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Found 33 results

  1. Article: Sulli confesses, "I've suffered from panic disorders since I was younger" Source: Newsen via Nate "I've suffered from sociophobia and panic disorders since I was little. I've experienced people who were close to me leave me and have been hurt a lot by people. I felt like there was no one on my side and no one who understood me. I broke down then." 1. [+1,385, -141] .... Well, by her description, everyone in this world must have panic disorders then, me included. 2. [+1,235, -134] This is just another emotional ploy to gain sympathy.. 3. [+735, -80] I've had them since I was younger too. I couldn't get in cars or use public transportation. My friends thought this was something funny or quirky about me but it's not. Don't accuse someone of wanting sympathy when they confess stuff like this. The sicker someone feels on the inside, the more they smile on the outside. 4. [+69, -0] I think a big factor of that is the way Sulli was raised. Unfortunately, her attitude towards her group and others were inexcusable and it doesn't mean she gets to cosplay as the victim all the time. 5. [+61, -4] So she has panic disorders and yet she gets on planes hundreds of times and goes on vacation everywhere? 6. [+59, -2] ㅡㅡ As someone who actually suffers from panic disorders, I'm really sick of celebrities bringing it up all the time just to gain sympathy. They make it sound like it's not a big deal. People who really suffer from it have a difficult time not only using public transportation but meeting people and sometimes even just living a normal life. Sulli seems to be just fine living her life and doing celebrity things ㅡㅡ I doubt she has a panic disorder at all. 7. [+56, -3] I don't think she actually knows what panic disorders are... Most people have a sociophobia to her extent. It doesn't necessarily mean you have panic disorders. 8. [+53, -3] Why do all the people who claim to have panic disorders become celebrities 9. [+49, -1] She really needs to stop talking lightly of it... it makes people think it's not a big deal. Celebrities like her can just go on hiatuses and breaks since they make the money for it but the rest of us can't even take time off work... Please don't make mental disorders seem like something light in the media like this. 10. [+41, -2] "I've experienced people who were close to me leave me and have been hurt a lot by people." <-- don't most people experience this? 11. [+31, -0] Is there anyone in the world who hasn't been hurt by someone? 12. [+28, -0] Why do celebrities act like having a panic disorder is a way for them to wash them of their crimes? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Does she not realize that maybe people are leaving her because she's a mess of a person? Stop trying to gain sympathy, jeez... cr netizenbuzz
  2. Article: "Jieun's freshly made food" Sulli takes proof shot of friendship with IU 'unchanging friendship' Source: Mydaily via Nate 1. [+1,829, -102] Sulli-ya, go console your other best friend Goo Hara 2. [+972, -123] Seems like IU cooks for her every time she comes over ㅋㅋ not an easy task, how heartwarming to see!! 3. [+789, -138] I want to taste Jieun's freshly made food too 4. [+158, -74] IU's been managing her image lately so you can't tell but their mindsets are pretty similar 5. [+135, -77] All you need is Goo Hara at this table for the three best friends. Birds of a feather, after all. 6. [+80, -58] IU, Sulli, Goo Hara, and Gain are really close with one another 7. [+71, -17] Still more loyal and better friends than others who ignore you once you lose your popularity and image 8. [+70, -26] Wow ㅋㅋ jealous that she gets to eat freshly made food from IU.. what a nice friendship ㅋ 9. [+62, -19] So simple and cute 10. [+56, -27] Super nice to see cr
  3. Article: Sulli releases teaser for 'Jinri Store'... "What are people curious about me?" Source: Mydaily via Nate 1. [+803, -45] She truly seems to live life however she wants 2. [+615, -88] At least it's an amazing life 3. [+569, -38] Well, you only live once, why not live it doing what you want... 4. [+53, -3] Look at the comments ㅋㅋㅋ everyone used to call her an attention wh*re but it seems people have given up and are letting her live her life ㅋㅋㅋ hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+50, -2] Yo... your friend is in deep waters right now... go help her 6. [+44, -2] Sulli-ya ㅋㅋㅋ what're you going to do about your friend Goo Hara ㅠㅠㅠ It's weird how Sulli does all sorts of weird things but never gets into a scandal like Goo Hara's. 7. [+29, -6] She's living one damn amazing life 8. [+25, -2] I wonder what she achieved in her previous life to have life made for her now. With just one pretty face, she doesn't need to go looking for work because people are always coming to her~ 9. [+21, -1] Your friend's in a mess right now 10. [+20, -6] I never hated Sulli, just thought she wasn't fit to be a public figure because she's too free-spirited ㅋㅋㅋ but times are changing and I'm more accepting of her ways cr netizenbuzz
  4. Article: Sulli pulls off a dreamy look in a hanbok "Have a happy chuseok to my peaches"Source: Newsen via Nate1. [+422, -69] Why would you... wear a hanbok like that? 2. [+399, -80] How dare you wear an ethnic dress like this... 3. [+369, -62] ㅠㅠ People, please don't wear the hanbok with only the dress. Not wearing the top is basically the same as wearing pants without a t-shirt. I know that there's a lot of new interpretations of the hanbok out there right now but I think we owe it to us to preserve the traditional aspects of the hanbok as much as we can. I may seem "triggered" or whatever but it makes me upset seeing a picture like this on a national holiday ㅠㅠ 4. [+28, -4] She totally looks like that Chosun gisaeng that everyone is always saying looks like Sulli 5. [+26, -0] Celebrities always wear the hanbok style that gisaengs wore... is it because they're modern gisaengs themselves? 6. [+18, -2] What is she, a gisaeng;;; 7. [+12, -2] Sulli's so brain dead that she's probably thinking "pfft, you're all jealous of me" about all the hanbok criticisms ㅋㅋㅋ Yeah yeah, take all the pictures you can while you're still young because who will still care about you when you're old? ㅋㅋㅋ 8. [+11, -2] She looks exactly like that gisaeng picture that everyone says Sulli is a reincarnation of 9. [+10, -2] Can we please stop wearing the hanbok in a sl*tty way? Just take it all off if you want to style it like this insetad of dropping the class of a traditional dress. 10. [+10, -2] Totally looks like a gisaeng... or in modern terms, a prostitute cr netizenbuzz
  5. Article: "Beauty of Jinri" Sulli's luxury + classy NY partySource: Herald Pop via Nate1. [+778, -75] Wow... seriously pretty... 2. [+665, -71] Those are some killer looks 3. [+658, -76] When she dolls up like this, she's the prettiest in the world.. 4. [+30, -10] So damn pretty 5. [+27, -9] She looks even prettier after losing weight 6. [+26, -3] Sulli looks better in pictures others take of her than in her own selcas, which proves she's really one of the best beauties.. 7. [+22, -4] She said she's 169 cm tall... tall and a natural beauty, how gorgeous 8. [+22, -7] I wonder how much money she had to basically pour into her legs to go from looking bottom heavy to this;;; just jealous as a fellow woman;; 9. [+19, -5] Her legs are twice the length of Irene's 10. [+15, -6] The very, very prettiest....... cr netizenbuzz
  6. Miss A Suzy KARA Goo Hara FX Sulli Twice Tzuyu Izone Jang Wonyoung original post: here1. A post obviously promoting the last oneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. I like Jang Wonyoung but this is a business post for her.... 3. Suzy was seriously the craze back then 4. Since when did Irene even top the search ranks when they debuted? 5. A post only dedicated to the last one 6. ㅋㅋㅋ It f*cking reeks the smell of a post only dedicated for a special someone 7. Suzy and Goo Hara exploded all communities 8. When Suzy debuted... All the kids in my class started cutting their bangs and putting them in ponytails ㅋㅋㅋ 9. No but isn't it obvious that Jang Wonyoung would be in the searches if she won #1 in a survival show? It's like every Produce series 10. The first day we saw Wonyoung's face was her TV debut and it was during "Neggeoya" how come her name wasn't in the ranking??? The only one who appeared in the search ranks was Sakuraㅎㅎ And Sakura can't be compared to her level, Sakura was already a pro in broadcast at that time 11. When Tzuyu first debuted, she became #1 in the search ranks cr pannchoa
  7. In the past I’ve defended Sulli against netizens calling her nuts over doing benign couple things and having fun with friends. However, now it’s time to admit that I was indeed wrong. The other day, Sulli was out here beating Minesweeper at 4 AM KST. This is a cry for help cr
  8. Sulli Wanna One Park Jihoon Seventeen Joshua post response: +35 original post: here 1. Joshua's sweet gazeㅜㅠ 2. Wow seriously pretty ㅠㅠㅠ 3. Wow Park Jihoon... Wow... 4. The three of them kinda have a similar image. Pretty 5. Park Jihoon's eyes are dripping jewels 6. Wow Sulli is too pretty... 7. I thought of Jihoon when clicking on thisㅠㅠㅠㅠ he's the best 8. For realㅠㅠㅠ I'm so jealous of their eyes 9. Ugh Shua's visuals 10. Joshua!!! cr pannchoa
  9. When Miru had 1025 posts on her Instagram, she was following 159 people. When she uploaded her 1026th post, she already had 158 followings.She posted the 1026th Instagram post on the 12th of August. Sulli posted hers on the 13th of August...So Miru unfollowed Sulli on the day before... post response: [+302][-115] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 15:43 [+121, -26] Tabo: "It's not that they can't believe it, it's that they don't believe it". These words are seriously facts ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 15:47 [+97, -24] PANN and netizens are so creepy....... they are killing off celebrities with their random assumptions...... ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 15:31 [+86, -27] Anyways, PANN users never care about clarification posts and whatnot ^^ This one will get buried without creating a buzz too ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 15:19 [+37, -34] Should've at least came with the real post, who would believe this otherwise? (T/N: comment was posted before the screenshots) ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 16:34 [+35, -25] Then, shouldn't we actually ask her directly about the truth? Ask her whose land is Dokdo~^^ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 18:20 Stop saying unrelated things over and over again about Miru and claiming that she had surgery. She looks the same as beforeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this was in middle school cr pannchoa
  10. Article: Aftermath of Sulli's 'comfort women SNS' post... Japanese fans 'enraged' vs fans all over the world show '♥support'Source: Sports Chosun via Nate1. [+1,859, -27] People can give her crap about being an attention wh*re or going braless all they want but I prefer her to kids who are rotten at the core2. [+1,811, -24] Why are Japanese fans enraged? ㅋㅋ3. [+1,468, -14] Leave them alone. Ignore the Japanese kids.4. [+57, -1] I still don't get why it's the Japanese who are making a fuss ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sulli, you're the best, you're doing great5. [+52, -3] She deserves praise for this Article: Sulli still shows her fresh smile despite 'comfort women SNS' aftermath 'human peach'Source: Newsen via Nate1. [+744, -26] Sulli's not the type of person to care what others think of her2. [+524, -33] She's looking prettier after she made that respectful statement3. [+488, -45] Sulli's like a ripe peach, filled to the brim with prettiness and respect4. [+43, -1] See? She totally doesn't care what comments say ㅋㅋㅋ she's not that type of kid ㅋㅋㅋㅋ5. [+27, -1] She used to be treated like the nation's b*tch but one picture was all it took to change public sentiment like this ㅋㅋㅋ6. [+26, -3] So pretty7. [+23, -3] She may seem 4-dimensional and weird but... that doesn't make her wrong or bad... ㅋ I think she's a thousand times better than kids like Han Seohee ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ pursue whatever you want, Sulli!8. [+20, -1] I'm honestly jealous of her personality. Jealous of her ability to do whatever she wants without caring what others think.9. [+19, -0] Sulli succeeded in changing public sentiment about her with her comfort women post10. [+16, -1] The true feminist cr netizenbuzz
  11. They are both the visual tops among girl groups Who do you think is prettier? They are both '94-liners and are both tall. Sulli is 170 cm and Suzy is 168 cm tall. Sulli - upvote Suzy - downvote post response: [+679][-770] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 00:39 [+409, -70] Suzy for me ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 00:41 [+403, -93] Even though Suzy and Sulli used to be rivals in terms of visuals, it has always been Suzy for me ㅇㅇ |2018.08.16 00:39 [+392, -59] Suzy ㅇㅇ |2018.08.15 22:57 [+215, -17] To be honest, Sulli... she's pretty even when she doesn't manage herself ㅇㅇ |2018.08.15 22:42 [+140, -14] Sulli ㅇㅇ |2018.08.15 22:46 [+131, -20] That's a picture of Suzy and Sulli together during their high school but Sulli is way prettier ㅇㅇ |2018.08.15 22:46 [+118, -17] When it comes to visual, gotta give it to Sulli cr pannchoa
  12. Article: 'Produce 48' Shiroma Miru, under controversy for 'unfollowing' Sulli after her comfort women postSource: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver1. [+1,784, -47] Let's not forget... it's National Liberation Day tomorrow2. [+716, -41] She was following Sulli up until the 12th (a Miru fan took a screenshot and uploaded it)... Then Sulli made a post about comfort women today. Miru was following one person less and it turned out to be Sulli... Honestly, the timing of it is too...3. [+634, -62] Fact: We have all of the evidence and yet it's the otaku ajusshis who keep saying it's all suspicions at this point when it's not. She was following 159 people and now she's following 158 and the only person she unfollowed out of that list is Sulli. We have all of the evidence for that. How stupid can you be to deny all of that and continue to threaten journalists like this?4. [+199, -29] Look at all of her fans trying to take over the comment section ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they'd totally sell the country off if they could5. [+136, -16] Why did she only unfollow 'Sulli' though? She could've done it like Seolhyun and unfollowed a few at a time but she unfollowed exactly one person and it was Sulli6. [+90, -8] All the comments shielding this... are giving me goosebumps...7. [+72, -7] Just ask them who Dokdo belongs to kick out any of the b*tches who can't answer8. [+45, -18] I used to support her too ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ guess I should stick to voting for Koreans cr netizenbuzz
  13. Is NMB48’s Shiroma MiruShe usually follows a lot of Korean celebrities such as Red Velvet, Suzy and even Korean models and even said that she really likes RV’s Yeri. So of course, she was following Sulli Today, Sulli uploaded this on the Comfort Women day.I thought that a lot of people would praise her for posting something like this on a day that not a lot of people were aware of And Shiroma Miru unfollowed her. You can’t find Sulli in Miru’s followings anymorepost response:[+1,027][-12]ㅇㅇ |2018.08.14 14:41 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Japan just being Japan, I’m not even surprisedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋMiru, you right wing b*tch ^^ㅇㅇ |2018.08.14 15:28 Please stop pushing those right wing trainees. Aren’t you even ashamed?ㅇㅇ |2018.08.14 14:24 But do Japanese really like these ajumma-looking kids? Her ranking is so high but I don’t see any idol qualities in herㅇㅇ |2018.08.14 16:54 It will be so funny if they ask the Japanese trainees “whose land is Dokdo?”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅇㅇ |2018.08.14 16:37 Who are the f*ckers voting for Shiroma Miru? Why’s her ranking so high?ㅇㅇ |2018.08.14 18:54 Everyone is defending on Twitter now for unfollowing Sulli~ Our country is ruined!ㅇㅇ |2018.08.14 16:18 Looks like Shiroma Miru is downvoting all these comments cr pannchoa
  14. Article: Sulli raises awareness for day of comfort women victims... meaningful actionSource: X Sports News via Nate1. [+1,025, -61] In my opinion, Sulli is the realest feminist. The way she does what she wants without caring about the opinions of others but also not affecting others either... and the small ways she helps out female victims like this as well.2. [+930, -40] Praise good deeds3. [+612, -43] People are always calling Sulli crazy but if you look at her Instagram, she never does anything that's actually crazy... other than going braless for her own comfort once in a while. She's called an attention wh*re but she doesn't post every single either... I honestly think it's the media that messed up her image. There are worse attention wh*res on Instagram lately.4. [+37, -17] Confidently goes braless, promotes awareness for comfort women victims. Sulli is the true feminist~ I support her ♡.♡5. [+28, -4] There are a lot of people who don't know about this day. I'm surprised Sulli is promoting it.6. [+26, -8] As you live on in life, there are times you get praise and times you get hate. It's through experiencing a lot of different things in your youth that shape you as an adult. I honestly think Sulli's going to mature into a more successful adult than most female celebrities who act all prim and proper on the outside.7. [+24, -3] If you think about it, Sulli has never done anything criminal or anything8. [+24, -4] Now she is the true meaning of taking off your corset9. [+21, -16] This is a good deed~10. [+17, -4] Sulli's a true and free feminist... feminazis and womads are fake11. [+13, -0] Sulli has never done anything that negatively affected others12. [+11, -1] So different from that Han Seohee who's basically making money off of feminism. Sulli's the true feminist. cr netizenbuzz
  15. Article: "Anyone go below 140 degrees?" Sulli's painful dieting Source: Herald Pop via Nate 1. [+1,187, -33] I guess there are all sorts of things accessible to you if you have the money. What a fun life. 2. [+912, -17] I remember Hwang Jung Eum saying she cried every time she had to go get massages... they live in a different world 3. [+97, -0] It's already a popular treatment in foreign countries. It burns a ton of calories in a short amount of time and aids in fatigue recovery. It's famous with athletes because it's not anything hard. Sulli's only doing it because she's dumb and has nothing better to do with her time and definitely has the money to fund it. 4. [+80, -2] The rest of us will never know what the rich have access to. I have a friend who works in the celebrity industry and she told me that celebrities rarely work out, they lose weight mostly through procedures and coolsculpting treatments like this to melt the fat. There are so many different ways, it truly is a different world up there. 5. [+48, -0] Must be nice being rich enough to lose weight like this instead of exerting yourself by working out 6. [+44, -0] It's a popular diet with athletes like LeBron James or Hollywood actors. There's a type of fat that burns a lot of calories in low temperatures so you can eat whatever you want and not exercise and still burn calories by making your body cold. 7. [+38, -0] This is really expensive... a lot of Hollywood stars do it and I heard it's really effective too. I think NASA? invented it and they said it wasn't harmful to your health or anything. 8. [+25, -0] It burns something like 800 calories in 3 minutes but costs several thousands 9. [+16, -1] I don't get why some people are saying this is a lie... it's a really famous diet procedure 10. [+16, -0] Maybe she's coming back to TV if she's working on losing weight cr netizenbuzz
  16. Article: Sulli reveals her first business card of her life "I'm the CEO of Jinri Sangjum, please take care of me" Source: Seoul News via Nate 1. [+1,381, -68] Such... an easy life... still making money with an image like that 2. [+1,090, -84] Why is SM keeping her? 3. [+875, -37] As a celebrity, all you need to do is become popular and you'll make money just for breathing 4. [+44, -10] SM obviously aren't fools, why would you wonder why they're keeping her... clearly because she's still landing pictorials and they're making money off of her 5. [+33, -1] Popular celebrities make a ton of money off of their work and spend the rest of their time hanging out or going on vacation~ why is there such a drastic difference in lifestyles between everyone~~ what a sh*tty world 6. [+30, -0] Jealous of how she's so cool with her way of life... while I'm stuck being intimidated by my boss for my next paycheck ㅜ 7. [+23, -3] Probably the dumbest CEO I've seen recently 8. [+14, -2] She calls herself CEO like it's so easy... does she know how stressful that position is? Sometimes living life as easy as she lives hers isn't always the best 9. [+12, -2] Didn't she shoot an Estee Lauder CF before? It's clear SM's keeping her around because there's still some worth to her ㅋㅋ 10. [+10, -3] After working in the real world, I've realized that the people with the most stuff written on their business cards have the most emptiest job titles. Just look at the business cards of real CEOs like Lee Gun Hee and Heo Kyung Young. http://netizenbuzz.b...ss-card-as.html
  17. Article: Sulli looks brighter after her tearful live broadcast 'bright smile'Source: Newsen via Nate1. [+202, -17] I wonder if she has bipolar disorder? There's such a big gap between her actions every day2. [+110, -13] Doesn't matter how pretty she is, it's hard to continue dating, let alone marry, someone who's not all right in the head. It exhausts your partner too. I hope she gets some consulting and comes back normal.3. [+42, -7] It didn't look like she was just crying, she looked mentally depressed... She kept putting on those bedroom eyes like she was trying to exude sex appeal and kept sucking her finger without saying anything... either way, she didn't seem normal4. [+8, -7] I didn't care before because she was so young but now she seems like she's in heat with the way she was in bed sucking her finger like that5. [+6, -2] Whatever the case, she's for sure an attention wh*re6. [+6, -7] So pretty though7. [+5, -0] I honestly think the media is what turns celebrities into attention wh*res. They update their SNS to stay in touch with their fans but the media keeps spotlighting all their posts so the public ends up thinking they're acting for attention.8. [+3, -2] She's so pretty in the pictures she's sane in ㅠㅠ https://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/06/sulli-seems-to-be-feeling-better-in.html?
  18. Article: "Is something wrong?" Sulli worries fans with Instalive Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate [video] 1. [+325, -14] Weird how her eyes look checked out, how she has her finger in her mouth... what's wrong with her? 2. [+271, -14] She is not in a normal state 3. [+240, -6] She looks super damn sick.. I wish she'd get some counseling.. 4. [+36, -3] Seems like depression... it's something that even medication can't cure 5. [+33, -5] She's definitely not sane, they should do a drug test on her. Why is she sucking her finger? Everything looks gross, from her facial expression to her hands 6. [+33, -5] Is she high? 7. [+26, -1] She's normally an attention wh*re but she looks high off of something in these 8. [+20, -2] Look at how her eyes are checked out... 9. [+18, -7] I started the video thinking "wow pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ" and then tears started welling in her eyes... Even if she's "just depressed", it's not something people should be brushing off... it's so dangerous. Please stop leaving hate comments ㅠㅠ I'm sure there's something about her life that we don't know... 10. [+14, -2] She's lost it;; why didn't SM just keep her acting, why did they drive her to this state by forcing her to do singing stuff. I feel like she would've had a normal career if they continued her acting since she was a child actress. 11. [+14, -6] Looks like any other woman in her twenties after they've been dumped 12. [+13, -0] Someone please give her some help.. is no one around her taking care of her? She's getting weirder by the minute.. http://netizenbuzz.b...-instalive.html