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Found 26 results

  1. People say TVXQ, BigBang, Kara are the groups that were popular in the past. And BTS, Twice are the groups popular these days. SHINee is a second generation group, but is still popular along with the 3rd generation groups. Original: [Instiz]Three idol groups that are popular in Japan Comments Proud ㅎㅅㅎ Kingtanㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ TVXQ sold out all the tickets for three days at Nissan Stadium!!!!! It’s sad that they’re being called a popular group in the pastㅠㅠㅠ I agree. I don’t think TVXQ will ever be considered a popular group in the past in Japan. I agree. I personally think there’s any KPOP group that will exceed TVXQ and BoA in Japan. It feels like they opened the door to a new world and paved the way. Of course there could be a more popular or trendy idol groups, but these two are already iconic and are at another level. Bangtan seems to be popular anywhere they go SHINee’s popularity in Japan is seriously daebak When I asked about SHINee and TVXQ to my Japanese friend, she said they are at another level….! and that Twice and BTS are rising stars.. True…. BTS and Twice are especially popular among the younger people, and they made their debuts not too long ago, so I guess they’re constantly attracting more fans. As expected of Twice~ Twice is daebak…. Eh? My friend visited Japan and she said it’s still Bigbang and TVXQ…. Anyway, I’m proud SHINee…..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ They’re visiting Korea… Eh??? Isn’t TVXQ like a wall that no-one can pass through. You can just consider them as a Japanese group, not a KPOP group. TVXQ and Bigbang are just top groups in Japan… You will see if you take a look at the voting results… TVXQ, Bigbang and Twice are just huge. I think TVXQ is at another level… cr https://kpople.com/three-kpop-idol-groups-popular-in-japan/
  2. FROM: XIUMINBAR TO: SHINee and SHINee World "The name SHINee has become a group that the industry will never be able to erase away in KPOP history. SHINee the stars that continues to shine would be the steps where fans would always chase."
  3. [trans]Lyrics For my own sake Don't get hurt I might seem alright But it's not easy for me My heart is not an ornament The universe that shined brightly in your eyes Words pouring for you like flowers Holding your two hands warmly and in a world where only us live in cr x
  4. Which idols do netizens think have the best live performances? A netizen picked out the idol groups that had the best live performances, and the majority of the netizens are agreeing with the list. They included the following idols: 1. BTOB 2. SHINee 3. Highlight 4. MAMAMOO 5. BTS 6. NU'EST 7. Lovelyz 8. INFINITE 9. iKON 10. Black Pink 11. GOT7 12. VIXX 13. Pentagon 14. Big Bang 15. G-Friend 16. WINNER 17. B1A4 18. TVXQ 19. B.A.P 20. Golden Child 21. KARD 22. Block B Do you agree with the list?
  5. On May 23, a teaser was released for the group’s reality show “SHINee’s BACK.” With the signature line from their track “Sherlock” playing as the background music, the clip gives a glimpse at the playfulness of the members behind-the-scenes. Each episode of “SHINee’s BACK” will be built off the title of a different SHINee hit track. The program will showcase the process of the group preparing for their comeback, share unheard stories, and reveal new sides of the members. “SHINee’s BACK” will be unveiled through Mnet’s digital channel M2 on Wednesdays and Fridays and then also be broadcast through television on Mnet each following Monday. The show will begin on June 6 at 9 p.m. KST. Cr https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/22/watch-shinee-gears-return-teaser-reality-show/
  6. 1. Wanna One Kang Daniel 2. Wanna One Park Jihoon 3. Wanna One Ong Seongwoo 4. Wanna One Hwang Minhyun 5. Wanna One Ha Sungwoon 6. Wanna One Kim Jaehwan 7. BTS Jimin 8. Wanna One Park Woojin 9. EXO Kai 10. BTS Jungkook 11. FT Island Choi Minhwan 12. Wanna One Lee Daehwi 13. Wanna One Yoon Jisung 14. Wanna One Bae Jinyoung 15. BTS V 16. EXO Suho 17. Wanna One Lai Kuanlin 18. EXO Sehun 19. The Boyz Eric 20. Astro Cha Eunwoo 21. Winner Song Minho 22. EXO Baekhyun 23. SHINee Taemin 24. Highlight Yong Junhyung 25. BTS Jin 26. BTS Suga 27. Imfact Leesang 28. Big Bang Seungri 29. EXO Xiumin 30. TVXQ U-know Yunho
  7. EP 1: ENG Title: “Good Evening” KRN Title: “Pick You Up” EP 2: “I Want You” EP 3: ENG Title: “Our Page” KRN Title: “The Words You Left Behind
  8. Article: First 4-member comeback sans the late Jonghyun, '10th anniversary' SHINee's 2nd eraSource: Xports News via Nate1. [+742, -15] Cheering for them2. [+699, -13] Hope they work hard for Jonghyun3. [+602, -6] SHINee released Love Like Oxygen when I was in middle school. It was so refreshing and good, I remember playing the song again and again... Do well, SHINee. They definitely have unique music.4. [+48, -2] Ah... ㅠㅠ Yeah Jonghyun... I still can't believe it. Reading this article made me realize again that he passed away... I wasn't a fan but I thought he was someone friendly, kind, and always smiling. Find strength, SHINee ㅠㅠ5. [+35, -3] Jonghyun seemed to be the brightest member but turned out to be suffering the most on the inside... I still can't believe it.6. [+33, -1] I really like how SHINee has their own style.7. [+31, -0] I hope SHINee finds strength and keeps on promoting. I'm sure that's what the late Jonghyun also wants. I wish SHINee happiness.8. [+30, -1] Onew is talented and Taemin can also sing. I was listening to Taemin's solo album and my friends asked me who it was. I told them it was Taemin and they were surprised that he could sing well.
  9. TEASER SHINee - The Story of Light

    The Story of Light EP.1 : 2018.05.28 The Story of Light EP.2 : 2018.06.11 The Story of Light EP.3 : 2018.06.25