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Found 2 results

  1. Article: 'Real life Barbie doll' Goo Hara's zero fat slim fit bodySource: Mydaily via Nate1. [+414, -26] She's always been so thin so I assumed she was naturally like that but I guess not. She's gained some weight.2. [+346, -79] That nose contouring and fillers are gross3. [+345, -28] I remember how popular she was when she first debuted in KARA because she was so pretty4. [+27, -6] She needs to leave her forehead alone5. [+19, -9] Something's always missing with her looks6. [+17, -11] She's pretty and everything but always missing that 2% of something... but yeah, she's pretty7. [+16, -2] Her nose makes her look like the Navi tribe from Avatar8. [+15, -5] She looks so much better with some weight gain9. [+10, -2] She used to have such a pretty face but now she looks like a fish, or maybe even the female version of Jang Geun Suk... ㅋㅋ10. [+10, -7] This is perfect!! Way prettier than being too thin like before~-
  2. Article: Goo Hara, "I think it's pathetic when people can't arrive on time"Source: TV Report via Nate"Ever since I was young, I was good at arriving on time. I always felt pathetic when I couldn't. I think the first way to give someone trust is to always keep your promises with them and arrive on time. Their time is just as important as my time."1. [+859, -18] It's true, ba$tards who are always 20-40 minutes late make me angry2. [+663, -21] Wise words3. [+621, -18] There is a certain type of friend who is always late to meeting you while always staying on time for people of the opposite sex or friends they deem more important. They barely even feel sorry if you bring it up with them. They basically don't care about your relationship and feel that it's okay to treat you however they feel like.4. [+39, -0] Being on time is one of the basic promises you can keep in a relationship5. [+39, -6] Well I think it's pathetic that she can't sing or dance6. [+33, -2] It's sad that we justify being late all the time by calling it "the Korean time". I always try to arrive 5 minutes before the promised time and I'm actually surprised that people are so nonchalant about being late. As I get older, I find myself dropping people who have no respect for another's time. It's a basic form of decency.7. [+29, -1] There's also that one friend when you promise to meet up with 4 or more people and she'll purposely be late like "you guys go ahead and hang out, I'll get there soon"... habit or not, it's super disrespectful.8. [+18, -0] Other than being late, I also despise people who cancel plans the day of. People who can't uphold promises made to other people have sh*tty characters.9. [+17, -0] She's right, I've never seen a decent person who was always late.10. [+7, -1] Successful people = always on time-