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  1. 1. Wanna One Kang Daniel 2. Wanna One Park Jihoon 3. Wanna One Ong Seongwoo 4. Wanna One Hwang Minhyun 5. Wanna One Ha Sungwoon 6. Wanna One Kim Jaehwan 7. BTS Jimin 8. Wanna One Park Woojin 9. EXO Kai 10. BTS Jungkook 11. FT Island Choi Minhwan 12. Wanna One Lee Daehwi 13. Wanna One Yoon Jisung 14. Wanna One Bae Jinyoung 15. BTS V 16. EXO Suho 17. Wanna One Lai Kuanlin 18. EXO Sehun 19. The Boyz Eric 20. Astro Cha Eunwoo 21. Winner Song Minho 22. EXO Baekhyun 23. SHINee Taemin 24. Highlight Yong Junhyung 25. BTS Jin 26. BTS Suga 27. Imfact Leesang 28. Big Bang Seungri 29. EXO Xiumin 30. TVXQ U-know Yunho
  2. 1. In My Room 2. Selfish (ft. Seulgi of Red Velvet) [Title] 3. Worthless (accoustic ver)
  3. One of David Beckham’s sons has reportedly joined a Korean audition. Recently on an online community, a post spread saying that David Beckham’s Cruz Beckham participated in an audition for the new agency STARDIUM. The global audition called “The Man” is searching for a 10-member actor-entertainer group similar to Fantagio’s 5URPRISE. The founder and CEO of STARDIUM is Fantagio’s former CEO Na Byung Jun. In response to the rumors, STARDIUM commented, “As there are news among netizens that David Beckham’s third son applied for ‘The Man’ actor-entertainer group audition, we are checking the applicants. Not just Koreans, but many non-Koreans are also applying for this audition. We are looking over the non-Korean applicants who submitted for the first written application round. Born in 2005, Cruz Beckham is the third child of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Source (1)
  4. Nancy's graduation pictures Momoland's Nancy '00 liner instiz -Kya... So prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠ -Her year book picture didn't come out really well, though.. She looks so much better on TV.. -Whoa..ㅠㅠ She motivates me to go on a diet.. -She has a really beautiful nose.. Kinda reminds me of Kristen Stewart.. -I love you, Nancyㅠㅠㅠ -Nancy is seriously so gorgeous.. -Nancy is indeed very beautiful.. Even her name is beautiful.. -Is Bin Haneul an idol? She's totally my type.. -She participated on Idol School.. -Whoa.. Her nose is literally to die for..ㅠㅠ I'm so jealous of her nose.. A really really sharp nose..ㅠㅠ I wish my nose looked like that.. -Whoa.. She makes me want to burn my graduation pictures.. -Whoa, look at Nancy and Kwon Eunbin's graduation pictures.. They're totally on a different level from me.. -She kinda looks like Han Gain.. -I had no idea Nancy was her real name..
  5. Triple Position: Zico, Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, Park Woojin Number One: Dynamic Duo, Park Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung, Lai Guanlin The Heal: Heize, Ong Seongwoo, Lee Daehwi Lean On Me: Nell, Hwang Minhyun, Ha Sungwoon, Yoon Jisung Wanna One special album units conceptDynamic Duo with Jihoon, Jinyoung and Guanlin (Number One) - The story of young boys reborn as a strong menZico with Daniel, Jaehwan and Woojin (Triple Position)- A boys’ day experiencing freedom away from their everyday routine Heize with Ong and Daehwi (The Heal) - A guidebook for comfort of two men coping up with break up Nell with Minhyun, Jisung and Sungwoon (Lean One Me) - Young boys that covered with pureness who went out on an emotional trip