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Found 163 results

  1. GOT7, TWICE, DAY6 and Stray Kids all Expected to Make Comeback in 4th Quarter
  2. [enter-talk] IDOLS SINGING A SONG FOR YOUTH SUICIDE PREVENTION CAMPAIGN It's Got7's Youngjae and Park Jimin "I Will Listen to Everything" just got released digitally I teared up a little when I heard it... The lyrics and voices are so warm It makes me want to support them even more because of the good cause I feel like this will be very comforting when you have it hard, please listen to it a lot!! Video: original post: [+161][-3] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.10.15 13:16 [+54, -0] Thank you for making me feel comforted with this song ㅇㅇ |2018.10.15 13:26 [+47, -0] The song is good and the voices too, Choi Youngjae is so warmㅠㅠㅠㅠ "#I_Will_Listen_To_Everything let's be strong, I will listen to everything from everyone ㅇㅇ |2018.10.15 12:52 [+37, -0] I need to listen to it today ㅇㅇ |2018.10.15 13:23 [+19, -0] Hul ㅠㅠㅠㅠ His voice is seriously so powerful, it's sweet and mellow. I always thought that JB was the voice color gangster of Got7 but Youngjae's voice is good too, thank you ~ 냠 |2018.10.15 14:50 [+16, -0] I went to listen after seeing this post, it's indeed so good .. It's a shame that they didn't promote it. Their voices match each other and the lyrics are comforting, but Youngjae's voice really stood out for me. It really left a deep impression the first time I listened to it?.... I knew that Park Jimin would kill it.. ㅇㅇ |2018.10.15 14:22 [+14, -0] I cried listening to it ㅠㅠ it's too good... cr
  3. KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) announce that this year (1 Jan - 30 Sept) the total songwriting royalties has been increasing 45% from total last year. even tho it's just the 3rd quarter of 2018. "Kpop artist such as BTS, Wanna One, Red Velvet, GOT7, TWICE who's well known not only in Korea but also worldwide causing great growth of Korean music copyright market due to their album sales". "We'll cooperate with foreign copyright associations actively"
  4. GOT7's Jinyoung might be taking the lead of the new tvN drama. On October 12, an exclusive report by Sports Chosun stated Jinyoung is playing the male lead of a new tvN drama titled 'That Psychometry Guy' (literal translation). In regards to the report, JYP Entertainment stated, "Jinyoung was given the offer for the new tvN drama," however, "We have not made confirmation. It's a production currently under review." 'That Psychometry Guy' is a fantasy romance thriller telling the story of a man named Yi Ahn, who has the ability to read people's secrets through physical contact, and a girl who will do anything to hide her deep pain, even if it means putting her life in danger. Jinyoung has starred in multiple productions including 'Dream High 2', 'Stray Goat', and more. If confirmed, 'That Psychometry Guy' will become Jinyoung's first ever drama with a leading role. Stay tuned for updates. cr allkpop
  5. GOT7 Jinyoung selected as main lead in upcoming tvN drama 'Psychometry Guy', a fantasy romance thriller genre. Drama is scheduled to air early next year The drama ‘사이코메트리 그녀석’ is a fantasy romance thriller genre drama. Jinyoung’s role is a guy who has psychometric superpowers in his hands because of an accident he met with when he was young, but is unable to use that power properly. Update: A representative for JYP Entertainment has shared that GOT7's Jinyoung has received an offer to star in the upcoming tvN drama "사이코메트리 그녀석", however is currently reviewing the role
  6. GOT7’s Jackson has chosen NCT’s Lucas as the idol he wants to befriend! GOT7 recently appeared on Pikicast’s “After Mom Goes to Sleep,” a variety show in which the guests must try to cook and eat a meal as quietly as possible. Every time that the guests exceed 70 decibels in volume, they are required to undergo a minor punishment, such as wearing an embarrassing wig. During their hilarious struggle to carry out their mission, the GOT7 members also had to answer a number of interview questions. At one point, the production staff posed the question, “Jackson, you are great at making new friends. Who’s an idol that you want to befriend?” After a moment of thought, Jackson replied, “NCT’s Lucas. Guys, I want to become closer with NCT’s Lucas.” Check out GOT7’s entertaining appearance on “After Mom Goes to Sleep” below! Other highlights of the episode include BamBam dancing to BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” at 9:43 in the video: cr
  7. #GOT7 #Lullaby won #1 on KBS Music Bank today! #Lullaby7thWin
  8. PERF GOT7 at KCON 2018 Thailand

    3 unit songs and 4 group songs
  9. 'Lullaby' by GOT7 won 1st on SBS 'Inkigayo' today (180930). Congratulations! #Lullaby4thWin
  10. GOT7 wins on this weeks Music Core! + Performance #LULLABY3RDWIN!!!
  11. GOT7 'Lullaby' wins today's Music Bank #Lullaby2ndWin
  12. Article: 'Sketchbook' Got7, "We are JYP's #1 in sales... #1 in company building stake"Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+198, -10] Pretty amazing that they're #1 in sales, filial-dols for JYP ㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+162, -11] Got7 and KARD are the two tops when it comes to being more popular overseas than in Korea ㅋㅋ It's unfortunate how Got7 does on the digital charts every time when their songs are so good 3. [+154, -13] I had no idea that Got7 was so popular until I saw that their YouTube views were over 200 million 4. [+21, -18] I don't even know what their hit song is though 5. [+10, -4] 'Lullaby' is so good ♡ 6. [+9, -4] They really do seem to be hard carrying JYP like their song ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I also thought Jackson would be on a lot more varieties after having such an impact but I guess their tour is really busy 7. [+9, -1] Male idols really do bring in the money 8. [+9, -0] They're whatever in Korea but I guess they're more popular overseas 9. [+8, -1] JYP's income seems to mostly come from overseas. 2PM was gone from the Korean scene for a while and were thought to have declined but I remember their income was #1 or #2 in JYP at the time too. 10. [+8, -0] Say what you want about male idol groups, they always bring in the best money 11. [+8, -3] Got7's basically #1 around SEA~ they have amazing popularity over there~~~ 12. [+7, -3] Internet articles may always be about female idols, but no matter how hard the male fans cheer them on, it's always the male idol groups that make more money in the end 13. [+6, -9] But their new song is #96 on Melon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ nugu Flop7 14. [+5, -1] You would think JYP would give more support to their #1 sales group but it's quite obvious that all their support is centered on Twice cr netizenbuzz
  13. Billboard has released its charts for the week ending in September 29, with BTS topping the World Albums chart once again and some new additions of releases by Korean artists! BTS’s “Love Yourself: Answer” remains at No. 1 for the fourth week in a row on the World Albums Chart. It’s followed by “Love Yourself: Tear” in second place, which is spending its 18th week on the chart. GOT7’s new album “Present: YOU,” featuring the title track “Lullaby,” makes its debut on the chart as it secures the No. 3 spot. At No. 4 is BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her,” now in its 53rd week on the World Albums chart. DreamCatcher’s “Alone in the City” grabs the No. 7 spot. This is their third mini album, and it includes the title track “What". BTS’s Japanese album “Face Yourself” also remains on the chart, now at No. 9 in its 16th week. NCT Dream’s “We Go Up” spends a third week on the chart, taking the No. 11 spot. BLACKPINK’s “Square Up” also rises from No. 14 last week to No. 12, and it has now been on the chart for 14 weeks in total. WJSN’s latest mini album “WJ Please?” debuts on the World Albums chart at No. 14. Their new release includes the title track “Save Me, Save You.” Congratulations to all the artists! cr soompi