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Found 3 results

  1. Article: Lee Hyori transforms into 'celebrity Lee Hyori' with just make up aloneSource: X Sports News via Nate1. [+1,863, -42] Lee Hyori's features take to make up really well. She looks prettier the darker her make up is.2. [+1,481, -57] She can pull off a ton of different looks, whether it's make up or clothes. Sometimes I see pictures of her from years ago and she still looks hip and modern. She's truly an icon of this generation.3. [+1,345, -64] She looks just as good without make up too4. [+77, -9] I remember during 'U Go Girl', she was decked out in yellow, green, and blue eyeshadow and still looked gorgeous. There's no such thing as 'personal color' with her. She's amazing at pulling off all sorts of colors.5. [+73, -16] A lot of celebrities look worse with thicker make up but she looks just as gorgeous..6. [+70, -9] Personality, face, everything, it's like she was born to be a celebrity7. [+62, -9] She has an especially pretty face shape, which I think is why she can pull off any hair or make up style8. [+60, -10] Her features look pretty enough without make up but her face definitely comes alive with make up on9. [+55, -15] A truly charming face that you can't find anywhere else10. [+53, -10] I like how she's aging naturally too, even her wrinkles are pretty. I bet you her face would've been ruined if she got botox or fillers.Source: http://netizenbuzz.b...ll-got-her.html