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Found 35 results

  1. Article: [Exclusive] Goo Hara to go through with Japan fan meet amidst ex-boyfriend controversy... "after deliberation" Source: TV Report via Nate 1. [+918, -103] Celebrities have such a strong mentality 2. [+734, -114] A. ma. zing. 3. [+580, -92] I guess you really need thick skin to be a celebrity. Her mentality is stronger than most. 4. [+64, -22] What's all this talk about her mentality? She didn't even do anything wrong. I thought you were all advocating for a society that allows victims to stay confident ㅋㅋㅋ Goo Hara has every right to feel confident in herself ㅋㅋ 5. [+55, -24] Why should she be expected to stay in hiding? What did she do wrong? 6. [+51, -20] She's choosing to work, why is that something to be mocked? Should victims stay as quiet as a mouse and stay in hiding in sadness? Is that what you expect of victims? 7. [+46, -20] Why should she be expected to quit her livelihood just because of her scandal? She got caught up with a bad guy. If this had happened to any of you, would you able to quit your jobs and stay home all day? She has the money to be able to but she's choosing to work, stop judging her for it... She did nothing wrong. 8. [+35, -18] Nothing wrong with doing a fan meet. People just don't like seeing a victim like this so they're judging her mentality and whatnot. 9. [+32, -17] A person needs to work. She did not commit a crime. Let's be real, the video was never even released. She has every right to collect herself and get back to working if she wants. 10. [+27, -12] Seems like men only consider a woman a real victim if she either kills herself or completely ruins her life. They never care about the difficulties the victim has faced and what they did to overcome it. If a victim overcomes it, men are just like, "Oh really? Then it must've not been a big deal in the first place. You were just acting like a victim." I bet if Jang Ja Yeon never commit suicide, she would've been accused of being a kkot-baem. 11. [+24, -14] I hope her fans will help heal and console her 12. [+23, -9] I guess she's not embarrassed 13. [+23, -8] What a scary woman cr
  2. Article: Goo Hara and ex-boyfriend head to prosecution... 'hidden camera' suspicion added to ex-boyfriend Source: Yonhap News via Nate 1. [+2,673, -89] "Discovered hidden camera pictures" this ba$tard's total trash, isn't he? 2. [+2,383, -91] Aigoo, you piece of trash, your last chance was when Goo Hara offered a settlement tsk tsk 3. [+2,103, -74] Even hidden camera pictures!!!!!!!! 4. [+171, -12] No wonder Goo Hara beat the crap out of him.. 5. [+163, -9] He tried to ruin her life but only ended up ruining his 6. [+155, -9] He's still going to be charged with drunk driving too since that was caught on CCTV as well, right??????????? 7. [+105, -11] Korean men never disappoint 8. [+83, -10] He has a long list of charges... 9. [+81, -7] He acted like the victim this whole time and yet he was the bad guy all along. Goo Hara made the good call... don't let him drag you around because you're scared he's going to leak stuff. 10. [+73, -5] How cruel of him to use a video and hidden camera pictures to try and get money out of her to turn his life around cr
  3. [enter-talk] IS THIS THING ABOUT GOO HARA'S POPCORN-GAK FOR REAL?? This was a question in one of the English exams in a school at Incheon, are they for real?? The teacher must not be same to ridicule Goo Hara like that.. They called Choi Jongbeom "Hairdresser Choi";;; Are they joking?? post response: [+271][-3] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.10.12 15:20 [+68, -0] Goo Hara needs to sue them... This is so thoughtless ㅇㅇ |2018.10.12 15:07 [+68, -0] Doesn't the direction even review other teachers' exams? Or other teachers? How could they think that such question isn't problematic and printed everything like that, I just can't get it. ㅇㅇ |2018.10.12 15:04 [+43, -1] Amazing. Where is the teacher who decided to write this exam? ㅇㅇ |2018.10.12 16:37 [+13, -1] Seriously this English...Makes me wonder if the English teacher actually speaks it... It feels like they just took Korean and Google translated it... It feels like sentences that would make no sense in English but total sense in Korean? The content is problematic but the English is even more. With this kind of character, I wouldn't even want to learn English from that person ㅇㅇ |2018.10.12 15:02 [+10, -0] This issue is still under investigation and there's a bunch of social issues tied to it, I can't understand why he/she decided to use this as a question cr
  4. Article: "Only female officers should be allowed to view Goo Hara's video" vs "All officers should do what they need to do, why divide by gender?" Source: Herald Econ via Nate 1. [+627, -64] How can these dumb b*tches not know where they belong and don't... 2. [+525, -81] If the video is being viewed for investigative purposes, it should be like how they do it in foreign countries and be viewed by all gender officers assigned to the case. There should not be gender discrimination in investigations. 3. [+436, -74] Well what if his d*ck is in the video too?? 4. [+47, -54] I think it's right for only female officers to view it since it's a video that might make the female victim feel embarrassed 5. [+35, -15] This is gender discrimination. Obviously the ex's d*ck is in the video too, not only Goo Hara's. Both male and female officers should watch the video, you shouldn't discriminate the officers like that. 6. [+27, -4] Feminazis should only call female firefighters when their homes are on fire 7. [+25, -3] This is what gives feminazis a bad name. So female officers are allowed to see the man's d*ck but not the other way around? It shouldn't matter what gender the officers are. If they're assigned to the case, they should be allowed to view it. 8. [+21, -1] This should be the rule if the victim asks for it 9. [+21, -24] We all know what the male officers are going to do with the video 10. [+21, -11] It can't be helped when it's being investigated. And it's not like she's the only one exposed in the video, the man is too. It's not like they can have AI investigate it. cr netizenbuzz
  5. Hara cannot give any legal punishment to Choi Jung Bum for blackmailing. Hara and her hairstylist ex-boyfriend have been making headlines for their assault controversy. South Korea's laws on revenge porn have also become a hot issue as Hara revealed Choi threatened her with private videos. Unfortunately, the current South Korean law fails to protect the victims of revenge porn. According to politician Kim Kyung Jin on MBC's 'Section TV', "Currently, there's no way of punishing the person who leaked private videos (if both people agreed to film it). So we're working to reform the law so that a person can get a minimum of 3 years in prison for just leaking the videos." cr allkpop
  6. Article: [Exclusive] Police conclude "There was no distribution of Goo Hara's video", investigation team says Source: Korea Ilbo via Nate 1. [+1,785, -112] The fact that he threatened her with the video is a crime already, whether he distributed the video or not. He's going to do this again if they let him get away with it so punish him hard. 2. [+1,622, -80] I'm sure he hasn't distributed it "yet". Isn't the bigger issue here that he threatened her with the video? 3. [+1,269, -77] Jong Bum-ah, this is a dirty look for you 4. [+59, -7] Well I'm glad he didn't distribute it but he should still be punished 5. [+58, -9] What gives me goosebumps to think about is that he'll meet up with his friends later and they'll be like "whoa man, how is she in bed?" and he'll probably tell them everything over drinks while Goo Hara is stuck at home, scared of the watchful eyes of others when she's just the victim. 6. [+36, -3] Either way, he threatened her with it. Anyone who does that deserves jail 7. [+34, -6] Why do I get the feeling that he's going to get off scot free if they don't find any internet traces proving that he distributed the video? How will Goo Hara be compensated for the time she spent shaking in fear after being threatened by that video? When he told Goo Hara's dongsaeng that he'd rather serve time in jail after distributing the video? Just because he never actually did it doesn't mean the video doesn't exist and that he didn't use it to threaten her. How is it fair that a moment of act between two consenting parties now has one shaking in fear and the other making threats?8. [+31, -5] I'm sure he never distributed it since he wanted to sell it to Dispatch in the first place. Why would he give it away for free? Article: Choi Jong Bum reps reveal more assault pictures and additional Katalks "She is distorting the truth... this is our warning" Source: TV Report via Nate 1. [+1,148, -52] He thought Dispatch would be on his side, that he wouldn't disappoint... well now all of this is coming back as a boomerang 2. [+935, -64] Get that face off my screen 3. [+741, -159] Oh jeez, good job Goo Hara 4. [+116, -7] Well did you think she wouldn't fight back when you were assaulting her? Fine, let's say it was a double sided assault... aren't you at least embarrassed of your desperate attempts to get all these bloody pictures down? 5. [+113, -5] We get it, you both assaulted each other... but everything you've done after has proven to be pathetic 6. [+70, -3] Yes, we all agree that Goo Hara scratched up your face pretty badly, which is why public sentiment turned against her in the beginning. But because you were the idiot who threatened her with the video, you're now the worse criminal regardless than your face looking like this. 7. [+56, -6] Just thinking of him smoking in the elevator with his face looking like this gives me goosebumps. He was probably looking at the elevator mirror wondering how much money he could get out of this. Or was he already plotting Dispatch at that stage? 8. [+52, -6] He needs to work out more. Goo Hara is about as small as my little sister, how do you get this beat up by her? 9. [+47, -8] He should be lucky Goo Hara didn't dig his eyes out... revenge porno is the worst 10. [+24, -4] He threatened her with the video... For Goo Hara, that's a sense of fear as worse as death. He should be lucky that this is all she did to him. He deserved to die for that one... Article: 'Section TV' Goo Hara to sue ex-boyfriend for blackmail, "Impossible to prosecute him because the video was filmed under consent" Source: OSEN via Nate 1. [+2,184, -165] That's ridiculous. Even if it was filmed under consent, she didn't consent to him threatening to distribute it so why is it so hard to prosecute someone for that? Why is the law always on the side of the attacker? 2. [+1,454, -148] Consensual?!!!!!!!!.... 3. [+1,206, -983] I still don't think Goo Hara's your average kid by the way she scratched his face and body up. 4. [+164, -23] So he can't be prosecuted for a video that was filmed under consent even if he distributed it without her consent? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This country is going crazy. No wonder women are out on protests! 5. [+1411, -12] Even if the video was filmed under consent, she did not consent to it being distributed! 6. [+114, -5] So the law is basically not going to protect Goo Hara unless he actually distributed it. He gets off free for making threats as long as he doesn't do it ㅜ 7. [+104, -3] She deleted it and he recovered it and used it to threaten her, how is that not a problem at all? 8. [+99, -14] I remember something a police said: even if people download hidden camera videos, if the police had to prosecute everyone who watched and downloaded it, the majority of Korean men would have to be jailed so it's impossible to prosecute people for it. cr netizenbuzz
  7. Article: [Exclusive] Choi Jong Bum, "If only I had never sent that video to Goo Hara" (Interview) Source: Star News via Nate 1. [+383, -10] Why is he still giving interviews... What were you going to do with that video anyway? All you had to do was delete it. Ridiculous. 2. [+246, -15] Ugh gross; Goo Hara better not settle with him and let him rot in jail. 3. [+233, -8] Who cares how that video was filmed, the problem is that he sent it to her as a threat. It's infuriating how he sounds like he either doesn't know what he did wrong or he's acting like he doesn't know what he did wrong. 4. [+201, -6] It's funny how he had no problem using it to threaten her and is now acting like this now that he's on the losing side... truly goosebump-inducing. 5. [+184, -6] This is the best excuse you could come up with? I guess that's why you were dumb enough to say "I sent it to her to rekindle old memories"... I'm sure he thought it was ridiculous as he was saying it too. 6. [+75, -1] After hearing his phone call recordings, I can't trust his interviews anymore. He said so himself that he has nothing to lose even if he gets charged with blackmail. 7. [+63, -2] People already lost trust in him once it was found that he e-mailed Dispatch offering the video and pictures and that they "wouldn't regret it", tsk tsk 8. [+63, -2] So funny... he's hurt because his mom has fainted..? Does he not think Goo Hara has parents who are hurt too? 9. [+55, -4] The one thing all these men have in common is that they consider themselves the victims. That's why they make all these threats... Threats like those cannot be made with someone who has a normal mindset. 10. [+53, -3] Everything that comes out of his mouth is full of lies and excuses. I also don't believe him when he says that he recorded the video because Goo Hara wanted it. Article: 'Where can I watch Goo Hara's video?' Over 200,000 hits on Google for Goo Hara's video search Source: Seoul Econ via Nate 1. [+130, -8] Even if the video never got leaked, Goo Hara has already suffered sexual harassment because of it. Making a threat like that is basically a secondary form of assault because it instills fear in the woman. We really need to strengthen laws around digital sexual harassment. 2. [+113, -7] This is why the police prosecute not only the person who recorded it and leaked it but those who watched it too. Pathetic ba$tards tsk tsk tsk. 3. [+76, -7] That's scary... how could you want to watch that? 4. [+19, -3] Stop looking for it!! What is even inside of your heads?!! 5. [+18, -3] Gives me goosebumps to think there are people searching for it... 6. [+16, -1] Way too many trash these days... 7. [+15, -1] How can you call yourselves human 8. [+14, -0] I hope anyone who downloads and watches such videos realize that they are also a part of the problem and are complicit in such crimes ㅡㅡ perverted ba$tards cr netizenbuzz
  8. [theqoo] CHOI JONGBEOM LIKING A HATE COMMENT ON GOO HARA Choi Jongbeom = Goo Hara's ex "Why do I feel like Goo Hara is lying?" F*ck... original post: here 1. How does he dare put "Cheongdamdong Yoo Ah In" in his description 2. You f*cker go rot in prison 3. F*ck he's the biggest ret*rdㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 4. Wow he's seriously amazing.. 5. He's such an amazing bast*rd on so many levels 6. Wow how can he still lure around SNS now? His IG is still public and he's receiving so much hate, his mentality must be so strong that I'm sure he'll have a good life in prison too..He must not even feel anything painful when he'll be in prison with that mentality 7. This man is dangerous.. Make sure to do a thorough investigation and that he doesn't have any traces of videos left 8. I'm so speechless at how much of a loser he is that I can only laughㅋㅋ 9. Sigh how did such a big assh*le even came to be...? 10. Yoo Ah In needs to sue this guy, they don't even look alike.. cr
  9. Article: [Exclusive] "He sent me a video" Goo Hara sues C-ssi for blackmail Source: Dispatch via Nate 1. [+721, -36] I'm not saying Goo Hara did anything right but he's a ba$tard for threatening her with a video when obviously they had to have loved each other at one point ㅋ 2. [+688, -25] This man.. is so pathetic 3. [+652, -18] He's so pathetic... threatening to release her sex video and all 4. [+134, -2] He must've filmed it secretly, that's a hidden camera crime 5. [+126, -3] Wow, no wonder Goo Hara kept looking for compromise. Even in the CCTV, she was following him to the elevator, which I thought was weird.. but as it turns out.. this man was threatening her.. 6. [+125, -2] He's such a bad person.. if he's acting like this after only three months of dating, I'm speechless 7. [+115, -0] Wow... he's the worst. You can't shield him at all when he's threatening her with a sex video. 8. [+107, -2] I feel like he probably already showed the video to his friends ㅠ what a pathetic, bad man... 9. [+106, -2] She's a human being, not just a celebrity... It's so sad that she had to get on her knees to beg him to not leak the sex video... He's not only a criminal for drunk driving but this too 10. [+98, -2] So she was like this because of the video this whole time... this man is trash 11. [+95, -1] So Goo Hara will be charged for assaulting him and that ba$tard of a man will be charged for smoking in an elevator, driving under the influence, hitting her back, and blackmailing her (if he actually leaked the video)... 12. [+87, -4] This is crazy... if anyone still hates on Goo Hara after this, they're no better than him 13. [+83, -1] What the, so this whole thing was the result of him trying to blackmail her with a sex tape??? He really tried to milk her, didn't he... 14. [+81, -1] How did Goo Hara even get involved with this trash??? He's a psycho 15. [+69, -3] It's not like Goo Hara's a minor, whether she has sex or not is a private matter... I can't believe of all people it's her boyfriend who's blackmailing her over it 16. [+58, -0] He's horrible... so when he e-mailed Dispatch "I won't disappoint", did he mean that he was going to pass them the video? - Article: Goo Hara's ex-boyfriend threatens to "release sex tape"... 'shocking' Source: TV Report via Nate 1. [+155, -4] I'm a man myself but this ba$tard is trash 2. [+131, -5] Wow, this guy is so trash ㅋㅋ not only did he beat his own girlfriend but threatened her with their sex tape?? He's no different than the Korean men making headlines these days 3. [+106, -3] He's trash 4. [+28, -3] So embarrassed as a fellow man... Don't let him off scot free. Take control of the video and delete it and throw him in jail. 5. [+27, -2] Just because you didn't hit someone does't mean you're innocent... he's still a pathetic criminal cr netizenbuzz
  10. Goo Hara has been threatened by her ex-boyfriend Her ex-boyfriend threatened to end her celebrity life by releasing sexually explicit videos of her, and she was begging him not to on her knees
  11. Article: CCTV of Goo Hara kneeling revealed "Blackmailed with video" Source: Starin via Nate 1. [+5100, -12] So he's a sex video criminal. This whole ploy of milking a celebrity for all she's worth is going to land him in jail. Gives me goosebumps to think of his interview where he said, "I'm a positive person... I won't go into details about someone I loved"... He was really deceitful with the media. 2. [+353, -9] When she said she thought he deleted it when she first found the video on his phone, that means it was a hidden camera, right? So he already had it backed up before he deleted it... what a goosebump-inducing ba$tard 3. [+311, -11] This pathetic, uneducated ba$tard is so sad... 4. [+16, -1] He's already been on TV once, why can't we just reveal his face already? Sometimes things like this make me think that celebrities don't always have it easy just for being rich 5. [+15, -2] Celebrities really need to stick to dating other celebrities... at least then you don't have to worry about worst case scenarios like videos being leaked 6. [+9, -1] Poor Goo Hara.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ why did he even film that video? Crazy trash... lives up to the image of male hair stylists!!!!! 7. [+2, -0] I don't understand how you can want to ruin the life of someone you once loved... What did she do wrong? I'm curious... Is he really blackmailing her with a video over a break up? That's it? He's a psycho if that's true... 8. [+2, -0] She got caught by a professional, that's all. I bet the minute she DMed him, he knew that he landed a big one and immediately started working on her. She was just a fish caught in his net. He needs to be sent to jail and removed from society. What a horrible piece of cancer. cr netizenbuzz
  12. The police will be investigating Hara for causing injury. It's been confirmed that the police are actively seeking to add charges of bodily injury to Hara's list of charges. 'A' had accused Hara of scratching him, including on his face, with a full recovery time of 3 weeks. The police came to their conclusion after seeing 'A's evidence. If Hara is charged not for battery but for causing bodily injury, she can be found guilty even if 'A' withdraws his lawsuit. cr allkpop
  13. Article: Police adds suspicion of injury and discusses confrontational investigation Source: Yonhap News via Nate 1. [+186, -10] So there's a reason Goo Hara's side wanted a compromise. Either way, the longer this drags on, Goo Hara seems to have a lot more to lose than him ㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+141, -6] Man or woman, you have to pay the price of your crime 3. [+121, -6] From idol to loser!!! 4. [+25, -4] Just because you have money doesn't give you the right to hit people ㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+21, -3] I remember a long time ago, there was a male celebrity named Choi Chul Ho who slightly kicked his girlfriend who was laying on the floor and it was let off with a minor warning and yet he was basically exiled from the industry because people made him out to look like a woman beater... This time, Goo Hara has assaulted a man to the point of him being diagnosed with three weeks until recovery so I'm curious as to how this will play out and if she'll be let back on TV again. 6. [+19, -1] If we're being honest, if a man had assaulted a woman to the point where her injuries were exactly like the man's in this situation, he would've been not only punished but exiled from the industry. Goo Hara can't claim a double assault because there's a severe difference in the level of injuries sustained. If his face doesn't make a 100% recovery, Goo Hara should be responsible for his livelihood. This isn't something a compromise can fix. 7. [+19, -0] ㅋㅋ Goo Hara's lawyers knew that, that's why they wanted a quick compromise ㅋㅋ There's no reason for the man's side to rush things 8. [+19, -1] To think this was all just from a few months of dating tsk tsk why live like that? 9. [+18, -0] So Goo Hara had something to hide 10. [+15, -2] Her image was already on the decline with Sulli and now it's a total goodbye~~~~~ cr netizenbuzz
  14. Article: [Exclusive] 'Assault scandal' Goo Hara reps "let's reach a compromise" vs Choi's reps "not yet..."Source: Chosun Ilbo via Nate 1. [+1,067, -46] It's the side with more to lose that wants a compromise 2. [+986, -87] He's probably waiting out for more money... 3. [+968, -104] ㅋㅋㅋ Goo Hara wants a compromise ㅋㅋ but then again, it only harms her image more the longer this drags out since she's a celebrity and he's not. From the man's perspective, this is his perfect chance to rip as much money off of her as possible ㅋㅋㅋ He's a hair designer so he can use that money to open his own salon or something ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 4. [+77, -25] Man: "Not enough $... give more..." 5. [+62, -17] Not that Goo Hara did anything good in all of this but I wonder why she ever dated a guy like him? Isn't his stance basically wanting more money? Goo Hara has lost everything by now while this man will be forgotten in just a few months and will be living well off of the money he gets out of her... Pathetic Goo Hara. Don't believe anyone who claims to love you... Let them show it to you over a long period of time. 6. [+53, -25] Asking for a compromise means she's in a losing situation.... 7. [+52, -11] She has a huge law firm behind her and is still asking for a compromise, obviously because it's a losing case for her ㅋㅋ If she was an actual victim, she would've ran with it no matter how much it dragged her image through the mud. Why do you think someone with as much money and connections as her is asking for the compromise first? ㅋ 8. [+48, -23] Apparently Goo Hara's internal bleeding was just her period... She made it sound as if her boyfriend had beaten her in the stomach and caused it. Talk about media play... 9. [+45, -18] She's been acting like the victim this whole time and now she wants a compromise?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ugh 10. [+37, -3] Goo Hara's the only one in hot waters right now ㅋㅋ the man's not a celebrity so he can drag this out for as long as he wants but Goo Hara's image is already being shattered with CF contracts on the line. cr netizenbuzz
  15. On September 19, shortly after Hara released a personal statement in light of attending her police questioning, SBS funE released new CCTV footage of Hara and ex-boyfriend 'A', who were captured on the elevator in Hara's former residence directly after their altercation and call for police. Previously, CCTV footage of the police entering the same elevator and heading toward Hara's residence surfaced via media outlets. It's reported that the new CCTV footage in the elevator took place on September 13, after police pulled out from Hara's residence. Hara can be seen boarding the elevator and checking her neck for scars in the elevator mirror, while holding the elevator door. Two males suspected to be 'A' and an acquaintance of 'A' then board the elevator carrying luggage. 'A' then checks his own scars with his back turned to Hara, and is also seen smoking inside the elevator. The individuals then appear in a parking deck, converse briefly, and 'A' and his acquaintance leave the scene. Watch the footage above. cr allkpop
  16. After attending her police questioning on September 18, Hara remained silent despite follow up questions from the press on her way home from the Gangnam police station. On September 19, Hara held an interview with media outlet E Daily. She began, "I deeply apologize for causing fans and the public concerns due to this incident the past few days. Now, I hope to put an end to this incident which has grown uncontrollably out of proportion." Hara then addressed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend 'A' for the first time. "We had a healthy dating relationship. Just a few weeks ago, we were a happy couple like in the movies, a couple who could never have imagined words such as 'assault' and 'police investigation' between us. We did have fights once in a while, but they were like any other couple. And then recently, we ran into a small misunderstanding which we were not able to overcome, and our fight grew bigger," the singer shared. Furthermore, Hara reflected, "When the incident became a public issue through news reports, we began to fight back and forth like children in the dirt, carrying out an unsightly war of attrition. But when a fight occurs, there is responsibility on both ends. It cannot be because of the fault of one side." Finally, Hara said, "I want to forgive, and to be forgiven by, the person whom I once loved. I hope that this person, who is talented and deserving of respect, will overcome this incident and find a bright future. Once again, I bow my head in deep apology to fans and the public." When asked about the SNS controversy involving former KARA member Jiyoung, Hara waved the issue off, firmly stating, "It's not even something to address. We do not have a bad relationship at all." cr allkpop
  17. Article: Who is the third man in Goo Hara's Katalk messages?Source: Seoul Econ via Naver 1. [+1,464, -281] So Dispatch got caught lying again. They wrote their article saying Goo Hara's bruises from her IV drips were from being assaulted ㅋㅋ Dispatch got caught last time lying for Yewon and yet they're still lying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dispatch also claimed that the man trespassed into Goo Hara's home but they were actually living together ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Until when is Dispatch going to joke around like this? 2. [+834, -162] The man's face was wrecked and given three weeks of hospitalization. Goo Hara's face is fine and was given one week of hospitalization. We can already tell what happened ㅋ I've never seen anyone claim to be assaulted and yet look so fine... Who hits anyone on the knees? How do you even hit someone on the ankles? ㅎㅎ Goo Hara's bruises were obviously from herself going crazy. They were definitely not bruises from being hit. 3. [+756, -354] Fact is that the third man is someone Goo Hara's boyfriend didn't want her seeing and yet she lied to her boyfriend to go eat a meal with the other guy. I don't see anything good that Goo Hara did in this situation. 4. [+167, -17] For all the money she made for how little talent she has, you would think she'd spend her life doing good deeds for others 5. [+112, -17] The media should stay out of using their Katalk messages. A lot of the content has been cut out and obviously edited in a way to make the boyfriend seem like he verbally abused her. There's definitely something going on with Goo Hara and another guy and yet she's shaping her boyfriend out to be an obsessed psycho with these texts. 6. [+62, -5] I wrote a comment telling people not to believe everything Dispatch says... Dispatch needs to learn to write from a neutral standpoint and yet they were already on Goo Hara's side... 7. [+72, -16] It's clear what happened. Goo Hara cheated on him so the man got pissed. 8. [+62, -8] Any dog can even tell that Goo Hara's bruises were not from being assaulted ㅋㅋ Who in the world hits someone on their hands, wrists, and elbows? ㅋㅋㅋ Her legs were obviously bruised from bumping into things while she was going crazy. I really think this will just end with both of them admitting to assault and finding a compromise. 9. [+47, -8] So hard to find celebrities with decent private lives nowadays 10. [+44, -12] Dispatch is the worst. How much did Goo Hara pay them?? I hope the man reveals the truth no matter what and sues Dispatch for defamation. Dispatch may as well call themselves Goo Hara's spokespeople at this point. cr netizenbuzz
  18. Article: Goo Hara, "This isn't about who hit who first, police investigations will reveal everything"Source: Sports Chosun via Nate1. [+1,955, -457] That's what you think. I think it's important to know who hit who first.2. [+1,791, -619] It sounds like they both ultimately assaulted each other. I got goosebumps at how Pann was only hating on the guy's side.3. [+1,654, -492] No, it's important to know who hit who first. Don't act stupid.4. [+153, -18] So she basically hit him first5. [+146, -24] I'm sorry but knowing who hit who first is an important piece of evidence in the court6. [+123, -30] There could be a chance that she realized she's in the wrong so she hurt herself and went to get medical records of it. If a man really wanted to beat her, it wouldn't have just ended in bruises like that.7. [+119, -39] Her face looks fine for someone who was beaten by a man8. [+97, -18] In an assault case, it's very important to know who hit who first because it depends on how the victim reacted that determines whether the case is a double assault or self defense.9. [+84, -14] Hmm... not trying to take sides but after seeing her pictures, I noticed she had a bruise on her wrist... How can someone bruise there if they were hit there..? He either grabbed her really hard there or she had to use her arms to block him from using something to hit her, right..?10. [+79, -9] Well, guess that she hit him first Source: Naver1. [+866, -64] The fact that she's saying it doesn't matter who hit who first means that she hit him first2. [+442, -127] Goo Hara is not hiding any wounds on her face because she never had any there to begin with!! Check her medical records ㅋㅋㅋ3. [+175, -12] Apparently her first lawyer resigned from the case, I want to know why...4. [+344, -189] Women need to realize that if they're going to commit to hitting someone, they need to realize that they might be hit back even harder than that. The world is not like a pre-school playground. Judging by her bruises, the man really held back, which he shouldn't have been expected to do if he was attacked first. If the man hit her first, then obviously he's a piece of trash.5. [+56, -2] What is she saying? How is that not important? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ "It doesn't matter who punched who first" ㅋㅋㅋ "It doesn't matter who shot who first" ㅋㅋㅋ "It doesn't matter who stabbed who first" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ6. [+59, -11] Hmm... if the man really wanted to beat her, he could've really done it, and yet she has no bruises on her face... I feel like she was just in a state of rage and hurt herself. If a man really wanted to beat her, like I said, he could just end her life.7. [+48, -2] She's the one who's claiming that he broke into her house, broke her furniture, and threw a fit... and yet now she's saying it's not important who hit who first? Obviously she's hiding something.8. [+52, -9] She shouldn't be smiling in a situation like this. Either way, she scratched up someone's face, that's not a laughing matter. Source: Nate1. [+1,439, -106] How did she go from the likes of Yong Junhyung and Lee Soo Hyuk to this..2. [+1,202, -162] One thing's for sure, she's not your average mentality3. [+1,020, -154] She was once a top 3 girl group member, what happened...4. [+96, -26] Her lawyer: We told you to dress in simple clothes, not like a homeless person...5. [+62, -17] She gutted that man's face...6. [+55, -10] If it's truly a double assault like she's claiming, shouldn't she have bruises or wounds on her face anywhere? If he was beating her too, would he really have been in a mindset where he was being considerate of her career as a celebrity and purposely avoiding hitting her face? Even the bruises on her arms show that the man couldn't have beaten her because they looked like bruises from grabbing. For some reason, I believe the man's story more after seeing no wounds on her face.7. [+51, -25] The man's wounds look a lot more serious than hers ㅋㅋㅋ Look at her, who would believe that she was beaten by a man?8. [+43, -24] I saw the video clips, she was smiling while talking about her medical records ㅋㅋ This b*tch was not beaten at all. I bet you she got drunk and got out of control and the man tried to hold her back which is how the bruises happened.9. [+40, -11] The man seems to have the more severe wounds out of this10. [+36, -9] What person in the world hits someone on their elbows and wrists? Look at where she was bruised... they obviously happened from her throwing a fit. Stop letting the media sway you and think about it for a second. Why would the man even have reached out to Dispatch or reported it to the police if he had truly beaten a woman? And you guys realize that it's really easy for a celebrity to take a few lawyers and her agency's PR team to turn one regular person into the devil through the media, right? Do you guys even believe everything that Dispatch says? Especially with how they misreported Yewon and Lee Tae Im's scandal? They made Yewon out to the victim but videos released later showed that it wasn't the case. Article: Goo Hara completes 5 hour investigation... 'fainted + silence'Source: TV Report via Nate1. [+338, -68] Oh come on, she fainted? Who does she think she is, a politician or a chaebol?2. [+270, -48] What an act... without her celebrity title, she's just some b*tchy rich kid who got with a male hair dresser3. [+245, -48] She's putting on a show... sigh, neither of them did anything right.4. [+31, -10] I know we have to wait until the truth is out but I feel like Goo Hara's lying...5. [+26, -10] Why does everything she does seem like she's faking it or acting. It took her four days to reveal her bruises and it didn't seem like the type of bruising you'd get from a man who was mad enough to throw a vacuum around;; I don't trust her~~6. [+22, -8] She lost 10 points for fainting7. [+17, -2] She didn't faint, she just fell ㅋㅋㅋ whether she was putting on a show or didn't have the strength to keep walking, she fell and had to get in her car with support ㅡㅡ8. [+17, -7] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She fainted in front of her car ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is she joking, is this a joke? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ9. [+16, -4] This is Choi Sun Shil level media play ㅋㅋ she "fainted" in front of her car and yet there are no pictures ㅋㅋ The truth will always be revealed, including her lies and exaggerations ㅋㅋ10. [+15, -5] What is there to investigate for 5 hours over cr netizenbuzz
  19. Goo Hara to attend police investigation for the assault case between her and her ex-boyfriend today, 3pm KST She had previously released medical records detailing the damage done to her, including uterine and vaginal bleeding Ex-BF has denied it all
  20. Article: Goo Hara's ex-boyfriend attends police investigations with wound-filled faceSource: Sports Today via Nate 1. [+288, -45] So he's decided to do this right by showing his face and everything ㅋㅋ and Goo Hara doesn't seem to want to back down either. These two are no different each other ㅋ 2. [+251, -88] But for someone who claims to have been assaulted, he hasn't suffered much else other than the scratches... Goo Hara seems to have gotten hit more... 3. [+229, -70] Isn't he supposed to be a Goo Hara lookalike 4. [+61, -36] Goo Hara definitely looked like she got hit more ㅋㅋㅋㅋ why's he telling lies 5. [+60, -32] Goo Hara seems more hurt 6. [+49, -20] That strategic mask placement to cover his face yet still show his wounds ㅋ 7. [+36, -25] Who is he to claim that Goo Hara's medical report is false? What trash 8. [+31, -18] I don't agree with the best replies. Honestly, women bruise really easily, even if you just bump into them. It's easier for thin kids like Goo Hara especially. 9. [+23, -14] There's no CCTV or witnesses so it'll end up a fight between the lawyers basically 10. [+18, -10] He seems pretty psycho ㅡㅡ revealing his face at a time like this and all...-Article: Goo Hara's boyfriend, "Dispatch's report + her medical report are not true"Source: TV Report via Nate 1. [+384, -55] "When asked if he had hit Goo Hara first, he replied, 'I'll answer that in investigations later.'" So is he changing his story now? He said he never hit her before... 2. [+354, -77] If only he never sent that e-mail to Dispatch, he could've fooled everyone.. but that's what ended him. Farewell~~~ 3. [+244, -50] Aigoo, pathetic 4. [+45, -23] And how does he know whether her medical report is true or not...? The report said she suffered metorrhagia which can happen from shock... For someone who supposedly hasn't been in contact with her since the fight, how does he know whether she's been bleeding or not? 5. [+34, -9] Goo Hara suffered bruises all over her limbs and internal bleeding... all this guy has is a few scratches on his face cr netizenbuzz
  21. Article: Goo Hara's ex-boyfriend retorts Goo Hara's Dispatch interview... "It's true that I sent that e-mail but I did not assault her"Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate 1. [+363, -35] "I won't disappoint"? Sigh, you pathetic ba$tard, don't act like victim ever again 2. [+328, -23] His e-mail honestly... was the most pathetic thing ㅋㅋㅋ 3. [+249, -22] Ah, so pathetic... Why am I embarrassed for him 4. [+56, -1] "I realized this was wrong and simply reported it to the police saying I was assaulted by my girlfriend without ever revealing Goo Hara's name" so you realized this was wrong and yet you sent two e-mails to Dispatch, one at 1:26 and one at 4:20?? What he wrote is even more pathetic "I'll send it to someone else if you're late, I won't disappoint" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you pathetic fool 5. [+39, -0] I really think the most comfortable thing for celebrities is to just date other celebrities 6. [+37, -4] This is why there's the old saying that people of similar status need to date each other. Goo Hara dated a commoner and now he's using her to make a quick buck. 7. [+17, -4] I lost trust him after reading that e-mail, I'm thinking what Goo Hara's saying is true now 8. [+15, -1] This is embarrassing for both of them... neither of them are thinking of the consequences this will bring in the future and seem to have no problem publicly hitting rock bottom-Source: Naver 1. [+340, -23] His hospital seems to really be protective over him...;;; not allowing him to go out just over a scratch and all. And obviously Dispatch got back to him late which is why he ended up resorting to the police. I'm still shocked that he had the audacity to write "I won't disappoint";; 2. [+181, -12] "A-ssi received permission to leave the hospital to move to Seoul for police investigations despite the hospital being against it" ???? Why is the hospital not allowing him to leave? ㅋㅋ Is his leg broken? This is media play. is it not? 3. [+165, -25] He entered his ex's house at midnight while drunk and without permission. She went into his room. Imagine how scary that is;;; that's scary for both man or woman. Can we all please keep a basic level of respect for people? 4. [+138, -28] I have never in my life seen a normal male hair dresser. They're all riddled with some kind of problem like an affair or cheating... 5. [+38, -1] The fact that he admitted to sending that e-mail means it's over for him. He knew she's a celebrity and tried to use that against her. If he was truly assaulted by her, he should've reported it to the police and left it at that. cr netizenbuzz
  22. Sep 16, 2018by DY_KimFollowing a news outlet’s interview with Goo Hara’s boyfriend, Dispatch has now revealed Goo Hara’s side of the story with an exclusive interview. Dispatch confirmed the cause of the fight with messages exchanged between Goo Hara and her boyfriend “C,” messages between C and Goo Hara’s housemate “B,” and the phone call between C and Goo Hara’s manager. On September 10, Goo Hara ate lunch with her manager and “A,” a man who works in the industry. However, she told her boyfriend C that she was only eating with her manager. Through a phone call with her manager, C found out that A was also present at lunch and got angry at Goo Hara for lying. Goo Hara went to the hair salon that C works at on September 12 to explain herself, but C told her to just go home. When asked why she lied about A being present, Goo Hara explained, “He usually treats me well and is friendly. However, we fight whenever other men are brought up. He scarily changes if a close acquaintance or older friend contacts me. He says things that are hard to bear. I didn’t want to fight [over something like that], so I didn’t tell him when there was a gathering with other men. It was the same that day. I didn’t want to cause trouble.” Dispatch interviewed Goo Hara and her housemate B for their sides of the story on the incident that took place on September 13. At 12:30 a.m., C walked into their home while drunk, and Goo Hara was sleeping in B’s room. B shared, “Unnie (Goo Hara) asked to sleep in the room together that day. I woke up at the sound of the door opening. C came into my room, and I pretended to be asleep. C said, ‘Are you able to sleep in a situation like this?’ and kicked Unnie. He sounded drunk.” Goo Hara and C walked out of the room and close the door. They began arguing. According to Goo Hara, “C cursed and pushed me, and I pushed C back. The fight got physical as I said, ‘Who are you to push me and curse at me like that?’ C grabbed my hair and pulled me. He pushed me with a whiteboard and threw the air purifier. I also scratched him in that process. We fought severely to the point that my body was bruised.” She revealed the photos of her bruises through Dispatch. Goo Hara said that he somewhat threatened her as he left the home at about 1:20 a.m. “As C was leaving, he said, ‘I’m going to f*** you up. I’m going to ruin your career as a celebrity.’ He said he had nothing to lose, and he also said that he would send a tip to Dispatch. I wanted to stop him somehow, so I sent him a Kakao message that we should meet and talk about it.” At 1:26 a.m., Dispatch actually received an email from someone speculated to be C with the title, “[[Tip]] Goo Hara.” The text says, “Goo Hara. I will give you a tip, so give me a call. 010-XXX-XXXX (C’s phone number). If you are late, I will give it to someone else.” The same person sent another email at 4:20 a.m. with the title, “Goo Hara Tip,” and the text, “It won’t disappoint. Contact me.” Dispatch attempted to call him afterwards, but he did not answer. After C left, Goo Hara sent him a message in hopes to block media reports. She told him that she would bring “A” to meet him and clear up the misunderstanding. The messages afterwards are as follows:C: “You are talking on the phone for too long with A.”Goo Hara: “You told me to tell the full story over the phone and tell him to kneel down in front of you?”C: “What should I do?”Goo Hara: “So let’s meet and talk. A says he’s almost here.”C: “Talk? I don’t want to talk.”Goo Hara: “I will make him kneel down. You said that’s what you want?”C: “I washed my face, but thanks to you, I can’t go to work again. What should I do?”C: “Ah ah sorry. You must have met that Oppa now. Sorry for disturbing your nightlife. I wanted to ask what I should do. If you don’t respond, I’ll just go to the police.” Goo Hara’s roommate B shared that A is a guy who works in the industry that Goo Hara has known for a long time, and the lunch meeting was also about an upcoming photo shoot. B added, “[C] was even suspicious about [males] she met because of work. He checked, ‘Who is he?’ ‘What does he do?’ and then he says vulgar words when he drinks. They are curse words that are too shameful to say. Unnie would lie to avoid fighting, and the vicious cycle continued. That day, Unnie had written a letter saying, ‘Let’s end it here,’ but C burned it [in the bathroom].” Goo Hara hoped that this incident would quietly blow over, and she debated endlessly with the photos of her bruises and written diagnoses. She commented, “I know what I did wrong. Regardless of the reason, I am apologetic. I did not want to become the subject of malicious gossip again. It was also embarrassing to do an interview over an incident like this. However, I thought that I have to reveal the truth immediately. Even if I am unable to work again, what is false is false.” Goo Hara shared her diagnoses from the gynecologist and orthopedist. The diagnosis from the gynecologist reads, “uterus and vagina hemorrhage.” The orthopedist’s presumptive diagnosis lists, “cervical sprain,” “facial contusions and sprain,” “lower leg contusions and sprain,” “right forearm and additional sprains.” Goo Hara will attend the police investigation and plans on submitting her medical diagnoses. cr
  23. Boyfriend's e-mail to Dispatch: "I have news on Goo Hara so please give me a call at @@@. I'm going to send this elsewhere if you're too late. I won't disappoint so please give me a call." Article: [Exclusive] Goo Hara reveals what happened that morning... "verbal abuse, assault, and threats" (interview) Source: Dispatch via Nate 1. [+476, -92] I knew this would happen, he obviously first alerted Dispatch because he wanted to screw Goo Hara over ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+342, -92] So why did he go to her house drunk at 1 am when they were breaking up? I don't get how people are saying her bruises look like they happened because the man was trying to defend himself from her hitting him. Goo Hara has a history of suffering from indigestion and insomnia along with hospitalization. There was also a witness who said that the man has been threatening Goo Hara, along with seeing him enter her home and throwing stuff around and kicking her awake. All of this leads to one answer so why does the blame go on Goo Hara? 3. [+321, -36] It's so annoying how people are judging every single piece of news that comes out and shifting the blame from one side to the other... 4. [+59, -2] Isn't it kind of weird that he told Dispatch about this though? 5. [+56, -73] I'm just saying, a man doesn't get pissed and punch a girl on her elbows and ankles of all places ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+52, -63] Women who get bruises like this are from the man trying to defend himself from her hitting him by grabbing her arms or legs! Women also bruise easier than men! But women will use that to claim she was assaulted! These bruises clearly look like she was trying to hit him and he was holding her back! 7. [+51, -6] I don't think he hit her, but I do think she bruised because she was trying to stop him from throwing stuff around. It's funny how he acted like the victim in his interview but he was the one who told Dispatch about all this;;; Sigh, she should date better men... 8. [+51, -15] This pathetic guy has been acting like the victim in his interviews when he's nothing but a drunk thug... 9. [+47, -26] I love how netizens are dumb enough to take her side when this is the best she and her lawyers could come up with 10. [+41, -13] It gives me goosebumps to see that he hit her on the stomach so that there would be no physical trace. How exactly does one hit someone to cause internal bleeding? Anyone who's taking the man's side doesn't seem normal at all. - Source: Naver 1. [+956, -13] Goosebumps at the boyfriend's e-mail to Dispatch 2. [+826, -22] So Goo Hara was telling the truth. He broke her door and look at all the bruises on her body... he used her status as a celebrity to threaten her!!! 3. [+720, -10] Wow ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ with what confidence did he report this after beating her to this point? 4. [+669, -13] Wow... so the man's the psycho? He said he was going to exile her since she's a celebrity? How is he human? 5. [+436, -1] That e-mail he sent to Dispatch "I won't disappoint" ㅋㅋㅋ what a rattlesnake 6. [+304, -2] He beat a person to this point and look at the e-mail he sent to try and screw her over by using her celebrity status against her... so dirty. 7. [+284, -1] Seems pretty obvious he's trying to make a quick buck off of her. His grammar in his e-mail is atrocious too. 8. [+248, -1] Wow, it really does give me goosebumps to see that he contacted Dispatch first cr netizenbuzz
  24. Article: Goo Hara stays silent for 4 days even after boyfriend reveals wounds... when will she open up?Source: Star News via Nate1. [+2,601, -93] Stop looking for ways to weasel your way out of this and get out and get investigated. The wounds she left on that man's face will be there for the rest of his life no matter how much he gets treated... she's really shameless. 2. [+2,559, -158] She's the one who hit on him through Instagram DMs first and she's the one who offered to live together first and she's the one who hit him first and she's the one who got dumped first~~~~ look at how she's ended up ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. [+369, -19] The boyfriend really seems to have done all that he could. He had to stop the situation he was in and calling the police was probably the only way he could stop Goo Hara's rage. I'm really worried for Goo Hara... I'm sure she'll get better once she gets treated for anger management issues and depression. I know that she had a rough childhood and family problems which probably resulted in a craving for affection to depression and anger management issues. As someone who's gone through the same thing, I really feel for her. 4. [+153, -2] If the man was lying at all, I'm sure she'd be out with official statements already. The longer she drags this out, the worse it's going to get for her. 5. [+135, -7] I knew she had issues when she first threw that water bottle 6. [+117, -4] She seems to have a temper 7. [+111, -4] She tried to media play and make her boyfriend out to be the bad guy but it backfired 8. [+109, -2] She earned so much fame and wealth without any talent at a young age, she now seems to think that the entire world is her playground 9. [+99, -0] The wounds she left on his face will require laser treatment at a plastic surgery clinic. It's really horrible what she did to his face. 10. [+91, -4] Her celebrity career is really over... 11. [+90, -3] What would she have to say??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's probably rocking her brain for the past four days wondering what fiction she can come up with 12. [+78, -1] If I was that man's mother, I would've tried to kill her ㅠㅠ it's obvious it's going to scar badly ㅜㅜ 13. [+74, -1] She's probably too embarrassed to show her face 14. [+64, -1] Why is she even hospitalized? Still can't manage her rage? 15. [+54, -0] If my own dongsaeng suffered scratches like that, I would've already killed her face and then some. What a trash of a b*tch. cr netizenbuzz
  25. Article: Goo Hara's boyfriend, "There was physical contact but I did not assault her"Source: Seoul Econ via Naver [picture here: GRAPHIC] 1. [+1,182, -62] She knows he works in the service industry and yet she scratched up his face that deeply. That is 100% going to scar badly, she's so shameless. I bet you she's going to come out of the hospital looking as frail and weak as possible for her police investigations. All the while being supported by her manager~ how disgusting. 2. [+698, -24] I could not hold back my horror at seeing the wound on her boyfriend's face... 3. [+522, -25] She's in the wrong for this one. Her boyfriend's face was scratched up like she took a knife to it. 4. [+427, -18] Hul I saw her boyfriend's picture and the scratch marks are no joke... I don't know what she scratched him with but that's going to leave a bad scar... She must have anger management issues. 5. [+381, -15] I think he's telling the truth. He probably tried to hold her back since she's going crazy and then reported her since it got out of his control and he knew that she was going to do worse. She may be small but you can't stop someone who's seeing red. I'm speechless at the guy's face... 6. [+163, -0] The man seemed like such a handsome guy and now it's all ruined... why would you mess with someone's face like that? She ruined his life! Imagine if someone did this to your face, Goo Hara? 7. [+164, -2] Are her nails made out of steel? How can you scratch the face of someone's son like that? And she's in the hospital now acting so shameless! 8. [+157, -3] For those of you taking her side, have you even seen the boyfriend's picture? I'm getting goosebumps at the thought of you being able to defend someone who can do that to someone's face like it's not a big deal. She didn't just scratch him, she dug into his skin. Technology may be advanced now but scars like that will last forever. He works in an industry where he needs his face for the job... I understand slapping someone when you're mad but never someone who scratches... 9. [+147, -1] At first I didn't think their fight was a big deal and that he was overreacting but the picture proves that it was a gnarly fight... I think worst could've happened if he didn't call the police. I think he was trying to defend himself which Goo Hara is considering assault... but that's self defense. 10. [+140, -2] I read his interview and it's obvious he was raised well in a loving family. He was very cautious with his words and spoke only of the facts. I have no idea what you have to do to turn a man's face into that... that definitely wasn't just nails. What did she use?!-Source: Naver1. [+589, -22] So he went to her house to get his stuff out... and they've only been dating for three months. 2. [+433, -25] So this is how it ends for her! They've only been dating for three months and they're already living together? 3. [+399, -91] How can she act so shamelessly after doing that to a man's face? She's only postponing police investigations... how sickening!!! 4. [+217, -1] She scratched him way too hard.. like she was intent on never letting him use his face again. What a scary b*tch. 5. [+115, -2] I thought the man was being cowardly at first... but not after seeing his wounds... damn cr netizenbuzz