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  1. ccording to a recent financial analysis: http://www.theinvest...=20181016000277 The article states: "Even if all of its six new groups, set to debut in the coming three years, fail to gain popularity, the firm’s operating profit in 2020 is very likely to top 60 billion won, he said suggesting it as a “top pick.”" A previous financial analysis that came out after JYPE's Q2 report showed the companies roadmap, you can see that here: http://file.mk.co.kr...1133218__00.pdf This mentions 4 upcoming groups, the 2nd Chinese boy group planned to debut this year, the Korean girl group planned to debut 2018/early 2019, The Japanese girl group planned to debut 2019/2020 and another Korean girl group planned to debut 2020. Apparently there are 2 more which were previously unknown. These financial analysis' are the best information we can get outside of a strait up company statement imo, because they are taken from information from companies quarterly financial releases, and are therefore roadmaps / plans and not just baseless gossip.
  2. All seven members of BTS, who set a historic record of entering Billboard 200 as #1 two consecutive times and addressed UN General Assembly, "Love yourself and speak yourself," to the youth of the world, will be awarded Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit.
  3. Red Velvet will be receiving commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism for their contribution to the industry and society, national reputation and awareness. The awards ceremony will be held at the Olympic Hall at 4:30pm on the 24th.
  4. Charlie Puth and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE confirmed to attend 2018 MGA (2018 Genie Music x MBC Plus Awards) On October 16, the 2018 MGA organizers confirmed both Charlie Puth and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s attendance for the event. Charlie Puth gained popularity through his tracks “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” “One Call Away,” and “See You Again.” GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE are a dance and vocal unit group who made their debut in 2012 with their first single “Brave It Out.” Composed of two singers and five performers, the group held their first dome tour this year. GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE also appeared on Korean music show “Show Champion” in July. Previously, the award ceremony announced its first line-up which included BTS, TWICE, and Wanna One. It also revealed nominees and criteria for the final winners. The 2018 MGA will be held at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. cr
  5. Highlight is celebrating their 9th debut anniversary today and did a V Live at midnight KST to announce that they will be releasing new music (digitally) on October 29. Highlight will also be doing concerts on November 24 and 25 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. Congratulations Highlight and happy 9th anniversary!
  6. It was reported today that BTOB is preparing for a comeback and aiming for a release on November 6. This will be their first comeback since Eunkwang's military enlistment last August.
  7. It was revealed today that "Asia's Star" and legendary K-pop queen BoA will be making a comeback with her 9th full-length album "Woman." The title track will also be titled "Woman" and is a pop dance song that will also highlight her cool vocals. The album will include 10 songs of various genres. It is set to be released on October 24 at 6PM KST.
  8. GOT7, TWICE, DAY6 and Stray Kids all Expected to Make Comeback in 4th Quarter
  9. Jeongyeon's rumored OST may possibly be for Gong Seungyeon's (her sister) upcoming film the OST speculations all started when sana asked jeongyeon if fans know about her upcoming project during a VLIVE. Fans pointed out how sana is mouthing (and using her fingers to spell it out when jeongyeon doesn't understand lol) OST!!!!! "My Dream Class" which is the new film Seungyeon will star in will premiere on October 25th Today, Seungyeon's close friend commented on her IG post saying she is looking forward to the OST in her new film.....
  10. [RUMOR] Dua Lipa is on her way to Korea to film MV with BLACKPINK for the song "Kiss and Make Up"
  11. KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) announce that this year (1 Jan - 30 Sept) the total songwriting royalties has been increasing 45% from total last year. even tho it's just the 3rd quarter of 2018. "Kpop artist such as BTS, Wanna One, Red Velvet, GOT7, TWICE who's well known not only in Korea but also worldwide causing great growth of Korean music copyright market due to their album sales". "We'll cooperate with foreign copyright associations actively"
  12. iKON has successfully concluded their concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with the sing-along of local fans. At 6 pm (MYT) October 13, iKON held iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN KUALA LUMPUR at Malawati Indoor Stadium, Malaysia and had the chance to directly meet with local fans. At the concert, the sing-along in Korean of local fans has captured attention. Team Bobby sang "My Type," B.I performed "Love Scenario," and created the battle of singing along hit songs. Malaysian fans sang along to the lyrics in Korean. iKON's members also expressed their gratitude to the local fans for watching the performance that day. In addition to representative songs in their albums such as "Bling Bling," "Perfect," "My Type," "Love Scenario," "Killing Me," "Freedom," "Goodbye Road," iKON also presented the stage of b-side songs. After that, the group performed five songs requested by the local fans and performed a total of 23 songs. This is also the first time the group has performed "Goodbye Road" in Malaysia. Chan Woo shared about this new song, "Although 'Goodbye Road' literally means 'the road of separation,' the hidden meaning we want to send our fans is 'Let's walk on the road of happiness.' Both iKONIC and iKON will just walk on the flower path." The fans together sang the congratulation songs to celebrate B.I's upcoming birthday. Seeing this, B.I expressed his gratitude toward the fans then, in returns, he and other members surprisingly took pictures with the fans after the encore stage started. Along with that, iKON, the group has received the affection from global fans, is currently performing their overseas tour. The boys will hold the concerts in Bangkok (October 19 ~ 20), Sydney (October 25), Melbourne (October 27), Singapore (November 4), Manila (November 11), Jakarta (November 18) and Hong Kong (November 25). After their comeback on October 1 with "Goodbye Road," iKON set a new record as the song took high positions not only on digital music charts within the country but also the iTunes album charts in 25 nations. Moreover, the group also topped K-pop Weekly Chart and K-pop MV Chart of QQ Music - China's biggest digital music site. Additionally, iKON also ranked first on KUGOU's K-pop New Song Chart, again proving its popularity in China. The new album "New Kids: The Final" ranks first on the Album chart on the 40th week ranking of Gaon chart announced on October 11. Besides, the title song "Goodbye Road" has also gained success after climbing to the top spot on the Most Downloaded Song chart. iKON also expressed their burning enthusiasm. They have gained a total of 5 wins at Show! Champion (October 10), Mnet's M Countdown (October 11), KBS's Music Bank (October 12) và MBC's Show! Music Core (October 13). On October 14, the group appeared on Inkigayo (SBS) and presented the stage of "Goodbye Road". cr
  13. IZ*ONE chosen as the new exclusive models for school uniform brand Skoolooks' 2019 season
  14. "Do you know what Korean people call the judiciary now? Korean people call it the Bulletproof Judges. If Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) hear this, they will feel very uncomfortable." This remark was made by a member of the National Assembly at a parliamentary audit session on October 10 in South Korea. The comment shows that BTS, a popular South Korean boy band, has now become a celebrity among celebrities, everywhere in South Korean society. In fact, BTS’s popularity has gone beyond South Korea, into Asia, beyond Asia, into Europe and the Americas, and into the United Nations, attracting the attention of global media. It is not only BTS that is prompting the world to pay attention to South Korea. In the smartphone industry, the Samsung Galaxy played an early role as a hero. Samsung is also frequently mentioned in the political circles of South Korea, and there is no doubt that BTS and Samsung significantly contribute to South Korea’s national brand and economy. Living in Singapore, I used to thank myself for the fact that South Korea exported BTS and Samsung globally. Because of these two heroes, I feel that South Korea’s status has risen considerably. Nevertheless, BTS is serving a purpose that the Samsung Galaxy has not. Above all, BTS has had a great influence on the molding of consciousness among youth around the world. Beyond merely singing and dancing, they are preaching their lyrics as global messages to the world. The seven-minute speech they delivered at the UN headquarters in New York on September 24 was a self-reflective and touching discourse to encourage youth to adopt a positive lifestyle. At one time, South Korea’s Psy attracted worldwide attention with “Gangnam Style,” but that was a craze that focused mainly on dance and performance. Therefore, for the youth who worship BTS’s remarks and thoughts, it is likely that BTS will be a positive role model. BTS has boosted interest in the Korean language, which is something that Psy and Samsung’s Galaxy have not done. In recent years, the number of students who try to talk to me in Korean has increased sharply. They said they learned Korean by watching BTS music videos. The phenomenon of youth learning Korean from BTS music videos is an amazing development that I have not seen before. Learning a country’s language puts a person one step closer to that nation’s history, culture and society. As we are witnessing, BTS is changing the minds and consciousness of youth around the world in a positive direction, through self-reflective and uplifting messages. In addition, they have made a tremendous contribution to the globalization of the Korean language and have accomplished many feats that South Korea has not been able to achieve with its national administration power. With the title “Next Generation Leaders,” they now have a tremendous influence over the country, as they are cover models for Time magazinein October. Therefore, BTS can be a lesson for other Asian countries seeking to improve their brand and value beyond short-term economic gains through manufacturing. This is a meaningful example of the country’s soft power being promoted by private sector efforts. Young people around the world are more likely to listen to BTS’s messages and share them with their friends in social media than to the upbringing of their parents or to the life advice I deliver in the classroom or to any enlightened message that the state conveys to the public. BTS have recently confirmed that they will be touring Singapore in January. I am curious about what messages they will send to Singapore’s youth, including my students. © JAYDEN KIM
  15. [iKON ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ CALLIGRAPHY CONTEST 📝] To celebrate the release of iKON’s title song ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ from the new EP album <NEW KIDS : THE FINAL>, we are holding a ‘iKON GOODBYE ROAD CALLIGRAPHY CONTEST’. Write a part of iKON’s ‘Goodbye Road’ lyrics in calligraphy and upload it! A total of 7 winners will receive autographed CD ▶ Schedule 1) Participation Period : 2018.10.12(Fri) ~ 2018.10.18(Thu) 2) Winner Announcement : 2018.10.22(Mon) : Scheduled to be announced on official iKON social media accounts. ▶ Participation Method Write a part of iKON’s ‘Goodbye Road’ lyrics in calligraphy and take a photo of it.🤳🏻 (**Calligraphy can be written in either Korean or English) 2) Upload the photo on Instagram with the following guidelines. Tag iKON's official account @withikonic Insert the following hashtags : #iKON #GOODBYEROAD #GOODBYEROAD_CALLIGRAPHYCONTEST
  16. Zion.T shared the special reason why he wanted to work with Red Velvet’s Seulgi on his new title track! On October 15, the singer held a showcase to celebrate the release of his new EP album “ZZZ.” This will be his first EP album in one year and eight months, and it will contain a total of seven tracks. The title track of the album is “Hello Tutorial” and Zion.T described it as, “To put it in one sentence, the song is like a well-made romantic comedy that would be perfect for the holidays,” and “I wanted to make a song similar to a film that’s fun and easy to watch.” The song will feature Red Velvet’s Seulgi, who appeared at the showcase to perform with Zion.T and share her delight at collaborating with him. She said, “I’m honored to have the chance to show my support for Zion.T. It’s been a great experience, and I hope we can keep working together in the future. Thank you.” Zion.T reciprocated and expressed his own gratitude by saying, “As someone who is a huge fan of Red Velvet, I felt like I should ask one of them to feature on the song. I wanted to work with Seulgi because she has such a nice voice and I thought it would go really well with this song. I’m so grateful that she agreed to do it.” He added, “I think I did what any ReVeluv [Red Velvet’s official fandom name] would do.” cr soompi
  17. HyunA has officially left CUBE Entertainment HyunA's contract has been terminated as of today (15th) after coming to a mutual agreement. No update on E'Dawn's contract with CUBE as of yet.
  18. On October 15, SBS stated, "Son Naeun will be recording for 'Running Man' today (15th)." They are reportedly shooting in Incheon and the episode will air sometime in October.
  19. WINNER fans are furious at YG Entertainment. At WINNER's Malaysia stop of their world tour, the staff played an iKON VCR instead. Not only that, after the concert, the staff turned on music - but it wasn't WINNER's songs. WINNER fans are furious as this isn't the first time YG staff has messed up with WINNER. In the past, a post for Inner Circles in their official area of the fancafe addressed them as iKONICs. Later at a Seoul WINNER fanmeet, staff welcomed them to the iKON concert. Yang Hyun Suk had once written in iKON's tour as the hashtag for WINNER's promotion. cr allkpop
  20. Eric Nam will be releasing a new song titled "Miss You" on October 30 at 6PM KST. In April, he released his 3rd mini album "Honestly" and went on a North American tour. His upcoming song "Miss You" is described as an emotional breakup song that will surely match the fall season.
  21. NCT China debut November 2018, Full swing promotions in China in 2019. Group consisting of only chinese members.
  22. NSD-Oh!GG to release a selfie book on October 31st All the photos are taken by the members themselves from their trip to France on 'Girls For Rest'