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Found 361 results

  1. Red Velvet Arena Tour1/6: Marine Messe Fukuoka1/12 - 1/13: Kobe World Memorial Hall1/29 - 1/30: Yokohama Arena
  2. Hanteo's highest selling first week 3rd generation girl group debut albums #1 - BLACKPINK 'Square Up' - 102.002k #2 - IOI 'Chrysalis' - 28,421k #3 - Red Velvet 'Ice Cream Cake' - 17,181k #4 - LOONA '++' - 12,898k (6 days) #5 - Pristin 'Hi Pristin' - 11,918k #6 - Weki Meki 'WEME' - 11,190k #7 - Gugudan 'Act. 1 The Little Mermaid' - 8,985k #8 - TWICE 'The Story Begins' - 8,765k #9 - Fromis_9 'To Heart' - 3,737 #10 - UNI.T 'Line' - 3,144. #11 - (G)I-DLE 'I AM' - 2,324k #12 - Lovelyz 'Girls Invasion' - 1,622k cr
  3. As of August 26 2018 12:45 (KST), Red Velvet's monster hit 'Red Flavor' (otherwise known as 'Red Taste') crossed 200,000 hearts on MelOn. It's the second girl group song to do so after 'Cheer Up'. Plus, it's the fastest do reach this as it only took 58 weeks!
  4. Kim Shinyoung Criticize Red Velvet?

    (T/N: Red Velvet is seriously giving me a hard time. I tried to avoid translating stuff about them as much as I could but they keep appearing on Talker's Choice) Since Yeri wrote in her profile that her weakness is the lack of energy The hosts ask when she feels most energetic Then Yeri says this moment is her most energetic state Do you see the hosts' reaction at that answer?Kim Shinyoung shook her head and mouthed "Aigoo", and Lee Sangmin's expressions were not good either Lee Sangmin at the back He said multiple times that even so she would do it (get energized) when she has to in order to defend her, And Kim Shinyoung also said she thought Yeri was the type to pour out her energy at once, in order to shield her. But then someone said "Yes Yeri will do it (be energetic) when she has to" And Yoon Seyoon met eyes with the staff and smirked. Just at a glance you would know that smirk embedded uncomfortable feelings. aeyeon, who Yeri likes so much is also an icon of lack of energy and homebody But she doesn't show it on broadcast, instead she does the show properly then go home. ———————————- According to fans' request, each member will express a kind of fruit using her body So at the first turn Joy was asked to express the kiwi This is other members' expression (the camera didn't capture Yeri) But then Kim Shinyoung said "Please laugh a little bit when your member is doing"But in the meantime the other members were laughing already? In the next scene Kim Shinyoung directly pointed out the expressions that were not captured by camera. (T/N: Caption on pic: Red Velvet reaction warning) Now I understand why she's called "Scary dongsaeng" Original post: http://pann.nate.com/talk/343168861 Post response: [+893][-19] [+512][-2] Weekly Idol staff must have been upset too, they didn't cut out the part that was bound to get controversial. While they didn't directly show her expression, they left out the comment regarding that. [+428][-1]ㅋㅋㅋlook at his expressionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [+394][-3] To be honest if even in the middle of broadcast,they got criticized like this then what happens in daily life.. [+279][-0] If she's really just joking by not giving reactions then usually the camera would have captured that... But then they didn't show Yeri's expression even in the next scene where Kim Shinyoung was talking? That is to prove that the staff didn't take it as a jokeㅋㅋㅋㅋ [+239][-0] Weekly Idol is such a big show with 5 cameras, so the fact that they didn't show that scene in full-shot says it all.. [+185][-1] If it's even to that extent on camera then you don't have to see to know what happens off camera. Judging from the fact that they didn't edit this one bit, Weekly Idol seems upset as well;; [+174][-0] The person Kim Shinyoung criticized is Yeri? How bad have her expressions been to be cut out like thatㅋㅋㄱㅋ [+161][-1] I thought this would be controversial too. Obviously when Joy, Seulgi and Wendy did it, the hosts found it cute, but when Irene and Yeri did it, they had to constantly defend their actions so their expressions were so forced [+152][-0] Ah Kim Yerim please [+136][-0] They can't do whatever is requested, why are they like that seriously? Please look at this objectively [+118][-2]At first Red Velvet were so diligent, but then they turned into this. Such a shame for Joy Seulgi and Wendy. cr
  5. Article: Red Velvet's Seulgi 'even her swollen face is cute'Source: Chic News via Nate1. [+591, -51] When I listened to 'Ice Cream Cake' in the army and everyone was into Irene and Joy, I was the only one into Seulgie ㅠㅠ she's so charming and talented2. [+511, -49] She looks pretty even while swollen..3. [+409, -37] What's up with the comments? I think she has her own charm!!4. [+66, -3] Do something about your member Yeri. There are posts about her attitude controversies every single day ㅋㅋㅋㅋ5. [+51, -8] Every time I see her, I can't help but think how harmonious her eyes, nose, and lips are..6. [+41, -5] She probably cried from how much hate Red Velvet is getting for 'Weekly Idol'. Poor Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy, hard workers suffering because of those b*tches Yeri and Irene.7. [+36, -12] She looks like she cried ㅜㅜ8. [+31, -0] Her eyes totally look like they're swollen from crying..9. [+31, -6] It looks like she cried. Seulgi-ya, it's not your fault.10. [+30, -0] Yeri-ya, apologize to your unnis...11. [+26, -3] Did she cry...?12. [+21, -0] Seulgi and Wendy have the best attitudes and are the hardest workers of the group. Irene works hard but always looks down because she's so shy while Yeri has gotten lazy because she debuted at such a young age. You can tell she doesn't work hard on her dances and will avoid any real hard work. I think that's what makes Red Velvet look like bad dancers compared to other girl groups. Anyway, Seulgi and Wendy are my favorite for being the hardest workers and kindest of the group.13. [+21, -4] She looks like she cried??14. [+17, -6] Seulgi is pretty in a classy way15. [+16, -4] Charming monolids, thin face shape, hard worker, great dancer, great singer... She gives a cold impression but has such a kind personality. I really like her. cr netizenbuzz
  6. During Red Velvet's encore stage on Music Bank today, there was an idol who suddenly walked across the stage while greeting his fans. It is said that he is Sungmin from BigFlo I sincerely apologize to all people who feels uncomfortable because of my thoughtless behavior today. I will show you the better side of me in the future. He tweeted a few lines of apologize letter. And his fans reply to his tweet, saying that it doesn't matter and that he doesn't need to apologize. Which upsets Red Velvet's fans a lot. 'It's okay. You did that because you wanted to see Wave (The fandom's name)ㅠㅠ Don't be so sad about it!!' 'Ah..ㅠㅠ We all know that you did that because the only things you could see was your fans~!! I'm worried that Sungmin would get hurt because of this.. I am so grateful for you for always expressing how happy you are whenever you see your fans~~ We all know how you feel so have some strength!! Sungmin, fighting!!" 'Oppa, it's okay.. We all know how you feelㅠㅠ' 'It's okay.. Don't apologize..' 'I mean, he walked across the stage because his fans were on the front line in the audience. What's so wrong with that?' instiz -Why did he walk in front of Red Velvet..? The girls were having their encore stage.. -I watched the show and it looks like he walked in front of RV because there were too much people behind the girls..? I don't think he did that on purpose.. -Huk.. Did he really have to walk in front of them..? I know it's a mistake, but he should've known better. I think it was very thoughtless of him. I hope he doesn't do the same mistake in the future.. -I'm a Red Velvet's fan and I honestly think that was just a mistake..! I mean, he didn't purposely walk slowly in front of the girls. He walked pass them quickly to greet the fans.. -It must've been hectic on the stage, looking at how many people were there.. I can totally understand it.. -I don't think he needs to upload an apologize letter for it.. I mean, he was just a little bit careless.. I guess..? But Red Velvet's fans must've been so upset to see his fans telling him that it doesn't matter and that he doesn't need to apologize for it.. -Hmm.. I don't think he did a big mistake. He was just careless.. And he doesn't deserve these unnecessary hate. His apologize letter was simple and well-written. It shouldn't be a big problem. -He already uploaded an apologize matter, I think it shouldn't be a big problem anymore.. -I mean, it's not like he danced in front of the girls..? It's not a big problem.. -It was just a mistake, and he apologized for it. But his fans are making things worse. cr pannatic
  7. Irene and Seulgi I couldn't tell them apart at first.. instiz -Hmm.. Not reallyㅠㅠ For me, it's Joy and Yeri.. -For me, it's Seulgi and Wendy... -I remember having a hard time telling them apart during their debut era because they had similar hairstyle and make up style.. -I know right.. Irene and Seulgi somehow have a very similar aura.. -I used to get confused telling apart Irene and Yeri.. -For me, it's Joy and Irene.. -When I first saw that teaser of Red Velvet, with them having their hair breaded with each other, I thought they all looked so similar and I couldn't tell them apart.. But now, I don't understand why it was difficult to tell them apart.. -That's what usually happens when you get into an idol group.. Some of them appear look alike to you, but after getting used to see them.. You'll realize that they don't actually like alike.. -Me too.. I couldn't tell them apart at first but now I don't understand why, I mean.. They look different.. -But honestly, I feel like Red Velvet's members somehow starting to look like each other.. I don't know how to put this into words.. Anyway, the five of them kinda look alike..ㅋㅋㅋ -I remember having a hard time remembering Joy, Seulgi, and Wendy's name.. -To be honest, I still can't tell them apart right until this second.. cr pannatic
  8. 1 BTS2 Red Velvet3 Wanna One4 (G)I-DLE5 iKON6 TWICE7 BLACKPINK8 Mamamoo9 SEVENTEEN10 EXO11 IU12 BTOB13 Chungha14 GFRIEND15 Infinite16 Seungri17 Highlight18 PENTAGON19 BIGBANG20 Momoland21 Ailee22 SHINee23 WINNER
  9. ‘Secret Unnie’ Apink’s Oh Hayoung watches her elementary school graduation video and remarks, “I auditioned for SM then. If I got accepted I could’ve debuted as Red Velvet”
  10. Article: 'That's not stomach pudge' Red Velvet's Joy, an outfit that causes a misunderstanding Source: Mydaily via Nate 1. [+2,017, -153] I think she did gain weight there? ㅋㅋ 2. [+1,819, -316] Didn't she complain about having a lot of schedules now that she's popular? Other than Wendy, all of Red Velvet seem to have attitude problems, even fans are worried about it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. [+994, -61] Who's the coordi? 4. [+111, -9] That does look like her stomach ㅋㅋㅋ that's what happens when you dress someone in clothes smaller than their waist and hip size ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+80, -8] Sigh... do you guys honestly think they would've made it this far if they were not under SM? ㅡㅡ They have no talent, they have poor attitudes, they have no fashion sense... 6. [+79, -7] If that's not her stomach, then what is it? 7. [+76, -16] Women normally have a bit of fat around there.. 8. [+62, -8] Sometimes women bloat around their period. Don't your stomachs pop out like that when you eat food? Celebrities are people too, leave them alone. 9. [+58, -3] Red Velvet needs to practice more... I have never seen an SM idol be so lazy. Especially Irene, who does she think she is to be acting like that... if she's tired of TV and wants to sleep, then retire and go sleep at home. They always look bored on stage, their dances never match... I change the channel whenever I see them on TV. 10. [+53, -8] It's normal for women to have a bit of pudge there 11. [+38, -0] No, that is her stomach... Joy's stomach pudge always shows like that when she wears tight clothes. Don't blame her coordi ㅋㅋ 12. [+28, -4] No misunderstanding here, that is a pudge cr netizenbuzz
  11. Joy Irene thinks I'm a pretty daughter. To me, Irene is a smart unnie. Seulgi thinks I'm the sexiest. To me, Seulgi is a cute, innocent pro. Wendy thinks I'm a boyfriend. To me, Wendy is a cute, talented squirrel. Yeri thinks I'm a weird unnie. To me, Yeri is a scary dongsaeng. Q) Is there a member who has a concept&image you want to have? A) Yeri because I envy that she can say whatever she wants and no one can stop her. Wendy Irene thinks I'm a from-abroad member. To me, Irene is a leader unnie. Seulgi thinks I'm a same-age friend. To me, Seulgi is a same-age friend <3 Joy thinks I'm her most favorite unnie. To me, Joy is an honest dongsaeng <3 Yeri thinks I'm a sometimes-too-much unnie. To me, Yeri is a free spirit. Seulgi Irene thinks I'm a poop dog. To me, Irene is a charismatic unnie. Wendy thinks I'm a pillar. To me, Wendy is a friend that makes me comfortable. Joy thinks I'm a cool unnie. To me, Joy is a cute little chick. Yeri thinks I'm just an unnie. To me, Yeri is "my way". Pann: Yer is indeed SM's princess according to the members 1. [+893, -17] Shouldn't SM's princess be someone like Yoona? Untalented idols like her can also be treated as a princess? I don't understand why they spoil her like that when she has zero talent. 2. [+793, -15] That's why she's so arrogant, doesn't bother to practice, and only works on expanding her network... It's so obvious that her company has been treating her as a princess. 3. [+743, -8] I'm sure the unnies gave her advice but she didn't bother to listen to them ㅋㅋ Don't blame the other members for her lack of talent. 4. [+511, -3] Irene and Yeri are the problem. I feel bad for Joy, Wendy, and Seulgi, especially Wendy ㅠㅠ She tries to work so hard in the middle... And Yeri makes a cold face and jokes that Wendy is too much. I'm sure Wendy will remember that. She even wrote herself as "too-much unnie" to Yeri. 5. [+485, -3] I'm an all-fan of Red Velvet and Irene was my bias. To guess the things, Irene and Yeri are on their own and Seulgi/Wendy/Joy seem to be close. I don't want to blame Yeri but she seems to be the seed of all this conflict. During their debut days, Irene and Joy were close enough to be called Joyrene and four of them were very close. After Yeri joined the group, they were fine during Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb. But after that, they seemed to have parted away. So Yeri started to get closer to other idols and practiced less... I'm sure she got into a conflict with either Wendy or Seulgi because of this. Irene tried to take care of Yeri since she's young and new and it made her more biased. Honestly, Irene wasn't rude from the start. The members even called her mom... I'm sorry but Yeri seemed to have ruined the group's atmosphere, Irene became more tired, and Yeri and other members drifted away more and more, and Irene gave up once it got out of her control. And since she's the only popular member in her group, she also lost her rookie mindset... Long-lasting groups like SNSD, Apink, and SHINee have members whose ages are similar but Red Velvet members' ages are too apart. Irene is a 91'er and Yeri is a 99'er. For Irene, the other members are all dongsaengs who are at least 3 years younger. I'm sure she doesn't have common interests with other members and doesn't match with them. It's the same for Yeri. The rest of the 3 members are nice and at a similar age, that's why they get along. The reason why Yeri can't act reckless to Irene compared to other unnies is because of Irene's age and because Irene's position in Red Velvet is the most important. It's not like Irene and Yeri are close, but Yeri doesn't cross the line to Irene and Irene just takes care of Yeri because she's much younger. I don't agree that both are close. Yeri would actually feel threatened to Irene because they're both visuals and Irene is much prettier. Anyways, this is my theory for their 1:1:3 split. From what I've seen, Irene is not a leader material. When it was 4 members, there was no need to manage the group because the members were all innocent. But Yeri joined the group and she's too stubborn and spoiled, so Irene seems to be unable to control. I think Irene got tired. So I think most conflicts came from Yeri. You can tell the difference between atmospheres from 4-member to 5-member. I don't think the group will last long unless they take time to talk about their honest feelings. As a fan from Happiness, I want them to make up. 6. [+452, -1] There's a strong meaning to "she can say whatever she wants". 7. [+357, -4] Honestly, I don't think they wrote that with a good intention. They must've wrote it while thinking about Yeri crossing the line ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even on the broadcast, you can see her acting rude and saying rude things. I can't imagine what it's like behind the camera. 8. [+343, -3] I can tell the members are not close. I've watched variety shows and the members are definitely divided as Irene, Yeri, Joy/Seulgi/Wendy. Yeri is just "my way", Wendy seems to be hurt by Irene or Yeri, and Joy & Seulgi seem to be neutral. 9. [+279, -0] "No one can stop her" sounds strange... 10. [+247, -3] I'm not trying to bash Yeri but is she a daughter of SM staff? cr KPKF
  12. Article: Red Velvet's Yeri sends a video message to Jo In Sung, "I'm a longtime fan, I love you" Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+586, -25] It's like she only became a celebrity to get to be friends with other celebrities 2. [+515, -22] Go practice in that time 3. [+462, -22] Again with trying to build her network 4. [+82, -2] She doesn't work hard at all, she has no talent, all she cares about is making money and dating ㅋㅋ Her fans work so hard to shield all the hate she gets saying that she's been getting hate since she was young and that it's fine if people hate her but don't hate her to her face... and yet Yeri's sitting here building up her network again.. 5. [+65, -2] I remember reading a comment pointing out that Yeri treats her groupmate unnis like they're beneath her while trying to get close with b*tchy stars like Ha Yeon Soo 6. [+45, -5] All she cares about is building her network 7. [+31, -2] Yeri-ya, do you even care about being a singer? 8. [+28, -1] As if not being good at anything wasn't bad enough, she's not even a hard worker ㅜㅜ 9. [+25, -0] She really does seem like she became a celebrity to build a network with other celebrities... annoying to watch as a viewer 10. [+20, -1] She's already getting hate for being too preoccupied with building her network, why is she messing with Jo In Sung now and getting more hate... Article: Red Velvet's Irene, "My hair style is apparently trending in North Korea, I'm thankful" Source: Sports Today via Nate 1. [+1,150, -62] I was so shocked after reading their answer on 'Weekly Idol'... 2. [+1,053, -67] There's a lot of talk about their attitude lately, I hope they don't lose their roots 3. [+690, -47] Funny how the North Koreans were glaring at her instead of clapping but now they're copying her hair style? 4. [+136, -12] But then again, Irene's pushing 30 and while other idols of similar age like Yoona or Suzy are getting the actress treatment and she's stuck dancing to 'Red Taste' ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's about time that she starts feeling full of herself and getting lazy 5. [+119, -4] She just looks tired of everything all the time 6. [+95, -6] Baechoo-ya, wish you well. I'm leaving the fandom because of your attitude issues. You should be grateful that you even have the job you do because you were born with a pretty face in a generation that rewards it. Others your age are out there in a bloody competition for employment. At least try as hard as Seulgi, Joy, or Wendy. Yeri, you too. 7. [+86, -5] Disappointed in her poor attitude 8. [+83, -5] Irene-ah, you're 30 years old in just a year... you should be good to your fans while you still have them. 9. [+81, -11] Bae Joohyun totally lost her roots. She's too full of herself now. Loved you while I did, RV. I'm off to 'Produce' now. 10. [+67, -2] She really thinks she's something amazing... there are so many older seniors who remain humble and respectful on TV~ She should just quit if she doesn't want this... what is she doing... 11. [+66, -6] Even Red Velvet's fans are admitting that they're being lazy with their dance routines other than Wendy... Irene even forgot her own dance moves. The fame is getting to their heads. 12. [+63, -100] Why are they all so c*cky?? I got pissed off watching 'Knowing Bros'. 13. [+62, -3] You're getting hate because of 'Knowing Bros'... sigh 14. [+56, -6] She's hopeless these days, I've lost respect for her 15. [+51, -2] Irene and Yeri both need to watch themselves, and Joy needs to watch her mouth ㅡㅡ cr netizenbuzz
  13. EXO, BTS, and PSY were the only others reposted after the vote
  14. Red Velvet win #1 on M!Countdown #PowerUp7thWin Congrats! They didn't promote on mnet so no encore
  15. 1. BLACKPINK - DDDD — 549,468,707 2. MAMAMOO - Starry Night — 418,205,427 3. BLACKPINK - Forever Young — 345,981,102 4. RED VELVET - Bad Boy — 344,229,427 5. TWICE - What is Love? — 338,447,667 6. GFRIEND - TFTMN — 301,332,141 7. MOMOLAND - BBoom BBoom — 267,046,747 8. AOA - Bingle Bangle — 258,753,706 9. G(I-DLE) - LATATA — 183,605,062 10. OH MY GIRL - Secret Garden — 126,530,087 Trivia: • BLACKPINK has the most entries in top 10 with 1 being a B-side • OH MY GIRL makes it into top 10 for the first time since debut • AOA bounced back from underperforming results last year • BBoom BBoom started doing really well later so their 10 weeks numbers don't really show its impact • LATATA shows impressing results for a debut song
  16. EXO will get a full album and a repackage. Red Velvet another mini album. SNSD subunit, Taeyeon full album. Red Velvet and NCT expected to benefit the most from sino-korean trade relations slowly returning to normal
  17. Article: 'Weekly Idol' Red Velvet, "We learn the dances to 10 songs a month, it gets confusing"Source: Newsen via Nate1. [+404, -20] They couldn't even dance their title track properly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they were all doing different things and a few of them were basically wobbling along2. [+386, -19] Their dancing was a mess3. [+282, -20] You'll be lucky for one song a year once you get lose popularity4. [+43, -2] They're supposed to be SM's girl group to take after Soshi? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're all lacking in skills, variety, visuals, dance, determination, and acting ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If anything, they're only popular because they're under Soshi5. [+41, -1] Their dancing was a complete mess other than Seulgi and Wendy6. [+40, -3] This is your job... they're whining without even doing it properly ㅋㅋ7. [+37, -4] Seems like they didn't prepare beforehand8. [+33, -4] Why don't you at least learn one dance properly! Go learn from Black Pink tsk tsk9. [+31, -2] They're always getting dances wrong on stage... are they really pros? Stop half a$$ing it, seriously10. [+26, -1] Their dancing was all over the place ㅋㅋㅋ11. [+24, -1] SM groups are usually famous for their strict choreography but it's only Red Velvet that can't get it down12. [+21, -0] I think it's better for them to just practice their title track for as long as possible instead of learning other dances too13. [+20, -1] Out of all the girl groups, they're the worst when it comes to matching up their choreography14. [+20, -1] Learn to do one right instead ㅡㅡ15. [+14, -0] No wonder their dancing is so bad cr netizenbuzz
  18. Name: Bae JuhyeonNickname: blankHeight: blank Weight: blank Blood type: A Color blindness: XSkills: blank Illness: XFamily: 2 female siblings Marriage: SingleMy keywords: blankHabits: blankJinx: blankStrength: blankWeakness: blankWrite down all your talents: blankMy unique flaw that makes me perfect: blankMembers chemistryI'm Seulgi/Wendy/Joy/Yeri: unnieSeulgi/Wendy/Joy/Wendy is my: dongsaengMy concept VS other members' concept for me: blankMy brain map recently: sleep, restThe things I want to do on Weekly Idol: blank (t/n: the staff basically filled all the blanks ie. nickname: baechu, baby face leader, bae rabbit)*Written honestly and cleanly*The staff wrote the answers themselvesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋoriginal post: here1. She probably doesn't want to be on broadcast in the future2. If she acts like that, people in the broadcast industry will start talking bad of her3. Hul...?4. You're telling me she's the leader?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ5. Her dance is just average, her singing is just average, and everything about her is average, maybe she should start working harder6. No but you're 28 years old, what are you doing!?7. She must be so fed up with her workㅋㅋ8. No skills, no tact9. Do you think you'll be forever famous?ㅋㅋ Who are you going to call when your fame starts decreasing in the future? ㅋㅋㅋ10. What is she doing? cr pannchoa
  19. Red Velvet win #1 on The Show #PowerUp5thWin Congrats!