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Found 11 results

  1. Red Velvet (4 of 5 members) Sunday f(x) (4 of 4 members)
  2. Article: Jessica, smiling surrounded by flowers "garden of my dreams"Source: Seoul Econ via Nate1. [+476, -8] She looks like a man with long hair...2. [+350, -8] I saw the thumbnail and thought it was Byun Ki Soo-ssi crossdressing...3. [+282, -8] Wow, she looks like Mona Lisa4. [+32, -2] I'm a woman and.. I really never leave negative comments but.. aigoo... didn't she look okay during 'Naengmyun'? What happened ㅠㅠ or is it just a bad picture5. [+28, -0] Am I really drunk right now...;;; what is this picture... ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ6. [+24, -3] She looks like Kim Jong Seo7. [+22, -2] Damn long face8. [+22, -1] Mo... Mona Lisa ㅋㅋㅋㅋ9. [+21, -1] Moon Bok hyung...? What're you doing there...?10. [+20, -0] Wait, she uploaded this thinking she actually looked good?11. [+20, -1] She has such masculine features, even after all that work12. [+20, -3] Wow.. she looks exactly like Kim Jong Seo cr netizenbuzz
  3. If you have been following K-Pop for a long time, you would most probably know Jessica who used to be a member of Girls' Generation. She had successfully started her own fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare, in 2014 and have them in 60 stores worldwide. With her fashion visions and choice in design, many actually like the apparels from her brand and are worn by numerous number of female K-Pop idols as spotted by fans. Such idols include Red Velvet's Irene, IU, Suzy, HyunAh, WJSN's Luda, Nine Muses‘s KyungRi, YuBin, DIA's Jung ChaeYeon and many more! HyunAh was spotted wearing it during the photoshoot for her recent comeback for TRIPLE H. They are seen either wearing the clothes during casual events or during a photoshoot and so on. All of the idols look really great wearing these clothes! For more information about her fashion brand or where to get the outfit, you can find out more through her official website here. Do you think it looks good too? cr kpopmap
  4. 1) Describe your sister in 1 word. Jessica: How can you describe a person in 1 word? If I must, I’ll say ‘cute’. Krystal: I wanna say 'love’. But this word is overused. I’ll say 'the giving tree’. 2) How is the relationship between you sisters? What is the best part of it? Jessica: We’re just like any other sisters! The best part is that we’re both in the same industry, and can depend on each other. If either 1 of us is caught in a sticky situation, we can care for each other with a sincere heart. We can also celebrate each other’s achievements. This further strengthens our relationship. Krystal: We’re just like normal sisters but with something special. We’re like normal sisters in a way cos we shop, eat, drink. Yet we’re special cos we work in the same industry. 3) What does Fendi represent to you? Jessica: Fendi represents traditional luxury with a daringly creative spirit. Krystal: Fendi reminds me of my childhood. I’ve seen Fendi designs since I was a child, many of my role models have worn Fendi. 4) What similarities do you see in yourself as compared to the women of Fendi? Jessica: Classic style, polished and playful. Krystal: Elegant & young. 5) Describe 'Peekaboo’ in 3 words. Jessica: Peekaboo is eternity, interesting and timeless. Krystal: Creative, minimalistic, simple. 6) Do you find Peekaboo meaningful? Why? Jessica: Of course I think Peekaboo is meaningful, it’s classic design has an unpredictable element to it, and this design will carry on for a long time. Krystal: That’s right, and it’s the same for every colour. 7) What do you think of the Peekaboos you held for the photoshoot? Jessica: The Peekaboo I held for the photoshoot has a very pretty design, and it’s very useful. I like that it can match easily with jeans, just like how I dressed for this shoot. If you wish to dress more elegantly, this is still a good accessory to have. Krystal: It matches with almost everything, and it’s very comfortable to carry. 8) How will you describe yourself? What are some similarities between the Peekaboo and yourself? Jessica: I will describe myself as someone who is classic, traditional with a little twist. Krystal: People who know me told me their first impression of me is far from my actual personality. Peekaboo is similar to me in this sense, once you familiarise with this bag, you will realise it’s real charm. 9) What are the essential items in your Peekaboo bags? Jessica: My lipstick, iPhone, and hairbrush. These are the must-haves. Krystal: Lipstick, hairbrush and sunglasses. 10) Peekaboo can contain many secrets, what are some of your secrets? Jessica: Of course a secret should be kept (a secret)! Krystal: I love to joke, I like to make people laugh. 11) Introduce Seoul, why does it give you so much inspiration? Jessica: Seoul is an inspiring city, its always evolving and brings excitement. Seoul is also very traditional, I like being here. Krystal: Seoul is always developing, I wanna keep up with her. 12) How was your experience filming in Seoul? Jessica: Even if it rains, filming outdoors in Seoul always lifts my mood. I usually film indoors, so its a different experience filming outdoors! And I love working with my sister, its like we’re just shopping. Everything is just much more memorable and interesting when we’re together. Krystal: This is the best chance to introduce the many different sides of Seoul to the world. 13) Any interesting happenings on the day of filming? Jessica: It was very unforgettable, it’s always wonderful working with my sister. Krystal: It reminds me of us running around in the rain when we were kids. 14) Both of you love music. How important is music to you? Jessica: Music is an important part of my life that cannot be erased, especially since I became a singer at a young age. It is what motivates me. It also nurtures my passion for fashion. I love being in the crossroads between music and fashion. I can express my creativity via these 2 avenues. Krystal: Music has always been a part of me growing up, it will always be a part of my life. 15) Share your future plans with us. Jessica: I’m constantly working on new music, this is what I’m most passionate about. I’m also researching information about my work. Fashion week has always been a huge thing for me. I look forward to future developments. Krystal: My new drama 'Player’ will start filming soon, and I will continue working on other activities. cr article: https://www.vogue.co...tent-41613.html cr trans: hyori_sunie
  5. Article: Jessica 'innocent beauty at its peak' even pretty in her tight hair bun Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+361, -33] Her forehead looks like Hwang Bihong with her hair up in a bun like that 2. [+323, -34] Not pretty 3. [+303, -22] She stretched out her legs so much that her feet look at least a size 300 4. [+17, -3] Honestly, maybe Krystal, but even men don't like Jessica ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+12, -4] But... is she still news worthy? She doesn't seem to be doing anything news worthy and not many people seem to care about what she's up to. I always check the news rankings and she's always up there... why? Is she paying people off? What's the standard? Views? Comments? Both of which she doesn't get much of... 6. [+10, -2] Stop with the photoshop. We all know you're as short as a dwarf, stop stretching your legs out like they're chopsticks. 7. [+6, -2] Ajumma... 8. [+6, -2] Looks like she's starting to bald 9. [+5, -1] Not one thing is pretty about her from the shape of her head to her lack of hair to her face, everything's a flop. Her looks are a pollution to that environment. 10. [+5, -1] How big are her feet? 400?
  6. Article: Jessica steps on to first Cannes red carpet in her life as VIP for 'Star Wars' Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate 1. [+422, -29] She dressed in the most tacky, flashy way possible to get all the attention. Her and Kiko should really be embarrassed of themselves, acting like top stars ㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+350, -19] Her laugh lines are so pronounced 3. [+283, -11] She was invited for some jewelry event and yet she's media playing as if she was personally invited to the Cannes ㅋㅋ her and Kiko are really out there acting like they're actresses ㅋㅋ 4. [+26, -1] She stands out way too much.. everyone's looking at her like "who is that?" 5. [+25, -0] Oing... No one's even looking at her if you look at the people in the back. Who took these for her? A friend? 6. [+24, -1] She's dressed like she's a lead actress here to win a trophy for her movie; 7. [+22, -1] As flashy as she looks, the reporters don't seem to care.. 8. [+19, -0] She stands out way too much on her own. Face, style, everything looks like an overdone trot singer 9. [+19, -3] Why is her face so tight and puffy.. 10. [+17, -5] They really must've not had any good VIPs to invite.. I would've understood if Krystal was invited but.. -_-;; 11. [+14, -0] Look at no one giving her attention ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ tragic 12. [+14, -0] Sometimes I think she does that ice concept because she doesn't have a pretty smile... 13. [+13, -0] Too unnatural... from her make up to her dress to her facial expressions http://netizenbuzz.b...red-carpet.html
  7. MyDaily: ‘We're at Cannes, Jessica's first appearance at Cannes Film Festival is deeply significant... there will be good news soon (interview highlights)' http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003049257
  8. Article: "Ready for marriage" Jessica's motherly smile while watching a babySource: Herald Pop via Nate1. [+454, -22] Her facial expression is so awkward and weird, did she upload this thinking she looked good??2. [+360, -30] Her facial expression is so fake ㅋㅋㅋ anyone who really loves babies wouldn't be able to make a face like this if they tried..3. [+302, -13] The baby's prettier4. [+20, -0] How much fillers did she get that she can't even smile all the way5. [+15, -0] Starting to see the negative effects of her fillers6. [+11, -2] Her face is looking more masculine;;7. [+10, -2] Starting to see her pre-debut face more now... getting uglier8. [+9, -0] Can she even move her facial muscles?9. [+9, -0] She's more concerned with looking good on camera than any motherly smile ㅎ10. [+8, -0] Why are her teeth so big-