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Found 203 results

  1. NSD-Oh!GG to release a selfie book on October 31st All the photos are taken by the members themselves from their trip to France on 'Girls For Rest'
  2. Taeyeon will be revealing her new song at her upcoming solo concert "'s...TAEYEON CONCERT" on October 20-21. She will also be performing songs from her previous release "Something New."
  3. Fans were able to have a better look at Girls' Generation's upcoming official lightstick through the list of concert goods for Taeyeon's solo concert happening this month. The lightstick seems to embody SM's current design for their lightsticks—having a crystal-like exterior and a plain white handle.
  4. SNSD's Tiffany will be attending the red carpet ceremony of the American Music Awards 2018 on October 9th She is also the first female K-Pop artist to walk the red carpet
  5. The singer confirmed the event herself on her Twitter account. She put up a post with a sticker of a red heel and a tweet by K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin, who excitedly proclaimed, “Did you hear? The AMAs red carpet is getting that much hotter because Tiffany Young is going to be walking it—the first female to walk it from the K-pop scene. Can’t wait to see her debut on such a major red carpet! Good luck! And maybe see you there, Tiffany…!”
  6. Girls' Generation's Yuri managed to top iTunes album charts in a total of 14 countries with her solo debut! Yuri's 1st mini album 'The First Scene' was released on October 4 at 6 PM KST. As of October 5, the album recorded #1 on iTunes album charts in Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Guatemala, and more! The Girls' Generation member plans on holding her debut stage on the October 5 airing of KBS2's 'Music Bank', where she'll perform her title track "Into You" as well as "Illusion". Have you listened to Yuri's 'The First Scene' yet? cr allkpop
  7. The First Scene ranked 2nd on Hanteo's Daily Album Chart with 3,387 copies sold. Biggest debut by a female soloist since Don't Say No
  8. Article: "Fall for me this fall" Yuri achieves solo debut after 11 years Source: MK Sports via Naver 1. [+602, -72] I'm not lying, the song's super good. It's a trendy melody. 2. [+233, -23] The song's so addictive, I'm really "into it" 3. [+163, -20] Yuri-ya, let's hit daebak 4. [+98, -11] I like the song. I have a feeling I'll have this on repeat every day for a while. 5. [+77, -10] The melody and hook are great, but the music video is even better 6. [+29, -5] I personally think the timing of this is wrong. There was a time when even Lee Hyori named her a sexy queen to continue her name but she went into acting as her personal promo and now she's doing a rushed solo when Soshi is past their peak... Her solo should've been out around the time Taetiseo was promoting. Any time before would've been better than now. 7. [+23, -3] "Into" Yuri 8. [+23, -6] She's perfect from her face, vocal, dance, body, personality... I love you, unni.. I want to be born as you in my next life.. 9. [+18, -1] Can they please dress her better? Why do they dress in such tacky and outdated clothes? She'd look better in just jeans and a t-shirt 10. [+15, -2] I like the feel of the song cr netizenbuzz
  9. YoonA is confirmed to be chosen as the new model of Tous Les Jours; TV commercial screening will start mid-October
  10. Article: 'Weekly Idol' Yuri, "My solo debut, there's less noise without SNSD" Source: X Sports News via Nate 1. [+387, -49] SM was wrong to only give her a solo 12 years into her debut. Yuri's popularity was explosive during 'Genie'... 2. [+342, -40] Should've put her in some more units. I looked forward to her because of her sexy image. Her solo should've been given five years earlier. All of Soshi got solos way too late. 3. [+209, -41] She's still Kkap-Yul ㅋㅋ She's a good singer and her body is toned when she dances 4. [+38, -28] Does she even have the skills to go solo though? 5. [+32, -5] Honestly, none of them other than Taeyeon have solo potential. In our country, women in their teens-thirties dominate the consumer market in music and Yuri isn't the girl crush style with amazing vocals. If anything, she's a sexy performer but she has no competitive potential. She wouldn't appeal to men either when men have plenty to choose from with cute girl groups in their teens and twenties. 6. [+26, -2] Honestly, all of SNSD's solos other than Taeyeon have flopped 7. [+21, -8] Fun to watch Soshi on variety, dissing one another and having fun ㅋㅋ 8. [+21, -23] She's 100% going to lip sync through her promos... probably only rehearses her dancing... 9. [+15, -3] Let's be real, you need vocal talent for a solo 10. [+15, -3] I like her sexiness. She hasn't changed much with age. Maybe because she looked so mature even when she was younger? cr netizenbuzz
  11. Last month, Girls' Generation's Yuri announced on her Instagram that she will be appearing on Weekly Idol. The episode will be broadcast today, October 3 at 6PM KST. Yuri will be performing her title track "Into You" and do a random play dance. Her solo debut album "The First Scene" will be released on October 4 at 6PM KST.