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Found 207 results

  1. Vlive link https://www.vlive.tv/video/84823?channelCode=DCF447
  2. #1 BlackPink - DDU-DU DDU-DU Released on June 15, YG's girl group made a powerful comeback with "DDU-DU DDU-DU" now trending with over 278,000,000 views on YouTube and counting. Not only is the song a completely different vibe from their previous releases but it really gives the girls the opportunity to show off their vocals, rapping, and dance skills. Fun Fact: Buzzfeed's Try Guys also used this song in their video "75 Things That Will Restore Your Faith in the Internet." #2 BTS - Fake Love Any fan of KPOP, new or old, know of the powerful impact BTS has made on the KPOP industry these past few years. Their last title song "Fake Love" released on May 18 has over 272,000,000 views on YouTube. With no surprise, this MV shows off the boy's artistic sides, dance skills, and symbolic storytelling. ARMYs worldwide have a whole new concept to understand and a brand new dance to perfect. #3 Momoland - Bboom Bboom Released on January 3, Momoland has really captured attention from fans everywhere with a whopping 226,000,000 views on YouTube. Since 2016, the girl group has been capturing attention everywhere with their catchy beats and unique music video concepts. #4 TWICE - What is Love Another worldwide fan favorite, TWICE definitely is a group that worked hard and made their way up in the KPOP industry. With their release of "What is Love?" on April 9, TWICE explores the intriguing concept of love through various symbolic means while telling a fun story through each girls' idea of love. The MV has received over 175,000,000 views so far in 2018. #5 iKON - Love Scenario iKON has faced their fair share of struggles from one survival show to the next and then to their debut But as they continue to make their mark, iKON grew a lot in their music composition, storytelling, and skills. With this release on January 25, iKON received over 149,000,000 views on YouTube with a precious song about memories of a past love that showed the boys' soft vulnerable side. #6 Red Velvet - Bad Boy SM's girl group that embody sexiness, mystery, fun, and love came back with "Bad Boy" on January 29 that received praise and love everywhere. With over 132,000,000 views on YouTube, Red Velvet gets to share off a more hard look different from their previous image. This song really allows the girls to flaunt their femininity and seductiveness. #7 TWICE - Dance the Night Away TWICE has always been a group that played with fun concepts like zombies and island castaways. The fun part of TWICE is they really take the time to bring fun and exciting elements to their music and videos. Released on July 9, "Dance the Night Away" really takes island castaway life as a fun relaxing vacation. With 83,000,000 views on YouTube they embody the summer fun life. #8 Momoland - Baam Released on June 26, Momoland has received over 73,000,000 views with their fun music video. Momoland is a group that uses their music videos as a tool to interact with their fans in an interactive and fun way. #9 Pentagon - Shine Released on April 2, Pentagon received 58,000,000 views for "Shine." With a fun and unique music style, "Shine" lets the boys truly enjoy their moment on stage with a silly yet professional performance. Pentagon also uses popular dance moves to connect with fans worldwide. #10 MAMAMOO - Starry Night Released on March 7, the sexy and fun queens MAMAMOO share with fans a song that invokes a feeling of adventure and mystery. With a new look, "Starry Night" received over 25,000,000 views. The MV talks about a starry night and the attraction they feel to places tied to the memory of a loved one. cr allkpop
  3. Girl Groups TWICE Red Velvet GFRIEND WJSN (G)I-DLE CLC PRISTIN Gugudan April Momoland Weki Meki fromis_9 Dreamcatcher Elris GBB Girlkind GWSN
  4. Article: Red Velvet sings encore 'while eating shaved ice as promised if they win' (Show Champion) Source: TV Daily via Nate 1. [+275, -13] This promise only benefits them.. 2. [+240, -12] What's the point of these win promises? Do their otaku fans go crazy over it or something? 3. [+215, -13] Eat it after your stage ㅡㅡ 4. [+40, -1] Isn't the point of a promise to promise their fans something that isn't easy out of gratitude for their fans??? Kind of funny to promise themselves eating something ㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+32, -10] They have the corniest song out of all the girl groups ㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+30, -12] Their song is so bad though and it's #1? ㅡㅡ 7. [+26, -1] For as long as I've watched over Red Velvet, I now realize why Seulgi and Wendy are so popular. I joined the fandom for Joy when they first debuted but she has lost all that initial freshness and she always looks exhausted and tired on stage now. It made me feel stressed by proxy so I left the fandom. Their overall choreography doesn't match and they alway slook so tired so I stick to listening to their songs... They have a great concept and they're so pretty but I think they need a break. 8. [+24, -2] As if their singing wasn't bad enough, now they're trying to sing with food in their mouths 9. [+23, -2] How is eating something a promise? 10. [+18, -7] Is winning a joke to them? 11. [+12, -0] Wendy and Joy's yoyoing is pretty bad... they should take care of their health 12. [+11, -1] They should promise something that their fans want, not something that only benefits them tsk tsk 13. [+7, -1] It's difficult to sing after eating something cold but I guess it doesn't matter to them since they're just lip sync dancers cr netizenbuzz
  5. From above Candy bong (twice) Kimchi Mandu bong (red velvet) Scarlet bong (black pink) What is the most beautiful ??? [+109, -18] Bluetooth Twice candy bong on remote control! [+107 -38] I think the Twice is the best group, it's pretty, [+103 -8] I think it's made pretty well source
  6. Red Velvet has captured some summer magic, indeed. The K-pop girl group scores its best U.S. sales week to date with their recently released Summer Magic - Summer Mini Album EP. The set sold 2,000 copies in the week ending Aug. 9, according to Nielsen Music. This continues the outfit's upward trajectory after earning previous best-ever sales weeks in America with July 2017's Red Summer EP, which was then topped by November's Perfect Velvet LP. Summer Magic debuts at No. 3 on both Billboard's World Albums and Heatseekers Albums chart, which ties their best rank so far on the latter chart (which sees far fewer K-pop artists). While the quintet misses a Billboard 200 entry, Red Velvet does enter a slew of impressive, sales-based charts that highlight the group's growing prominence as one of America's K-pop leaders. The group makes their debut on the Top Album Sales chart at No. 91 (which ranks the top 100 albums based purely on sales across all genres) and No. 21 on Digital Albums (which ranks the 25 top-downloaded albums across all genres). Red Velvet is just the 10th and 11th K-pop act to enter both charts, respectively. Summer Magic utilized a slew of strategies seemingly to increase interest and sales. Not only did the group unveil the long-awaited English version of their "Bad Boy" single -- first teased in June at KCON 2018 New York -- but also included an iTunes-only, special audio track "Red Radio" that saw the girls create their own radio-like talk show. Red Velvet also knows their knack for fun, seasonal hits, as seen with Summer Magic tracks like the turbo-charged, electro-pop single "Power Up," the feel-good tropical vibe in "With You" and the refreshingly quirky and snappy "Blue Lemonade." Over on the World Digital Song Sales chart, Red Velvet's "Bad Boy" re-enters at No. 3 (with an additional 1,000 downloads sold fueled by the newly released English version of the track included on Summer Magic) while the EP's lead single "Power Up" debuts at No. 6. (and also sells 1,000 downloads).
  7. On the August 14 airing of JTBC's 'Idol Room', Irene shared, "We used to go to the same hair salon as Black Pink," and added, "Jennie said 'Unnie' and approached me first so we became close." Irene also revealed that Jennie is a big fan of Red Velvet, and stated, "Jennie is very busy so we don't get to meet very often but when we do, we usually go out to eat." cr allkpop
  8. I don't have big interest on Red Velvet, but whenever they comeback I listen to their song and watch their mv, and while browsing FB if I saw their stage I would watch them, I'm that kind of other group fan But when you see them, Joy's expression is always dark, Yeri's dance is a mess, Irene's dance is a mess towards the stage's 2nd half, only both Wendy and Seulgi worked hard on their expression and dance. Only if the 5 of them are right on beat and have good harmony that the stage composition become high but Red Velvet doesn't have that.. If they have sincerity on stage they will look like they've practiced a lot This time for Yeri even if we put aside the criticism and being not on beat, you can't see her confident or sincerity on stage If you look at their stage's comments, there're always only comments about Joy always looking sick, fans(ReVeluv) please look at the comments on YT, NaverCast, FB videoㅠㅠㅠㅠjust how much the criticism on RV is growing rapidly Fans always said that they're sick, young, have no time to practice Only appeal on the problem, if you never properly look at the problem can it be solved ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Must the public see an idol stage while nitpicking the problems one by one?While nitpicking on circumstancesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋOf course being sick is something that can't be helped but it's not even one or two days, does it make sense that whenever they promote they are sick to the point that they can't manage their expression +1195 / -242 Comments : [+644] [-71] This is why they can't absorb Soshi fandom and got all taken away by Twice.. [+609] [-45] An overrated group [+528] [-45] They are very bad on stage and the song is honestly not that good..Really looks like they are only up there because the pictures hardcore fans took [+229] [-15] At some point I find it not good that Irene's expression is very artificial. Always lofty expression while raising her eyebrows. She can just do curious expressions naturally, but must she put on artificial feeling wherever she is very conscious of the camera? When she first debuted it's good that she look innocent and kind, but now she change a lot, doing the princess feels all alone [+215] [-02] Feels like Yeri is sick for 365 days [+205] [-04] Don't you know that the one who certainly change since Happiness is Joy? She was a kid who doesn't rest while smiling on stage earning the fruit nickname, but not now and Yeri is the same if you compare her during ICC and now her expression and intensity of her dance is slagging [+190] [-11] Ah but honestly I can relate with what the best reply(now 3rd best) said because there's no flavor watching RV's stage, there's no flavor watching dance practice video, they can't dance so there's no flavor watching their fancam and since they are no fun when they play among themselves there's nothing to watch...Really the only flavor is looking at their photos... [+160] [-40] If it's not for sm their debut stage could be their last stage, sm top class failing group [+150] [-15] I tried watching their fan content light heartedly but RV's fan content is really no fun, honestly the majority of the members having no will is the truth, it's not exciting at all [+147] [-00] Director BoA isn't simply a company sunbae, as a company director after she check nct choreography, it looks like Red Velvet choreography looks more urgent.. "If the discipline drop then I will call right away" source
  9. RedVelvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE] Overseas Tour in Thailand (9/8), Taipei and Singapore are confirmed, more concert dates and countries to be added soon
  10. Yeri shows off her summer glow Article: "Rebirth of a goddess" Red Velvet's Yeri 'no problem' with plunging necklineSource: Herald Pop via Nate1. [+385, -19] Please practice your dancing. She's always half a beat faster than the rest.2. [+252, -24] Something about her looks imbalanced3. [+197, -19] Pretty. But please practice your dancing more.4. [+50, -3] Her proportions are crap. Her dance videos have been going around lately and not only is she a bad dancer, she's also really lazy. She has no talent or a pretty body, the most she has going for her is a cute face but what else? She's not even as pretty as Irene.5. [+41, -0] I don't get how she randomly joined Red Velvet. Her singing and dancing are worse than the other members.6. [+36, -4] She looked like she had a nasty personality on 'Knowing Bros'7. [+29, -1] Does she have networks in SM or something, how'd she get in? She's not SM's type of visual at all.8. [+14, -4] The ugliest and most untalented member of Red Velvet!9. [+12, -0] Please work harder when you're on stage10. [+6, -0] Practice your dancing. She's the only one getting the moves wrong, doesn't even do them right... she's not exceptionally good at singing or dancing, she should know to at least be a hard worker. cr netizenbuzz
  11. DMC Festival 2018 (DMCF 2018) - Super Concert 1st lineup:Wanna OneRed VelvetWheesungDynamic DuoSong SoheeKim Kyung Ho BandKai (not EXO Kai)
  12. She's so small but she was trying to hold 5 cups all at once for her dongsaengsㅠㅠㅠㅠ This was during today's fansign, she turned the fan towards the fans' side ㅠㅠ she's too cute The two of them were so cute here...... Joy took her unnie's clothes and was playing with it.Irene was like "what are you doing?" and started laughing, so cuteㅋㅋㅋ My cuties post response: [+70][-22] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 00:01 [+58, -0] Freaking cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠWhen Irene looks at the kids, she totally has a motherly smile.. ㅇㅇ |2018.08.12 23:55 [+50, -1] There's such a big gap between when Irene smiles and when she doesn't... she looks so cold but she looks motherly once she smiles ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 00:13 [+41, -0] Bae Joohyeon making fun of her drinkingㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 00:22 [+18, -1] She was so pretty that day... ah, this was already yesterday ㅇㅇ |2018.08.13 01:51 Seriously, if you watch their reality show when they have free time shopping, both of her hands are always busy holding something cr pannchoa
  13. Red Velvet First Week Sales: Ice Cream Cake: 17,181The Red: 22,045The Velvet: 33,190Russian Roulette: 23,970Rookie: 34,127The Red Summer: 32,629Perfect Velvet: 49,485The Perfect Red Velvet: 31,768Summer Magic: 53,800
  14. She should seriously be grateful that she's born with a pretty faceI was watching her choreography video, but why does she get so many parts wrong?She just looks so unsincereI know that RV has never been known to be synchronizedbut Yeri just stands out severelyIt's not even like she was good at singing and couldn't danceThat's the video She's the only one facing front The only one not bending her leg She's the only one with no legs facing right The only one not bending downDid she hurt her legs or something..?She just dances without any sincerityYou guys probably think that I took screencaps purposely to be evilif that was the case, how come all the other kids are all synchronized? (t/n: because OP claims that RV aren'tsynchronized)I really like RV's songs personalybut I feel like it's a pain to watch their choreography post response: [+2.646][210] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.08.11 20:20 [+762, -61] She's not desperate and doesn't give a f*ck, please put some work SM princess-yah ~ ㅇㅇ |2018.08.11 21:04 [+673, -30] No but I watched the fancam and she didn't get a single move right, always ahead or behind the counts ㅇㅇ |2018.08.11 21:12 [+583, -31] She already did the move too fast once but she didn't bother correcting it... sigh ㅇㅇ |2018.08.11 22:49 [+404, -10] Can the fans stop babying her and tell her to practice? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Unless you tell me her position is to make friends ㅇㅇ |2018.08.11 22:38 [+333, -9] Yeri doesn't like to dance "all out" that's not her style, so she's dancing all lazily like that, but does she think it makes her look pretty? She needs to actually dance to look good ㅠㅠ Like Krystal or Taeyeon.. I rather her dancing all out like she used to during ICC ㅇㅇ |2018.08.12 00:12 Yah the "Sulli = Yeri" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you guys joking? Sulli is tall and you can't even diss her face, she only got sworn because of her "Rum Pum Pum Pum" stage cr pannchoa
  15. Article: 'Girl group one top visuals' Red Velvet Irene pulls off choppy bangsSource: Newsen via Nate1. [+205, -11] Isn't this Taeyeon?2. [+195, -11] I thought it was Taeyeon...3. [+154, -11] I thought they posted the wrong pictures... thought it was Taeyeon4. [+22, -16] I see a bit of Taeyeon in her. Pretty people take after pretty people.5. [+17, -2] Thought it was Taenggoo...6. [+17, -5] Isn't that Taeyeon?7. [+16, -5] Taeyeon...8. [+15, -1] I never understood why people thought she looked like Taeyeon but she really does here9. [+13, -0] She really does look like Taeyeon ㅋㅋ that's cool. Love them both.10. [+10, -0] Hul I really thought she was Taeyeon cr netizenbuzz
  16. Pann: Red Velvet's stages are really bad for a big company 1. [+216, -35] Bad choreography + the members can't dance 2. [+206, -17] Seeing this, the choreo seems bad and the members also can't seem to dance. Irene is a dancer in Red Velvet but... Anyways, a lot of their title track choreos are weird. There's no fun in watching Red Velvet's stages. 3. [+185, -19] Some of the members can't dance at all. 4. [+119, -3] I liked Bad Boy... I think the members just can't pull of the choreos. Except for Seulgi, all of them seem to be bad dancers. 5. [+83, -26] The members have short arms and short legs, so their dance looks weird. 6. [+78, -4] Red Velvet has the worst choreos of all famous girl groups. 7. [+71, -2] Their dance is indeed a bit weird... 8. [+71, -1] 7/7 was legendarily terrible... SM needs to fire the choreographer. 9. [+59, -1] Joy is too tall compared to other members and it ruins the balance. It's like having a Nine Muses members in Crayon Pop. Also, the choreos are bad and the members can't dance. But their songs are so catchy. I still listen to Rookie Rookie. 10. [+52, -1] They can't really dance except Seulgi. At least Irene seems decent. Joy stands out because she's tall. Wendy had never danced until she joined SM. Yeri was a trainee for a long time but she's so-so. cr KPKF
  17. Brand reputation for girl groups in the month of August:1) BLACKPINK2) TWICE3) Red Velvet4) MAMAMOO5) Apink6) MOMOLAND7) SNSD8) GFRIEND9) Lovelyz10) LABOUM