healthily 4. [+104, -12] He's framing the picture for a medical discharge 5. [+94, -11] Seems like he's trying to measure out the timing? 6. [+87, -13] YG, seriously.. do they think netizens are fools? I knew stuff like this was already calculated in when they said they were going to enlist active duty.. from GD to Daesung now.. 7. [+79, -7] This is so obvious... 8. [+72, -4] Celebrities = disabled 9. [+67, -5] Laughable ㅋㅋ 10. [+50, -6] As if the army is harder than those concerts they do for money. How can they have the energy for all those concerts but they can barely last in the army ㅜ I don't get it;; - Source: Naver 1. [+170, -18] Maybe he was hospitalized and discharged over something that wasn't a big deal so please stop assuming things and blowing this out of proportion 2. [+163, -40] You should be hating on the army for getting him physically hurt, why direct the hate at Daesung? My friend had a medical discharge for issues with his spine and I went to the hospital a lot during my service too. 3. [+120, -8] He was hospitalized quietly and he's out now so what's the deal ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 4. [+67, -5] Daesung don't be hurt, stay healthy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 5. [+63, -4] So many people starting rumors every time they go to the hospital ㅋㅋㅋㅋ so pathetic ㅋㅋㅋ people hate when they serve active duty, hate whenever there's an inch of reason for doubt. I hope all of you haters get a boomerang back. 6. [+25, -1] He was already discharged and returned to his unit but look at the media still giving it attention, how tiring for celebrities 7. [+19, -0] Nothing wrong with going to the hospital if you're really sick, and he's already returned to his unit so I don't know why the media is insisting on reporting it... just another reason to hate? 8. [+21, -3] I love how men are always saying you should try to get out of service however way you can but they're so strict when it comes to celebrities ㅋㅋㅋ who cares if he was hospitalized? As long as he completes his service in the end, what's it to you? 9. [+15, -0] I'm glad he was discharged from the hospital but I hope he doesn't get hurt... 10. [+14, -1] The media just wants Big Bang to get a medical discharge so they can get hate like Lee Joon and Im Seulong ㅋㅋㅋ It's not too late to hate on them when they leave in the middle like Lee Joon and Im Seulong - Article: Marijuana TOP and GD and Daesung's health issues, hiccups in Big Bang's army service Source: TV Daily via Nate 1. [+2,234, -143] It's funny how they have no problem flying around on stage but they act like their bodies are made of glass once they're in the army 2. [+1,903, -130] They're trying really hard to get out of this, aren't they... although I'm sure they had no problem hanging out all night when they were free 3. [+1,606, -176] My own 5 and 3 year old sons didn't need to be hospitalized for laryngitis, why is a healthy young man being hospitalized for that;; 4. [+85, -6] They're just getting ready for the big picture ㅎㅎ 5. [+83, -7] I really don't get it, why do they all get sick only in the army ㅋㅋㅋ try and follow at least half of the example Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Seung Gi, and Taecyeon have led 6. [+82, -3] We are witnessing the magic of men who are able to fly on stage become physically disabled in the army 7. [+51, -7] Celebrities treat the army like it's some virus, they automatically get sick once they enlist 8. [+44, -2] Really weird. My son is active duty and also has laryngitis and had to get a CT scan because of how bad his migraines were. He's been on three different medications because none of them have been working and it's been half a month and they still didn't hospitalize him... ㅠ I guess celebrities get exceptions? - Article: Big Bang G-Dragon -> Daesung, hospitalized during service... why? Source: TV Report via Naver 1. [+256, -28] Why give these guys hate for going to the hospital when they're sick? There's nothing stupider than acting like you're too good for the hospital and then getting discharged with your body ruined. When you're sick, you should do everything you can to get it treated. 2. [+86, -7] They went to the hospital because they were sick, stop getting it twisted.. should celebrities just hold it in? 3. [+51, -3] What's up with all these rumors when he was already returned to his unit? He should take care of his body, no one's going to take care of him if something goes wrong permanently 4. [+43, -4] Why is this in the media.. 5. [+38, -2] He was already returned to his unit and there are accounts saying he's back to service just fine, stop making up whatever you're imagining. It's almost like you guys want him to drop out into public service. 6. [+10, -4] You guys are going to hell for saying all this about someone who's sick 7. [+8, -3] So what if he went to the hospital, he has every right to... so what!! 8. [+8, -4] Not this again tsk tsk why is it that it seems like all celebrity men are just a group of men who are weak and sick somewhere that doesn't show until they're in the army - Source: Naver 1. [+203, -4] Seems the media is all trying to bait us into thinking something? 2. [+148, -15] He was treated for two days for laryngitis but of course people will make up rumors saying he's trying to get out of his service. I guess celebrities should just get sick and die instead of going to get treated. 3. [+135, -27] There were already articles saying he was hospitalized for two days for laryngitis. Please stop acting like he's going to drop out into public service before he actually does. Daesung has already had a weak throat and he's been getting consistent treatment for it before enlisting. GD also injured his ankle before and it never really recovered. You guys never cared about this stuff until they joined the army so please stop talking if you don't know all the facts. 4. [+109, -19] Funny ㅋ other soldiers go to the hospital a lot too, it's not just Big Bang. The media needs to stop. 5. [+5, -0] He's already back in his unit so stop the rumors
  3. BIGBANG Daesung was recently hospitalized during his military service due to personal reasons No specifics on what he was hospitalized with, but he has already been discharged from the hospital
  4. 2007: Wonder Girls, Bigbang, SNSD 2008: Wonder Girls, Bigbang, SNSD 2009: SNSD, Bigbang, 2PM 2010: SNSD, 2PM, Kara 2011: SNSD, Bigbang, 2PM 2012: SNSD, Bigbang, Sistar 2013: Exo, SNSD, Sistar 2014: SNSD, Sistar, Exo 2015: Bigbang, SNSD, Sistar 2016: Twice, Exo, SNSD 2017: Twice, BTS, Wanna One instiz -All of the groups stated above are amazing.. -SNSD is truly amazing.. -SNSD is so freaking amazing.. As expected from God-Soshi.. -SNSD and Bigbang are the best.. -Whoa, SNSD is in every year except 2017.. -Exo is the best! -Wanna One..ㅠㅠ I'm so proud of them.. -Wonder Girls, Bigbang, and SNSD are so outstanding..ㅋㅋㅋ The most legendary groups ever.. -God-Soshi, let's stay together for a really really long time.. -This post makes me, once again, realizes the power that SNSD has.. -SNSD is the best.. They're so cool.. -God-Soshi..ㅠㅠ They're legendary..ㅠㅠ -Soshi is literally a wall that no one can ever climb over.. So amazing..
  5. On May 12, Seungri performed at the Youth Festival. He began, “My solo album is coming out in the summer. Yang Hyun Suk will announce it.”In response to the crowd’s loud cheers, Seungri gave fans another spoiler.He continued, “This solo album is full of songs that you guys will really like. It’s filled with vibes where I can party like crazy with you guys. I worked with the composer who wrote the Billboard hit Camilla Cabello’s ‘Havana’ and also with famous foreign DJs.”Referring to being the only BIGBANG member currently not in the military, Seungri added, “I will have very good news to tell you guys very soon about my solo concert. As the remaining BIGBANG member, I’ll make you guys happy.”Seungri commented, “I’ll show you musically, and many of you have been enjoying my recent television appearances, so I’m going to appear on broadcasts, as well. Let’s have fun together this summer. This time, it’s going to be really amazing.”In addition to his activities in Korea, Seungri will embark on a Japanese solo tour, holding a total of six concert https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/12/bigbangs-seungri-gives-fans-spoilers-upcoming-solo-album/
  6. Even though many of young k-pop fans these days might think her just a humorous entertainer, she is a very famous veteran k-pop singer who won a gold award at a college song festival held in 1978. (In the old days, the song festival was the gateway to becoming a k-pop singer, and many of successful veteran k-pop singers debuted by participating in the festival) And she also has mega hit song "Encounter". (The song gained sensational popularity in Korea in the 80s)the great musician was recently interviewed by a Korean media outlet and asked if there is an idol singer who catches her eye. What do you think her answer was?"It's G-Dragon. I'm usually attracted to someone who is very attractive and arouse my curiosity. Kim Gunmo was such a person, and yeah, GD is just like him. What is even more surprising is that GD is good at everything. He's so thorough that I couldn't find his weakness yet. I've filmed a TV show with him, and he was really attractive. You know, I meet numerous entertainers, but GD is different from the other entertainers. He's mysterious. And I like BIGBANG's music too." http://www.kpopbehind.com/2018/05/veteran-k-pop-singer-no-sayeon-says-gd.html?m=1
  7. Article: 'Even his DJing is different' Big Bang Seungri, born to be a starSource: X Sports News via Nate1. [+345, -20] I always assumed Seungri was Big Bang's scandal maker but after seeing him on 'Radio Star' and 'I Live Alone' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he's totally got it made, he enjoys his life to the fullest2. [+341, -18] Instead of using his wealth to do drugs and cause scandals like his hyungs, I like that he's running businesses and living a busy life3. [+289, -16] He may seem like he's full of hot air but he really does seem to live life to the fullest... There's a reason successful people are successful4. [+20, -0] He seemed like the biggest troublemaker of the group but he's actually the smartest of them all~5. [+19, -6] He's a hard worker, that's for sure6. [+13, -0] He definitely acts like he's "new rich" but he really did build everything from the bottom up!! He enjoys life and works hard! Do well!7. [+7, -0] He's gaining weight8. [+5, -1] A man's life should be lived like Seungri, a woman's life should be lived like Miranda Kerr9. [+5, -2] His hair style never changes, it's a bit old school10. [+3, -1] I want to raise my son like Seungri-
  8. You guys all remember that time on MAMA's stage when Seungri went to seat on Sehun's lap? Now he even sends him food trucksㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Freaking impressive post response: [+364][-12] original post: here 1. ㅇㅇ Some months ago, Seungri randomly started following Sehun. And in the present time, Bigbang is one of the most sunbae male groups out there but they're keeping their territory and remains popular. Seungri has always been easy going with his personality so he's sociable with people. I like their friendship 2. Giyomi ㅋ ㅋ 3. I support this friendship 4. This was written by someone who attended the Chanel event, they have no personality controversies.. I freaking like this friendship, isn't D.O friends with Daesung too ㅠㅠㅠㅠ "I I think I served more than a hundred champagne glass, but Gdragon was the only one who thanked me of all the people who took it" 5. But seriously if you look at Seungri, there's so many unexpected connections he has, his social skills are good 6. Huh this is crazy, I've been into Bigbang but this is the first time I learn about this
  9. Untitled, 2017 daily sales reach 15 million won (15,000 USD) that is 105K per week & 420K per month.“Popularity is rising. We plan to complete Untitled landscaping by June. We intend to complete GDs idea which is to give the feeling of being in the woods”“The cafe emits a strong GD style from the exterior. The building is based on his Peaceminusone logo. The interior is decorated with artwork by GD. GD also chose the menu specially ACT III known as 'GD beer.’ During the beer development process, GD tasted and evaluated the taste”https://twitter.com/...780849687678976http://m.seoulfn.com...ml?idxno=304450