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Found 11 results

  1. Article: 'Weekly Idol' Super Junior D&E reveals a new song "SM doesn't like it" Source: Newsen via Nate. MC: "Your new song isn't SM style" Eunhyuk: "Is that why SM doesn't like it?" - 1. [+148, -16] I like Growing Pains because it doesn't have those autotunes in Super Junior's songs. 2. [+131, -34] If they're singers, they should sing live. 3. [+82, -31] Super Junior D&E's songs are really good! Before you bash them, go and listen to Growing Pains and Still You. 4. [+22, -14] I think it's amazing that Super Junior is still releasing albums and promoting. It's nice to see an artist who debuted when I was in middle school still doing well. SuJu hwaiting! 5. [+21, -9] I liked Oppa Oppa, Can You Feel It, and Growing Pains! I found both have good voices and I like their cheerful stages! I was looking forward to their new album and I was bummed it was a Japanese album. I'll make sure to listen to the new album! Hwaiting 6. [+20, -8] Super Junior is good at live, why are people bashing them for it? Listen to them before bashing. 7. [+17, -7] I like the song because it has the unique vibes from Donghae's self-composed songs. cr KPKF
  2. Donghae and Irene were playing Tangsuyuk game with the word 'Gi Reo Gi' Donghae was starting to lose, so he walked closer to Irene and almost raised his hand Yesung: *pushes Donghae* Hey, why are you acting like a gangster? Donghae: Ah, I'm sorry Dongha walked closer towards Irene, almost raising his hand Irene flinched theqoo -Irene was shocked for real.. -Don't do that to our Irene.. -Why is he acting like that to Irene.. -Is he getting along with some gangster these days..? Looks like he learnt that from someone else;; -Yesung did the right thing there.. -Donghae was just joking but I have to admit that he has crossed the lines.. Our Donghae is not that kind of person..ㅠㅠ -Look at Irene's expression, that upsets me so much.. -??? What was he getting mad at..? -Hul.. Look at the gif. If he did that just for a concept or character, I think he should've chosen other things than that..ㅠㅠ -Whoa.. He's so freaking scary.. -What's wrong with him;; He lost to Irene simply because he's bad at the game.. -Hul.. He was this kind of person..? I really thought he was a nice person.. -What kind of crazy mess is this.. cr pannatic
  3. Super Junior will reportedly make their first comeback with Ryeowook as a “full” group in SeptemberHeechul will sit out these promotions due to health issues
  4. Super Junior D&E will make their Korean comeback on August 16 with 2nd mini-album '’Bout You'
  5. Super Junior Leeteuk revealed to have received surgery for acute cholecystitis today. As he needs to recuperate, he will not participate in ‘SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA’ from 28 to 30 July + all other activities.
  6. Info from 2016 by National Tax Service In 2015, there were 38 male singers that belonged in the top 1%, and it was TVXQ, Super Junior, Bigbang, SHINee, 2PM, and EXO. - Pann: Incomes of 1st tier idols in 2015 1. [+146, -2] Wow, I knew they were earning a lot but this is amazing. Look at their class, they're like from a different world. 2. [+140, -2] I can't believe some people think EXO isn't earning much ㅋㅋ 3. [+132, -2] I know it's a bull when someone says SM idols don't earn a lot. 4. [+56, -1] Chanyeol is wearing a $30,000 watch. 5. [+44, -3] Why would people worry about EXO's earnings... Do you know how much they earn per tour?
  7. Mexican talk show hosts are under fire for their aggressive behavior towards the Super Junior members. Super Junior recently visited multiple cities overseas for their 'Super Junior World Tour Super Show 7'. During their visit to Mexico, the idol stars guested on the popular talk show 'Monste & Joe'. An issue arose after the hosts were seen forcing kisses on the Super Junior members. One host even kissed Siwon on the lips while dancing together. Seeing the forceful physical contact, fans filed complaints and criticized the hosts for sexual harassment. Comments stated, "The members seemed so surprise", "Totally sexual harassment", "Are they being rude and forceful just because they're Asians??" Others argued that it's just the difference in cultures and the Super Junior members themselves didn't seem too bothered with the kissing. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/05/fans-angry-at-mexican-talk-show-hosts-for-sexually-harassing-super-junior-members