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  2. On December 17th , smtownstation Official Instagram reveals that NCT Dream as the next lineup for upcoming STATION 3 release ! STATION 3 upcoming song "사랑한단 뜻이야 ( I Love You)" will be released on December 27th , 6PM KST. Stay tuned for more updates!
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  4. Recently, Korean netizen discovered that SM secretly registered the copyright name “SPRY” in early December. Many people think that this is the name of the new girl group will be launched in 2019. “Spry” means dynamic, vivacious, vitality. In addition, the SM fan community has “gotten” more information. This new female group is expected to have 12 members, including 6 Korean, 2 Chinese, 2 Japanese, 1 American and 1 Thai. Trainee Lami is said to be the visual ace of the new female group SM. She was introduced to SMRookies in 2017. Lami was born in 2003, starring in TV dramas and auditions for SM since her childhood. Thanks to the beautiful beauty of the same child actor Sulli sister, Lami is believed to inherit the position of “SM Princess” of ex-member f(x). Commenting on SM's new female group, Kpop fans expect this to be SM's main girl group in the new stage. However, many people think that “Spry” is not a suitable name for a female SM group. Some comments: “I like the name ‘Moonlight Angel' as it was more rumored than ‘Spry'. “Hopefully the new girl group will break the lead of the fourth generation girl group”; “Compared to SNSD, Red Velvet is still a failure of SM, and it is hoped that the new female group will become legendary as the older seniors”; “Why SM? Do not put the ugly name for a girl group, I guarantee they will flop with that name”. If this information is correct, Kpop fans will witness the clash of the new girl group of the Big 3 in 2019. Earlier, JYP registered the copyright name “ITZY” for the new girl group. YG has also announced plans to launch the “Black Pink sister” group via a live show to be held early next year.
  5. 2018 KPMA Lineup - December 20 MC Leeteuk MC Jin Se Yeon NCT 127 Kwon Byung Ho THE BOYZ Red Velvet Roy Kim Mamamoo MOMOLAND Ben BTOB Simon Dominic SHAUN Super Junior (G)I-DLE Oh My Girl Wanna One Jang Deok Chul Chungha PENTAGON Tae Jin Ah & Kangnam
  6. Female Archery: Red Velvet, TWICE, GFRIEND, gugudan Male Archery: iKON, SEVENTEEN, NCT 127, MONSTA X Rhythmic Gymnastics: April Rachel, ELRIS Yukyung, and members from Momoland and (G)I-DLE
  7. GFRIEND is preparing for a comeback. On December 17, industry insiders stated that the group is at the moment preparing to release a studio album in January, their second studio album since “LOL” in July 2016. GFRIEND's agency Source Music then confirmed the comeback, saying, “GFRIEND is preparing a comeback slated for January of 2019.”
  8. Article: "You're ugly, your face is melting" Mamamoo reacts to hate comments Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Nate 1. [+704, -48] I like Mamamoo because they're talented but if you really hate celebrities that much, don't leave hate comments but just don't care at all. What a celebrity is most scared of is no interest at all and you can save yourself from a potential lawsuit as well. 2. [+577, -51] Do people really feel better when they write hate comments? 3. [+393, -28] There are some people who don't even realize that they're writing hate comments and think it's their right to. Such pathetic people. Did these celebrities ever do anything to you? Please give that type of attention to the politicians. 4. [+40, -12] What a joke ㅋ Please look back at everything Mamamoo has done. If they were any other group, they would've been exiled 12 times over already. How is it a hate comment when you're calling out a disrespectful act? 5. [+31, -11] Who cares if they're talented when their personalities are a mess..... 6. [+30, -8] Saying someone's ugly is a hate comment? 7. [+25, -10] Mamamoo needs to watch their mouths too ㅋㅋ They're the ones who cause scandals too ㅗ 8. [+25, -4] But can you really sue someone for calling you ugly? 9. [+22, -2] Compared to other celebrities, Mamamoo has gotten off easy for their scandals. Honestly, Mamamoo has made quite a few mistakes but that doesn't mean hate comments can be justified. There's a difference between criticism and hate and sometimes people don't get that. 10. [+14, -6] Feels a bit wrong for Mamamoo of all people to be saying this... So they feel bad when others hate on them but it's okay for them to hate on others? 11. [+12, -5] Sure, hate commenters are wrong, but it's not like you guys are right either... you guys have had a lot of controversies too. cr netizenbuzz
  9. Article: Red Velvet Irene 'a beauty deserving of its own world' Source: TV Daily via Nate 1. [+561, -81] I don't think so 2. [+465, -74] That's a lot of make up... 3. [+435, -81] The importance of image 4. [+81, -22] Doesn't matter how pretty you are when image is more important. She's always furrowing her face or having a blank facial expression... and I always thought she was too old to be an idol, especially with her laugh lines ㅋ 5. [+63, -16] Why does she look so old? For an idol, she looks a bit older than she should be 6. [+60, -15] Short, thick neck 7. [+59, -17] Celebrities are already halfway there if they manage their facial expressions and their image... she's a pretty face but not very smart. 8. [+47, -8] She's got an attitude, I don't like her 9. [+46, -7] Her age is showing ㅠ 10. [+40, -8] She's only 150 cm tall with the most average face ever, it's about time her bubble burst 11. [+37, -7] She used to be pretty before... but now her age is starting to show. 12. [+31, -8] You can already see her temper in the impression her face gives off... nothing beats humility in this industry. Article: Red Velvet Wendy 'swag' Source: Sports Today via Nate 1. [+144, -6] She has no attitude controversies in Red Velvet, she seems like she has a great personality. I wish SM would support her more. 2. [+110, -8] Wendy is so white and pretty 3. [+74, -4] Ooh, she looks really pretty here 4. [+13, -2] She's so white and pretty ㅋㅋ she lost a lot of weight 5. [+10, -5] Personally, Seulgi and Wendy seem the kindest and most hard working in Red Velvet! Talented too and great at pulling off concepts~ ^^ 6. [+8, -4] I like Seulgi and Wendy too 7. [+5, -0] She's soooooooooo thin ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ she looks like she's barely eating a meal a day 8. [+3, -0] People who claim they like Wendy = women. But if they had to choose to live as one face for the rest of their lives, would they choose Wendy or Irene?? 9. [+2, -1] Fact: women don't like it when you say they look like Wendy. If you say they look like Irene, they'll act like they hate it but go around telling all their friends like, "Someone told me I look like Irene, do you think so??" and feel all satisfied inside. And if you say they don't look like Irene, they'll keep asking you until you just say they do. 10. [+4, -0] She's pretty. There's something about Wendy that doesn't seem fake with the way she acts. Not that she's completely real but she's a lot less fake compared to the other members. cr netizenbuzz
  10. Girls’ Generation and their fans showed their support for YoonA with food and drinks! On December 16, YoonA posted photos of two coffee trucks sent to the set of her upcoming film “Exit” (literal title). The banner on top of the first truck said, “Charming YoonA, who has ‘no exit’ [a slang term meaning ‘inescapable charm’]. You worked hard! From Girls’ Generation.” Another banner (the one to YoonA’s right) said, “To the cast and crew of ‘Exit,’ all of you worked so hard! Wishing you big success! From Girls’ Generation.” nThe screen inside the coffee truck also read, “Good luck, ‘Exit’!” The stickers on the bottled drinks bore photos of YoonA along with the message, “Wishing ‘Exit’ a big success! From Girls’ Generation.” YoonA also shared photos of a coffee truck sent to her by her Vietnamese fansite. The banners said, “YoonA, you won’t be able to ‘Exit’ from our love!” and “Good luck until the end as you wait for a sweet vacation!” Additionally, the singer-actress uploaded a video of chicken and pizza sent to the set by YoonA’s fan union. Along with the photos and videos, YoonA wrote, “Thank you. I gained strength after receiving all of your support.” She also added the hashtags, “Coffee truck sent by Girls’ Generation,” “Coffee truck sent by SONE [Girls’ Generation’s official fan club name],” “film,” and “Exit.” YoonA and Jo Jung Suk‘s film “Exit” is scheduled to premiere sometime next year. cr
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  12. Everyone feeling emotional because they know how to be Idol ㅠㅠ It's must be so hard. Everyone look surprised and worried about the disbanding. And the BTS member at that moment.. I feel like I want to cheer up the idols. I wish everyone will stay happy with their favorite music ㅠㅠ Post response: 46,674 views Original link: Every idol crying after having listened to BTS' speech at the 2018 MAMA HK Netizen comment: - I saw you on TV yesterday, it's must be feel so hard.. I hope you can enjoy it more in the future, everyone's so cool. BTS ARMY, please always be happy. - It would be great if I could help to get rid of any of your burdens. ㅠㅠ - No, please don't cry ㅠㅠ - Ah it's sad ㅠㅠ - It was the moment that they had a lot of thoughts. - I'm so thankful - Thank you, I'm sorry and I love you.. So please your happiness and health are more important than anything else. cr
  13. During a performance yesterday (December 15), AOA's Seolhyun wasn't feeling well and had to be taken to the hospital. On December 16, the singer posted a message on Instagram thanking everyone for worrying about her: "Hello, it's Seolhyun. I was okay until I got on stage yesterday. But suddenly during the performance, I wasn't in good condition. I think it was too much. Although it was not cold indoors, I will wear warm clothes in the future. Thank you for your concern. I was worried for the members, as well as those at the performance, I want to say sorry to all of you who were there. I will show a healthy appearance and a good stage in the future." Take care of your health, Seolhyun!
  14. Article: 'Provocative MAMA stage' Whasa ranks #1 girl group personal brand of December Source: OSEN via Nate 1. [+312, -29] So who actually does the judging for these brands?? 2. [+189, -82] Eww, Whasa? 3. [+142, -24] Her nails could really claw a gut out ㅜㅜ I've had fake nails before and it makes life really hard and uncomfortable. I never got them again. 4. [+21, -11] Public sentiment is so negative around her, how did she rank #1? Who's the one deciding all this;;;; 5. [+21, -22] Don't we need someone like Whasa too though???? We can't only have idols with pretty faces dressed in school uniforms?? Saying her style is excessive or provocative is valid criticism but calling her gross or cheap is an attack on her being. These hate comments are more of a problem than Whasa, tsk. 6. [+18, -8] Maybe women voted for her ㅎㅎ could happen 7. [+15, -6] Well her face looks like an ajumma in her forties grocery shopping at the market.. 8. [+14, -9] Just another brain washed trend made by female communities and the media. I don't know any man who likes Whasa. I've asked around me and not one of them mentioned her. She's totally the type that female communities would welcome. Imagine if Irene, Sungso, Tzuyu, or Seolhyun danced in her red outfit? They would've had all sorts of cheap comments. But of course female communities don't see Whasa as a threat because she's uglier or just about as ugly as they are so they're always like 'omo you're so pretty unni', 'unni you're so cool', and support her that way. 9. [+14, -7] Who does the judging though??? 10. [+10, -3] What ridiculous statement is that cr netizenbuzz
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