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Found 5 results

  1. Article: Words of advice from 10 people who dreamt of a life like 'Hyori's Home Stay' but returned to the mainlandSource: Korea Econ via NateArticle interviews people who moved to Jeju Island with hopes of pursuing a lifestyle like Lee Hyori's depicted in her variety show and the reasons why they couldn't sustain it, such as rising prices of land and housing, low employment opportunities, and the cultural differences of island life. 1. [+428, -5] A lifestyle like Lee Hyori's is only possible if you have her kind of money. How can you expect that life without money? 2. [+390, -6] Jeju people are also very territorial and not welcoming to newcomers 3. [+329, -5] And the most important reason of all, Lee Hyori is rich... 4. [+33, -0] Lee Hyori = someone who went to Jeju to spend money / the average person = someone who took out a loan to live in Jeju 5. [+30, -2] Lee Hyori's lifestyle is only possible after you've amassed wealth. Even while living in Jeju, she still went to Seoul to shoot pictorials and do other jobs here and there while Lee Sang Soon continued writing songs and collecting royalties. That's why their lifestyle is possible on 'Home Stay'. 6. [+22, -0] You're an absolute idiot if you actually moved to Jeju after watching her show.. 7. [+16, -0] Even Lee Hyori had trouble selling her Jeju home. jTBC had to eventually buy it off of her. 8. [+11, -2] Moving anywhere follows the same rule: you need the money for it. You can't expect to open a new life for yourself with two potatoes and an ear of corn. 9. [+11, -0] Living anywhere in the countryside is all about breaking through to the locals. They're unwelcoming to newcomers and it's why a lot of city people end up returning to the city. 10. [+9, -0] If you have the money, anywhere's a nice place to live... cr netizenbuzz
  2. Kim Gura: Hyori-yah- Was today's broadcast ok? Lee Hyori: Take care of yourself first!How dare he judge other people?! post response: [+2,571][-10] original post: here ㅇㅇ Lee Hyori looks like an Egyptian goddess, freaking pretty ㅇㅇ For real, how dare he judge her? Lee Hyori debuted before him and is a sunbae to him in terms of variety show. She has more variety sense too ㅇㅇ I f*cking hate Kim Gura. I've always hated him but seeing how he harassed Shinji together with Lee Haneul, I just came to detest him. Just search that controversy up, it's in the news T/N: we did some research and here's what we found (cr: OH): In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Lee Hyori became one of Korea’s reigning young female entertainers. Appearing in numerous ads, guesting and hosting TV shows, and winning awards on music shows, Lee Hyori was untouchable. Shinji, member of the mega-popular group KOYOTE, was experiencing fame as well as her group had number one hit after number one hit. They also became Kim Gura’s biggest targets, which eventually lead to his first big scandal. During a broadcast regarding a scandal involving whether Lee Hyori did plastic surgery, Kim Gura claimed that Lee Hyori’s breasts were surgically enhanced and went on a very verbal rant. “Hyori’s tits are surgically enhanced tits. Lots of talks about this. Kang Ho Dong should squeeze her tits. If they pop, they are fake. If not, they are real. Silicones are salt based right? Suck on her nipples and it will taste salty. Lucky bitches gain weight on their boobs when they gain weight. Unlucky bitches gain weight on their faces. Pigs like Shinji. Goddamn she became a fugly pig. Such pig bitches.” ㅇㅇ Seriously, this is only possible because she's Lee Hyori... She got hurt by him from previous broadcast but was still able to create an atmosphere like that. There's seriously no one else but Lee Hyori who would be able to do such thing... Lee Hyori was seriously born to be a celebrity from her looks to her name ㅇㅇ If you consider what Kim Gura said about Lee Hyori before, it really makes me wonder what kind of generous mindset she has. If it was me, my hands would be shaking just by getting close to him cr pannchoa
  3. Article: Lee Hyori transforms into 'celebrity Lee Hyori' with just make up aloneSource: X Sports News via Nate1. [+1,863, -42] Lee Hyori's features take to make up really well. She looks prettier the darker her make up is.2. [+1,481, -57] She can pull off a ton of different looks, whether it's make up or clothes. Sometimes I see pictures of her from years ago and she still looks hip and modern. She's truly an icon of this generation.3. [+1,345, -64] She looks just as good without make up too4. [+77, -9] I remember during 'U Go Girl', she was decked out in yellow, green, and blue eyeshadow and still looked gorgeous. There's no such thing as 'personal color' with her. She's amazing at pulling off all sorts of colors.5. [+73, -16] A lot of celebrities look worse with thicker make up but she looks just as gorgeous..6. [+70, -9] Personality, face, everything, it's like she was born to be a celebrity7. [+62, -9] She has an especially pretty face shape, which I think is why she can pull off any hair or make up style8. [+60, -10] Her features look pretty enough without make up but her face definitely comes alive with make up on9. [+55, -15] A truly charming face that you can't find anywhere else10. [+53, -10] I like how she's aging naturally too, even her wrinkles are pretty. I bet you her face would've been ruined if she got botox or fillers.Source: http://netizenbuzz.b...ll-got-her.html