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Found 3 results

  1. GOT7's Youngjae begged fans to stop sending him messages through Kakaotalk. On June 24, Youngjae posted a photo of his dog on Instagram and wrote, "Stop sending me Kakaotalk messages. Please. Stop, (it's been) 5 months. Really, please. stopstopstopstopstopstoptstopstopstop." With a celebrity's Kakaotalk being a personal form of SNS, sending messages through the platform would widely be regarded as an invasion of privacy. Under such circumstances, Youngjae had created the post as a plead, or as a warning, to those who incessantly bother him with messages. A few hours later, Youngjae posted another photo of his pet Coco, but this time with a caption that reads, "Lovely, it's been so longㅠㅠ". In relation to this issue, many fans have commented in support of his plead, agreeing that strong measures should be taken with the invaders. Some netizens' reactions include, "Do yall even call yourselves fans? Don't call yourselves that if you are going to keep bothering him with Kakao messages." "Dumb stalkers need to stop, okay!" "I actually want to be this dog" "Please. Let's not hurt him!" How do you feel about this issue? https://www.allkpop....es-on-kakaotalk
  2. GOT7 Youngjae will sing the 2nd OST for SBS Mon-Tue drama - Wok of Love. The song will be released next week. He worked with Nam Heyseung whom did OSTs for Goblin, I Need Romance and Jealousy Incarnate. http://chicnews.mk.c...013334189767007 The drama has been gaining attention from the audience, and this week were #1 on search on Naver and Daum after the episode airing.