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Found 9 results

  1. Remember her 2M, 30s fancam from some days ago? Well EXID's been performing lately And wow she's been looking fiiiiiine!!! Keep watching Hani slay us all this year!
  2. So, this fancam was uploaded two days ago and it seems that has started to gain attention a little bit less than a day. As the user maomaoxx has said on EXID's thread, Hani is gaining attention again for how she handled her wardrobe. She wore very short shorts so during the butt dance of U&D, she lowered her jacket to cover it while dancing. Comments are calling her a pro and awesome for what she did. It's currently #10 in SK trends and in less than two days the clip (there's also the full fancam with more than 200k views) has gained more than 700k views (almost 800k views). Here it is: Full fancam: It seems that also people are defending her of possible sexual harassers because there are certain comments that are really disgusting. And Hani's abs are like one of the most talked topics in the comments! Indeed fancam queen! I'm proud of her, she did the right thing if that made her feel more comfortable and secure. Besides, she did it so naturally and quickly. A pro without a doubt. Btw, here is Solji's first selfie after a long time that she uploaded today on Instagram and also made a lot of buzz:
  3. Jeonghwa has finally done it and now all five members have graced the stage.
  4. https://twitter.com/...458157481639937 https://twitter.com/...466360919576576 https://twitter.com/...458313321070592
  5. Article: EXID Hani 'skinny V line face'Source: Mydaily via Nate1. [+326, -32] I wish she'd stop getting chin fillers ㅠㅠ I know she gets it for her own satisfaction but she's gotten too much that her chin looks crooked2. [+277, -30] That's plastic, right? Her chin looks so fake3. [+210, -20] Is there something in her chin? Sometimes it looks so sharp that it doesn't look like a part of her face4. [+24, -3] Can't see any of her face from her fancam days anymore. Before, she used to whine about being misunderstood for having plastic surgery but now I don't think she could deny it5. [+20, -2] That chin... fillers and implants..6. [+19, -3] What's up with her chin?7. [+15, -3] The more fillers you get, the more unnatural you end up looking. She needs to stop.8. [+8, -3] Her features have always looked masculine to me9. [+7, -3] She's going to end up with Baek Ji Young's chin once she gets older ㅜㅜㅜ10. [+6, -0] These are pictures from 2013 before she blew up with 'Up & Down'https://instagram.com/p/d1UTrllrKf/https://instagram.com/p/kMtjl0FrNi/https://instagram.com/p/hs4oc0lrLL/You jealous haters need to lose some weight~ your eyes are obviously hidden under all your fat and can't se straight~~-