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Found 7 results

  1. Henry joins Monster Entertainment as their first artist. They say they will help him become a global entertainer. The company helped produce a Chinese movie and has partnerships with US companies.
  2. Henry has been cast in a HOllywood movie. The, called 'A Dog's Journey', will be directed by Gail Mancuso from the American series 'Modern Family'. The movie is a sequel to 2017's 'A Dog's Purpose', and Dennis Quaid will be the lead once again. Henry will be playing the character Trent, but there is not much information about his character yet. Congratulations to Henry. cr allkpop
  3. Henry Lau officially establishes own studio in China! He parted ways with South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment in April of this year.
  4. Article: Henry's first step after leaving SM is CEO of a restaurant Source: TV Report via Nate 1. [+863, -39] He has a great sense for things so I think he'll be great at running a restaurant. He's such a likable person, fighting! 2. [+702, -82] It's been such a while since I've seen a restaurant properly use the phrase 'Grand Opening'... It's usually 'Grand Open' written on the banners. At least write it in Korean if you don't know the proper phrase for it... 3. [+489, -27] Not sure about anything else but knowing him, I'm sure the restaurant will at least be tasty and have decent service 4. [+30, -2] It's ironic how everyone kept calling him a music prodigy and a waste to stay in SM because he's so talented and the first thing he does after leaving SM is open a restaurant 5. [+27, -1] I think it's more natural for him to spread his wings on his own than being a part of some agency. He's an energetic and smart person. 6. [+25, -1] Can't believe his contract was for 10 years, jeez 7. [+25, -5] Didn't realize it was so easy for foreigners to open businesses in Korea... hope he's paying his taxes properly... 8. [+23, -3] Since he's Chinese Canadian, you would think it'd be easier for him to open an agency in China but he's staying in Korea for longer than I thought 9. [+11, -2] He got a lot of praise on variety shows and I bet a lot of agencies are trying to get him in now that he left SM 10. [+10, -1] His prices are cheaper than others, it's fine... Most celebrities would use their name to try and hike up the prices - Source - http://netizenbuzz.b...restaurant.html
  5. Article: Henry reveals his new home "It's small and average"Source: Newsen via Nate1. [+938, -12] I heard he left SM... is that why he had to move? Wishing him luck2. [+781, -6] Looks like his previous apartment was SM's3. [+90, -2] I'm glad he left SM. Not like they ever did anything for him anyway. He's so musically talented and yet they stuck him as a half member in SuJu and got him tons of hate from the fans, causing emotional suffering.4. [+79, -2] His new home is a lot cozier and better ㅋㅋ his previous apartment felt empty, like he'd have trouble sleeping in it5. [+58, -1] I like him a lot because he's a hard worker~ Despite being the most talented out of all the cast in 'I Live Alone', he's so humble and speaks formally to them ㅠ I actually feel bad because I feel like he's being way too respectful just for being a younger foreigner.7. [+50, -5] I wonder if he moved apartments because he left SM...8. [+44, -2] His place proves that you can decorate a small place pretty too without a TV9. [+42, -0] Gotta cut down on expenses now that he's alone without SM10. [+42, -1] Something about not having a TV and having the sofas together like that feels so cozy!-
  6. Article: Henry parts ways with SM after 10 days... "setting up one man agency"Source: Yonhap News via Nate1. [+405, -13] He's better off leaving... he didn't have any future staying in SuJu...2. [+357, -8] Henry has amazing composing skills, no need for him to play to the whims of others ㅋㅋㅋ3. [+289, -7] I wonder if that's why he isn't' on 'I Live Alone'4. [+21, -2] Judging by how he's no longer on 'I Live Alone', Lee Soo Man seems pissed over this decision ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ5. [+20, -0] No matter how I think of it, this is the best decision 100 times over6. [+20, -1] SuJu is honestly on its last legs. A few of the members have caused scandals so it's effectively an end for their group promos. Since individual promos are more important now, it's best for him to go out on his own.7. [+15, -0] Good decision8. [+13, -0] Seeing as how all these SM kids leave to set up their own agencies, I don't think SM treats them all that well9. [+8, -1] Henry was never a part of the SuJu that we're all thinking about. He was supposed to be a part of a group for the global fanbase that was only SuJu in name... He's not the same SuJu as Leeteuk and Kim Heechul...10. [+7, -0] SM isn't going to leave him alone. Most of their foreign celebrities have left. The Koreans are usually like "I'll just hold it in" but foreigners don't have that same tolerance.-
  7. Henry will be parting ways with SM Entertainment after a decade. On April 30, SM Entertainment revealed, “Henry’s exclusive contract recently expired, and we have ended on good terms.” Henry plans on establishing a one-man agency to continue his activities. Henry debuted in April 2008 through the unit Super Junior-M and began activities as a solo singer in 2013. He has since been active also through variety shows. https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/29/breaking-henry-leaves-sm-entertainment/