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Found 46 results

  1. YoonA is confirmed to be chosen as the new model of Tous Les Jours; TV commercial screening will start mid-October
  2. She was the main character on the red carpet on that day... she was shooting a movie on the red carpet. Her face is crazy small ㅠㅠ Look at her facial features And these are Yoonphrodite's proportions post response: [+286][-31] original post: here 00 |2018.09.06 03:14 [+139, -12] I can't believe myself right now..... Yoona's force is making Jang Donggun feel smaller next to her ㅇㅇ |2018.09.06 03:37 [+112,, -7] Yoona and Jang Donggun's features are like those of statutesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yoona is seriously lean in a pretty way ㅠ she looks even better in real life 먹뿜 |2018.09.06 03:21 [+103, -7] F******cking insane. She's Yoonphrodite ㅇㅇ |2018.09.06 04:10 [+36, -3] This is obvious since she's of another class ㅇㅇ |2018.09.06 03:58 [+32, -5] She stands out because her body line is so pretty cr pannchoa
  3. Yoona chosen as the new muse of Danish Jewelery brand "PANDORA". Pandora said 'We chose Yoona, whose image ranges from luxurious to positive, for our brand model. We believe that her bright and feminine image and the brand’s mood will create a good synergy.'
  4. I just thought of it in the middle of the night post response:[+352][-132]original post: hereㅇㅇ |2018.08.28 03:18 [+324, -674] Yoonphrodite is even tall which makes her even more like a goddess, she's the only idol who's been compared with Venus.....You can find IU, Seolhyun, Suzy pretty and V, Jin Jungkook handsome all you want, but they're all dark-skinned especially Jin, Taehyung and Jungkookㅠㅠㅇㅇ |2018.08.28 02:41 [+272, -97] To be honest there are too many pretty people nowadays, but still, if you stand next to a lo~~ser.. She has not only the visuals, but she's the lightㅇㅇ |2018.08.28 02:47 [+206, -55] They're just an overwhelming victory...Not humans of this earth......ㅇㅇ |2018.08.28 07:00 [+75, -88] Look at the number of people who upvoted that top comment ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are sure a lot of people praising flowers without charms!ㅇㅇ |2018.08.28 05:16 [+71, -21] Yoona unexpectedly have a lot of star factor. When she did her solo fanmeeting, she sold out everything, she has such strong ticketing power... I saw her fansite pictures and they don't do her justice ㅠㅇㅇ |2018.08.28 03:26 Legend, finally she's having a comeback cr pannchoa
  5. Krystal Suzy Yoona Jennie Irene Sohee Seolhyun Original post: here1. Everyone is so pretty2. Wow all the kids here are freaking pretty3. "Wait a minute..."4. Freaking pretty..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ5. So interesting how they endure through it6. Yoona and Irene.. damn...7. Krystal is a legend8. Everyone is so pretty ㄷㄷㄷ I believe that's why they are celebrities9. They are seriously all so pretty10. I think that since female idols wear a lot of colored lenses, they are used to fighting with their eyes so their eyes just got stronger ㅋㅋㅋ cr pannchoa
  6. Article: 'Forget innocent Yoona' Yoona's romantic fantasySource: Herald POP via Nate1. [+435, -157] Vogue is always doing heavily experimental pictorials. She looks pretty here though, looks like a debut picture.2. [+330, -138] I really thought this picture was Yoona from junior high school. She looks so young here.3. [+205, -100] I feel like she would've looked prettier with a bare face, goddess-Yoong4. [+53, -38] Yoona looks pretty even styled like this. She really does look young here though.5. [+49, -28] Can you guys please be honest with yourselves... you really think she looks pretty here?6. [+42, -4] I don't get it... are the people calling this pretty doing it out of fan loyalty? You really think she looks good here?7. [+41, -5] Fan loyalty really must be an amazing thing.. for fans to call a picture like this pretty. Talk about bias.8. [+39, -25] This really looks like a younger picture of Yoona who got into her mother's make up. She's so youthful looking.9. [+32, -38] Why would they do this to her???????????10. [+25, -2] I'll be honest, she looks ugly here11. [+23, -2] Thought this was Changmin12. [+22, -4] She looks like Changmin here cr netizenbuzz
  7. "I don't know when this started but my Insta's password got changed and I couldn't log in anymore.. It's impossible for me to log out and log in again. It was like this yesterday too. This is a personal space that I use to communicate with the fans and it happened frequently. It's not just my Instagram, this kind of thing happened quite a few times so due to the inconvenience and my worries, I felt like I had to share about it. Please help me protect my information so that it does not happen again." Seriously, how did they even manage to get to her SNS... Seriously, this is nothing else but crazyㅠ Why are they acting like this..??ㅠㅠㅠ post response: [+335][-6] original post: here ㅇㅇ I just don't understand why SM does nothing for their female and male idols when it comes to these potential criminals. Why are they like this? ㅇㅇ Just think about these potential criminals disguised as sasaengs sticking, following them around and hacking into their accounts. It's so scary that I wouldn't even be able to sleep ㅇㅇ That's why Xiumin closed his Instagram.. Looks like they made it so hard for him.. being idols is seriously an extreme job ㅇㅇ SM is seriously severe. It's because they don't manage anything that the sasaengs' acts are so wild; recently, when NCT went to the US, someone came in when the members were sleeping and took their notebook and pen. And for a few days, their things just kept on disappearing. The members said that it was robbery but just use your common sense, who would steal someone's notebook and pen? F*ck.. ㅇㅇ These are not potential criminals, they are straight up criminals ㅋㅋ cr pannchoa
  8. EXO-CBX & SNSD's Yoona were chosen as Ambassadors to promote Security Awareness in a ceremony held at the Seoul Metropolitan Government Building in Sejong-ro, Seoul.