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Found 21 results

  1. [enter-talk] FX LEVEL OF SYNCHRONIZATION post response: [+582][-7] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.09.22 02:26 [+172, -60] ㅠㅠ To think that the songs that are sung by RV now should've belong to Fx.... ㅇㅇ |2018.09.22 17:12 [+120, -0] Fx are 9 years into their debut,, Why aren't we having a comeback SM? ㅠㅠ ㅇㅇ |2018.09.22 18:14 [+97, -0] I miss them ㅇㅇ |2018.09.22 19:30 [+72, -8] Peek-a-boo was meant to be an Fx song originally, imagine them singing Peek-a-boo, they would've been girl-crushes ㅇㅇ |2018.09.22 19:55 [+55, -1] The quality once Sulli got out cr pannchoa
  2. Possible songs for setlist Beautiful Shake that Brass Heights Love Run I Just Wanna Borders Need to Feel Needed On My Own Breathe Again Get Over It Closed Doors Right Now High Hopes Lifeline Three Million Years White Noise Lost at Sea
  3. Some fun notes: Victoria was scheduled to be an actress until Amber came into SM. Luna, Sulli, and Krystal were also set for something else. Amber had to cut her Korean classes short because she was put on the track for debut. Amber turned down Unpretty Rapstar. Amber discusses the MeToo movement, about being touched inappropriately, and wishing there was more support. Amber had to take time off 2017 because her shoulder had gotten to the point she couldn't raise her arm and her body was in bad shape.
  4. Article: Chinese media is abuzz with Sulli's unedited pictures? Source: TV Report via Naver 1. [+2,903, -142] She is really pretty... super charming. White skin, big, captivating eyes ㅎ and a cute smile that can be perceived as sexy too 2. [+928, -36] Sulli would be huge if stayed off of SNS. She could've been a top star if she kept a mysterious image. What a shame. 3. [+735, -61] Please, Sulli-ya, let's think of your future. Stop opening your mouth, this unni is begging you. 4. [+687, -56] She's gorgeous alright. Just a natural born beauty without a thing done to her face. 5. [+238, -115] Is she going to go do weird things in China now... 6. [+104, -7] Important to note that she's a natural beauty without any plastic work done. Most actresses and female idols have usually 100% done some type of work but Sulli's been pretty since she was a little girl. 7. [+65, -6] She was too beautiful to be an idol. Even as an actress, if only she just behaved normally, her popularity now would be double what it is. What a waste of her looks... Yeah, what she does on SNS is her own freedom and right but as a fan, it's sad to see her get hate with that pretty face when she could be doing so much more. 8. [+64, -12] Who cares if she's pretty when she's weird in the head... - Source: Nate 1. [+436, -24] I'll admit she's really pretty 2. [+322, -25] She is pretty, yes 3. [+172, -40] She's wearing one today 4. [+33, -8] Her looks alone can beat anyone in Korea, China, or Japan. Even Suzy looks average next to her. 5. [+25, -10] Great, China can take her... 6. [+22, -2] She could be an even bigger top star if she had managed her image 7. [+21, -1] She's super psycho but yeah, I'll admit she's pretty. And even though she looks like she'd be into drugs, she has never once touched drugs, gambling, or drinking and driving - none of those crimes. Han Seohee made me realize that Sulli may be crazy but she's a nice crazy. 8. [+19, -7] Sulli and Clara have in common the fact that they're both pretty but voluntarily messed up their own lives...
  5. Krystal prepared gifts for all the students as well as donated fund to the school. She played games with the kids and did various arts and crafts activities during her visit
  6. Article: f(x) Amber's latest updates, toned body through running 'cool' Source: Seoul Econ via Nate 1. [+233, -51] She's surpassed looking boyish, she's practically a man;; 2. [+218, -55] I'd believe it if you told me she was a man 3. [+134, -35] "fo-...forget" my gender... 4. [+40, -15] The comments are so mean tsk tsk 5. [+22, -4] These comments, though... has she ever done anything bad to you guys? All you fools should worry about your own faces before judging others 6. [+18, -22] Why would she want to take a picture like this... there doesn't seem to be anything to show off ㅜㅜ 7. [+18, -13] I'm not really seeing anywhere that's "toned" 8. [+14, -9] I honestly think she'd beat Kim Heechul in a fight... 9. [+13, -2] These comments... you guys are below humans 9. [+9, -14] What kind of man goes around dressed like that 10. [+8, -5] Guess she really is a woman, she has no muscles 11. [+7, -5] No bust... no hips... she has no waist too? 12. [+6, -1] She's a hyung
  7. Article: Luna, "First solo comeback in two years, f(x) will soon too"Source: OSEN via Naver1. [+456, -7] Please give us a group comeback too ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ2. [+266, -7] "Soon"... I'll be waiting!!!!3. [+207, -5] I'll be waiting!!4. [+167, -6] The song she sang on 'Best Masked Singer'... was the best song ever5. [+155, -5] Yes, comeback soon ❣️6. [+32, -1] I hope she's not just saying that because she feels bad for making fans wait for so long... I really hope f(x) is preparing for a comeback7. [+25, -1] I'm still waiting for you, f(x) ㅠ8. [+22, -1] Fighting to both Luna and f(x)!! Love the song9. [+21, -3] SM-ah, please give our f(x) some good support and take care of them ㅜㅜ10. [+20, -2] Comeback please... I'll be waiting!!!!-