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Found 8 results

  1. They're not that famous, yet their sales are actually highTheir first week sales were 9,900 copiesUntil June, they sold a total of 25,000 copiesThey released 4 albums so far and the counts were2,700 - 8,300 - 11,200 - 25,400 copiesThey're steadily rising in the physical sales2018's girl groups physical sales1. Twice2. Blackpink3. RV4. Gfriend5. WJSN6. Mamamoo7. Lovelyz8. OMGirl9. Wekimeki10. Dreamcatcher11. Momoland (boom boom)12. AOA13. Idle14. Gugudan15. Fromis16. Pristin17. EXID18. Momoland (baam)19. UniT20. CLC21. Apriloriginal post: here1. They're pretty famous overseas though, for rookies, they're doing daebak..2. You can clearly see them building their fanbase3. It's always fun to watch Dreamcatcher's stages4. But why are they so bad on the digital charts? They can't even enter the top 3005. There are not many people with their genre in Korea, so they feel new, and they're also pretty skilled6. I seriously hope they hit big in one blow7. They're so hardworking, let's start with the physical sales8. Good performers and their songs aren't badㅋㅋㅋ9. Oh they're selling pretty well?10. Dreamcatcher's songs are all good! cr pannchoa