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    FNC Artists - It's Christmas MV

    By hana_army,


    NCT Dream are next for upcoming STATION 3 release

    By sm4ever,

    On December 17th , smtownstation Official Instagram reveals that NCT Dream as the next lineup for upcoming STATION 3 release ! STATION 3 upcoming song "사랑한단 뜻이야 ( I Love You)" will be released on December 27th , 6PM KST. Stay tuned for more updates! 

    Hyundai Palisade with BTS Part 2

    By jungkook,


    2019 Mamamoo fanmeet in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore

    By hana_army,



    SM's new girl group "SPRY" will debut on 2019 with 12 members

    By sm4ever,

    Recently, Korean netizen discovered that SM secretly registered the copyright name “SPRY” in early December. Many people think that this is the name of the new girl group will be launched in 2019. “Spry” means dynamic, vivacious, vitality.

    In addition, the SM fan community has “gotten” more information. This new female group is expected to have 12 members, including 6 Korean, 2 Chinese, 2 Japanese, 1 American and 1 Thai.


    Trainee Lami is said to be the visual ace of the new female group SM. She was introduced to SMRookies in 2017. Lami was born in 2003, starring in TV dramas and auditions for SM since her childhood. Thanks to the beautiful beauty of the same child actor Sulli sister, Lami is believed to inherit the position of “SM Princess” of ex-member f(x).

    Commenting on SM's new female group, Kpop fans expect this to be SM's main girl group in the new stage. However, many people think that “Spry” is not a suitable name for a female SM group. Some comments: “I like the name ‘Moonlight Angel' as it was more rumored than ‘Spry'. “Hopefully the new girl group will break the lead of the fourth generation girl group”; “Compared to SNSD, Red Velvet is still a failure of SM, and it is hoped that the new female group will become legendary as the older seniors”; “Why SM? Do not put the ugly name for a girl group, I guarantee they will flop with that name”.

    If this information is correct, Kpop fans will witness the clash of the new girl group of the Big 3 in 2019. Earlier, JYP registered the copyright name “ITZY” for the new girl group. YG has also announced plans to launch the “Black Pink sister” group via a live show to be held early next year.

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