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  1. Recently, Korean netizen discovered that SM secretly registered the copyright name “SPRY” in early December. Many people think that this is the name of the new girl group will be launched in 2019. “Spry” means dynamic, vivacious, vitality. In addition, the SM fan community has “gotten” more information. This new female group is expected to have 12 members, including 6 Korean, 2 Chinese, 2 Japanese, 1 American and 1 Thai. Trainee Lami is said to be the visual ace of the new female group SM. She was introduced to SMRookies in 2017. Lami was born in 2003, starring in TV dramas and auditions for SM since her childhood. Thanks to the beautiful beauty of the same child actor Sulli sister, Lami is believed to inherit the position of “SM Princess” of ex-member f(x). Commenting on SM's new female group, Kpop fans expect this to be SM's main girl group in the new stage. However, many people think that “Spry” is not a suitable name for a female SM group. Some comments: “I like the name ‘Moonlight Angel' as it was more rumored than ‘Spry'. “Hopefully the new girl group will break the lead of the fourth generation girl group”; “Compared to SNSD, Red Velvet is still a failure of SM, and it is hoped that the new female group will become legendary as the older seniors”; “Why SM? Do not put the ugly name for a girl group, I guarantee they will flop with that name”. If this information is correct, Kpop fans will witness the clash of the new girl group of the Big 3 in 2019. Earlier, JYP registered the copyright name “ITZY” for the new girl group. YG has also announced plans to launch the “Black Pink sister” group via a live show to be held early next year.
  2. 2018 KPMA Lineup - December 20 MC Leeteuk MC Jin Se Yeon NCT 127 Kwon Byung Ho THE BOYZ Red Velvet Roy Kim Mamamoo MOMOLAND Ben BTOB Simon Dominic SHAUN Super Junior (G)I-DLE Oh My Girl Wanna One Jang Deok Chul Chungha PENTAGON Tae Jin Ah & Kangnam
  3. Female Archery: Red Velvet, TWICE, GFRIEND, gugudan Male Archery: iKON, SEVENTEEN, NCT 127, MONSTA X Rhythmic Gymnastics: April Rachel, ELRIS Yukyung, and members from Momoland and (G)I-DLE
  4. GFRIEND is preparing for a comeback. On December 17, industry insiders stated that the group is at the moment preparing to release a studio album in January, their second studio album since “LOL” in July 2016. GFRIEND's agency Source Music then confirmed the comeback, saying, “GFRIEND is preparing a comeback slated for January of 2019.”
  5. Girls’ Generation and their fans showed their support for YoonA with food and drinks! On December 16, YoonA posted photos of two coffee trucks sent to the set of her upcoming film “Exit” (literal title). The banner on top of the first truck said, “Charming YoonA, who has ‘no exit’ [a slang term meaning ‘inescapable charm’]. You worked hard! From Girls’ Generation.” Another banner (the one to YoonA’s right) said, “To the cast and crew of ‘Exit,’ all of you worked so hard! Wishing you big success! From Girls’ Generation.” nThe screen inside the coffee truck also read, “Good luck, ‘Exit’!” The stickers on the bottled drinks bore photos of YoonA along with the message, “Wishing ‘Exit’ a big success! From Girls’ Generation.” YoonA also shared photos of a coffee truck sent to her by her Vietnamese fansite. The banners said, “YoonA, you won’t be able to ‘Exit’ from our love!” and “Good luck until the end as you wait for a sweet vacation!” Additionally, the singer-actress uploaded a video of chicken and pizza sent to the set by YoonA’s fan union. Along with the photos and videos, YoonA wrote, “Thank you. I gained strength after receiving all of your support.” She also added the hashtags, “Coffee truck sent by Girls’ Generation,” “Coffee truck sent by SONE [Girls’ Generation’s official fan club name],” “film,” and “Exit.” YoonA and Jo Jung Suk‘s film “Exit” is scheduled to premiere sometime next year. cr
  6. During a performance yesterday (December 15), AOA's Seolhyun wasn't feeling well and had to be taken to the hospital. On December 16, the singer posted a message on Instagram thanking everyone for worrying about her: "Hello, it's Seolhyun. I was okay until I got on stage yesterday. But suddenly during the performance, I wasn't in good condition. I think it was too much. Although it was not cold indoors, I will wear warm clothes in the future. Thank you for your concern. I was worried for the members, as well as those at the performance, I want to say sorry to all of you who were there. I will show a healthy appearance and a good stage in the future." Take care of your health, Seolhyun!
  7. 1. Wanna One - Ong Seungwoo 2. Stray Kids - Lee Know 3. Seventeen - Vernon 4. BTS - V 5. BTOB - Sungjae 6. NCT - Jaehyun 7. Winner - Jinwoo 8. GOT7 - Jinyoung 9. ASTRO - Eunwoo 10. EXO - Suho cr
  8. The December Brand Reputation Ranking for Individual Girlgroup Members has been revealed! It is determined by analyzing different factors like consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes! Check out the Top 20 for this month below! 1. Mamamoo Hwasa 2. BlackPink Jennie 3. Red Velvet Irene 4. Twice Jihyo 5. Twice Nayeon 6. Twice Momo 7. Red Velvet Seulgi 8. EXID Hani 9. Twice Mina 10. Twice Sana 11. Mamamoo Wheein 12. EXID Solji 13. BlackPink Jisoo 14. IZONE Wonyoung 15. Twice Dahyun 16. Red Velvet Joy 17. Mamamoo Solar 18. IZONE Yujin 19. Twice Jeongyeon 20. Gfriend Sowon
  9. On December 14, after the 2018 MAMAs ended, Mnet revealed the teaser for the new season of Produce 101. On December 15, they revealed the following details: The global idol project 'Produce 101' will return with the fourth installment in the first half of next year. The title of this series, which will be highlighted by the world's male idol group, is 'Produced X101'. Mnet will begin recruiting applicants for the first half of 2019. All trainees who have been trained at the agency, as well as individual trainees who wish to pursue their dreams with their own strength, are eligible to apply regardless of their nationality as long as they were born before March 2005. In particular, the size of the recruitment of individual trainees has greatly expanded compared to the previous series. They've opened a public recruitment window for private practitioners only so that individuals who are full of energy and passion can easily support and participate. Upon receipt of the applicant, the final individual trainee who will join the 'Produce X 101' will be confirmed through the prescribed procedure. Global Idol selection project 'Produce X 101' will be broadcasted in Mnet in the first half of 2019.
  10. S: We've been going around to lots of award shows now and the stage that left me completely impressed was BTS sunbaenim's stage. M: It was so amazing! *thumbsup* M: Not only was it impressive but I was able to learn so much from it. I thought, "Now this is how you throw a show!" And I feel like we will be able to utilize what we learned from the BTS sunbaenim's in our future performances.
  11. Song of the Year 1. iKON “Love Scenario” (11 votes) 2. BLACKPINK “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (7 votes) 3. BTS “Fake Love” (6 votes) Best Korean Artist 1. BTS (16 votes) 2. IU (13 votes) 3. TWICE (7 votes) 4. Cho Yong Pil (5 votes) 5. Jay Park (3 votes) Best Korean Songwriter 1. Teddy (8 votes) 2. Black Eyed Pilseung (5 votes) 3. Shinsadong Tiger, Yoon Jong Shin (4 votes each) Best K-pop Producer 1. Bang Shi Hyuk (11 votes) 2. Teddy (10 votes) 3. Pdogg (6 votes) 4. Lee Soo Man (4 votes) Next Generation Rising Artist 1. (G)I-DLE (8 votes) 2. NU’EST, Stray Kids, IZ*ONE, NCT, Shaun, Nafla, HAON, Yang Da Il, Youra, George (2 votes each) Next Generation Songwriter/Producer 1. Zico (5 votes) 2. GroovyRoom (4 votes) 3. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon (3 votes) Entertainment Agency to Grow Most in 2019 1. Big Hit Entertainment (9 votes) 2. Pledis Entertainment (6 votes) 3. YG Entertainment and The Black Label (5 votes) 4. SM Entertainment, Brand New Music (3 votes each) cr
  12. AOA Seolhyun collapsed during "Like A Cat" at Fortnite Korea Open 2018 Due to poor condition, her dizziness caused her to stumble a lot and she collapsed to the ground She was crying as she was helped off the stage AOA finished their set without her
  13. All seven members of Oh My Girl will be appearing on an upcoming episode of tvN’s “Heol Quiz”! The variety show has announced that Oh My Girl will be making a guest appearance on its December 16 broadcast, where they will reportedly show off their unique “special talents” as part of the show’s unconventional quiz. The producers of “Heol Quiz” commented, “MC Lee Yong Jin and the Oh My Girl members will be holding a game battle that will transcend viewers’ imaginations. Please look forward to seeing what happens when ‘Heol Quiz’ joins forces with the bubbly Oh My Girl, who has great instincts when it comes to variety shows.” On the upcoming episode of the show, “Heol Quiz” will be giving out a number of prizes, including iPads, department store gift certificates, and even cash, to thousands of lucky winners. Oh My Girl’s episode of “Heol Quiz” will air on December 16 at 12 p.m. KST. cr
  14. We normies can say, "why would they be sad? They are rich, they dont have to worry about food etc" but we never experience it like they do. I think Twice understand. They cant be popular forever, one day some fans will leave them for younger and fresher idols. Pressure is a real thing and most of the times, it gets real tiring.
  15. SNSD's Sooyoung to release her first solo digital single album '겨울숨(Winter Breath)' on December 20th
  16. The December Brand Reputation Ranking for Individual Boygroup Members has been revealed! It is determined by analyzing different factors like consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes! Check out the Top 20 for this month below! 1. Kang Daniel 2. BTS Jimin 3. BTS Jungkook 4. BTS V 5. Ha Sungwoon 6. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo 7. Park Jihoon 8. BTS Jin 9. Lee Daehwi 10. Ong Seongwoo 11. Hwang Minhyun 12. NU'EST W Baekho 13. Kim Jaehwan 14. NU'EST W Ren 15. Lai Guanlin 16. BTS RM 17. Park Woojin 18. NU'EST W JR 19. Bae Jinyoung 20. Yoon Jisung
  17. BTS, ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ "BTS conquered new territory for K-pop this year: the top of the American charts. The South Korean boy-band kings debuted at Number One with their breakthrough Love Yourself: Tear. But it’s more than just their biggest album – it comes on so strong, it’s practically the K-pop Appetite for Destruction. They show off everything they can do without watering down their style (or abandoning their language), making a chump out of anyone who claimed U.S. fans weren’t ready to embrace the sound of Seoul. BTS leap from genre to genre, from the R&B smooch ballad “Singularity” to the strange yet irresistible Latin hip-hop strut of “Airplane Pt. 2.” cr