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Found 23 results

  1. I have never seen anyone as perfect as him in my real life, for real. I never understand why people stan idols, but this guy.. He broke that mindset of mine in just 3 seconds. I've liked him ever since then, the more I get into him, the lovelier he gets. I get upset to realize that in real life, I have no chance with him, that I can only see him from distance. The person who gets to date, or even marries him, in the future must've saved the whole nation in their previous life. I'm sad.. pann [+315][-43] 1. [+60][-0] I agree.. I feel happy just by seeing him. He's a hard-worker, he always gives 100% on stage and I respect him for that.. 2. [+59][-0] According to people who have seen him in person at Happy Together, he looks beautiful both on and off camera.. He slayed the audience, totally enjoyed his own performance.. 3. [+55][-0] The more you get into him, the more amazing you'll realize he is. He loves to joke around, he smiles a lot, he gets along with his members. Even though the members are very comfortable with him, they are actually very scared of him, and RM too..ㅠㅠ Not only lovers, even as friends, I think he's the kind of person that you'll learn a lot from.. 4. [+25][-0] Hobi is full of charisma and also a hard-worker. But off-stage, he turns into an adorable and understanding guy. During an interview in the US, he noticed that Namjoon was having a hard time to take off his microphone, so he signed to the translator to help him take the mic off.. That was so heart-fluttering!! 5. [+20][-0] When I first know BTS, I thought it was just a concept. But seeing by how he still hasn't changed at all, despite gaining so much popularity and becoming a legit superstar, I know that I was wrong. I understand why his fellow team mates rely on him so much. cr pannatic
  2. BTS's Jhope reversal charms

    A sexy dancer A cute squirrel He's charming. pann [+413][-9] 1. [+63][-0] And also his charisma as a senior..ㅜㅜ 2. [+47][-0] Hobi is the best. Here's a boyfriend-material picture of him. 3. [+37][-5] Jhope is so handsome.. 4. [+28][-0] Jhope is a sunshine, he's so lovely~~ 5. [+21][-0] Hope-ah..
  3. What a nice sight to look atㅋㅋ instiz -Angels must be close to each other.. -What.. Why is Jung Hoseok so tall? This is so crazy, I'm dying.. -Now tell me, is this heaven?? -I guess I'm in heaven now.. -Angels greeting each other.. I guess we're all in heaven now, guys.. -I had no idea they were close.. -Are they both from Gwangju??? -Seungwan is from Canada.. -I'm witnessing angels meeting each other.. -Are they the same age..? So adorable..ㅠㅠ -Who said that Wendy is from Gwangju? Let's have some words..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Is that Jungkook in front of Jhope..? Who was he greeting?? I'm curious..ㅋㅋㅋ -Why are they so beautiful..ㅠㅠㅠ -This heals my heart.. cr
  4. Here are some pictures of him from Dispatch Christmas pictorial J-Hope wearing the glasses that Jimin bought for him during a concert He looks good with it.. theqoo -I really love him with glasses. I mean, I still love him even when he's not wearing glasses but he just looks so cute when he wears them.. -He looks so cute..ㅠㅠ -Our Hobi is indeed very gorgeous..ㅠㅠ -He looks so sweet with them on.. I really love the ones that Jimin bought for him.. -The longer you look at him, the more beautiful he looks.. -Oh.. J-Hope is so handsome. He looks really outstanding these days.. -He is really gorgeous.. I mean it.. -I really like him these days.. He's so good-looking and he smiles a lot, not to mention that he's a great dancer.. -He looks so cheerful.. He really does smile a lot.. -The ones that Jimin bought for him are the most beautiful one.. -I like him..ㅠㅠ I like Hobi a lot..ㅠㅠ -He looks good with glasses because he has a very beautiful nose..ㅠㅠ -I have to admit that he wasn't outstanding in my eyes, at first.. But these days, he's the one that I'll look for first everytime I see BTS. I like the way he dances, the way he talks, and the way he does things.. cr
  5. [enter-talk] IS J-HOPE TRANSPARENT? Huh? post response: [+743][-9] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.12.12 21:47 [+150, -2] I was shocked so I had to doublecheckㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ |2018.12.12 21:46 [+87, -2] ㅋㅋㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋHis clothes is similar to the backgroundㅋㅋㅌㅋㅌ ㅇㅇ |2018.12.12 21:45 [+85, -2] ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㄱㅋ His clothes are camouflage ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ |2018.12.13 00:53 [+46, -3] Please watch his marionette dance video ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅇㅇ |2018.12.13 00:33 [+45, -3] Hope-squirrel was so pretty on that day ㅇㅇ |2018.12.13 12:25 [+21, -0] He was the best yesterday cr
  6. Jimin: “Army, our members. Their pride is my pride." And.. When will Jimin accomplish his next challenge? Jin: “I dreamed of my first challenge 10 years ago. I would close my eyes and imagine myself singing in front of a big audience. I think that was when it started for me." J-Hope: Effort plays an important role in trying to stay where I am now. I will always try my best because efforts will never betray me. That is what I think challenge is.
  7. Translations Front: BTS (“with a cool picture of me [Jimin]”) Back: “A heart with ‘I am ARMY’” Left Sleeve: “We/I love you!” Right Sleeve: “We/I support you!”
  8. [enter-talk] I WAS WATCHING THE UN SPEECH TODAY AND J-HOPEㅋㅋ Yah, has he always been this handsome? Seriously, my eyes only went to J-Hope as I was listening to the UN speech ㅋㅋ Wow he's overly handsome.. he kinda makes me want to join the fandom f*ck. Armys, please give me some of his pictures Update +) Wow I'm in the featured talks, thank you for your pictures ㅎㅎ post response: [+1,224][-190] original post: here ㅡ |2018.09.25 10:27 [+246, -12] J-Hope's handsome right? ㅇㅇ |2018.09.25 09:09 [+217, -22] F*ck, freaking handsome ㅇㅇ |2018.09.25 09:03 [+186, -8] Hobi.. ㅇㅇ |2018.09.25 10:33 [+128, -1] F*ckㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Thinking that later when people will ask you why you joined the fandom, you will say "I was listening to an UN speech"ㅋㅋㅋ so funnyㅋㅋㅋ 휴... ㅇㅇ |2018.09.25 12:02 [+127, -0] F*ck, I'm wetting my pants. Thank you... ㅇㅇ |2018.09.25 13:19 [+93, -0] V thought that J-Hope was the visual when he saw him for the first time no? He must be solid in real life ㅇㅇ |2018.09.25 10:56 [+92, -1] I saw Hoseok during their Love Yourself concert ?? But I seriously wanted to break my cameraㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠ It doesn't even come close to his looks in real life... he's handsome cr pannchoa
  9. Brand reputation for boy group members in the month of September: TOP 30 1. BTS’s Jimin 2. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel 3. BTS’s Jungkook 4. BTS’s RM 5. BTS’s V 6. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo 7. Shinhwa’s Eric 8. BTS’s Jin 9. BTS’s Suga 10. Wanna One’s Ong Seong Woo 11. Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon 12. BTS’s J-Hope 13. Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon 14. Wanna One’s Hwang Min Hyun 15. Wanna One’s Kim Jae Hwan 16. Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin 17. Wanna One’s Lee Dae Hwi 18. EXO’s Xiumin 19. Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon 20. MXM’s Kim Dong Hyun 21. BIGBANG’s Seungri 22. Wanna One’s Bae Jin Young 23. Wanna One’s Yoon Ji Sung 24. Wanna One’s Lai Guan Lin 25. BTOB’s Seo Eunkwang 26. IMFACT’s Lee Sang 27. INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun 28. EXO’s Sehun 29. TVXQ’s Yunho 30. EXO’s Baekhyun Jimin broke Daniel's #1 streak
  10. JHope purchased an apt in Trimaje building in Sungsudong for $1.1~1.4M in 2016 (now worth around $1.6M). 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Has hotel-like services including indoor golf practice center, sauna, gym, business lounge, book cafe, lesson room, and spa
  11. James Corden has hinted that BTS may soon be appearing on his late-night show again! BTS first came on his CBS show “The Late Late Show with James Corden” last fall when they were in Los Angeles to perform at the American Music Awards. The group is currently in the United States to perform at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, where they’re also nominated for the Top Social Artist award. In addition, it’s been announced that they will return to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” as guests during this trip too. On May 15, James Corden posted tweets that are getting ARMY excited! The first tweet included BTS’s Twitter username, along with a recent video clip from his show. His previous tweet had been about the video clip, so there may be no relation to his hints about BTS. A few minutes later, he tweeted again to say, “These guys may or may not have been on the show tonight… Ssssssh!” Fans have also uncovered some possible evidence that the group was filming for the show yesterday after they arrived in Los Angeles! They noticed that photos J-Hope posted yesterday on Twitter have the same background as the location where James Corden has filmed segments before in the past. Fans have also got in touch with people who are said to have been audience members at the show, who stated that BTS performed. BTS will be making a comeback on May 18 with their new full album “Love Yourself: Tear,” which features the title track “Fake Love.” Stay tuned for more news about BTS’s possible appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”! https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/15/james-corden-hints-btss-possible-return-late-late-show/
  12. On Wednesday, BTS’ docuseries Burn the Stage ended its eight-episode run on YouTube Red, and throughout the series fans got to learn a lot about the going-on behind-the-scenes of the K-pop group’s Wings tour. There was a lot to takeaway from the series, but here are some of the highlights: 1. BTS’ members are still growing as artists. While BTS as a group is undeniably successful, the septet is still working hard to improve as individuals. Throughout the eight episodes, each of the members expressed his own personal struggles to grow artistically. Especially impactful moments came when Jimin and Jin discussed their efforts to get better as a vocalists through practicing and vocal lessons, and when V talked about wanting to sing music that he wrote and become a better actor. 2. Most of the seven BTS members aren’t where they thought they’d be, and it's wonderful. Several of the members talked about their origins at Big Hit Entertainment and in BTS, and shared some insights into their creative journey, such as Jungkook expressing disbelief retroactively over becoming BTS’ main vocalist and J-Hope talking about how he learned to rap after auditioning as a dancer. Throughout the series there are several references to the groups earliest days, and the group even shared Suga's audition tape for the company. 3. The theme of self-awareness is pervasive throughout Burn the Stage. Throughout the entire webseries, the BTS members frequently comment on their hard work being simultaneously as important to their career as that of their fans, who have helped them achieve great heights. The group’s recognition that what they’ve become is bigger than themselves is humbling, and shows a great sense of consciousness from one of the world’s most popular boy bands. At the same time, Burn the Stage as a show is itself very aware that it’s a documentary series giving a look into the life of an act that came out of the tightly-controlled K-pop industry: in one episode, the BTS members and their staff are seen discussing how they have the final say regarding footage filmed at JBTV in Chicago. 4. Communication is key. Though they were put together by Big Hit and were originally strangers, it’s clear that through the series that there is a tight bond between the seven members of BTS. During Burn the Stage, the members refer to how they’ve learned over the years that the key to successfully working together is through conversation and understanding. Even in the tense moments that are shown, discussion is key; when Jin and V fought before a concert, the entire group got together to talk things out afterwards. RM also discussed how important it was for him to use music as a way to communicate with fans, as a way to impact the lives of people around the world. 5. BTS’ work ethic is no joke. Social media erupted in shock and sadness over some early Burn the Stage scenes that revealed youngest member Jungkook had passed out behind stage after performing in one of the group’s shows in Chile. Throughout the episodes it's revealed that ice packs and cans of oxygen made frequent appearances as the seven members toured the world, and the final international stop of the Wings tour in Macau even saw Jimin unable to perform the choreography due to illness. The series also revealed that members carry around portable studios in their suitcases to produce new music as they jump between countries rapidly. It was clear throughout the series that BTS’ dedication and drive to put on the best show possible for their ARMY is literally a labor blood, sweat, and tears. Bonus: V found out they were going to the BBMAs when he saw the stylists picking out their outfits. BTS will be performing at this year's Billboard Music Awards on May 20, two days after they release their highly-anticipated Love Yourself: Tear album. They are nominated once again in the Top Social Artist category, which they won last year. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/k-town/8455496/bts-burn-the-stage-youtube-series-takeaways?utm_source=twitter
  13. BTS photographed during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas. A decision by the K-pop phenoms is really proving that they're "beyond the scene." At the end of last month, it was announced that BTS will perform at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, with the K-pop phenoms set to give the debut TV performance of the new single from their forthcoming Love Yourself: Tear album. In the K-pop scene, the debut performance of a new single is a big deal, known as the "comeback" performance or stage. With their upcoming BBMAs performance, BTS is essentially elevating themselves not only as artists who can land such a big awards-show slot, but also as Korean-culture leaders to create bigger and larger opportunities to lift the Korean wave. From the aesthetics to the musical performances themselves, K-pop fans know and always anticipate artists' comeback stages on Korea's weekly music chart show programs that see acts performing their promoted music and a No. 1 winner named for the week. In these comeback performances, acts typically get a special stage setup from the network with additional scenery and props -- making the already extravagant K-pop live stages that much more extravagant -- with acts typically performing their single along with one or two album tracks. Sometimes for the really popular acts, like BTS, they're even given their own dedicated episode like the group had in their Comeback Show - BTS DNA special that aired on Korean broadcast channel Mnet and included the first performances of Love Yourself: Her tracks like "Mic Drop" and "Go Go." While there have been rare moments where K-pop acts have taken their comeback performances to non-Korean TV performances -- like when boy band Teen Topdebuted their new single "Rocking" at the 2013 KCON festival in Los Angeles -- for the most part, the first performance for new music happen exclusively in Korea's broadcast world. Yet, BTS performing their new single for the first time at one of America's biggest award shows, alongside fellow superstars like Janet Jackson, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato and more, puts them at a new level as top-notch performers. In fact, after this performance, the next question on everyone's mind may be where will the next big comeback stage happen? Will it come from BTS or will another act try to one-up them? As K-pop's international interest continues to rise and its artists continue earn more visibility in mainstream markets, could it become more of a norm for artists to debut their music on larger stages -- both literally and figuratively -- than what they've done in the past in Korea? Depending on the response, perhaps BTS will pioneer a new a standard for Korean acts to set in the pop world and prove that tradition doesn't necessarily always need to be the only way to do something. In fact, if given and allowed the opportunity to innovate with their performance and premiere rollouts, perhaps K-pop could create even more excitement for the beloved Korean music shows and their other programming to keep the Hallyu going all the more strong. New to the word "comeback" when it comes to K-pop artists? Check out one of BTS' most memorable comeback stages when M Countdown created an entire custom set inspired by the band's You Never Walk Alone album paired unveiling a second set decorated by light bulbs, sky lanterns and a chandelier of flowers that showered the band with gorgeous petals.
  14. Y version U version
  15. Group ('O' Version) V ('O' Version) Suga ('O' Version) Jungkook ('O' Version) RM ('O' Version) Jin ('O' Version) J-Hope ('O' Version) Jimin ('O' Version) Group ('R' Version) V ('R' Version) Suga ('R' Version) Jungkook ('R' Version) RM ('R' Version) Jin ('R' Version) J-Hope ('R' Version) Jimin ('R' Version)