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Found 2 results

  1. 1) Nayeon Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile Eau de parfum (She used to use Kenzo Flower, switched to Jo Malone for a bit, and is using this one currently) 2) Jungyeon Creed Virgin Island Water 3) Sana Prada Candy Kiss Eau de parfum 4) Momo Victoria's Secret Very Sexy For Her 5) Jihyo Aerin Lilac Path 6) Mina Aerin Ikat Jasmine 7) Dahyun (uncertain) Dior Addict Eau de toillette 8) Chaeyoung Jo Malone English Pear & Preesia 9) Tzuyu (uncertain) Maison Francis Kurkdjian À la rose - Sana is using Aerin Iris Meadow currently May 7: "I asked Sana at Sangam fansign which perfume she was using recently. She wrote down the name of the perfume and it's Aerin Iris Meadow!" = Instiz: Perfumes that Twice members use - I'm going to keep this in mind when I get a new perfume - The perfumes match the members - I wish the screen had a smell function so that I can smell this ㅠㅠ - Sana's perfume bottle is just like Sana ㅋㅋㅋㅋ - I heard that Maison has a great scent...
  2. Article: Twice Jungyeon's 'provocative hair color'Source: Seoul Econ via Nate1. [+308, -58] So her looks were all make up2. [+218, -38] At least draw on some eyebrows... or some mascara...3. [+210, -37] The gap between the stage and off stage is huge4. [+27, -13] I thought it was INFINITE's Sungjong.....5. [+24, -2] Your oppas all wear a ton of make up too6. [+20, -10] I prefer not to see women's bare faces, seriously7. [+18, -10] Yook Sungjae?8. [+16, -4] I wouldn't even look twice if I passed her on the streets ㅋㅋ9. [+13, -0] Looks like an alpaca...10. [+11, -6] Jungyeon knows how to joke around like a kid sometimes but also be mature enough to take care of her teammates and staff. Always supporting her~ stay positive Jungyeon-ah, don't get sick~-