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Found 22 results

  1. Seolhyun has participated in the recent SBS ‘Running Man’ with fellow member AOA‘s Hyejeong, MOMOLAND‘s JooEand WJSN‘s Dayoung. Seolhyun showed her unique presence from the beginning of the recording, and the male members could not take their eyes off her. In particular, when the production crew said, “Today is a couple race” the mood of the members got much more uplifted. Members asked about Seolhyun’s ideal type, to what she responded with,”He is not Korean. Recently after watching movie ‘Avengers’, I became a fan of Thor.” The members who could not find any common ground with Thor were sad, but Ji Suk Jin quickly said Kim Jong Kook was “Thor of the Running Man” making him smiling a shy smile at the unexpected comment. Original article: (here) [+425 / -128] As expected, she is pretty. [+393 / -124] Her ideal type is always changing, our Seolhyun is pretty. [+347 / -124] I think Seolhyun is pretty ㅜㅜ [+52 / -14] My 50 years old dad looks at Seolhyun and feels fulfilled. [+48 / -18] What a beautiful classy Korean Seolhyun is. [+42 / -41] Nate women only hate on pretty girls, because of their inferiority complex and jealousy. You have to correct the habit of making malicious comments. She didn’t do anything wrong. Seolhyun is getting hate just because she is pretty and popular with men. cr https://www.mogohallyu.com/aoa-seolhyun-reveals-her-ideal-type-and-he-isnt-korean/
  2. 1. First the title track, Bingle Bangle 2. Super Duper 3. Heat
  3. 9 Groups Whose Contracts Are Expiring Next Year 1. B.A.P B.A.P debuted in 2012 with TS Entertainment. In 2014, B.A.P filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment, wishing to nullify their contract due to unfair working conditions and profit distribution. In 2015, B.A.P and TS Entertainment reached a settlement but, given the history between the two parties, fans’ concerns about B.A.P’s upcoming contract expiration are understandable. 2. VIXX VIXX debuted with Jellyfish Entertainment in 2012. No disputes between the two parties have been reported and the VIXX members have expressed their desire to continue on as a group. 3. NU’EST NU’EST debuted in 2012 under Pledis Entertainment. No publicized disputes between the group and their label have occurred, but the past few months have not been easy for either party due to Baekho‘s sexual assault charges (which have since been dropped). Fans worry that NU’EST’s contract may not be renewed since the group has been on an on-and-off hiatus and has not produced a full studio album since Bridge the World in 2015. 4. BTOB BTOB was formed in 2012 by Cube Entertainment. Under the label, BTOB has gained success, and the group has given no indication that they would not be willing to renew their contract with Cube. In spite of this, fans are forced to remember 4MINUTE, another successful Cube group that disbanded after their seven-year contract came to an end. 5. Wanna One Wanna One was formed by CJ E&M through Produce 101 and debuted under YMC Entertainment and CJ E&M in 2017. The popular group has been active for less than a year, but their contract is already set to end on December 31, 2018. On January 31, a news outlet reported that Wanna One’s contract may be extended to February 2019. In response, YMC stated that although an extension was brought up during a meeting, it has not been discussed in-depth. 6. EXID EXID debuted in 2012 under AB Entertainment and is currently under AB Entertainment and Banana Culture Entertainment. At this time it is unknown whether EXID’s contract will be renewed. 7. AOA AOA debuted in 2012 under FNC Entertainment. Two of the group’s eight original members have parted ways with FNC, but fans hope that the remaining six members will be able to continue their group activities in 2019. 8. Hello Venus Hello Venus was formed in 2012 by Tricell Media. The group’s debut was strong, but group activities began to dwindle as members embarked on solo activities. Since Hello Venus has not produced a full studio since The Mystery of Venus in 2016, fans fear the contract may not be renewed. 9. FIESTAR FIESTAR debuted in 2012 under Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment). For two years, Fiestar produced music under LOEN’s sub-label Collabodadi before Collabodadi was dissolved and Fiestar was returned to the LOEN Tree. So far, it is uncertain whether or not Fiestar’s contract will be renewed under Kakao M. https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/9-groups-whose-contracts-expiring-next-year/
  4. Article: AOA Minah 'something about her face looks different'Source: Newsen via Nate1. [+510, -34] I don't think I'd know who she was without AOA in the title2. [+380, -44] She has a big mouth but a narrow chin and a big nose3. [+337, -51] Her proportions are really bizarre too, and she has a big head4. [+16, -0] I thought this was Girl's Day's Minah and I was shocked5. [+11, -1] Her face looks so puffy because of fat transplants6. [+10, -0] Why does she look so awkward?7. [+9, -3] She was the prettiest when AOA first debuted though8. [+7, -0] I'm more shocked that she's a '93er... she looks like she's in her thirties9. [+7, -1] Wow... she has such an ajumma face to her, I'd believe it if she was an older actor on those love and war shows.10. [+6, -4] She's always looked like this, don't put up a picture she looks bad in and claim she looks different.-
  5. Article: [Official] AOA Chanmi personally denies rumors of 'Produce 48' "Focusing on AOA promos"Source: OSEN via Nate1. [+411, -9] What if Heo Chanmi auditions again?...2. [+362, -6] For a second I thought Heo Chanmi was trying to come back ㅋㅋㅋ3. [+253, -8] No point in her auditioning, she made the right choice4. [+23, -0] Heo Chanmi's talented but she wasted her image by going on too many audition shows... and she's too old to be an idol now too, what a shame5. [+16, -0] But is anyone in AOA popular after Choa left other than Seolhyun? I think she'd have more to gain from going on 'Produce 48' than anything to lose6. [+14, -9] AOA has so many years under their belt so for their members to still be nugus must mean they really don't have the charms or their agency is just really that bad... What's the point in staying with AOA when you're considered a nugu if you're not Seolhyun or Choa7. [+10, -1] Honestly no one knows who she is unless you're an AOA fan... no point in her wasting time getting owned by even Japanese idols ㅎㅎㅎ8. [+10, -1] I bet you Heo Chanmi will even audition on those shows for old people once she gets old enough ㅋㅋㅋㅋ9. [+8, -0] I bet you she's just testing the waters and she'll do it anyway10. [+8, -3] It's embarrassing to still be considered a nugu with this many years under your belt. Other nugu girl group members have done whatever it took to get their name out there (like Girl's Day's Yura) but the AOA members are so... bland... that they don't even put effort into the opportunities that they're given. No wonder they're known as the Seolhyun and Jimin group.-