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Found 2 results

  1. Kangnam has been discharged from the hospital and currently resting at home after car accident His situation will be continually monitored as there could be aftershock issues that Kangnam has yet to experience In a separate article published earlier at around 12AM KST, it was revealed that Kangnam had suffered some damages to his throat which were minor Kangnam is expected to make a full recovery Kangnam's stylist suffered a fracture to their face
  2. Kangnam has been involved in an 5-way car accident while travelling on the Gyeongbu Gosokdoro/Gyeongbu Express while heading to schedules in ChungjuBoth he and his stylist who were in the same vehicle are currently being sent to the hospitalNo word on his condition The car Kangnam was in had braked suddenly causing cars behind to run into the vehicle According to Widmay Entertainment, Kangnam has not suffered any serious injuriesKangnam's car came to a sudden stop due to the car in front of Kangnam's going to an abrupt stop. This caused cars behind the vehicle Kangnam and his stylist were in to crash into the car.