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Found 20 results

  1. Bambam: During the military draft, I saw a lot of people delaying the service so I prepared myself that if I ended up serving the nation then I want to join the air force. JYP also prepared the news that Bangkok would be my last world tour stop if I had to go
  2. June : Yubin, DAY6 (Mini Album)July : Park Jimin, Stray Kids (Mini Album)Aug : Twice (Mini Album)Oct : GOT7 (Reg Album), DAY6 (Mini Album)Nov : Stray Kids (Mini Album)Dec : GOT7 (Repackage), Twice (Special Album)
  3. It's a collab between him and FENDI it's gonna be out on the 26th, at 12PM EST
  4. The title's mv is already out! And anticipate the units songs
  5. Album to be released on the 20/06
  6. GOT7 Youngjae will sing the 2nd OST for SBS Mon-Tue drama - Wok of Love. The song will be released next week. He worked with Nam Heyseung whom did OSTs for Goblin, I Need Romance and Jealousy Incarnate. http://chicnews.mk.c...013334189767007 The drama has been gaining attention from the audience, and this week were #1 on search on Naver and Daum after the episode airing.
  7. MV GOT7 - THE New Era

  8. On April 13, Jackson announced that he’ll be putting out his third solo single and an MV for the track on April 20. Jackson previously released his single “Papillon” in August of 2017, which he followed up later in the year with “Okay.”