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Found 8 results

  1. S: We've been going around to lots of award shows now and the stage that left me completely impressed was BTS sunbaenim's stage. M: It was so amazing! *thumbsup* M: Not only was it impressive but I was able to learn so much from it. I thought, "Now this is how you throw a show!" And I feel like we will be able to utilize what we learned from the BTS sunbaenim's in our future performances.
  2. Article: Mamamoo Solar, sexy outfit that could slip off Source: Mydaily via Nate 1. [+483, -36] Psychopath who sang the strawberry jam song 2. [+417, -96] Ugly group 3. [+359, -35] Yes, okay.... 4. [+43, -4] Whasa worked so hard to get them national fame with her gopchang and duet only for Solar and Wheein to pull them back down 5. [+39, -2] Moonbyul has never done anything particularly wrong, it's always Solar and Wheein who are causing all the scandals 6. [+36, -3] She's a super psycho, what a thug to be enjoying a song like strawberry jam 7. [+32, -4] Poor Whasa and Moonbyul stuck in the wrong team.. 8. [+24, -4] Mamamoo's a group that Whasa hard carries on her own. Without her, they would've flopped already. 9. [+10, -0] Fact: Male community sites have no interest in this plastic woman at all. She was on 'WGM' at the same time as Joy and no one even took an interest in her. Now she's even getting hate on female community sites, there's just no hope for her anymore. 10. [+10, -1] I had to look up what strawberry jam was because everyone kept talking about it and the lyrics are psychopathic... She actually sang along to that? ㅠㅠ 11. [+10, -3] What's the point in being talented if your character and looks are both bad 12. [+10, -5] Moonbyul and Whasa don't get into scandals which is why I like them cr
  3. [enter-talk] THE REASON WHY MAMAMOO WHEEIN TELLING "STRAWBERRY JAM, COME OUT" TO SOLAR IS SHOCKING Wheein: Unnie's name in my phone is "Strawberry Jam, come out"Moonbyul: Why are you saying "Strawberry Jam come out"? Do the fans know about it?Wheein: Fans don't know. Do you guys know Fatdoo (Korean singer)? He has a lot of brutal songsMoonbyul: But Solar is so good at itWheein: There's that line in the lyrics that says "Strawberry jam, come out" and Solar fits it so wellMoonbyul: Please say itSolar: *singing* I'm going so strawberry jam, come outWheein: It's Yonseonie's 12 years old version (because she's using a cute voice)*laughs*Solar: You guys have to listen to that song The reason why Wheein saved Yongseon's name as "Strawberry come out" is because she's good at imitating Fatdoo's "The Girlfriend Torso Murder" t/n: the song was so controversial that it was banned on all digital websites. Lyrics are found below *GRAPHIC* post response: [+326][-46] original post: here 한심 |2018.08.27 21:15 [+306, -8] I searched for the lyrics and Solar is seriously crazy for listening to a song like that, she must be not sane tsk tsk Lyrics: You know this girlfriend I had I loved her a lot, but she dumped me That's why I called her when I got home "I'll treat you real good, can't you not break up with me?" I really love her so much That crazy b*ch wished for so many things during s*x She was in heat and only wanted it from the back I came out so fast, sorry I'll do better next time But then she told me suddenly she wanted to break up I was crying and clinging on her, she replied "Are you joking?" "You ugly, I'll call the cops on you, screw off" she said (Men don't cling on girls' like you, ah such a loser) I don't know why my girlfriend did that She didn't reply my texts for several days Sorry I just can't break up with you I don't want this to be tiresome I want to only be crazy for you You seriously don't love me? - No You won't regret this? - Stop bullsh*tting if I regret I wouldn't break up with you Just try breaking up with me again, I'll kill you - What kill me? Yeah try killing me you loser I grabbed the fork that was laying on the table I slit her throat open with it, she screamed at me saying it hurts "Shut up, the ajumma next door hates when we make too much noise" "She'll report us to the residents" That's why I pushed the fork even deeper in her throat Ah f*ck my Ferragamo glasses were made specially for my eyes But the blood is now splashed everywhere and I can't even see the front, it's so sticky Huh? But something is weird She's not speaking, "What's wrong babe? Speak" There was strawberry jam running out from her neck Such a waste, I just ate all the bread a while ago It already came down to this, I need to cut up her body and find somewhere to stuff all this Let me try the sink and open the kimchi fridge First let me take the kitchen knife *slice* Let me try to cut my lovely babe up *slice* let me try to cut her like I cut through bread *slice* let me try to cut her, her skin is damn pretty *slice* let me try to cut her, I already took out all her bones Let me take out our darling's fingers first The nail art you received yesterday is way too pretty So I cut up her fingers I cut them one by one and chewed on them like carrots Oh but that girl's eyeballs were still starring at me Oh she moved, looks like you're still alive It's ok, meat is usually eaten fresh for sashimi It shouldn't be different for humans right? Ah! That girl suddenly stood up She looked at me and said it straight up "Ah f*ck I just had my nail art yesterday, do you know how precious they are to me? F*cking annoying" "Yah how can you still talk? I f*cking stabbed your neck with a fork and cut you up" - Would you stay still if you just spent 60,000won yesterday? Ah such a waste f*ck "Ah f*ck such a waste" "Ah f*ck such a waste" "Ah f*ck such a waste" "Ah f*ck such a waste" "60,000won is so precious, such a shame" "Anyways sorry for killing you To be honest, I love you but you broke up with me I was so shocked and the future looked pitched dark, what do you want me to do? You shouldn't have broken up with me" - Seriously you're too obsessed, why don't you hang out with your friends? Why don't you go to the club? "It can't be helped, you just give yourself to any guy out there How can guys deal with you? What should I do?" - So you killed me for that? "I told you, sorry for killing you" - I know, next time, don't kill me, I love you "Me too, I love you, please reborn as a prostitute in your next life" And so I proceeded in chopping her up again Head, shoulders, knees, feet, knees, feet Head, shoulders, knees, feet, knees, feet Head, shoulders, knees, feet, knees, feet Head, shoulders, knees, feet, knees, feet I cut her up so much so much, I cut her up *moans* I cut her up so much so much, I cut her up *moans* I cut her up so much so much, I cut her up *moans* I opened the kimchi fridge and was about to put her in it but my mom entered "Son what are you doing?" - I'm putting things in the kimchi fridge "Don't put it there, your dad is already inside" - Ah true "If it stinks the neighbors will complain right?" - Yeah.... Then where should I put it? Mom "Hmm.. Luckily we're the last day of the 3 dogs days (Korean holiday ish), yeah, bring the frying pan" 이건 |2018.08.27 21:19 [+204, -7] Mamamoo fans are scary... I saw another post where someone mentioned this in the top comments and the fans all started to torment the poster to delete the post and they finally deleted it. Just imagine them saving that under her name, imagine how much they must sing that song. They had so many controversies in the pastㅋㅋ (Hwa Yobi revealed that she fell into depression after her vocal chords surgery and wanted to kill herself. She appeared on Radio Star for the first time after revealing this. Solar was mimicking her voice in a "funny way" on Radio Star and Hwa Yobi had a straight face the whole time. She said "This friend (Solar) is quite scary" "Now I look like a fool") 으윽 |2018.08.27 21:21 [+179, -8] Do they have home education? They make it so obvious that they didn't receive any of that (racism controversy) ㅇㅇ |2018.08.27 23:15 [+132, -7] Seriously they pretend to be all easy-going and fool around each other, but there's a difference between being beagles and crossing the line ㅇㅇ |2018.08.27 21:59 [+100, -5] Their CEO is an ilbe bug, it says it all ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (shared an ilbe post) [enter-talk] THE REASON WHY MAMAMOO WHEEIN SAVED SOLAR AS "STRAWBERRY MILK COME OUT" IN HER PHONE post response: [+810][-45] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.08.27 21:21 [+387, -5] Ah... Can we just stop consuming them as a whole, it's not like they have one or two controversies, but nearly a hundred ㅇㅇ |2018.08.27 21:14 [+381, -7] They don't even need to do anything to create a controversy, just them living their lives is controversial... ㅇㅇ |2018.08.27 21:12 [+349, -6] Don't you guys know just how controversial Fatdoo's lyrics are, and they go around singing that?? Either they think they're funny for being TMI or they think they're cool and are actually sharing this song, both are empty brains ㅇㅇ |2018.08.27 21:50 [+200, -3] Twice, RV and BP have controversies made up from taking random screenshots of their videos and everyone is swearing at them, yet, Mamamoo have typhoon-level controversies but no one is swearing at themㅋㅋㄲㅋㄱ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.27 21:20 [+199, -5] Those 4 are just brainlessㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's already problematic for those 4 to listen to that song in the first place, but what are they thinking mentioning this song in front of the fans? cr pannchoa