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Found 5 results

  1. Article: "HOT forever" first HOT concert after 17 years, thank you, sorry, we love you Source: OSEN via Naver 1. [+1,088, -82] The all time #1 idol group 2. [+677, -16] They are nostalgia itself for people in their thirties and forties 3. [+449, -15] The size of their concert though 4. [+379, -15] Let's all hold hands and look at the sky 5. [+101, -3] SM may have made EXO but HOT made SM 6. [+70, -2] "Wifey, I put our baby to sleep so take your time on your way back ^^" 7. [+56, -1] Tony still looks like he did back then with his hair longer like this 8. [+54, -0] They're a first generation idol and yet are still able to fill up the Jamshil stadium brim to brim like this, HOT forever 9. [+52, -10] Sechs Kies doesn't stand a chance against HOT, honestly cr netizenbuzz ------------------------------------------- The concert was two days: 45,000 for each day at the Olympic Stadium
  2. Article: [Exclusive] HOT to reunite after 17 years on 'Infinity Challenge' -> concert confirmed... 5 will be reunitingSource: OSEN via Nate1. [+979, -107] It's for real this time ㅠㅠ the oppas posted it on Instagram ㅠㅠㅠ2. [+809, -95] We've been waiting HOT3. [+781, -100] Tickets will sell out in seconds ㅋ4. [+58, -18] In our country, even BTS couldn't stand a chance against HOT's fame5. [+47, -2] Moon Hee Joon just needs to get back to his 'Outside Castle' weight... Can they please perform that song at their concert? The song is good but so is the choreography...6. [+34, -11] The legends are back7. [+32, -3] This is going to be ticketing war ㅠㅠ8. [+28, -1] I heard SM had an HOT album included in their annual plan for September, I guess that's true9. [+27, -4] Can we please do this old school and buy tickets at the bank in a line... ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ internet ticketing is too hard ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I don't have what it takes to click at a PC bang10. [+27, -7] Oppas posted it on Instagram, it must be true ♥♥♥ cr netizenbuzz
  3. WINNER is mentioned in a book called "Preview of Korean Literature" "When I was young, I used to like an idol group called H.O.T. They are ancestors of EXO and WINNER whom you like these days"
  4. Red Velvet's Irene is the top girl group member in terms of brand value for April. According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, Irene was at the top of the April data, followed by TWICE's Nayeon and Momo. 126,561,957 pieces of data were examined from March 13th to April 14th. Irene had a total of 6,250,052, while Nayeon had 4,374,013 and Momo had 3,645,044. The rest of the girls ranked were, in order, Mina (TWICE), Joy (Red Velvet), Sana(TWICE), Jungyeon (TWICE), Seohyun (Girls' Generation), Yeonwoo (Momoland), Tzuyu (TWICE), Seulgi (RedVelvet), Jihyo (TWICE), Dahyun (TWICE), Hani (EXID), Chaeyoung (TWICE), Yeri (RedVelvet), Wendy (RedVelvet), YoonA (Girls'Generation), Namjoo (APink), Nancy (Momoland), JooE (Momoland), Solar (MAMAMOO), Arin (Oh My Girl), Whee In (MAMAMOO), Taeyeon (Girls' Generation), Hyojung (Oh My Girl), Binnie (Oh My Girl), LE (EXID), Na-Eun (A Pink), and Junghwa (EXID).
  5. On April 13, Jackson announced that he’ll be putting out his third solo single and an MV for the track on April 20. Jackson previously released his single “Papillon” in August of 2017, which he followed up later in the year with “Okay.”