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Found 933 results

  1. JYP Entertainment’s 2nd Quarter operating profit is up 30.8% compared to last year.
  2. HyunA explained why E'Dawn looked 'sickly' all the time.E'Dawn has the nickname 'sickly beauty', which is more emphasized by his heavy blush on makeup. Triple H was recently guests on SBS funE's 'School Attack 2018', and MC Eun Ji Won asked, "E'Dawn, you're not sick, are you?"E'Dawn asked, "I slept a lot yesterday. My condition is the best right now." HyunA chimed in to explain, "E'Dawn is relaxed all the time. He also doesn't really talk much, so he got that kind of nickname."E'Dawn also added, "My mother thought I was actually sick so she got worried. But I'm the healthiest in Pentagon." cr allkpop
  3. HaHa appeared on the first episode of KBS2’s newest drama “Lovely Horribly”! “Lovely Horribly” is about how Oh Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) and Yoo Philip (Park Shi Hoo) are tied by a strange zero-sum fate: one person’s happiness means the other person’s misfortune. On the drama’s August 13 broadcast, HaHa played the role of Oh Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo)’s boyfriend. In the drama, the on-screen couple sat across each other in a convenience store. Wearing a neck brace and left arm in a cast, he began, “You were really devoted to me. I think about that very gratefully.”When she reached for a bottle of water, HaHa flinched in fear of her bad luck. He continued to ramble, “You’re nice, pack good lunches, pretty at certain times, and a really great person who helps people in need.”Oh Eul Soon snapped and asked him to get to the point as she had to go. HaHa finally managed to say, “Meet someone better than me. Please.”Listing some examples of her bad luck such as getting hit by a falling road sign three times in a year and going to the police station while helping someone in need, HaHa stuttered, “You really have bad luck. Such bad luck. I— This time when I rolled down stairs or how I keep failing my test— That could be all because of you! I’m really scared of you. I feel like I’m going to die just being next to you.”Resigned to her fate, Oh Eul Soon replied, “Go. Go before my mind changes. Let’s never see each other again.”After hurriedly thanking her, he rushed to leave, but not without finally suggesting that eight years of failing as a scriptwriter may mean that she should just stop. “Lovely Horribly” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST cr soompi
  4. [THREAD] her name was Jie she was a yg staff member and she ended her life on March 31st 2018 and it was revealed on August 2 2018 in her ig She's posting a lot of photos meaning that she was overworked by her company and she wants to talk about her problem with her colleagues, friends but nobody responds to her and they just ignored her
  5. RedVelvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE] Overseas Tour in Thailand (9/8), Taipei and Singapore are confirmed, more concert dates and countries to be added soon
  6. "The 3D custom figure company 'D & C Group' announced that it will manufacture, distribute and supply 3D real figure goods of K- POP representative group EXO. The EXO 3D real figure is a domestic product made by using the Automatic Drawing System ( AD ) system , one of the patented technologies possessed by D & C Group . D & C are also preparing an event for pre-order customers of EXO 3D real figure products before launch. D & C Group plans to show meaningful service products to its fans by using patents on various figure making technologies, starting with EXO 3D Real Figures." c: Kanari-san Source : Naver Kai -> Suho -> D.O. -> Xiumin -> Sehun -> Chanyeol -> Baekhyun -> Lay -> Chen
  7. BIGBANG’s Seungri appeared on the August 13 broadcast of JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” and cleared up various rumors and misunderstandings about him based on his image.The hosts gave Seungri the floor to clear the air about whatever he wanted, and he started by saying he’s not the playboy everyone thinks he is. He said, “A lot of people think I really like women, and that I’m always seeing a lot of people, but that’s not the case.”He continued, “Even when there are women, they’ll say, ‘You’re so fun and charming,’ but then they’ll ask for G-Dragon’s or T.O.P’s phone number.”Seungri then outed Daesung as the member who has the opposite image of Seungri but also not as he seems. He said, “Daesung’s [image] is very bright, and he seems like he might be quiet, but when there are women, he’ll immediately order red wine. Even though the rest of us were drinking sake. And then all of a sudden [Daesung and the woman] will be drinking wine, and the rest of us four will be drinking sake.”When the hosts brought up that Daesung will be watching from the military, Seungri joked, “I’d like to say something to the people at Daesung’s base. Please make sure the weapons are securely locked up [just in case Daesung comes after me].”Seungri then cleared up rumors about him renting an entire island for a party. “I just made a reservation at a resort,” said Seungri. “That got distorted and people started saying I reserved the entire island.”He explained that the event was a networking party for everyone he knows, as well as his birthday party. “I didn’t want all of my connections to go to waste, so I wanted to have an event where people I know could meet each other.” Seungri joked, “And if two people met and worked out some sort of business deal, they could each give me five percent in commission. It’s not like I did nothing, I made the bridge.” cr soompi
  8. (Big Hit Entertainment/JYP Entertainment) Asian pop coming through with the wins! BTS and Jackson Wang were two of the big names in Asian pop to win at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. BTS' fandom, ARMY, took home the Choice Fandom award and the group themselves won Choice International Artist in a category that also featured nominees BLACKPINK, CNCO, EXO, GOT7 and Super Junior. Jackson Wang won Choice Next Big Thing, where he was up against BLACKPINK, Jacob Sartorius, MattyBRaps, NCT and Stray Kids. Congrats to both artists and well done to all the fans who voted! cr soompi
  9. Yeon Sang Ho Director returns for Train to Busan sequel ‘Train to Busan 2 - Peninsula’Scenarion already completed. Casting and pre preproduction begins soonPlanning to begin filming first half 2019
  10. EXO-CBX : Sehun : Suho : Kai : Chanyeol : D.O. :
  11. The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for male idol groups! The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various boy groups, using big data collected from July 10 to August 11. BTS maintained their position at the top of the rankings for the third straight month with a brand reputation index of 14,611,602. The group enjoyed a 29.70 percent increase in their score since July. High-ranking phrases in BTS’s keyword analysis included “concert,” “Recording Industry Association,” and “world tour,” while their highest-ranking related terms included “like,” “cute,” and “enjoy.” The group’s positivity-negativity analysis revealed a score of 85.18 percent positive reactions. Wanna One also held onto their spot at second place for the third consecutive month. The group saw a 19.16 percent increase in their brand reputation index since July for a total score of 12,602,046. SEVENTEEN shot up to third place on the list after their brand reputation index rose by 125.63 percent since last month to 5,052,401. EXO took fourth place for the month with a brand reputation index of 4,185,921, while BTOB rounded out the top five with a score of 3,312,886. Check out the top 30 below! 1. BTS 2. Wanna One 3. SEVENTEEN 4. EXO 5. BTOB 6. BIGBANG 7. SHINee 8. PENTAGON 9. iKON 10. NCT 11. WINNER 12. NU’EST W 13. Golden Child 14. B1A4 15. VIXX 16. The Boyz 17. ASTRO 18. INFINITE 19. 2PM 20. Super Junior 21. Stray Kids 22. SF9 23. IZ 24. BEAST 25. TVXQ 26. Shinhwa 27. UNB 28. Block B 29. FTISLAND 30. Highlight cr sommpi
  12. SM: In the second half of the year, NCT DREAM, NCT 127, and NCT China(working title) to take the stage! Please look forward to NCT’s new sides and various activities that will fire up the rest of the year
  13. DMC Festival 2018 (DMCF 2018) - Super Concert 1st lineup:Wanna OneRed VelvetWheesungDynamic DuoSong SoheeKim Kyung Ho BandKai (not EXO Kai)
  14. For BIGBANG, the bond isn’t strong just between the members, but between their families as well!On August 12, Seungri shared a photo on his personal Instagram account with the caption, “BIGBANG’s parents are even closer than BIGBANG. They came to my solo concert in Japan to cheer me on. Thank you for giving birth to such great sons!” In the photo, Seungri is not only posing with his own parents, but the parents of fellow BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang as well.Seungri is currently the only member active as the other four members of BIGBANG are fulfilling their military service. He recently released his solo album “The Great Seungri” and also held his firstKorean solo concert as well. For his Korean concerts, the other members of BIGBANG prepared flower wreaths with witty messages to show their support for their youngest member.Seungri is currently on tour in Japan. cr soompi
  15. Namely Doojoon, Gikwang, Junhyung and HyunseungCurrently Cube are finding out what happened, asking from their former staff
  16. Pentagon fans are wondering if E'Dawn is no longer part of the group.'UNIBIRTHDAY' was an important fanmeet for both fans and Pentagon because it was the inauguration ceremony for the first ever generation of Pentagon's official fanclub 'Universe'. When it was announced that both E'Dawn and Yanan would be absent from such an important event, fans were already concerned.Those concerns further grew at the fanmeet when E'Dawn was nowhere to be seen during the VCR clips. The case was different for Yanan, who was also not at the fanmeet, but still had his selfie and message clip shown to fans. cr allkpop
  17. Mino Seunghoon Jinwoo Seungyoon Starts in Seoul 19th August!
  18. Instiz not 100% reliable
  19. "We K-pop artists are really proud of them, because we know how hard it is to make in the industry" Also, this is supporting what Ailee said above:
  20. Netizens expressed their fury at organizers for "disrespecting" Gugudan's Mina.On August 10, a photo from the Convention Center at 'KCON LA' spread online, triggering many netizens to express their anger at a certain booth. The booth was from 'MBC America's store 'KIYOMEE', an online store to sell goods related to the programs on MBC. The controversial aspect was their photo stand, which took a poster from the channel's program 'Show! Music Core' featuring the current MCs Ong Seong Wu, Mina, and Mark. Although they left Ong Seong Wu and Mark's figures untouched, the organizers had cut cut off Mina's face from the poster, suggesting that fans could only take Mina's spot to take photos with the boy group idols. Upon posting this photo, a netizen reacted with the comment: "WTF. What is this. Yall playing with me? Aren't female idols MCs too? Only because you would think that more fans would like to be in her spot, do you have the right to cut off her face? Mina is also the MC! You didn't even make a separate stand with the male idols' faces cut off to make it even! Isn't this too transparent? So annoyed, there are people who went to go see Mina's face too." Other comments included: "Is this how people treat girl group fans? Are you all just scared of boy group fans?" "How would Mina feel about this? Even I am this angry." "It might have been a tad bit better had they cut off her entire position -- not just her face..." "I am so sorry Mina, on behalf of all this."When the issue was brought to the organizer's attention, @iam_kiyomee shared an apology statement regarding the photo booth. Read the message below: cr allkpop