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Found 420 results

  1. K-Pop girl groups albums with most #1's on iTunes:#1 SQUARE UP ➪ 52 #2 Summer Magic ➪ 30#3 WIL? ➪ 21#4 Holiday Night ➪ 20#5 TPRV, SQUARE ONE ➪ 17
  2. Article: 'Red Velvet after all' Joy appears in a red tasting outfitSource: Mydaily via Nate1. [+320, -9] Kim Sarang attended the same event in a similar outfit too ㅎ I guess they were all sponsored their outfits. I doubt she wants to be dressed like this either.2. [+255, -28] Pretty face but she's dressed like she's at a Halloween party..3. [+18, -13] Damn bad actor4. [+16, -17] Her face is helping it look better5. [+13, -4] It's Red Riding Hood Chacha6. [+12, -4] Maybe her coordi was doing someone a favor, what is this outfit??7. [+10, -4] CLothes, bag, shoes, they're all doing different things8. [+9, -0] She definitely looks like she doesn't want to be dressed like that9. [+9, -0] Maybe Son Ye Jin's coordi transferred to SM10. [+7, -2] She looks way prettier when she smiles~ I paused while scrolling down at the middle picture of her smiling ㅋㅋ11. [+7, -0] Why do people bother producing clothes like this?12. [+7, -1] How experimental cr netizenbuzz
  3. post response: [+65][-24] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.09.11 15:25 [+32, -10] Joy's aura is getting cooler and cooler.. ㅇㅇ |2018.09.11 19:16 [+24, -9] Getting prettier ㅇㅇ |2018.09.11 19:51 [+20, -10] If she was a green apple when she debuted, now, she turned into a red apple ㅇㅇ |2018.09.11 19:52 [+13, -3] Picture taken today ㅇㅇ |2018.09.11 22:10 [+11, -7] I saw Joy last year at Ulsan's concert and she was so close to me, she's seriously so amazing, the prettiest girl I've ever seen cr pannchoa
  4. For Seulgi and Wendy!!!They're f*cking pretty Finally SM is starting their work Even on stagetheir hair and outfits were so good post response: [+396][-71] original post: here ㅇㄲ |2018.09.05 01:25 [+238, -17] You had some sense posting only about Seulgi and Wendy ㅇㅇ |2018.09.05 03:28 [+176, -80] Are the fans still swearing at the cordi? The majority of the members are short so they can't pull off those clothes, why is it the cordi's fault? ㅇㅇ |2018.09.05 03:17 [+108, -185] Seriously I didn't know both were pretty... ㅇㅇ |2018.09.05 02:14 [+28, -6] Seulgi is model type, f*cking cool ㄴㄷㅅㅈ |2018.09.05 13:37 [+23, -0] I hope they give Seulgi and Wendy the style they had when they debuted, they were the prettiest ㅇㅇ |2018.09.05 02:40 [+18, -3] Wow Seulgi's abs cr pannchoa
  5. September Girl Group Brand Ranking1 (G)I-DLE2 Red Velvet3 TWICE4 BLACKPINK5 Mamamoo6 SNSD7 LOONA8 Momoland9 WJSN10 Berry Good11 Lovelyz12 Apink13 AOA14 GFRIEND15 Laboum16 Weki Meki17 T-ara18 DIA19 Oh My Girl20 April21 Girl's Day22 fromis923 EXID24 PRISTIN
  6. 1 BTS 2 BLACKPINK 3 TWICE 4 Red Velvet 5 SEVENTEEN 6 IU 7 NU'EST 8 MAMAMOO 9 BTOB 10 Wanna One 11 SHINHWA 12 BIGBANG 13 EXO 14 PENTAGON 15 WJSN 16 WINNER 17 Apink 18 MONSTA X 19 Jeong Sewoon 20 DAY6 cr
  7. On September 6, Lifetime's new variety series 'Pajama Friends' revealed a D-10 poster gearing up for the show's premiere! 'Pajama Friends', starring Song Ji Hyo, Jang Yoon Joo, Red Velvet's Joy, and Cosmic Girls's Cheng Xiao, takes viewers on a fun-filled 'Hocance' (combining Hotel + Vacance). The 4 stars of the show will get to enjoy all kinds of relaxing, vacation-y activities all right in their hotel, earning a getaway from work while still working! 'Pajama Friends' premieres on Lifetime this September 15 at 11 PM KST! cr allkpop
  8. Article: "Bright smile" Red Velvet's Yeri, the maknae's unexpected sexinessSource: Herald Pop via Nate1. [+601, -87] She's uglier than most Instagram shopping models these days~2. [+550, -59] How can you be laughing right now?3. [+330, -22] Stop acting so rude to your unnis, they can only accept your antics so many times ㅡㅡ4. [+65, -2] Speaking coldly, she's last out of all the Red Velvet members in looks, work ethic, character, and skills. She's also the youngest but tries so hard to act special by showing off the famous people she's friends with.5. [+60, -4] Whoever's in charge of SM's auditions need to be fired. He has no eye for talent at all.6. [+59, -1] She's one of those people who are hard on the weak and weak to the strong7. [+59, -2] Irene is Red Velvet's visual so I can see why she has to stay but if I were an SM staff, I'd cut Yeri and keep Red Velvet to four8. [+52, -1] Red Velvet was great as four until she arrived and is basically a mosquito sucking the blood out of the group9. [+50, -2] She needs some attitude lessons tsk tsk tsk10. [+46, -3] She's not the type of face that SM likes... she's not tall or a good singer or has a great personality either... SM really likes dancers and yet she's not a good dancer.. just why? Just why was she added to Red Velvet?..11. [+41, -1] Did her fans throw her out too? I haven't seen any positive comments about her12. [+39, -1] She doesn't care about being an idol, she cares about kissing a$$ to other famous seniors13. [+37, -1] She needs to read some of these comments... unless she's really trying to live her life with her eyes and ears closed. Comments like "she's a bad dancer" isn't a hate comment, you know.14. [+35, -1] I think Red Velvet started getting hate after she joined ㅠㅠ I thought she as a cute, hard worker when she joined with 'Ice Cream Cake' but now all of that is gone. She's just obsessed with showing off how many famous friends she has.15. [+33, -2] Not pretty.. or sexy.. or cute.. cr netizenbuzz
  9. Red Velvet Wendy EXID Hani Hyuna
  10. Article: Red Velvet Seulgi, beauty that lights up ItaewonSource: Ilgan Sports via Nate1. [+358, -27] When you watch her on stage, you can tell that she's doing it because she truly loves singing and dancing. She's good but she's also a hard worker and that's all visible to the eye ㅋㅋ 2. [+342, -37] Seulgi's my favorite.. 3. [+294, -30] Poor Seulgi and Wendy must be going through emotional stress because of their young dongsaeng ㅠㅠ She trained the longest too and finally gained popularity, sad that this is happening to them 4. [+21, -9] As the average person, not a fan or anti of Red Velvet, I could always tell that Wendy and Seulgi were always hard workers. Irene always gave me that vibe like she never cared for being a celebrity and that she could just as easily quit once her contract expires... 5. [+18, -2] Irene and Joy were popular in the beginning for their kind and hard working nature but it's Wendy and Seulgi who are shining more now because of their genuine attitudes. I wish Yeri would just be kicked out already. 6. [+14, -1] She has one of the top characters out of all the idols... She's really famous for doing everything according to the way it's supposed to be done, no shortcuts or perks or anything. 8. [+11, -2] She looks like a pretty Huh Gak 9. [+9, -0] I wonder why SM doesn't push her as much as Irene 10. [+8, -0] Poor Seulgi suffering because of a talentless leader and a b*tchy maknae 11. [+8, -1] I really wish they'd take Seulgi and Wendy out and put them in a different group. I like Red Velvet but I can't stand the other b*tches because of their attitude issues. 12. [+7, -1] This is a bad picture of her ㅜㅜ she normally has a great bare face and has such round, cute pictures ㅠㅠ she's a ball of charms, I tell you... although this picture might not show it. cr netizenbuzz
  11. Article: Red Velvet Irene 'revealing spaghetti strap dress' (Soribada Awards) Source: Sports Today via Nate1. [+877, -185] She has so many attitude controversies... but she's definitely not as bad as Mamamoo's Solar who brags about singing along to a song about chopping up your ex-girlfriend.. ㅋㅋ at least Irene's pretty... ㅋㅋㅋ2. [+607, -165] I honestly think her fans only like her because they've made up this entire fantasy about her. I see kids on Twitter using her picture as their profile picture and tweeting bad stuff about other celebrities but Irene's actually worse when it comes to character than even them ㅋㅋㅋ3. [+543, -171] Fans tried to push her as this pretty feminist but got a mental breakdown over past photos of her at a karaoke sitting on her boyfriend's lap when she was in high school. Then they tried to claim she had good character when she was on a variety show and everyone was laughing about someone's weight and they tried to make Irene look like she was the only one cringing but later people found out that she was laughing along too. Then when she was on 'Radio Star' with Seo Yuri who revealed her graduation photo, fans tried claiming again that Irene was the only one looking serious but she was later found laughing and clapping along... she's a fake femi-goddess with a made up image by her fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ4. [+73, -32] Does attending award ceremonies not tire her out? ㅋㅋ5. [+53, -25] Yes, smile more, you're too sensitive6. [+41, -9] Humility is all that matters in this industry7. [+24, -3] I thought Irene had the worst character until I found out that Solar and Wheein sing along to a song about chopping up an ex-girlfriend;;;8. [+19, -15] She's like a rose with many thorns9. [+18, -5] Even if Irene has attitude controversies, at least she's better than Mamamoo's Solar who sang along to a song about chopping up an ex-girlfriend ㅋㅋ a much better face too10. [+23, -12] After all her attitude controversies, a face that I used to think was pretty suddenly doesn't look that great anymore. Scary how an image can change your perception of someone. cr netizenbuzz