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Found 12 results

  1. Fans discovered that one macaron store located near the new JYP building recently thanked Jeon So Mi for visiting and leaving an autograph.The macaron store 'Dear My' shared a photo of Jeon So Mi's autograph via its official SNS and stated, "IOI's Jeon So Mi-nim visited 'Dear My' today!!! Daebak daebak. She was 'Very Very Very' pretty hehe. She even left an autograph; thank you! Thank you all So Mi-nim, Yeji-nim, and Chaeryung-nim, for visiting. We want... to see you often... hehe."Seeing the post, netizens suspected that Jeon So Mi visited the macaron store in the middle of practice with her fellow trainees Yeji and Chaeryung - further adding fuel to the rumors that Jeon So Mi's new girl group indeed includes Yeji and Chaeryung. Back in July, rumors of JYPE's new girl group being 5-members became heated after the 5 in question - Jeon So Mi, Shin Ryu Jin, Lee Chaeryung, Hwang Yeji, and Choi Jisoo - were spotted attending TWICE's concert. Some netizens said, "The new girl group members went together", "Oohh are they getting ready to debut soon", "Chaeryung, Yeji, Somi, if you guys debut, I'll buy you a box of macarons", "'Dear My'..??? That place is so good!", and more.Chaeryung, known for her appearance on 'Sixteen', was born in 2001. She is also the younger sister of 'Produce 48's Lee Chae Yeon. Hwang Yeji was first seen on 'Stray Kids' and was born in 2000. cr allkpop
  2. Music Bank in Berlin is officially confirmed to be held on September 15 with MC Park Bogum Jeon Somi and EXO, Wanna One, Taemin, StrayKids, (G)-IDLE for the line-up
  3. Article: Jun Somi 'perfect S line' through pilatesSource: X Sports News via Nate1. [+634, -25] At her age, her time should be spent in school and after school academies but seeing as how she's mostly interested in managing her body and getting manicures, I can see why she wants to become an idol ㅋㅋㅋ2. [+540, -17] It'd be impossible to not look good when you're taking care of your body like this during your growth spurt....3. [+385, -11] Why is pilates so expensive though ㅜㅜ4. [+24, -7] She had pictures of doing Tae Kwon Do a few days ago too. She's technically unemployed but she doesn't attend school and spends all her time doing Tae Kwon Do and pilates and drinking soju, must be nice.5. [+14, -7] She needs to fill her brain before taking care of her body. Bodies deteriorate over age but the brain gets wiser the more you learn while you're young.6. [+10, -1] So tired of healthstagrammers7. [+8, -0] She's so physically pretty8. [+5, -2] Mixed white kids really are daebak... physically, visually, they lack nothing
  4. SIXTEEN 2 will likely happen after MNET finishes with Produce48 According to financial reports conducted by Lee Kihoon for Hana Financial Investment, JYP plans to have a SIXTEEN 2 with broadcast plans for September/October New girl group debut in 2019 SIXTEEN 2 to air after PD48 which will air last ep Aug 24/31 Since Sixteen 2.0 is pretty much confirmed (?) here is the potential contestant for SIXTEEN Season 2. Total : 16 trainees + Somi. SOMI is probably a fixed member And JYP has 17 revealed trainees: But two of them are 06 and 07 line. If they get cut from participate in SIXTEEN 2.0 then there will be 16 contestants. Not sure on what concept SIXTEEN 2 will have, but if Mnet can produce many seasons of PD101, It's prob gonna have the same concept like SIXTEEN that gave birth to TWICE. and this group is called "GOT7 sibling sister" so probably gonna have 7 members or less. (Stray Kids is TWICE sibling brother OT9) So what do you think? Are you excited ready to meet JYPNGG?
  5. These 4 trainees + Somi have been seen twice together (in the streets a few weeks ago and now today during Twice's concert). It seems they are part of the final lineup (or the final lineup itself). Jun Somi (2001) Shin Rhujin (2001) Hwang Yeji (2000) Jisu (2000) Lee Chaeryeong (2001) So I guess JYPNGG will have a shorter lineup and a 'darker' image than Twice looking at the current shortlist for this girl group? Kinda more Miss A-ish?
  6. '[2018] Boy group Stray Kids debut & [2019] The 2nd 'TWICE' debut through Sixteen 2' JYP's IR that was updated today Lee Gihoon analyst from Hana Financial Investment revealed that JYP is going to hold another survival show, Sixteen 2, this year and debut the final group by next year and it is confirmed by the updated IR today. Produce 48 is predicted to end around August 24 or August 31, so there's a possibility that Sixteen 2 will start airing on September or October. (Just like the previous season, it's predicted to air on every Tuesday) instiz -Somi is going through another survival show??ㅠㅠㅠ -JYP, please stop with all of these survival shows.. -I bet Somi is 100% going to debut with the next girlgroup.. But it's not going to be easy for her to go through another survival show..ㅠㅠ -Isn't it better to pick Somi and Ryujin as the confirmed member and use the show to pick the rest of the members..? -Please stop putting Somi through hardships..ㅠㅠ -Stop putting Somi and Ryujin in survival showsㅠㅠ -Hul.. Are Ryujin and Somi going to be in this show too?ㅠㅠPlease no..ㅠㅠ -Somi has starred in a lot of variety shows and her personal Instagram account has followers as much as celebrities do.. And yet they're going to make her into a trainee and put her in another survival show? -Hul.. Is it confirmed that the show is going to air this year? -Maybe they're going to do it like Mix and Match..? Like, picking the rest of the members to debut with Somi?ㅠㅠ -Again..? I'm sure this will be their last survival show..
  7. After modeling for Reebok Classic Korea, then Reebok worldwide, she is now the official muse of Reebok Korea!
  8. 01'er Shin Ryujin #1 female trainee on MIX9 Dancer/rapper 02'er Shin Eunsoo Currently an actress Mediocre dancing/singing, visual member 01'er Lee Chaeryung Dancer, stable live 02'er Lily (Korean/Australian) Top 4 on K-pop Star Possibly main vocal, lacks dancing skills 00'er Hwang Yeji Dancer, 170cm tall 00'er Choi Jisoo Vocalist 03'er Shin Yuna Maknae visual member 01'er Jeon Somi (Korean/Canadian/Dutch) Multi-talented, 3 years since debut, possibly the center Two female teams were revealed on last year's Survival. It was 7 members total but 4 trainees have left so far. The Survival will take place around October. Their debut is confirmed to be next year. IR revealed by JYP in March Somi - center, lead vocal, lead dancer, lead rapper Ryujin - main rapper, lead dancer, sub vocal Yeji - main dance, sub vocal, leader Lily - main vocal Chaeryung - main dancer, sub vocal Yuna - visual, sub vocal Eunsoo - visual, sub vocal Jisoo - main vocal/lead vocal - Pann: Predicted members of JYP and Somi that are debuting next year 1. [+149, -32] I like how there's no Japanese member. They must be really talented. Their visuals are good, too. 2. [+123, -12] I love seeing so many Korean members ㅠㅠ 3. [+115, -11] Yay, let's keep these members without adding a Japanese member. I'll stan Somi and Ryujin. 4. [+45, -5] Let's continue this without a Japanese member. 5. [+43, -13] I heard from an entertainment journalist that when foreign idols from big companies get popular and rich, they become really arrogant regardless of the gender ㅋㅋㅋㅋ When they're more popular than the Korean members, the Korean members can't stand against them ㅋㅋ Made me lose all my interest in them. 6. [+40, -0] Somi looks so majestic at the end ㅋㅋ 7. [+38, -10] The foreign kids in Twice have hopeless talents... It's better to have less foreign members. 8. [+35, -15] I like how they're only Korean nationals like Red Velvet. 9. [+34, -3] Instead of cute/overcrowded concepts like Twice, I want them to be 5~6 members and do a classy concept like Blackpink and Red Velvet's Pikaboo. Or is it impossible because it's JYP? 10. [+34, -11] I also want Somi to be the center.
  9. To be honest, I do think that Somi has matured But aren’t people who are saying that she looks like an ahjumma in her 30’s too oba? (T/N: over the top) They are focusing too much on her mixed-race image but she’s pretty though. They are always saying that Jun Somi is going through an adverse change every time she does something and say stuffs like “her face has gotten long”. But honestly, I think that they are just jealousㅋㅋ post response: [+311][-80] original post: here 1. Looks like they are going overboard with the hate about her looking older. She doesn’t look like her age in real life because she looks a more matured but if you see personality, you can see her age right awayㅋㅋ 2. She looks f********cking pretty in real lifeㅇㅇ I found her and Doyeon the prettiest when they were promoting in IOI when I saw them in real life 3. For them, looking mature is ‘having an adverse change’ tsk tsk 4. She looks too foreign and has no charm. She reminds me of the Kim Deanna girl ㅋㅋ usually, when I see mixed-race people, I see both the western and Asian features but I feel like she only received her dad’s denes.. if you think of her as being an average westerner, then she just looks average to me..? If not for her Korean blood, she would have never made it 5. Her facial features would be considered pretty objectively speaking. It’s just because they can’t bash her for anything else so they are using her mixed-race, being a foreigner, etc. to bash her.