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Found 8 results

  1. Full Level Talent, The Golden Hands of All Golden Hands, Composing and Writing Idol Producer Top 9 In addition singing and dancing, the idol members that participate in the entire process of producing albums such as lyrics, composition, and choreography etc. Armed with musical sense and excellent sensibilities, they are enriching the music industry by continuing to be active with creative activities such as writing and composing the songs of their group, composing the songs of other singers and recording hits etc. ◇(iKON) - B.I ◇(WINNER) - Kang Seungyoon ◇(PENTAGON) - Hui ◇(HIGHLIGHT) - Yong Junhyung ◇(Block B) - Zico ◇(B1A4) - Jinyoung ◇(SEVENTEEN) - Woozi ◇(BTS) - Suga ◇(BIGBANG) - GD
  2. B1A4 Jinyoung signs exclusive contract with Link8 Entertainment He is their first artist signed, he had lovecalls from other bigger conpanies
  3. The song can be translated as 'Together' or 'With You' and is originally from their 'Good Timing' album. It was written for BANA and even includes them in the record. Jinyoung wrote, composed, and co arranged the song himself, so it's definitely personal. The snippet he posted says In the bright stars in the sky Our love is there Even if we get lost for a moment We just need to trust in each other Yes, sometimes there will be disappointment But I’ll sing with my heart We’ve shared joy and sadness I love you, I love you In the bright stars in the sky Our love is there Even if we get lost for a moment We just need to trust in each other
  4. Article: [Exclusive] B1A4 Jinyoung and Baro are leaving their agency... 3 renew Source: Yonhap News via Nate1. [+230, -6] I guess Jinyoung is going to go into acting then2. [+202, -9] I bet you they'll disband soon and promote separately. Baro ruined their image and dropped their popularity.3. [+145, -10] They're fools, a group has to stay together to be successful ㅋㅋ4. [+20, -0] Aren't they over without Jinyoung?5. [+17, -3] Baro's the nuisance6. [+9, -0] Jinyoung has a handsome face with good singing and acting skills. He makes good songs too. As a solo, he may never be the top but he'll never have a problem making money without his group.7. [+9, -1] Well they're a group without a hit track anyway, might as well disband8. [+6, -0] Jinyoung's good at acting and composing songs so he'll do good no matter where hg oes9. [+5, -0] It probably doesn't matter for Jinyoung to go out on his own since he did it all on his own anyway from acting, composing, to writing songs10. [+2, -0] Baro ㅋㅋ is there ever a chance for him to be successful as a solo...!? netizenbuzz
  5. [Breaking] B1A4 Baro and Jinyoung reportedly leave WM Entertainment Sandeul, Gongchan, CNU have agreed to renew with the agency B1A4 may still promote as a group, whether it will be as 3 or 5
  6. WM Entertainment confirms B1A4's contracts with them ends at the end of this month They say they are still discussing contract renewals with the group
  7. Article: B1A4's CNU, "We've promoted for 7 years but I don't want to put it all down now, this is just the beginning"Source: Newsen via Nate1. [+224, -5] I think any chance of their contract renewals has gone south. Especially because of one certain member who's infamous for his attitude...2. [+203, -19] Imagine struggling as a B-list for 7 years3. [+131, -4] Idols need to frontload all their promos when they're young and pretty. You earn easy popularity for that fresh face but lose it just as easily once you get older. It's just the way the industry works.4. [+19, -11] You're going to have to look for a new job if I've never even heard of your name after 7 years5. [+16, -1] There's no reason for their agency to renew when they haven't made it after 7 years and they're not making much off of international promos. It has to be a win-win situation, why would a company go in to a losing contract?6. [+11, -1] Just go into streaming on Afreeca. Maybe you can even collab with GO?7. [+10, -1] Nugu...?8. [+9, -1] Enough's enough, go serve in the army now...9. [+7, -0] I have no idea who the rest are beside Sandeul and Jinyoung...10. [+4, -1] So who's this nugu again?-
  8. Article: [Exclusive] B1A4's contracts expire, renewals unclearSource: TV Daily via Nate1. [+331, -6] I wish Jinyoung would leave and pursue composing and acting ㅋㅋ seems like he's keeping the group afloat anyway while Baro is putting down fans with his arrogant attitude; they're essentially over2. [+232, -5] It's going to be difficult for Baro to sign with a good agency because he's so infamous for his attitude issues3. [+166, -7] What about a two year contract with the army?4. [+37, -4] Remember when Gongchan said his fans would pay for it ㅡㅡ he clearly sees his fans as money5. [+29, -1] Sandeul can go solo, Jinyoung can be a composer6. [+29, -1] Baro will have to baro go home (baro = right away)7. [+13, -2] They're essentially nugus aside from Jinyoung8. [+1, -0] Well their agency is going to go bankrupt because they don't have any other group to replace them. B1A4 is the one that afforded them their building and all.-