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Found 18 results

  1. Article: Yuri, "I felt closer to Twice because of they felt similar to SNSD" Source: Sports Today via Nate 1. [+258, -94] But SNSD wasn't as bad at live singing as Twice is ㅠㅠ 2. [+251, -31] Twice has been on the SNSD path after all 3. [+233, -115] Twice is a popular group right now but I don't think they've lived up to SNSD. SNSD had so many hits with 'Gee', 'Genie', 'Oh', 'Run Devil Run', and a home run with Taeyeon's 'If'... SNSD was no joke 4. [+29, -6] Twice just needs to practice their singing now... 5. [+27, -11] Twice may not have an Irene or Seolhyun but their visuals on the average is higher than most groups. They have no hole. SNSD's visuals were centered heavily on Taeyeon and Yoona... Taeyeon especially was popular with the men. 6. [+26, -25] There's a big difference in visuals though. SNSD has a lot of visual holes. 7. [+22, -7] She's right, SNSD was so fresh and cute when they first debuted.. 8. [+21, -10] SNSD has members who can succeed as solos... but Twice has no members who can succeed as solos. 9. [+17, -6] The two teams are similar in image and member count, no need to argue about their skills or visuals ㅋㅋㅋ why put any group down, sigh ㅋㅋㅋ Stop taking what they say so seriously ㅋㅋㅋ 10. [+12, -5] SNSD was amazing but they debuted at a time where there were barely any girl groups, let alone idol groups in general. Now we're flooded with girl groups and Twice is still dominating the game. And to the best reply, let's leave 'Run Devil Run' out of that list. SNSD's peak was only up to 'Oh!'. cr netizenbuzz
  2. Girls' Generation Yuri also said "Every member has their own position but Jihyo seem to have a sense of responsibility as the leader" and displayed a 'Unnie Smile' afterwardKim Je-Dong also complimented Jihyo's mature appearance (as a leader)
  3. Yuri shared thoughts about TWICE. On July 24, TWICE's Nayeon and Jihyo guested on JTBC 'Kim Jae Dong's Talk To You 2'. MC Kim Jae Dong asked the girls if they've ever met Yuri, who's also an MC on the show. Jihyo answered, "I've seen her several times at year-end events." Yuri also said, "We (Girls' Generation) had a change in the number of members but we are very similar so they feel very familiar and are like dongsaengs."
  4. Q: Yuri unnie!! Do you have plans for solo album promotions? A: Yes, totally!
  5. Girls' Generation's Yuri explained why she didn't have solo fan meetings. On June 15, Yuri went live on Naver's V app for 'Yuri x Happy Bean Good Action Project'. During the live broadcast, fans asked Yuri why she isn't holding solo fan meetings. Yuri answered, "YoonA has one, Sooyoung also has one. I think Seohyun also had one too, and Taeyeon has concerts. I think many are waiting for my fan meeting but they said I can't just have it anytime... Because not many fans might show up and that might look bad. That's what my manager oppa said." She added, "So I couldn't just say I wanted to do it. But I know there are many fans waiting for me. I don't know if my manager oppa knows that but I believe he will realize that sometime. http://www.vlive.tv/video/75226
  6. "People would ask me "Yuri unnie why don't you do a fanmeeting? Our members Yoona had one, Sooyoungie too and even Seohyunie" "Taeyeon had something similar when holding her concert I know there are a lot of fans waiting for me to have a fanmeeting" "They told us we can't pull a fanmeeting whenever we feel like it" "Because there would be less fans coming.." "And that I might get turned off/disappointed, that's what my manager told me" "So I wasn't able to tell him I wanted to do one again, still there are a lot of people waiting for me to make one" "I know that, but my manager oppa doesn't but I believe he'll slowly start realizing" "Everyone, we need to keep fighting a bit more" original post: here 1. No but why does he talk to her like that, and a fanmeeting doesn't have to be huge??? If they're that worried about filling up the place, they can just pick a small venue and let the fans meet her. They probably think that it's tiring and won't do it. 2. SM sucked ever since H.O.T 3. Do they just hate their work....How can they speak to people like that??? 4. Look at the way the manager talk to peopleㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 5. Don't they know how important fanmeetings are so that it allows fans to meet with singer... The manager is a f*cker 6. It seems like everything is a pain int he ass for SM to do, just the fact that they don't even have an official fancafe says it all 7. Isn't fanmeeting a basic everyone should have?... The manager is so weird 8. They really couldn't settle with a smaller scale fanmeetin? The manager's words are so weird 9. What's up with the manager... Talk about breaking the self esteem of their singers 10. Ah seriously she must've lost all her confidence f*ck https://pann-choa.bl...-cant-hold.html
  7. Article: [Pictorial] Yuri captivates Hong Kong with her goddess beauty Source: OSEN via Nate 1. [+222, -135] Honestly, her face wasn't meant to be a celebrity.. 2. [+209, -111] Really average 3. [+180, -109] She lucked out with getting into SNSD 4. [+90, -6] I like styles like Yuri, healthy type of beauty ㅎㅎ 5. [+84, -6] I saw her at the Lotte mall in Jamshil and she was really pretty with a small face 6. [+84, -5] Ooh there's a vibe 7. [+62, -8] I guess people really do have different standards for beauty. I've never thought of Yuri's face as average;;;; I'm shocked by the best comments 8. [+28, -8] She's SNSD's Bermuda line, so pretty 9. [+9, -4] I think she's pretty... curious what the standards of the best replies are~ 10. [+7, -11] I thought she was pretty before but she looks more and more like an ajumma#
  8. Blouse and coat by Simone Rocha, from I.T Yuri Kwon is, quite simply, K-pop personified. Her group, the now-eight-member Girls’ Generation, are global superstars who have sold more than 30 million digital singles and 4.4 million albums in South Korea, making them one of the country’s best-selling artists of all time. From her start as an SM Entertainment trainee (for nearly six years) to her hard-earned international fame today, she reveals the building blocks of her life, her current obsession and her thoughts on what’s really important. What are a few words you’d use to describe yourself? Yuri Kwon; born in 1989; Korean. I want to be a person of utter uniqueness. I don’t know if I’ve gotten there yet, but it’s a long journey. When I was young, it all seemed so easy and effortless, but now things don’t seem so straightforward. Maybe it’s because I have a lot on my mind lately. Dress by Simone Rocha, from I.T and coat by McQ How would you describe your time with Girls’ Generation? It’s quite complex. I’d rather not look back on our time together, since it’s an ongoing journey. It’s an entity that can’t be separated from me. It’s like the air I breathe – a precious presence, sometimes taken for granted. It’s hard to explain my relationship with Girls’ Generation in specific words. In the past, I have referred to it as an existence closer than my family, or sometimes as a friend or a colleague. There have been many changes over that period of time – and it’s still changing. Some changes are difficult, some are dramatic. Change is never easy, but this is who we are and I accept it all as “us”. It couldn’t have been easy making your entertainment debut at such a young age. Were there any points that were especially difficult? I don’t like to dwell on the past or the specific episodes that were difficult. I have actually succeeded in blocking out the negative memories. However, when I do look back, I realise I only vaguely knew about the world I once thought to be so vast and diverse. I always approached everything with curiosity, from a pure standpoint. In reality, when I made my debut, the world felt much smaller. My life as a trainee started at 13, and since then every moment has been simultaneously happy, joyful and difficult. It has proven arduous to confront myself every time I start something new. However, with the depth of my experiences and the more I confront myself, my world seems to get more organised. It’s not about any specific occurrences in life, but about the depth at which I am in a constant struggle of confronting my own self. Dress (worn inside) by IRO and dress (worn on top) by Simone Rocha, from I.T It seems like you’re a very introspective person. What’s your overall philosophy in life? In the past, my motto was a piacere, ma non troppo – musical terms that express tempo. A piacere means “play as you wish, freely”, while ma non troppo means “but not too much”. Together, it means do what you want – but don’t overdo it. This is indeed the hardest of all. The organisation I am part of is sensitive to trends and constantly changing, but my own rhythm and tempo are very slow. Hence, for me, my journey is both tough and delightful. I think it’s important to find balance in life and this message carries the words of balance for me. In recent years, my motto has been “wander alone, like a rhinoceros horn”, from a Buddhist sutra. What’s one thing you’re obsessed with right now? Meditation. Of course I had heard about it before, but I only tried it recently – and I found it to be extremely eye-opening. Meditation allows me to be completely alone. Even though I love yoga, I never felt the need to practice meditation before. But I began to meditate to lighten the heavy flow of time and never-ending desire. We live in a generation of information overload – and meditation allows me to meet myself without disruption. Anything you haven’t done that you want to try for the first time? A reorganisation of my dreams. I want to take time to realign myself. My curiosity has always allowed me to try new things and challenge myself. By rekindling my enthusiasm, I’d like to find something to go crazy over, disregarding all the things that hold me down. Things change and they get lost in translation; that’s just part of the process. However, when I put my mind to something specific, I never look back. And I miss that. You’ve just come back from Spain. What was your impression of the country? I enjoyed every bit of it. I took delight in learning about Gaudí’s work, and seeing it and touching it in real life. The weather was simply amazing. The days are long, and sometimes I found it mind-boggling to see the sun setting at 10 or 11 at night. Here, I see the sun set at six in the evening, and even that isn’t easy at times because it’s simply too long. I ask myself: “How do I fill up an entire day?” In Spain, however, I saw locals taking naps for siesta around two to three in the afternoon. Even the shop owners in the most touristic spots would take naps, minding their own business. Like the horn of the rhinoceros, they would just sleep away. I thought this was wonderful and so admirable. I love that people could find time to recharge during the day – it’s sort of like getting two chances at a day. Blouse, top and skirt by Simone Rocha, from I.T and shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood from I.T You’ve been to Hong Kong quite a few times. Do you have any particularly fond memories of the city? I recall our Girls’ Generation concert in 2012, where I performed a solo of Janet Jackson’s song If in front of my fans. I also remember the Burberry event I went to with [fellow Girls’ Generation member] Sooyoung. I toured the city like any other tourist – I believe that was the first time I was able to truly take in the spirit of Hong Kong. More recently, I flew to Hong Kong with [another fellow Girls’ Generation member] Seohyun for an event hosted by Pantene. Every time I’m in Hong Kong, my fans somehow seem to magically know every bit of my itinerary. They wait for me at the airport, always greeting me with presents and events. My image of Hong Kong as a place isn’t overly grandiose, but my fans make it so. One time, a fan gave me a teddy bear; it was special because the teddy bear was customised with all the different outfits I wore in the drama Defendant. I hold this memory close to my heart. Obviously you’re an icon to your many fans around the world. But who are your own biggest idols? There have been countless artists who have been my idols since I was young. Even now, my idols change every once in a while, depending on my mood or the season. However, the most influential people in my life are definitely my parents. As a woman, my mother’s aura of life, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and brightness are aspects I regard highly. She reminds me that age is just a number and she never ceases to let go of her passions in life. Recently, I’ve become very curious about my father’s past. To be honest, I haven’t been that observant, as I was so busy with work since I was very young. However, in recent years, I’ve become aware of my father’s artistic talents, and his love for music and art. I owe a lot to my father for who I am now, because his love for culture and the arts has had a great influence on me. I would like to meet someone like my father one day. My parents are the people I want to take after – they are my ultimate idols. Tell us more about your ideal type of person. I have come to the realisation that there’s often a big gap in reality between the person I hope to meet and who I actually end up meeting. Having a connection is important – and it should be natural. I want to encounter someone naturally and hope to maintain that spark of interest. And I wish to be that kind of person to someone – ceaselessly curious, natural and easy-going. Jacket by Ambush, from I.T What does your wardrobe look like? What do you enjoy wearing? On a daily basis, when I’m working, I always dress comfortably. When working, I even find jeans uncomfortable. So, I usually put on sweatpants, sneakers and a high-performance T-shirt. You’ll find a lot of these types of clothes in my wardrobe. However, when I’m not working, I like to dress up. The people I often work with think I always wear extra-comfy stuff. But for me, it’s more important not to have a specific individual colour when working. I love the process of the team and I creating colour collectively in the workplace. I arrive at my workplace much like an empty hanger. You recently participated in a global campaign with UNICEF, focused on children’s vaccinations. How did that come about? At first, I wasn’t the type to look around and step out into the world to help those in need, so I didn’t know how to begin. But at one point, I realised that having too much didn’t equal happiness. The more you have, the harder it is to hold on to everything. The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers. I began to hear about different opportunities to help others. I knew about UNICEF as an organisation, but I didn’t know what to do to help; I thought maybe I could help the charity by donating. But I began to realise that there were other forms of service, and that it could be a good opportunity to make use of my influence and fame. Sure, I could give away money, but I thought it would be great if I could be someone who uses her fame with a positive platform to let others know they can help, too. Step by step, I am just starting to teach myself what it means to truly help others. This small ripple can create a huge wave along the way and I want to be an individual who can have this type of positive influence on society. Blouse and coat by Simone Rocha, from I.T What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? [laughs] Questions like this require me to confront myself! Every time I do that, I laugh. Honestly, I’m completely okay with being right where I am 10 years from now. I want to continue to do what I do. I never once worried about whether or not I like what I do. I just always appreciated it. One desire, though, is that I want to keep spending valuable time with my loved ones, as I do now. What areas do you want to focus on in the future? Acting and music. I want to be able to act for a long time. And I have been creating music for a long time now, but I want to do it in a more sincere manner in the future by investing more time and effort. I asked myself the same question 10 years ago, but one thing I’m sure of is that I want to continue working, doing what I am passionate about. Credits http://hashtaglegend.com/post/girls-generation-yuri-kwon-legend-2018
  9. SNSD's Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Sunny, and Hyoyeon to travel to France for new reality program No expected broadcast date has been revealed as of yet
  10. Yuri cutely struggles with the automatic doors at the airport Article: Kwon Yuri 'awkward situation with automatic doors not opening' Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+327, -57] Is she checking the automatic sensor ㅋㅋㅋ cute ㅋㅋ 2. [+278, -52] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cute 3. [+254, -69] I like girls like Yuri who look healthy and have that outgoing personality 4. [+67, -51] Did she gain weight~!!!?? Her ankles look thick 5. [+39, -1] Wow, she really has logs for legs.. 6. [+30, -15] Her ankles are gross 7. [+30, -4] Her elephant legs are getting worse 8. [+29, -7] Look how thick her ankles are ㅋㅋ 9. [+27, -6] Wow, I guess Yuri will never fear of spraining her ankles 10. [+25, -6] Are her ankles real life? - Source: Nate 1. [+140, -88] Her clothes style doesn't match her. And let's not give her crap about weight gain because no matter how she looks in photos, she's super skinny in real life 2. [+93, -5] Being comfy is best at the airport 3. [+87, -7] She looks cute, I like that she keeps it simple 4. [+81, -8] She purposely gained weight and took on a tackier style for her character 'Aebongie', too true to her gag character 5. [+59, -71] Nah, if she looks like this in photos, she's definitely thick in real life too 6. [+54, -3] I think it's great that she looks healthy 7. [+31, -4] Didn't know she was so cute 8. [+23, -2] I like styles like Yuri 9. [+18, -39] She's still just as bad at dressing herself ㅋㅋㅋ 10. [+16, -33] Her style is the worst... does she really think she looks good in that? - https://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com.au/2018/05/yuri-cutely-struggles-with-automatic.html
  11. 1. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo 2. Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri, Yoona, and Seohyun 3. T-ARA‘s Jiyeon, f(x)‘s Krystal, and Apink‘s Naeun 4. AOA‘s Jimin, Seolhyun, and former member Choa 5. Girl’s Day‘s Yura and Hyeri 6. GFRIEND’s Sowon, Yuju, SinB, and Yerin 7. Weki Meki’s Yoojung and Doyeon https://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/running-man-producer-idols-expose-kim-jong-kooks-true-character/