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Found 209 results

  1. TRANSLATION IN PROGRESS: Seokjin 3 August YEAR 22 I opened the door and went into the storage room of classroom. In the middle of a summer night, the odor of fungi and dust were mixed with the humid air. I had flashbacks of many different moments at that time I remembered the shiny shoes of the principal, Namjoon’s facial expression when he was standing outside the door, the day I ignored Hoseok and walked back alone. My heart started hurting and I got chills. I had this complex feeling that overwhelmed me with pain. It’s hard to say how it felt like because it wasn’t annoyance but it wasn’t fear either. The sign was clear. I knew I had to get out of this place. It seemed like if Tae knew what I was going through & held my arm. “Hyung, try a little harder. Try remembering what happened here". Then I got tae’s hands off of me and turned back. We walked through the heat for hours. We were as tired as we could be. Other guys looked at me as if they didn’t know what to say to me. Memory. What taehyung said about memory was just a meaningless story. That I did that..That it happened to me… Story that we did something together. It’s possible that it happened. I think we did that. But, memory isn’t something that you can understand or accept. You don’t understand experience through just hearing something. Experience is something that is deeply rooted in your mind, head, and soul. But for me, the memories I had about that place was only about the bag things. Things that made me painful and and made me want to escape. A fight happened between me and taehyung who stopped me from going back and leaving. But we were both tired. Hitting or avoiding...it both felt heavy and slow as if we were in a hot viscous liquid. It happened in a sudden when tae and I tripped over each other. My shouldners bumped into the wall and i faltered as i lost my balance. At first, i couldn't tell what happened. I couldn't open my eyes or breathe due to the dust filling up the whole place. I continuously coughed. "Are you okay?" I realized I fell after hearing that person. As soon as I tried to get up, I something that I thought as a wall crumbled. There was a huge space over the crumbled walls. No one moved for a second. Oh my world. Someone said, "we spent such a long time here" we never imagined there was a space beyond the walls". But what's that? As the dust settled down, we were able to a cabinet in the middle of the empty space. Namjoon opened the cabinet. I took a step closer. There was a note inside the cabinet. Namjoon picked the note up and turned to the first page. I instantly held my breath. he first page of a note that seemed pretty old...the page had an expected name written on it. That was my father's name. As Namjoon tried to flip another page over, I took the note away from him. Namjoon seemed surprised and looked at me but didn't mind much. I went through the book shelf then an old note tipped over as if it was about to crumble. This book written in my father's handwriting was diary by my father that recorded what he experienced with his friend in high school. All the days weren't recorded. Sometimes, the diary skipped a month and there were pages where there were covered with blood stains. I knew that my father went through the same thing as me. He also made a mistake in his life and tried to run and run to make up for his mistakes [...] Credits to @milktae_jpg